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the one with spiked juice

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For once, U.A. had an activity with no incidents, and that was awesome. Everyone worked so hard at the cultural festival, and Momo was having the best time with her friends. In the company of Awase and Kyoka, she tried almost every booth from every class – except for the scary ones, because Jiro scared easy.

The last thing they had to do that day was to go to a party organized by third years from the department of management, and it had been a pleasant party, really - they had adorned the garden between dorms 3-J and K, put on some nice music to play and offered a table of food and beverages for everyone – though most of the food was leftovers from the fair held during the day.

It was so lovely to see all the U.A. students together, getting to know each other, creating new bonds… some with a bit more saliva exchange than others, but Momo supposed it was okay. Teenagers were supposed to have fun, right? And they were all having fun.

“I wouldn’t drink that,” Awase warned when Jiro reached for the juice bottle and both girls glared at him confused. “I heard it was spiked.”

“Really?” Jiro asked raising the plastic bottle to her eye level. The orange juice was practically gone. She then looked around, to the people chatting and dancing around them, and frowned. “I didn’t think it was possible to get in the school with alcohol.”

“Jiro,” Awase said stepping closer. “Your innocence is really sweet.”

Momo chuckled – she couldn’t help it – as Kyoka blushed, though she herself wasn’t aware that it was possible. Maybe, someone had prepared it inside the school, created some sort of device to ferment fruits or grains. She was so deep in her thoughts, so suddenly, that she didn’t even realize they were being approached by someone.

“Are you going to drink that?” Todoroki asked stumbling between Momo and Kyoka, and the girls stared at him wide-eyed.

Todoroki’s cheeks were rosy and his pupils were dilated. He looked quite disheveled and… Momo was pretty sure he was drunk.

“Mr. Todoroki…” she started, hand covering her mouth in shock, but behind him, Kyoka and Awase were shaking their heads to Momo.

“No, you can have it!” Jiro said shoving the bottle in his hands and he gladly took it, his attention only partially on them.

Todoroki uncapped the bottle and drank directly from it. He finished the juice in four long gulps, capped the bottle again and made a big show at throwing it in the trashcan by the table as if he was a basketball player. Somehow, it went in and he even went as far was mouthing a dramatic splash.

“That’s some good shit,” he said, almost rolling on his words, only making Momo’s eyes grow wider. “You should try some… where are the juice bottles? I’m gonna get some more.”

He walked in an almost straight line out of their side and to the door of building J, where a couple of third years were keeping guard, and while Momo was staring in Todoroki’s direction baffled, Kyoka started to laugh.

“What the fuck,” Awase said, struggling to keep a straight face himself. “I didn’t know he could cuss.”

“Drunk Todoroki is a real thing in this world, I can’t believe I’m alive to witness it,” Jiro said grabbing Momo’s arm for support. “This is the best day ever. Do you think Kaminari knows about it?”

“Do you think Bakugo knows about it?” Awase added.

“I bet they’re behind it,” she replied, but Momo shook her head no.

“Kaminari maybe, but that’s not Bakugo’s M.O.,” she said pensively. “Though I don’t think he minds seeing Mr. Todoroki like that.”

“Yeah, he’s probably stashing everything embarrassing Todoroki is doing to use against him when he feels suited. Bakugo has a really good memory,” Kyoka observed. They were watching Todoroki talk to the “guards” of dorm J, gesturing to the table and such until they understood what he meant and called on someone to go inside get more beverages.

“Hey, they still have some Cokes,” Awase said fishing a can from the ice bucket on the table. He offered one to Jiro, who accepted it, and then turned to Momo. “Want one too?”

“No, thank you,” she said with a smile. She was looking around to see if she could find someone who’d help her, and… she just spotted him. Iida was right across from them heading to the orchard, so that was where she headed too. “I’ll be right back.”

The plan was to get Iida, easily one of the strongest guys of their class, to get Todoroki back to their dorm and sober him up, but before she could reach him, she was intercepted by Todoroki himself one more time.

“Momo-“ he started and then shook his head, struggling to decide on how to call her. “Yao-Momo, uh, Yaoyorozu, I-“

Todoroki hadn’t been looking in her eyes, but at that moment he did, and she raised an eyebrow. His cheeks got extra blushed and he pushed his hair to the side, red strands mixing with the white ones before he started talking again.

“I need to tell you something – a few things, actually.”

“Well,” she said softly. “I’m listening.”

“Uh…” Todoroki’s eyes went down to his shoes again and Momo saw how his hair was damp with sweat. Just how much he had to drink was a mystery. As he spoke, he gained the confidence to look her in the eyes again, bit by bit. “Well, it’s just that… Yaoyorozu, I think you’re so beautiful. But not just shallow beauty, inner beauty too. You’re the most intelligent person I’ve ever met, and you are kind and sweet, and…”

He sighed and stepped closer to her, and she tensed all over. What was going on?

Todoroki reached out as if to touch her cheek, or push her hair to the side; she didn’t know because he gave up on the movement before it happened, and instead, his hands went to his pockets. Momo could feel her cheeks growing red too, in a mix of embarrass and expectation.

“I wish I could call you by your name, and that you’d call me by mine. Momo,” he said looking right into her eyes and put his right hand on his chest solemnly. “And Shoto. And I wish we could figure out what we are, you know, together, as Momo and Shoto. I think… and I know that sounds crazy, but believe me, Yaoyorozu, when I tell you that I think I’m in love with you.”

Momo gasped and stepped back, not knowing how to respond to his words, but them some random student pushed a bottle in Todoroki’s hands, another spiked juiced, it seemed, and offered one to her. She politely declined and waited for the guy to leave before she turned her attention to her colleague again.

“Mr. Todoroki,” she said.

“Shoto,” he corrected and Momo smiled gently.

“You are drunk, I don’t think you know what you’re saying,” she continued, trying to put the words nicely. “We could talk about it, and become proper friends, but only when you’re sober and thinking clearly. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be clever on our sides, don’t you think?”

“See?” he said, one more time reaching for her and again giving up on the gesture. “You, Yao-Momo, are an angel.”

She caught her breath and lowered her head quickly, to hide her embarrassment as best as she could, and when she looked up again, it was towards the orchard, to see if Iida still was there. Luckily, he was and accompanied by Shoji and Midoriya, which was even better. Midoriya was reckless, but he knew how to talk sense into his colleagues' heads.

“Don’t be silly,” she said and did what he’d been afraid to do – touched him, even if it was just on his shoulder to direct him to where she wanted to take him. “Come on, Mr. Todoroki,” she said ignoring the way he tensed under her touch and how his skin was getting warmer the longer she maintained the contact. “Let’s find a way to get you sober.”