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Fading Memories

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Cold. That was all he could feel as he looked around the dark room he was in. Where was he? He'd just been outside playing ball when someone offered him candy. *Candy is yummy, but that one tasted funny...* He thought. *It made me so sleepy....I want mama...where's mama?* Looking around again, he saw a shape moving in the darkness and whimpered. "D-don't hurt me...g-get away!" He cried out as he fell backwards onto his rear. As the shape drew closer, the boy covered his face and whimpered.

"Michael? I-Is that you?" A timid voice asked. The boy's head perked up and he answered. "Toki? Toki!" Hurling himself forward, the boy tackled the other child in front of him, who caught him with ease. "It's okay Mikey. I'm here. T is here too." The boy pulled back to look at his friend, his lip quivering as he took in the messy purple hair and the black eye that crept down his cheek.

"Toki, if T is here then where did he go?" The younger boy hugged his purple haired friend close and cried. "I wanna go home, Toki. I miss Mama and Papa and T." The older boy sighed and gently took the Michael's hand. "Why don't we go find him and then try to get out of here?" Nodding, Michael took Toki's hand and the two made their way forwards, feeling around for a door in the very dimly lit room. They soon reached a wall, and Toki placed his hand against a heavy wooden door. They looked at each other and nodded before shoving the door open.

Before them was a brightly lit hallway, much like the ones found in a hospital. At the end of the hallway stood a large metal door with a small window near the top. "Maybe T is in there. We can maybe climb in through the window!" Michael exclaimed, reaching for Toki's hand again. But Toki was longer beside him. "Toki? Toki, this isn't funny. Where did you go? Toki? Tokiiiii!" Michael whirled around as he looked for Toki, and he jerked as a piercing scream sounded from down the hall. "Toki help me! Mikey! Help! Somebody help me!" Running towards the door, Michael peeked through the window to see T strapped to a chair.

"Hang on T, hang on!" Michael called. Tears streamed down T's face as he struggled to get out of the chair. Fear spread through Michael and he broke out in a cold sweat as he tried and failed to open the metal door, but it wouldn't budge. "T! J-just hang on!" Looking through the window again, Michael saw that T was no longer in the chair. "H-huh? T? T-t? No...f-first Toki an-and now you too....s-somebody help me!" Crying, Michael sank to the floor and curled up into a ball.

Suddenly, a dark laugh rang through the air. Michael bolted upright as footsteps echoed towards him. An old man appeared in front of him, dressed in a sharp brown suit with a blue dress shirt and red tie. "Hello there." The man said with a cruel smile. "Why are you crying young one?" Michael sniffed and stood. "M-my friends....they...they're all gone...they left me all alone..." He sniffed again as the man offered a sympathetic smile, offering the boy a hand. "What's your name child?" Michael took the man's hand. "My name i-is Michael, b-but everyone calls me M-Mikey." A smirk grew on the man's face as he clasped the boy's hand and began to walk with him down the hall. "Don't worry little one. I'll take *very* good care of you, *M*."


Thunder crackled as M-21 sat straight up in bed. His breathing was incredibly heavy as his body woke up again. Outside of his room, an immense thunderstorm raged. His door creaked open and he transformed his claws to prepare for any enemies. "M-21? You okay?" Tao popped his head in. Seeing that it was just Tao, he relaxed. "What is it Tao?" Walking into the room, Tao came and sat on the end of M-21's bed. "Takio and I heard you shouting in your sleep. Did you have a nightmare?" It was then that M-21 noticed Takio in the doorway, and for a moment all he could see was the little boy with purple hair again.

Shaking his head to clear his mind, M-21 moved to lay on his side. "I'm fine you guys. Just a weird dream." Tao flopped onto the bed beside him, and Takio came to join them. M-21 groaned. "Guys, it was just a dream. I swear I'm fine." Takio snorted in reply. "Yeah, we'll believe that when you stop growing fur every time you transform." Tao laughed outright and M-21 got a grumpy look on his face. "Whatever, just go to sleep." Curling around each other, the trio all huddles into M's bed. Takio and Tao quickly fell asleep, but M-21 remained awake and restless.

*Who was that man in my dream? And who were those kids? Why were they so familiar to me? ...well, with Takio and Tao here I can sleep easier.* With a smile on his face and a gentle shake of his head, M-21 settled down and fell asleep. Maybe he could...*yawn*...figure it out...*yawns* the morning...*snore*

End Chapter 1
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