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In a World of Madness; It's Just Me & You

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It all started because Jongdae ran out of cream cheese. Cream cheese, of all things. His eyes are closed as he stands in front of his fridge, taking in a deep breath as his fingers curl around the handle of the refrigerator door. He hated leaving the house. Granted, he hated leaving the house before everyone around him started killing each other, but now he really hated leaving the house. Just a simple trip to the grocery store could end with his death, but Jongdae would be damned if he was going to eat his toasted everything bagel without cream cheese on it. 

After a few silent seconds of debating he closes the door, chewing on his bottom lip as he spins around on the heels of his feet. He grabs his keys from the kitchen counter, the small metal keys feeling heavier in the palm of his hand than they normally did. Thankfully the grocery store was only a block from his house, so as long as Jongdae didn't get distracted by anything he should be fine. 

"Behave while I'm gone, alright Mimi?" He scratches behind the ear of his Persian cat, smiling faintly to himself as she leans into his touch and purrs softly. "Should only be an hour or so. Also, stop getting onto the kitchen counter." He huffs and gently picks her up, placing her back onto the floor. "I'm tired of eating your hair along with my food." She only purrs in protest while Jongdae pulls on his black hoodie, slipping on his white surgical face mask to protect him from the pollution outside afterwards. "Behave." He warns the stubborn cat before unlocking and slipping out the door to his apartment. He hastily makes his way down the stairs of the building until he reaches the parking lot. The sky's dark despite it being only nine in the morning, though it's something he's grown used to in the last two years. No matter what time during the day it is, the sky appears as a dark gray and green due to the amount of pollution in the air. There are no clouds in sight, and if there is then Jongdae would consider it to be a rare day. There's always a gloomy feeling hanging in the air; one of dread and misery. He pulls on the strings of his hoodie, hiding his face the best he can to avoid being seen by strangers.

He hurries down the old and cracked sidewalks, the buildings around him deserted and empty. There's old papers and flyers littering the ground along with other rubbish. Cars are broken down on the sides of roads, Jongdae sometimes forgetting that he's not the only one living in the city. His country fell into a dystopia only two years ago, and yet from the way things looked now he'd have thought it had been well over ten years. There were many contributing factors to why everything was the way it was now, but there was only one thing that stood out in his mind most: androids. Korea got a little too carried away when it came to constructing androids; they were first made to do mundane tasks that no one else wanted to do. Soon after they were everywhere, stealing jobs from humans and living lives like humans. It started an uprise and, the androids tired of being mistreated, fought back. A civil war would be a good term for it, or at least that's what Jongdae thinks. 

It was utter chaos when everything started. Humans weren't meant to fight androids. They were stronger, smarter- better than humans at everything. Politicians took notice of this and tried to use the chaos to their advantage. It's how they ended up in a dystopia. They have a corrupt president and a corrupt government and Jongdae can barely recognize his own country anymore. Definitely an extreme turn of events, but it happened nonetheless. Androids are running rampant and humans aren't too far behind. There's looting, murdering, robbing. Humans gang up on defenseless androids and vice versa. It's no wonder that Jongdae prefers to stay inside when everyone's lost their minds. He didn't like to get involved with the politics of things, and he didn't want to choose a side. Both sides (human and androids) were wrong in his opinion, but he didn't dare say that out loud. In a world that's constantly demanding for you to pick a side, Jongdae would rather just stay out of sight. 

Really, his trip should have been an uneventful one. He was only five minutes from the market when he heard shouting from an alleyway behind him. Everything in him told him to keep going; that this was someone else's problem and that it wasn't his business. He grips onto his grocery list tightly, his heart pounding as he freezes in his spot. Should he help? He didn't have a gun or a knife; he wasn't sure if he even would be much help. Knowing his luck it would be a gang that he'd walk into and he'd get a bullet to the head almost immediately. He swallows a thick lump when hearing a strangled cry for help, Jongdae squeezing his eyes tightly before turning around. He supposed going out a hero would be better than dying alone in his apartment anyway. 

