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After a long wait

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Waiting for you.....

It was a pleasant evening at Tyson's place. All the teams were enjoying their holidays after enjoying BBA 's anniversary party held by Mr.Dickenson.On the river bank all the teams were enjoying battling with each other.(Friendly matches).some of them were battling and few of them were encouraging. Some people like Blitzkrieg Boys and G revolution 's captain had disappeared some where. The girls were chatting and few of the boys too.Girls were in argument that Hilary loves Tyson. Mariah and Mariam sat at both sides of Hilary.poor girl stucked in middle!Everything seemed to be alright except with Tyson.He seemed to be dazed off somewhere looking at the bridge. Somethings bugging him.
"Ok.I admit.I LOVE TYSON.happy?"Hilary almost screamed at girls which made them to giggle.
Feeling frustrated she turned to find Tyson.watching him carefully ,she understood that he's missing that particular person.
"Tyson "she gently placed a hand on his shoulder.
"Hils"he turned to see her.
"What happened? "Hilary moved closer to him.
"Nothing. Just thinking "He tried avert his gaze from her ruby eyes.
"Just look at me"she commanded. "You remember her .right?"
"Yeah" he mumbled
"All of a sudden?now?"
"Look over there" he pointed the bridge.on the bridge they could see a girl standing and probably watching them.Her face was not clear to see.A white scarf was blowing which seemed familiar to them.
"Yeah what's about her"
"She's looking like her"
Suddenly a bike zoomed from no where which made the girl to loose balance, to fall in river.

'This wind is really good.I couldn't help but remembering those good days with you . We lived together only few days but you brought many changes in me.Then you left me.No.I made you to leave.If I won at that time you may be with me now. You know what Tyson asked me what I'm thinking when I usually alone
sleeping on the grass. How can I tell him that I think about you?I really miss you.Even though you're away from me, today I'm feeling your presence here.where are you now?I need your help.'
He hears shouts from the river bank.
'Ahh!what are these shouts now? Can't they leave me in peace at least for few hours'
He thought himself getting back to feet.

"Oh!shut Tyson shouted
"Oh my god"
"What happened"
"Save her"
All of their attention turned towards the river.Ray was first to react.He jumped into the river to get the girl out of the speed current. Tyson too jumped in to help Ray.
Ray caught her hand before drowning. Tyson slid his hand around her waist. His eyes showed a clear shock. 'she's her '.All their friends were calling them.Tyson and Ray slowly came out of water laying the girl on the ground.she went into unconsciousness.Tyson knelt down beside her.

Kai made his way through the guys and shocked to see the scene in front of him.Eyes couldn't believed that.Tears formed in his orbs seeing the girl laying on the ground.
"D D Dawn?"he exclaimed taking steps back."no no no this this can't be"kai turned back started running.
"Hey Kai! "Tyson called him back but he couldn't listen.Tyson turned his gaze to the violet haired girl.
"Dawn?Dawn?hey wake up!Dawn!"he patted her cheeks
"Ummm....Ty, do you know her? "Hilary asked him.
"Yeah I know .She's the only one whom I'm mentioning to you,Hilary.let's take her to my Dojo".