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Where is all begins

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He was tired, the men who were chasing him were relentless and did not stop for a sec when pursuing the young man. He was tired and needed a break, he knew his only chance for them to stop was for them to be taken down. Looking around, he saw a low hanging branch and jumped up, perching himself in the tree waiting for the men to come and catch up. In a moment three men in all black appeared, they were wearing mostly black clothes with a hint of some darker shades of green, blue and purple. Once all three were in sight, he striked. The young man started with the two next to each other to his left. Striking quickly he was able to take them down by using his blade to stab the one closest to the tree in the chest and them immediately taking the blade out of the man’s chest to attack the pursuer next to him. When both men were down, the third man finally figured out what happened and pulled out his own sword to attack the young mercenary. The mercenary is thrown off his feet and on to his back. He is quick to get back up on to his feet by pushing himself back up with his hands. As he gets up the third man his at him again, swinging his blade to try and get a hit in to the young mercenary. But the he is to quick and his able to get dodge the attackers blows before running around a tree to go and stab the third man in the lower back, once he is stunned he brings his blade up the rest of his back to make sure that the job is done, god does he hate it when they come back. The Blade had sent him on a mission to get a man out of a prison, they say that he was the smartest man alive but Keith thinks that they’re just crazy. Either way, it was Keith’s job to cause a distraction so that everyone else could get away because the stupid multi armed weirdo wouldn’t shut up about multiple realities. He eventually was able to get all the galra guard’s attention and lure them after him, he was able to get most of them to tripped over themselves and each other. Keith was trained by the Blade of Marmora since he was a young boy after his village was attacked and his mother, along with all of the other villagers, were presumed dead or captured.

Keith walked out of the forest into a small quiet town, it was the type of town were if you knew one person you knew them all. Keith lives with his father now, who works as the town’s blacksmith. He’s also one of the people who would make the weapons for the Blade.

Keith walked into his father’s work place in the back as to not draw attention to him. “Well look who’s finally back. How was your rescue mission? Successful?” A deep southern voice calls from the room next to him. Keith turns around to see his father standing in the doorway that leads to the front of the shop holding a rag while cleaning off his hands. “Oh, hey dad.” Keith says as he turns to go into his room to take off suit and change into something more comfortable. “Yeah it was. We were able to get the man out safe and sound, but he kept screaming about other realities and shit and one of the guards saw us so I had to cause a distraction so that they could get him out.”

“Are you ok?! How bad did you get hurt?!” Keith’s dad was was now grabbing Keith’s shoulders and checking all over him to make sure that he was fine. “Dad! Dad, I’m fine. I was able to outrun most of the guards. Three stayed on my tail but I got rid of them as well.” As Keith was saying this he was able to see his dad relax. “Ok,” his dad said as he patted Keith’s shoulders. “You get changed out of your bloody uniform, and go out to get some more food.” He turned around and pointed at a pile of clothes on the bed. “I washed your clothes, they’re on the bed. The list that you’ll need is on the counter,” he turns his upper body around the direct Keith’s attention to a piece of paper on a nearby counter, “I suggest you hurry, I think that Mrs. Nealson is about to close up her stand.” With that his father leaves, closing the door to his son’s room behind him.

A minute later Keith was out the door heading to the marketplace waving to people as they passed by. He walked around to each of the stands before making his way home, but before he could exit the marketplace he hears someone grunt and groan followed by laughter, unfriendly and very unpleasant laughter coming from behind him. He turns around and sees two Galra guards standing over an old woman who was on the floor trying to gather all of her fallen stuff. As the the guards continue to harass the old woman Keith looks around to see that people are just looking on and doing nothing. Just the sight of this makes Keith’s blood boil, he goes over to the crowd of onlookers determined to do something about this. He looks around to see if there is someone he could ask. His eyes eventually land on a man who he sees at his dad’s workplace a lot. “Excuse me, can you hold my stuff?” Keith asks as he approaches the man. The man looks at him a little confused, “Uh, sure Keith.” He says a little unsure. “Thanks, I just something that I need to take care of, it won’t take long.” At that the man takes the food from Keith before following Keith with his gaze as the young man approaches the old lady.

“Well, well, well. It looks like someone in this poor pathetic town is going to help you after all you old ungrateful hag.” One of the guards says. He looks down at Keith with this shit-eating grin that says he is enjoying himself way to much. His partner laughing even more. Keith can’t stand these guys.

“HEY! How about you leave her alone!”Keith says standing up, glaring at the guards. The big fat guard stopped laughing while the other one was looking like he did not like what Keith just said.