"Hey!" He calls out as he picks up his pace, running in the direction of the yelling. "What's going-" He blinks several times at the scene in front of him. A group of children were attacking a man who seemingly wasn't even defending himself. "What's going on here?" He asks out of breath as he stares at the small children. They looked no older than twelve or thirteen while the man looked to be his age. How was a man getting attacked by children?

"Piss off, old man." One of the shorter boys snap, eyes narrowed as he pulls out a dagger. Jongdae steps back slightly, though a taller kid places his hand on the boy's arm. "Don't." He says sternly before looking at Jongdae. "He's one of them." He says, pointing an accusing finger at the defenseless man on the ground. Oh. So they were attacking an android. Odd though, the man didn't look like an android to him. He looked far too human. "You know they're worth money. We were going to tie him up and then bring him to the government."

"Yeah, alive. They're only worth money when they're alive." Jongdae sighs. "Look," he wasn't sure what he was doing considering he didn't want a problem on his hands and what he was about to do was certainly going to give him a problem, "if I give you money will you leave me the android?" 

"How much?" It's a girl this time who speaks up. Jongdae didn't even see her until now. 

"Whatever I have in my wallet I guess." He mumbles and pulls out his wallet. He thumbs through the cash, holding it out in front of him. "One fifty. Is that enough for you?" The children exchange looks with each other before the taller one snatches the money from Jongdae's hand. "Alright guys, let's go." The group of four or five children leave afterwards, the one with the dagger shoving up against him while he passed. Kids these days. He stares down at the lifeless man, panic starting to creep in when coming to the idea that he might be dead. He looks around before grabbing a stick off the sidewalk. He shakily reaches over, poking the man's side with the stick. "Are you, uh, are you alright?" He asks and pokes him again. He jumps back when the man slowly sits up, trying to keep himself from freaking out. He's never actually been around an android before, if what those children were saying was even true. 

"I don't appreciate you poking me with a stick." His voice is deep yet soft, and Jongdae has an even harder time believing that this man is an android. He quickly tosses the stick to the side before clearing his throat nervously. "Stick? What stick?" He laughs nervously though the man has a straight face. "Well, uh," Jongdae's not sure he wants to stick around any longer, and he should be heading back home now that he had no grocery money anymore, "it was nice meeting you. I should be going now, but if you feel lightheaded or anything there's a clinic down the road." He quickly points to the left of him before taking a few steps back. "Have a great life." He makes finger guns at the other before quickly turning around, swearing at himself for being so lame. He darts across the street and heads back in the direction of his apartment, trying to keep himself distracted from everything that just happened. Did he do a good thing? Technically he kept the kids from killing the man, but he also left him in the alley. Not exactly heroic.

He mostly stares at his feet for the most part while walking back home. It was wise to avoid looking around should you accidentally see something that wasn't meant for your eyes. He pauses, however, when his foot lands on a crumpled flyer that contains large and bold letters. He bends over to pick it up, uncrumpling the paper in his hands so that he could have a better look.



ID: 01568975

REWARD: $150,000

There was no sketch of the android they were after, which Jongdae found odd. Along with that, why was the reward so high? He's never seen a flyer for a criminal (android or human) with such a high pay, and with the way things were now that was a lot of money to be handing out for a basic criminal. He jumps slightly when he hears rustling behind him, crumpling up the paper and tossing it back onto the street before hurrying down the sidewalk. He didn't care about that; he just wanted to go home. Whoever that man was, he could sort that shit out himself. It wasn't Jongdae's business and it wasn't his problem. 

He thinks he's losing his mind when he hears faint footsteps behind him, beads of sweat rolling down the side of his face as he quickens his pace. He glances over his shoulder, unable to see anyone due to the heavy amount of smog hanging in the air. It's only when he hears the footsteps pick up pace to match his that he breaks out into a full sprint. He's running as fast as he can, every cell in his body screaming at him to make it back home and to never step outside again. He darts around a corner, nearly crying out when hearing the footsteps from behind catch up. He's managed to get himself cornered in another alleyway and Jongdae's starting to think that alleyways might just be the death of him. 

