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Reborn as a Nara

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"Alright, everyone has a paper?" Kakashi questioned and without missing a beat, he answered his own question, "Yes, okay good."

The three genin stared at their teacher weirdly, wondering if a mental vein had been inserted into the wrong hole or something. Shirayuki, however, had absolutely no problem announcing her opinions on the matter. She questioned with a straight face, not batting an eyelash at the looks given from her teammates, Sasuke rolling his eyes in exasperation while Naruto was guffawing, "Are you sure you weren't dropped on the head when you're a baby, Kakashi-sensei?"

"I'm sure, Yuki-chan," Kakashi replied dutifully, already used to the antics of his lone female genin. Shirayuki narrowed her eyes, "Alright, that means you must've been thrown into a wall when you were young."

Kakashi chose to ignore her pointedly.

"Alright, there are five elements, fire it'll burn, wind it'll slice in half, earth the paper would crumble, water the paper would turn damp and finally the paper would wrinkle if it's lightning," He explained, channelling his chakra into his paper. Three pairs of eyes glued themselves onto the wrinkled paper. While Shirayuki breathed, "Alright..."

"Ready?" Kakashi drawled, "Start!"

Shirayuki stared down at her soaked paper and blinked, "Huh, water, nice!"

"Cool! Mine split in half!" Shirayuki turned to Naruto, insulting words at the tip of her tongue. She scowled and swallowed her sentence before plastering on a demented smile that doesn't suit her face in the slightest, "Wind, huh? Good job, Naruto"

"... You look creepy, Yuki-chan," Naruto commented before taking several steps away from the glaring girl. Shirayuki flipped him off before getting rid of the damp paper that was clinging to her hand.

Sasuke Uchiha knew that his teammate was immensely intellectual, perhaps not to a point of being a phenomenal genius like Itachi, but nonetheless intelligent and enough to be classified as a genius of her own. When he was first placed into a team, he dreaded who were to be on it. A fangirl? Naruto? He didn't want anyone on a team, in actual, but he was bound by the rule or Hokage. Then he was placed with Naruto and one of the only girls he could tolerate. Two days later, he took back the statement saying he could tolerate her.

She was a nightmare.

As he stared down at the burned paper, his dark eyes flickered between the obnoxious blonde and snide black head, before letting his paper turn to ash and fly away. The girl had a water affinity and he had Fire, how opposite.

"Oi, duckass, did you get Fire like all other Uchiha?" The girl asked, stepping closer towards Sasuke. That dreaded nickname was to be stuck with him until who knows when and in all honesty, Sasuke didn't know if it was a good thing that she wasn't a fangirl or a bad thing that she kept on insulting him since she decided to talk to him. Sasuke clicked his tongue as if he would get any other affinity, "Of course."

She scoffed, face morphed into a cocky expression Sasuke had grown all too familiar with and a small smirk decorating her pretty face, "How unoriginal."

"Shut up, you immodest girl," Sasuke snapped all easily. Shirayuki snorted in amusement, "Well, look here, the prude learned new insults!"

"You're infuriating," Sasuke retaliated hotly.

Shirayuki was glad to return his fire with twice the heat, "And you're insufferable."

"Now, now, no more flirting during training."

And if course there was Kakashi, the most annoying man in the world. Sasuke gripped his hands tightly and glared at the silver-haired Jounin. Shirayuki clicked her tongue, Sasuke heard, and his eyes drifted to her form to look from the corner of his eye. The brash girl scowled unrelentingly at their amused teacher, "Sensei, if you have a hard time differentiating what exactly is an argument and flirting, I can show you how flirting goes."

"Oh, I rather not," Kakashi denied smoothly. Sasuke raised a brow, it was a pattern already, Shirayuki never stops at just one rebuttal, she always had more up her sleeves. It was as if she had a reply to everything and anything. Sasuke's deduction was proven right.

"Oh? You should've taken it, sensei, I'm sure that that was the first and likely the only time you'd ever have a girl come to flirt with you without any ulterior motive... Unless you're homosexual and have feelings for Hokage-sama. My, how scandalous-"

"Shirayuki, keep quiet."

"No, thank you."

"Y-You, this is amazing! This is all your idea?" A book editor by the name Kuga Shirageki exclaimed, eyes scanning through the manuscript. Shirayuki withheld a snort, of course, it wasn't her idea entirely, but JK Rowling was a genius and Shirayuki couldn't say she was someone who was beneath using another person's idea. With a straight face, she lied, "Of course."