“What did you just say to me?” The guard asked with his head tilted and brows furrowed like her was trying to make sense of what he just heard. “I know that I did not just hear you try and tell us what to do.”

“I said,” Keith was now getting up into the guards space, looking him directly in the eyes, “Leave. Her. Alone.”

The guards were pissed now; they pulled their blasters out of their holsters aiming them straight at Keith. “I suggest that you get out of here now or else.” The chubby guard said, trying to sound as threatening as possible but it clearly wasn’t working. Keith smirked at the challenge and pulled out his dagger. “Or else what.”

That was it, the guards started blasting at him but to no avail, Keith was easily able to dodge the blast and shield himself with this dagger. Jumping left and right and off the sides of the different stands in the marketplace Keith jumped up and brought his blade down onto one of the blasters cutting it in half. He then kicked the chubby guard down effectively taking him out of the fight. The other guard turned around and continued blasting at Keith. Keith jumped off of the now downed guard and out of the range of the blast. He landed in front of the other guard a little ways away. As the other guard was about to fire another shot at him, Keith threw his dagger into the barrel of the gun and as the guard pulled the trigger the blaster backfired and exploded in his hand.

Both guards were now down on the ground in pain. The crowd around them looked on in shock and awe as Keith went over to the guard and picked up his dagger putting it back into it shealth. “You’ll-you’ll pay for this!” The chubby guard said as he help his partner up, slinging his arm over his shoulder to help support him and they walked away. Once they were out of sight Keith turned around to help the old lady. “Are you alright ma'am?” Keith said bending down abit to look the old lady over. “Yes, I am. Thank you so much young man.” The old lady said with a smile. “Here, please take this as a token of my appreciation for helping me.” The old lady held out a ruby red stone the glistened with different reds, blues, yellows, greens, and purples. “Oh no I can’t.” Keith said standing up from the old lady, rubbing the back of his next with a slit grin. “It looks really expensive and valuable, I can’t possibly take it from you, really it was nothing-”

“Don’t be silly, you have shown that you rely greatly on your instincts and are not afraid to rely on them when it comes to battle. You have proven yourself worthy of wielding the power of the red lion.”

“The power of the red lion? What are you talking about?” Keith asked being very confused about what the old lady was going on about.

“I mean that the red lion has chosen you as his paladin. He thinks and knows that you have what it takes to wield the power that he has. He wants you.” She was pushing the stone towards Keith, and put it into his hand.

“What do you mean he wants me to be his paladin? Who’s he? And what’s a paladin?” Keith asked looking down at the old woman.

“Ah, Keith you’re finally back. Where have you been?” Keith looked up to see that his father was standing right in front of him. He looked around to see that he was in front of his father’s workplace with the old lady standing next to him and the stuff that his father wanted him to get put over his elbow in a bag. Had he been walking with the old lady and not even known it? And when did he get his stuff back from the man? Keith was snapped out of his thoughts when his father cleared his throat clearly waiting for an answer.

“Oh, um, I was on my way him what I saw that two Galra guards were harassing this lady,” he jeastered over to the old women standing to his left. “I had to do something so I went and helped her get her things. I ended up fighting the two guards, they then went away and I guess I got lost in our conversation.” He looked up at his father waiting for him to yell at him, again, for getting into yet another fight with a Galra soldier.

“*sigh* Keith, I know that you were just trying to help this old lady our but-” Keith’s father was cut off when the women gasped and started to tell him off.

“Excuse me young man but I am no old woman! Now please tell me that you have at least told your son the story of Voltron.” She said with a huff.

Both Keith and his father looked at each other with a confused look on their faces, looking at each other then back at the old lady before Keith’s father finally spoke up. “Um, no I haven’t told him that story in years.” Keith’s father said, still with a confused look on his face.

“Well that explains why this brave young man doesn’t know what he is. Please I must come in to tell him, he must know right away.” He looked up at his father with a determined look on her face. Keith’s father looks at the lady, “Um, sure, it is getting late so I guess it’s ok.” With that, Keith’s father steps aside to let the old lady and Keith into the workplace. In no time, the old lady has Keith’s father up and making tea and Keith lighting the fireplace so that she can tell him the legend of Voltron in comfort. “Please come sit, sit,” The old lady said as she patted to the seat next to her on their couch in front of the fireplace. “And let me tell you the legend of Voltron.”