"What do you want?" He shouts. He turns around, looking around wildly as he backs into the brick wall behind him. "Who are you? Why are you following me?" The silence is driving him insane and also starting to get on his nerves. "If it's money you want I don't have any! I'm broke just like everyone else in this damned town!" He shouts. Was he hallucinating everything? Maybe his mask wasn't on as tight as he thought it was. "I-"

The man steps out of the smog, Jongdae's heart both sinking and jumping out of his chest. It's the same man from the alleyway. And now they were alone in yet another alleyway. "What do you want? Why did you follow me here?" He's trying not to sound like he's out of breath or that he's freaking the fuck out inside. It's silent and the man's just staring at Jongdae, making him feel uncomfortable as he nervously glances around. He normally didn't mind being alone in the streets, but this was the one time where he wished there was someone else nearby. "I should be returning home now and I think you should be doing the same." He says, cautiously making his way around the strange man. "It's not healthy for us to be staying out in this for too long. It could make us sick." He decides not to let the other know that he's aware he's not human. He might be saving his own life by doing so. He wasn't sure how androids reacted to humans, he's only ever interacted with one and even that was brief. The man grabs onto his wrist as Jongdae makes his way around the other. Jongdae makes eye contact with the android, shivering slightly when seeing the distant and blank look in his eyes. He felt like the other was so detached from reality that it was borderline terrifying. "You need to let me go. If you don't then I'll scream and everyone will know where you are." 

"You wouldn't and you won't." He says flatly, his grip around Jongdae's wrist only tightening. 

"What do you want?" Jongdae asks as he tries to pull his hand away from his grip. "I didn't do anything to you. I helped you and you want to kill me in return?" 

"I'm not- you know what? Forget it." The man scoffs as he lets go of Jongdae's wrist. "All humans are the same, you know that?" 

"Excuse me? You're the one who cornered me in an alley!" He says in disbelief. 

"I didn't corner you. You ran into the alley yourself." The man's tone is monotone and flat the entire time he speaks and it's making Jongdae's skin crawl. "I have more important things to do with my time then terrorize humans. You're too weak to even toy around with." He ignores Jongdae's offended stare, pulling out his bag and unzipping it. "Would you- look," he sighs when seeing Jongdae jump just from the simple action of unzipping his bag, "I don't know who hurt you, but I'm not going to kill you just because I'm an android." He scoffs. "I came to give you this." He holds out Jongdae's old leather wallet, tossing it onto the ground in front of his feet. "You dropped it when you ran away from me the first time." He deadpans. Jongdae stares down at the wallet in shock, glancing over at the android before slowly bending over and picking it up. "Thanks." He mumbles, shoving it back into his back pocket. Jongdae awkwardly clears his throat when he only stares at him in return, a sigh leaving his lips as he rubs at his sore wrist. "Well, I'll be seeing you around I guess." He mumbles before darting past the android and hurrying back out onto the main sidewalk. He'd be more than happy with never seeing him again, but he didn't dare say that to his face. 

Thankfully he's not being followed this time and he manages to make it back to his apartment without any issue. He shakily unlocks his front door and immediately pulls of his face mask as soon as he closes the door behind him. He slips out of his hoodie, taking off his shoes shortly after. "Well," he sighs when seeing his cat staring at him from the kitchen counter, "I didn't get my cream cheese." He's too tired to argue with his stubborn pet, opting to just go into his room instead. As soon as he reaches his room he face plants into his bed, burying his face in his pillows. After today he'd be lucky if he were to ever go outside again. Tensions were just too high between humans and androids and it was becoming far more dangerous than he would have liked. His eyes are feeling heavy despite it only being the early afternoon and he hopes that a small nap will help him forget all the stress he went through today.

