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Big Superfamily AU thing

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A quiet and peaceful morning, it’s what it always starts as. Vision was up, making a small breakfast for him and Wanda. Wanda sat in the living room, reading a book quietly while happily waiting for breakfast. These two weren’t the first ones up, but were the first to get to the kitchen and eat breakfast. Steve was up and in the gym, Tony was up in his lab with Bruce, and Peter was at school, they didn't know about the others.

Vision called Wanda in, and she put a mark in her book before getting up and walking to the kitchen. They ate in a comfortable silence, Wanda breaking it once to complement Vision on his cooking. When they finished, Wanda did the dishes, and they moved to the living room, sitting down on the couch. Then they heard the elevator ding. Looking over, they watched as Bucky walked in while stretching. “Morning Mr. Barnes.” Bucky gave slight nod in greeting, and then turned to move into the kitchen. He walked back out with an apple, lazing biting into it and swallowing before speaking. “Where’s Steve?” Wanda shrugged, “He was in the gym, not sure if he’s still there or not.” Bucky nodded and headed back to the elevator. “Thanks,” he mumbled, before walking in and letting the elevator’s doors shut.

The gym wasn’t a shabby place. It had specific areas for practicing fighting, some for exercising, there’s a small dance room that is used once a week. It’s nice. Bucky heard some talking and walked towards the voices. He saw Steve and Natasha next to him, both chugging some water while also talking. “Morning Steve, Natasha,” Bucky spoke, moving to them. Steve smiled, and put the cap on his water. “Good morning Buck, wanna join us? We were about to do a little bit of fighting,” Steve offered, but Bucky politely denied. “I just woke up, I’m not ready to physically hurt myself, yet.” Steve shrugged, “Well alright. Come on Nat.” Steve grinned and the two started.

The fifth floor was reserved specifically for this crew, which was blasting old school music while going through their morning routines. “Quill, quit hoggin’ the shower!” Gomora yelled through the door, “Some of us need to get clean as well!” Laughter echoed through the bathroom. “You should’a got here faster then!” Quill replied back. Gomora glared at the door before growling and then kicking it. “Woah, woah. Calm down feisty, you’re makin’ Groot nervous,” Rocket mumbled, walking past her. “Friday, open the door for Gamora,” Rocket spoke out. “Are you sure you’ll be okay with that, Ms. Gamora?” Gamora nodded, “Yes, I’ll be very okay with it.” The door slid open and Gamora stomped in. Quill shrieked as he was then thrown out of the bathroom by Gamora and then hit in the face with a towel. “Rude!” He grumbled as the door then slammed shut. “Friday! Don’t let anyone in!” Gamora yelled. “Yes, Ma’am,” the Ai replied.

“Bruce, can you hand me that screw driver? I think I got something stuck in the hinges and I can’t quite reach it,” Tony mumbled. The lab was in the last floor of the house, it was pretty big and full of fancy tech. Bruce and Tony spend of bit of time down there, just trying to figure stuff out and build new inventions… And sometimes they go down just to gossip about the other heroes, but that’s a secret. Bruce handed the screw driver to Tony, and then looked at the blueprints they had floating around. “Hey, wouldn’t it make more sense to move this generator to the back instead of the front?” Tony looked over and watched as Bruce moved it around. “Hm… Yeah, that would work a lot better, be more convenient,” Tony spoke in agreement, and the two nodded, mostly to themselves, before going back to work.

About forty minutes away was the high school. Peter walked the halls lazily while talking to Ned and MJ. “You know, how’s it been living with heroes?” MJ asked, looking to Peter, who just sighed. “It’s been fine, but they’re all so dysfunctional, it’s like a war every day in the house… There is a perk though.” Ned raised a brow, “And that is?” Peter held out his hand and his lunch came flying out of a portal with a note stapled to it saying; ‘Stop forgetting your lunch’ with a signature of the name Strange at the bottom. “They all look out for me cus I’m the youngest, well, Next to Groot, who’s a baby.” MJ chuckled, “That’s cool, Dude. You got, like, a bunch of super dads and moms.” Peter snorted, “What? No, no, no family thing. It’s all like a friendship.” Ned looked at the lunch bag, and then to Peter, “Dude, back of the bag.” Peter looked to him confused, and then turned the bag around, his face immediately turning a bright red. A ton of notes were on the back, all from some member of the heroes.

A few miles away, Scott and Clint were hanging out in a cafe on an early morning Bro-date. “Dude, you have to try some of this hot chocolate. It’s amazing,” Clint spoke as he took another sip from it. “I’m good, the coffee here is pretty great,” he grinned a bit, taking a drink from his. “Maybe next time I’ll get it.” Clint nodded, “You should,” he paused, his eyes lighting up, “We should bring the kids here! They’d love it!” he exclaimed. Scott chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, sure.”