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NSFW Flash Fic Prompts

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Bucky rolled over. “No, Tony.”

“Oh, come on,” Tony said, and Bucky could hear in his voice that he was doing the Bambi eyes, that needy, pleading gaze that usually had Bucky doing anything he wanted. “I’m abused and neglected.”

Bucky huffed, grabbing his pillow and pulling it against his chest. “You might be abused, but not by me, and you certainly ain’t neglected.”

“We haven’t had sex in like six months!”

Bucky almost rolled back over at that. “You liar! We had sex three weeks ago.”

“Same difference, time is relative--”

“Tony, you have broken ribs. I ain’t gonna put any strain on you, ‘til you’re all healed up.”

Bucky bit down on a whimper. Tony curled up against his back and was rubbing -- quite naked, and then the hell had he gotten undressed -- against Bucky’s backside. “I’m fine, honey, aside from dying from lack of stimulation.”

“You’re hardly dying,” Bucky retorted. It came out a little breathless, because even through his boxers, Bucky could feel the raw heat of Tony, the hard length of him. Did Tony think this was easy for him? God, no. Bucky loved having sex with Tony, loved sinking down in between Tony’s thighs and fucking him hard into the mattress until they were both crying out.

“I could be dying,” Tony said, his voice still playful, and he wasn’t stopping, still rubbing himself against Bucky’s thighs. The slick smear of precome made Bucky shiver. “I mean, we’re superheroes, anything could happen. You really want to look back on this, and think, wow, I could have gotten some here, but I was too worried?”

Bucky’s heart gave a painful lurch. “That’s cruel,” he whined. He reached back to bat Tony away and ended up with a handful of Tony’s dick instead. Tony groaned wantonly as he stroked himself into Bucky’s fist, and Bucky didn’t think to let go right away.

Tony wasn’t the only one who felt like it had been way too long since the last time he got any. Thing was, Tony didn’t take his own pain particularly seriously.

“No,” Bucky said. “You want it, jerk off an’ you can deal with Cho about it later.”

“But honey, I want you,” Tony said, and then he was breathing in Bucky’s ear, nipping at the shell, hands wandering down Bucky’s ribs. “It’s always so much better with you.”

“Nope,” Bucky told him. He grabbed Tony’s wandering hand and flattened it against his ribcage. “Only way you’re getting off is on my thigh.”

“Oh, well, if you insist,” Tony said. He left his hand right where it was, let Bucky hold his wrist hostage, and rutted in earnest against Bucky’s legs. A little more precome and there was a slick slide between them. Tony uttered a soft, sighing moan as his cock slid between Bucky’s thighs. Tony fucked into that tight gap. “This’d be better with lube.”

Bucky was sure there was a comeback there, something he could say or do that would shut Tony down, but then Tony’s dick nudged against his balls, and Bucky just groaned. He gripped his pillow tighter, shifted a little to give Tony better access. He was hard and getting harder with each thrust until he was practically fucking his pillow while Tony rutted in between his thighs. “Tony, Tony…”

“Yeah, baby, I’ll get you there,” Tony told him, and he didn’t sound like he was having too much trouble breathing, didn’t sound like he was in pain, and Bucky twisted his head, enough to wordlessly demand a kiss and Tony gave it to him, sloppy and wet and open-mouthed, panting against Tony’s lips, breathing in his air, tasting his tongue and feeling the scrape of his teeth.

Fingers curling against Bucky’s ribs, Tony pulled himself closer. His hips moved in sensual circles and he was stroking Bucky’s balls, his thighs, brushing lightly against his cock through the fabric of his drawers.

“I’m… I’m…” Tony twisted his hand until he freed it from Bucky’s grasp, reaching down to slide under the waistband of Bucky’s drawers, grasping Bucky’s shaft and tugging it free. “Got you, honey.”

Bucky squeezed with his thighs, giving Tony an even tighter fit. He fucked into Tony’s hand, and then back against Tony’s dick, caught between perfect sensation and perfect torment. When he couldn’t take any more pleasure, he bit down on the corner of his pillow, muffling his scream into the feathers. Tony groaned against Bucky’s back, and then even more hot and wet spilled across Bucky’s legs, into the pillowcase, down his thighs.

He was soaked and sweaty and messy and Tony was dropping little tickly kisses along his neck and spine.

“There,” Tony said, sounding unbearably smug. “Wasn’t that worth a little AMA?”

“If Cho finds something wrong with you at your next checkup, I’m totally telling her.”

Tony scoffed. “No, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not.” Bucky patted Tony’s hand a few times. “Now, go to sleep, Tony.”

Tony made a satisfied humming noise and settled into the bed. Bucky threw the soiled pillow off the side and shucked out of his messy boxers. He’d clean the rest of the way up later. He rolled over and Tony curled up in the circle of his arms, right where he belonged.