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Hymns to the Directional Gods

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The Spotted God is muscular,
And chases human prey.
The Silent God is tranquil,
And moves all night and day.
The City God is elegant,
Watching from far away-
The Talking God* is generous,
A warm and welcome bay.

Tusks for gentle Selva,
Whose voice is loud and clear!
Fearless Jaguar demands
The skin of cats and deer.
Incense burns for Mathildra
In lofty marble halls.
And bells are pinned for Semu
On every market stall.

Bless the East, that smith of man
Who stirs the very stars.
Bless the West, that sentinel,
Who marks his folk with scars*.
Bless the North, that icy lord
Of castles white and grey*.
Bless the South, that traceless maw
Whose home is endless day.