"You said there was going to be how many books in this series?" Kuga questioned, long black hair swept to the side and hands working on the application form. Shirayuki hummed and pretended to think, "Seven."

"Amazing, so the entire series is named Izuna Hirohito?" Shirayuki nodded in confirmation. Kuga grinned, "Well then, looks like you've found an editor. The book should be up and published within a month or two time."

"Ooh, thank you, the first book is called Izuna Hirohito and the stone of Immortality," Shirayuki replied and turned, ready to leave. However, she was stopped by the man, "Ah! Wait! What's your pen name?"


"Alright, we'll be assigned to a C-Ranked Mission today," Kakashi informed his team. Shirayuki literally gave a look of utter loathing while Naruto looked like he was about to have his first organism. Sasuke... well- "The Hokage will brief us about the objective and I expect every single one of you brats to listen properly, alright?"

"Hai, sensei."

Team 7 walked into the office, face pulled into each of their own masks. Surprisingly, Naruto has the best mask out of his team, second being Sasuke and then Shirayuki. While Shirayuki mastered the art of pulling her face into looking as if she was bored, Sasuke had one of indifference which was like a Ninja. Naruto, however, perfected it by pulling a big grin on his face, lulling others into a false sense of security, but if one were to look into his eyes they would see the calculating look hidden beneath all the mischief. Kakashi smiled proudly at his mask, it was a good thing, after all, to have them trained much more before attempting a higher ranked mission.

Kakashi didn't know whether it was due to the effect of having a Nara on the team but the team he had now was much more of a calculative team rather than an incompetent pack of little shits. Offence fully intended Kakashi wouldn't deny the fact that his team was an absolute nightmare in the beginning. An unmotivated strategist, a revenge-filled genius, and a weaponized orphan. It was plainly asking for hell.

"Oh, good morning, Team 7," Hokage-sama greeted from behind his desk. His desk was filled with scrolls that were filled with mission requests. Shirayuki's sharp eyes glanced past the table and paused slightly on the scroll for A ranked missions, her eyes fixed on of the names written under the 'Ninja on Quest'.

Miketsuni Nara.

But Shirayuki had no time to think of what her father was off doing, as soon as her mind started turning to the matter, the drunk client they were being hired by opened his mouth to declare a proclamation. This made our heroine extremely annoyed, one thing a Nara hated more than being told what to do when they clearly didn't be being interrupted when they were thinking.

"My name is Tazuna and I am a super bridge builder!" A tanned man with a country accent announced, one hand holding a cheap sake and the other leaning against the door frame. Shirayuki gave him the most unimpressed stare before turning back to the Hokage, "I asked for a C-rank, not slob rank."

"Excuse me!?" Tazuna roared in fury. Shirayuki bit back easily, "Bite me, drunkass."

"Can you just not fight for once, Shirayuki? Just for once, shut up." Kakashi groaned in annoyance at his genin. Shirayuki gave him a scrutinizing gaze before smirking, "If you let me find out my elemental affinity and teach me one B-ranked technique for said affinity I will stop."

Kakashi levelled her with a gaze, "Promise?"

"Promise," Shirayuki lied, crossing her fingers behind her back and staring into the eye of her teacher.

"Are you even sure these brats are competent?" Tazuna complained about the umpteenth time that day. Shirayuki scowled and glared, "Are you sure you're even sober enough to be building a bridge?"

"Shirayuki," Kakashi pressed.

'Fuck this teacher,' Shirayuku pursed her lips, 'Why does she have to wake up early and put up with this drunk person? Oh, because her father had to enlist her into the ninja program. Because she just had to be emancipated and put up with this drunk motherfucker-'

"...You're gripping," Sasuke commented with a smirk adorning his handsome face. Shirayuki froze, her mind whirling, "...I said all that out loud?"

"...You were gripping," Sasuke repeated, this time more to himself, incredulously. He stared at her as if he could not comprehend what she just did. Shirayuki scowled, "I was not."

"Was too."

"Was not."

"...You were," Sasuke finished and left. Shirayuki kicked a pebble, aiming at his leg. Meanwhile...

"Hah!? What did you say, stupid old man!?" Naruto demanded loudly, "I'll be the best Hokage, dattebayo!"

"Pah! Even if you were a Hokage, it wouldn't make me respect you, stupid gaki." Tazuna retorted back easily. Kakashi who was walking ahead of them made a strangled noise. Shirayuki fiddled with her hands for a second, feeling uncomfortably uneasy at the moment. She reached her hand to tuck at a loose black strand before going back to fiddling, except this time with the hilt of her kunai. She pursed her lips, eyes darting around, what was the uneasy feeling she had?