☽ ☽ ☽

Jongdae wakes up to loud knocks on his front door and his cat sitting on his face. "Can you not, Mimi?" He mumbles before gently pushing the cat off him. He rubs at his eyes sleepily as he slowly sits up in his bed, stretching his limbs out while yawning loudly afterwards. "I'm coming!" He shouts when the knocking doesn't stop. He already knew exactly who it was and he was in no rush to answer. He glances at the clock on his bedside, rolling his eyes when seeing that it was almost eight at night. He didn't mean to sleep that long. He pushes himself out of bed, strolling down the hall and into the living room. 

He puts on his mask that's resting on the coffee table before walking over to the door and opening it. "Hey." He mumbles, smiling at the taller man who's standing in front of him. 

"Hey! I brought food." He says while holding up two bags of Chinese takeout.

"And I see you brought Jongin as well." He points out when seeing the bare-faced man hovering over his neighbor from behind. "And without a mask. You're really making it obvious."

"No we aren't. We live two doors down. No one's going to tell, besides if we actually go out then I make him wear a mask." He says before stepping around Jongdae and walking in, Jongin trailing not far behind. 

"Alright, Sehun." Jongdae sighs, closing the door behind them. Mimi darts into the room as Jongdae and Sehun pull off their masks, Jongin squealing as he leans over to sweep the cat off her feet. "I don't get why she likes you more than she likes me. In fact, she can barely tolerate me." Jongdae grumbles under his breath. 

"Jongin just has that impact on animals." Sehun snorts while setting up the containers on the counter. "Did you do anything today other than sleeping, Dae? You look like we just woke you up from a coma." 

"I went to get groceries." That he never wound up getting. And he also lost all his money. Great day, Jongdae would say. 

"Really? Because your kitchen still looks empty." He laughs. "You should really get me or Jongin to go with you when you run errands. It's too dangerous for you to do it alone." Jongdae half laughs at this. If he ever told Sehun what happened today he would never hear the end of it. Sehun would force Jongin to follow him everywhere, and while he doesn't have anything against androids, he feels like it would be awkward to be left alone with the taller male. "It's too quiet." He mumbles, getting up to grab the television remote from the coffee table. 

"So you put on the television?" Jongdae asks as he sits down at the counter next to Jongin, offering him a small smile. "They only play bullshit now. Everything's about how fucked up androids are or how we're all doomed or whatever." He says while pouring himself some noodles into a bowl. "It's not like tv stations play anything entertaining anymore."

"I know, but sometimes it's good to see what's happening." Jongdae rolls his eyes when Sehun turns the television on anyway. Jongin pokes at the noodles in front of him, not having an appetite. He frowns slightly when he catches Jongdae staring at him. "I can eat them if it will make you more comfortable." He says with a small smile. While more advanced androids might look like humans, they were still far off once you paid enough attention to them. They don't sleep, they don't breathe, they don't eat; all the normal things humans do they don't. Jongdae's not sure how Sehun can share a bed with Jongin at night when he doesn't breathe, but that's not his problem nor is it his business.

"Don't be ridiculous, Jongin." He chuckles quietly. "You don't need to eat." He pats the younger on the back gently. Before they can say anything else, the two men turn their attention to Sehun who's gasping over whatever's playing on the television. "Can you believe this bullshit?" He asks while tossing the remote onto the couch. "They really just say whatever to make androids look like monsters. As if everyone's not on edge enough these days." He snorts while strolling back over to the counter. He climbs onto the stool that's next to Jongin, a long sigh leaving him afterwards. "Things will never get better if they keep pushing shit like this." He gestures back over to the television, Jongdae glancing over, looking at a sketch of a man that looked vaguely familiar to him. 

"They say that he killed an entire family." Sehun mumbles while stuffing his face with a fortune cookie. "Meanwhile, the only evidence the government has is that he's an android. Typical. He probably didn't even do it. Let's just make everyone scared of androids, right?" He rolls his eyes while shoving another fortune cookie in his mouth. "Fucked up." Jongdae glances back at the tv, watching as the news anchor discusses the details of the crime before staring back at his untouched bowl of noodles. "How do you know that he didn't do it though?" He asks while moving the noodles around with his chopsticks. 

