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"You...knew Rich was going to burn Jake's house down?" Jeremy asked as his SQUIP appeared disinterested.

'It was a high possibility, yes.'

"Why didn't you let me stop him?"

'It was none of our business.'

"You're insane, why-" Jeremy was cut off by a shock that made him immediately quiet down.

'Jeremy what did I say about listening?'

"I...have to obey."

'That's right. Now we just got a text from Brooke who wants us to meet out in the courtyard behind the school. Go there.' Jeremy nodded and stumbled out the back doors of the school. Walking to the tree he usually meet the blonde under he nervously wondered what she was going to say about the party last night.

'Even if she is, I'll be here to help you.' a few minutes passed as Jeremy sat down still work no appearance from Brooke. The teen was about to get up and leave he when something hard hit him over the head knocking him to the ground. Jeremy's brain was ringing as he tried to look up and see what hot him but he only got the blurry outline of a pair of shoes before being hit again, knocking him out completely. Before he passed out Jeremy could've sworn he heard a familiar voice talking to him.


"Mhhhh," Jeremy groaned as he woke up. Pain consumed all of his head as he moved it only to make things worse. He tried to lift a hand to his head but was surprised when he couldn't. Trying again his eyes opened wider and as his vision came in he saw that he was on a chair. His hands were duct taped to the sides and his feet to the legs. He stared confused as his panic began to rise when his SQUIP spoke up

'Jeremy, you need to-"

'Holy shit, someone kidnapped me, what the fuck? I'm going to die. I can't die now. I haven't gotten the chance to tell Christine how I feel and now I-'

'Calm down!' SQUIP ordered, shocking the teen to get him to stop his internal rant. 'Jeremy, you can't panic in this situation or you'll make things worse. Now look around, see where we are.' Jeremy reluctantly did so. They were in a basement, the upper window indicating the room level. But something about this basement was strangely familiar. It took Jeremy a moment to recognize it before the door leading down opened. He looked up to see his former best friend holding a bottle of Mountain Dew Red as he approached Jeremy.