During her internal argument, Shirayuki had not noticed that her sandals ended up submerging itself into a puddle. But when it did, our salty kunoichi had her mind working on overtime. She pulled out her leg and realized the bottom half of her sandals were completely soaked. The puddle was relatively deep however unusual on a day in Fire Country, especially since it had not rained in days. On a scenario where someone were to spill water, the puddle would have already been fully evaporated or at most, a little water left. It was highly impossible for Ninja to be leaving their tracks and Shirayuki was sure that when she had scanned the contents of the scroll on Hokage-sama's table before, there had not been any other C-ranked missions that required Ninjas to walk through this side of the road.

Either a diversion or a disguise.

She fell back and took strides closer to the client, either scenario seemed likely that it would cause trouble. Their job was to protect and escort the client, damned if she failed. Her eyes were wide so she breathed, close them, and opened it once more, focusing on her surroundings. The trees weren't rustling, it was to be expected on a hot day as such, there were no paw prints visible on the grounds, meaning they weren't near a fauna's ecosystem. Her body steeled, something didn't feel right.

Before she knew it, the puddle from behind her exploded and two Ninja emerged from within. Wide-eyed, Shirayuki froze in her step as the Ninjas ripped her teacher's to shreds.

"...What?" Shirayuki forced out of her mouth before gathering her wits. This was not the time to panic, she had to get her head back into the game. Her hand gripped her kunai hard, eyes fixed on the approaching ninja. "Well, a green bean, not to mention a girl."

Shirayuki breathed and let a languid smirk to plaster itself onto her face, giving her a faux sense of confidence and providing a mask of superiority. She knew she wasn't the most athletic person, nor was she the most initiative person either. But one thing she knew she had and even beat her uncle at was the way she could play with her words. And if that as what she was best at, Shirayuki was delighted to provide her enemy with a battle of wits. "Deary, me, have you always got to kill this much person, Sir Ninja?"

"Huh?" The male stopped, right before Shirayuki who had her hands behind her back holding her kunai while the other was holding the man behind. Her smile turned sinister and eyes showing the intensity that seemed to baffle the older man. Shirayuki truly was no strong woman in terms of strength, but her greatest weapon was her mind.

"I mean to say," Shirayuki drawled, eyes taking a glimpse of Sasuke who was silently approaching along with a frozen Naruto. Her eyes went back to the Ninja, "A Ninja of your calibre should be able to sense green beans like us, no?"

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying," she grinned, successfully managing to trap the man's shadow, "You're about to witness your last, mister."

Sasuke aimed for a kick and the man knew no more. Shirayuki winced at the sudden pain that attacked her head. 

Kakashi showed up, last minute and all, like those heroes in movies that Shirayuki used to detest as Anastasia. It wasn't as if she hated heroes, alright maybe a little, but she loathed to think of how those stupid heroes showed up late, saved the day and all. That didn't work in real life, if you're late, then you're fucked. Done and that. Here she was getting sidetracked.

"Good job, Sasuke, you too Shirayuki," Kakashi complimented before turning to a frozen Naruto, "I didn't expect you to freeze up like that, you got cut didn't you?"

Shirayuki snapped her head towards Naruto, he did? She didn't notice at all, she was sure she managed to cut off any contact the ninja may have with a frozen Naruto. Darn, she overestimated herself, she had been too confident.

"I don't have any medical knowledge aside from basic aid," she informed unnecessarily, "From the looks of it, he was poisoned, shouldn't we go back to get treated before coming back out with reinforcement or somewhat?"

"No!" Naruto yelled, "I'm not going to go back!"

Sasuke scoffed, "What makes you think you are fit to continue, you were poisoned, idiot, not just injured."

"Sasuke's right, Naruto-" Kakashi was cut off by an irate Naruto. The Naruto who proceeds to stab his wound with a kunai harshly. Shirayuki winced, that didn't look pretty. Naurot huffed, "Why am I always so different! Every time, I'm the one holding everyone back! No more!"

"...Eh, he's gonna die," Shirayuki commented dryly. Sasuke barely missed a beat, "Definitely going to die."

"That's a great speech and all, Naruto, but if you continue, you're going to die of blood loss." Kakashi shared the information cheerily. Shirayuki face faulted as soon as Naruto started freaking out.

"Now... Tazuna-san?" Kakashi drawled, getting a terrified whimper from Tazuna, "We need to talk."