"How do I know that he didn't do it?" Sehun asks between chewing. "I don't, but I think it's safe to assume that he didn't. They make androids out to be a lot tougher than they are. You think it'd be that easy for an android to kill a family? Ask Jongin; he'll tell you." Sehun nudges Jongin's side before stealing his fortune cookie as well.

"Hey! I want the fortune." He whines quietly when watching the other eat his cookie. "But he's right. We weren't designed to have superhuman strength. You think humans would create us to be stronger than them? They only designed us to be good at the jobs they wanted us to do. Unless he was constructed for a job that required a decent amount of strength, he shouldn't be too much stronger than the average man." He says while handing his bowl of noodles to Sehun. "A lot of misconceptions about androids, but what would you expect during times like these when the media feeds people all these lies?" He gently starts to hit Sehun on the back when he chokes on a noodle, waving his hand around lazily afterwards. "I'm fine." The younger chokes out. 

"I never thought about it like that." Jongdae says before sliding his bowl over to Sehun as well. "But if they're so sure it was this one specific android, I wonder why they wouldn't already have him in custody. They don't even have a picture of him." 

"Who knows. You can never tell what the government is up to." Sehun says before hopping off his stool. "Thanks for the food." He says while grabbing the remaining leftovers including Jongdae's bowl.

"You brought the food so..." Jongdae mumbles while watching Jongin get up to follow after the blonde. "We'll come back over tomorrow afternoon or something. Jongin's getting bored of being inside all day while I'm at work; do you think it would be possible if you, uh..." Sehun didn't necessarily want to ask Jongdae if he could watch Jongin as he wasn't a child, but at the same time... "Hang out with him maybe? I think it could do you some good." He quickly adds before Jongdae can protest against him. "I know that your only other friend is Mimi, which is depressing in itself."

"She's not my only friend!" He defends himself with wide eyes. "I have plenty of other friends. Like uh, you...Jongin...Mimi." His face is growing redder and redder with each second as he tries to think of a list of people. He wasn't even sure if Jongin counted as a friend, but if he was going to babysit him when Sehun was at work he thought that they were on the right path for that. "I know people!" 

"Sure you do." Sehun laughs while slipping his mask back on. "Listen, only for a few hours each day. It's the only way I can keep him from running off when I'm away. You guys can play games or watch movies; I don't know. Whatever two bros do." Jongdae watches Sehun with a bewildered face. What was this kid even going on about?

"Alright, fine. I'll hang out with him when you go to work." He says when realizing that Sehun wasn't going to give up on pestering him about it. "Only because I'm a good friend."

"And also because you don't have a job." Sehun snorts, scurrying out the door with Jongin before Jongdae had the chance to hit him. "Asshole." Jongdae groans to himself before locking the door. He sighs softly when he turns around to see the dirty dishes on the counter. "He could have at least helped me clean up." He sighs, grabbing the remote from the couch and switching the tv off before going into the kitchen. "He's lucky he's my neighbor or I'd probably have never talked to him." He huffs, stacking the bowls and dishes inside of each other and placing them into one side of the sink. "I swear, that kid is always taking advantage of my hospitality." He grumbles to himself while running the sink water on the other side of the sink. He grabs the soap bottle on the side of the sink, groaning to himself when realizing that the bottle was empty. "Fuck me." He sighs and puts it back down before strolling over to the grocery list hanging on the fridge door. "Next time I'm willing to risk my death I'll makes sure to grab cream cheese and dish washing soap." He hums to himself while jotting down the item on the list. 

He laughs quietly when hearing a knock on the door. "Bet he won't be as much as an asshole when realizing he forgot something here." He snorts while walking over to the front door. "I'll only watch Jongin for you if you buy me dish soap and cream cheese!" He calls out while putting on his mask. He rolls his eyes when hearing a second knock. "He can be so impatient sometimes I swear." He mumbles before swinging the door open. "What do you-" He completely freezes when seeing the android from the alleyway standing in front of his door. "-want?" He finishes after a moment of stunned silence.