“Long ago in this very land, there was many flourishing kingdoms and villages all over. The two most powerful were the Alteans and the Galra. But before you go off thinking that the Galra were only there to cause trouble that’s not true. Back then the leader’s of the Galra and the Alteans were dear friends and great allies for each other. Since they were so powerful they were able to give rise to many other great kingdoms, some of their other close allies were Trigal from a small ring of kingdoms and towns that surrounded Altea, Blaytz from the water kingdom Nalquod and Gyrgan from the earth kingdom Rygnirath. These men and women formed a bond that couldn’t be broken even if they tried. One day while some altean miners were mining in some far off caves to help a destroyed town be rebuilt they found it; a trans-realty crystal. They ran off right away to go tell their king what they found. Soon they got the crystal out of the caves and into Altea for research, soon they found that the crystal held amazing powers of Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, and Air. With the agreement of the other kingdom leaders King Alfor and his top men from all fields to cut the crystal into small stones. When the first stone was complete the workers handed it to their king for inspection, once in his hand it started to glow a bright red and with that a great spiritual lion was summoned with a fiery aura around it. Right after the King knew what he needed to do. Once each stone was complete he got his friends and allies together to see if they would be able to awaken a stone just like he was. Sure enough when each of the four leaders picked up a stone they shown with great shades of blue, green, yellow and purple. After the light subsided the leaders and their men looked on in awe because standing before them were four majestic lion spirits each a different color that corresponded to a stone that a leader was holding. Blaytz was holding a blue stone whose power was that of the ocean, it’s said that he was able control the water around him into a dangerous weapon. Trigal was holding the green stone that held the power of the forest, allowing for her to create and control the vegetation around her. Rygnirath held a yellow stone that allowed him to control the ground below and around him. Finally Emperor Zarkon held a purple stone that gave him the power to control the air around him and it’s even said that the black lion could give him the ability to grow big red wings. With these stones and powers that also got lion spirits that allowed for better control of these new powers. Each one looked different from the other, the red lion was a medium sized lion with a red coat and a small flare of fire to its aura, the blue lion was a larger lion with a blue coat with a watery aura, the green lion was about the same size as the red but with a lovely green coat and it looked like little transparent leaves were falling around her, the yellow lion looked a little bit bigger than the blue with a bright yellow coat; below him it looked like the ground was breaking under his paw but when he lifted it the ground was fine. Finally the black lion was the biggest and greatest of them all, he had a black coat with bits of bright blue above his eyes while his ears were yellow, he also had the great big red wings the same color as the red lion. Around him there were little movement of air flowing around him which only seemed to affect the lion and nothing else. Each also had white on their bellies, on the mossels and on the tips of their tails. The lions were also able to grant their paladins weapons that would go with their element, each weapon is designed to best fit the paladin. With these new powers the leaders were able to stop more and more threats and bring peace to the kingdoms. Soon King Alfor and his wife Queen Thalia would have a little daughter who they named Allura and Emperor Zarkon would fall for an Altean beauty named Honnerva, but that is a story for another day. The leaders thought that everything was fine in the land but little did they know that where they found the crystal the were these dark creatures that would corrupt people with the darkness and turn even the most loving of hearts into dark and wicked people. Sadly when these dark creatures attacked they took Emperor Zarkon and his wife with them, turning them against their friends. King Alfor’s daughter wanted to stand and fight Zarkon with Voltron but King Alfor decided to instead hid the stones and his daughter so that Zarkon would not be able to get his hands on them. After many great battles Zarkon proved to be to much for the other paladins and he killed them all and destroyed their homes and their people. Zarkon has been on the hunt for the black lion and its stone ever since then. It is up to the five paladins to come together and form Voltron and finally end Zarkons rain of terror on this land, bringing peace back to the land.” With that the old lady finally finished her story looking back up at Keith and his father who had fallen asleep halfway through the story. Keith looked at her then at the glowing red stone in his hand. “So, I’m the red paladin of Voltron and I have to find the others so that we can take down Emperor Zarkon?” Keith looked at the lady with an uncertain look on his face, still trying to rap his gead around it all.

“Well yes, I know that it’s a lot but this land needs you all.” The old lady looked up at Keith, he could see that she had a determined look in her eyes and he knew that she was telling the truth about it all. “Ok well,” Keith said while scratching the back of his neck looking down at the stone in his hand, “How am I supposed to find the other paladins?”

“Well first the stone will glow a bright red when one is near and the closer you get the brighter it will glow. But I can tell you that one will be here tomorrow and will be very badly injured. You must go with him to find the others.” With that she got up and went over to his father's room to sleep. Keith sat their for a bit still looking at the stone, Who could the other paladins be? Why him? Why was he chosen as the red paladin? And who is going to be hurt tomorrow? It was getting really late and Keith had a lot to do in the morning so he got up and walked over to his room so that he could get some shut eye, tomorrow was going to be a very long day.