"I need you to let me in." He says in a soft voice, his hoodie and jeans drenched from the rain. "Please." He begs when police sirens go off in the distance. Jongdae's not sure why, but for whatever reason he steps to the side and allows him in, closing and locking the door behind him. He keeps his mask on however, eyeing the man carefully. 

"Why are you here?" Jongdae asks slowly, Mimi hissing from her spot on the couch. "How did you find out where I live?" 

"I followed you home." He states in a matter-of-fact tone. "I don't- what are you doing?" He asks when Jongdae picks up a spoon, pointing it at him. 

"I'm not afraid to use it." He warns, eyes narrowing as he waves the spoon in front of him. "Make one false move and I swear I'll use it! I'm not scared!"

The android only scoffs in response. "You're joking, right? You plan to kill an android with that, human?" He asks with a raised eyebrow. "Whatever, that's not what I'm here for." He states as he takes a step forward. "Stop!" Jongdae shrieks, poking him in the arm with the spoon. 

"Ow." He says flatly before grabbing the spoon from his hand and tossing it across the room. "Would you quit with the spoon? It's distracting. Look, I didn't know anyone else in the area-"

"You don't know me." Jongdae states flatly. 

"-and I know you're at least somewhat kind since you came to my aid this morning," he continues, "and I'm sure you've seen me on the news by now. Maybe you've even seen my name plastered all over the city on flyers." 

Jongdae only stares at the man with wide eyes, blinking several times before shaking his head. "Pardon? Why- are you saying- what?" He only blinks more before pinching the bridge of his nose. "I swear to god, if you're about to tell me that I just let in the android that was on the news for killing a family, I'm going to throw myself out the kitchen window. So help me god." Jongdae stares at him, silently urging him to confirm his thoughts.

"I need to stay here for a bit." He says instead.

"Are you insane?" Jongdae shrieks. "I don't even know you! You could kill me in my sleep for all I know and then harvest my organs or something."

"I'm sorry; harvest your organs? Do you know anything about androids?" He asks with a baffled expression. "Nevermind that; my name is Kim Minseok. Now you know me and you can let me stay, human." 

"Oh my god. You are that insane guy they've plastered all over the city! This is just my luck. Of course I would be the one of all people for you to follow home. You're lucky my cat is a bitch and wants me dead or you would have been attacked by now." He says as he points a finger at him. "I need to invest in a guard dog. Why did I think getting a cat was a good idea? I should have listened to my mother." He mutters to himself while running a hand through his hair. 

"I'm not going to hurt you. Look, I just need to stay here until the police and the government get off my tail." Jongdae nearly laughs at this, wanting to pull the hairs out of his head. "And what makes you think they wouldn't find you here? And do you know what they would do to me if they thought I was helping you? A human. Helping an android. Let that sink in for a moment. An android that has a $150,000 bounty hanging over his head, mind you." He gently dabs at his forehead, feeling a lot hotter than he was earlier. "Minseok, why did you have to drag me into this?" He's been trying so hard to stay out of this whole mess; he never wanted to pick between humans or androids. Both sides were so incredibly flawed and if he let Minseok stay with him, he'd definitely be picking a side, right?

"I didn't know where else to go. I didn't kill that family; I swear. Do you have any idea what it's like to be an android in today's society? Look, just let me stay here for a week and then I'm gone. Long enough for the police to give me some breathing space. If, look-" The android, Minseok, is growing frazzled as he runs a hand through his hair, "if they find me here, I will tell them that I forced you to. That I held you hostage and made you keep me here, alright?"

Jongdae's chewing on his bottom lip nervously as he stares at Minseok. He had no reason to believe him. Minseok had no merit to convince him that he didn't kill the family featured on the news, but he also didn't have anything that linked him to the crime. Jongdae had a good heart; it's the thing that kept him from walking past Minseok earlier that day when the kids were beating him. "Fine. You start causing any problems- any, and you're out. Understand?" Minseok quickly nods his head to Jongdae's words. Jongdae only shakes his head in disbelief as he runs another hand through his hair. "You'll be sleeping on the couch. I'll get you blankets and pillows and-" He pauses when remembering that androids don't sleep. "I know your kind don't sleep, but you're going to have to try. I will not sleep under the same roof as you knowing that you're awake." Minseok once again nods his head at this. "Alright. I'll be back in a few minutes with everything. My name is Kim Jongdae, by the way. Call me human one more time and I'm going to stab you in your stupid android head with my spoon." He warns before disappearing down the hall.

"Well that went well." Minseok mumbles to himself before letting out a long sigh.

☽ ☽ ☽

"Alright." Jongdae sighs as he stares at Minseok who's sitting on the couch, wearing Jongdae's spare clothes with blankets piled up in his lap. Minseok was lucky that they were nearly the same size, or else Jongdae would have just forced him to sit in his wet clothes. "How am I going to explain this to Jongin or Sehun?" He could possibly get by Sehun with a lie, but Jongin would catch on. Surely he'd be able to recognize another android. What would even happen if Jongin found out about him? Would he attack Minseok? Do androids attack each other on-site or do they form some kind of alliance? Jesus, he really does know nothing about androids. And what if Sehun recognized Minseok from the sketch on the news? Sure, the sketch vaguely looked like Minseok, but Sehun's only quality skill was his observations. That boy was too keen for his own good sometimes. 

"Who are they?" Minseok asks as he fiddles with the soft fabric on his lap.

"My friends. I told Sehun I'd hang out with Jongin while he's at work and-"

"They can't come over." Jongdae raises his eyebrows from the quick response. "What if they recognize me?"

"Okay, you should have considered that maybe I have a social life and prior agreements before you barged into my home." Jongdae says as he stares down at the android. "I'll say your my cousin or something who's staying with me. The whole country has gone to shit so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that someone would feel more comfortable living with their relative. But if you're really going to stay here," he trails off as he looks around the room, holding up a finger as an idea comes to him, "stay right here." He instructs before darting down the hall and into his room. After a few minutes of fishing around in his nightstand he manages to pull out an extra black face mask.

"This," he announces as he walks back into the living room, "is going to be your new best friend. Any time you go outside you need to wear this. I know androids don't get sick from the pollution, but if you don't wear it it will only make your identity more obvious." He tosses the mask into his lap, watching as Minseok stares at it closely. Jongdae's tapping his foot anxiously as he continues to think of what he should do. Why on earth did Jongdae let him in? Why on earth did Jongdae decide to play hero today of all days? He clears his throat awkwardly before gesturing to the remote on the couch. "You can watch the tv whenever you want. Nothing good really plays anymore, but I'm sure it will keep your mind off things." Jongdae blushes slightly when Minseok shoots him a look in return. "Or maybe it won't." He laughs nervously when remembering that Minseok's crime was plastered all over the news. "Uh," he points to the hallway, "I'm going to go to bed now. It's pretty late and you should sleep too." He puts emphasis on the last part before shaking his head. "I'll see you in the morning and we'll figure more of this out. Don't take anything." He warns before disappearing into the hall.

"Just because I'm an android doesn't mean I'm going to steal your things!" Minseok calls out after him, though Jongdae only responds with a grunt and a slam of his door. Minseok huffs under his breath, settling in with the soft blanket that Jongdae provided him with and leaning his head back against the more than comfortable pillow. He's about to close his eyes when he hears the padding of feet from down the hall, watching with an amused expression as Jongdae stomps back out and scoops up Mimi in his arms. 

"I'm not leaving my cat out here alone with you. How do I know you won't harvest her organs or eat her?" He grumbles under his breath before stomping back down the hall, Minseok rolling his eyes in result.

"Androids also don't eat cats!" He yells out before pulling a face. "And we don't harvest organs either! Stop saying that." He rolls his eyes and scoffs under his breath. "Keep it up and I might actually harvest your organs."

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