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The Instant Loss Series

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Catwoman stood, posed arrogantly, head cocked to the side, hips tilted, one hand on her waist near where her whip was holstered, smirking infuriatingly at Red Hoodas she took in the sight of him

She'd expected trouble when someone had crashed this heist. Or fun. She hadn't expected this.

“So your what? The Bat’s little trainee?"

“Put the necklace back Selina” Red Hood growled at her. She just laughed, uncoiling the whip and cracking it against the ground. Red Hood didn’t even flinch but this did little to impress her. She was hardly going to be impressed by some errand boy.

Instead she leaned in close to him, running a hand slowly down his chest and purring softly.


Think that you can put a collar on this cat?

I’d like to see you try, little bird”

Red Hood smirked.



“That’s it BITCH!


Catwoman’s fortunes had reversed somewhat.

The cocky catburglar now found herself bound in her own whip, hands and feet tied tightly with it and bent over one of the museum display cases like a bitch in heat. The tight leather costume she wore had been unzipped at the breasts and torn at her crotch and ass and as she screamed into the bright red rubber ball gag in her mouth at present Red Hood was in the process of punching his cock balls deep up her tight and no longer virgin asshole.

It had started like her and Bruce’s usual dance. Flirting and laughing and punches thrown. But where a confrontation with Bruce ended in a few bruises and scratches, this one had ended with her bound, bent over and getting butt-fucked so brutally that it felt like she’d never be able to sit down again. Especially when you factored in the way Red Hood would routinely smack her ass while pounding it.


How are you so tight back here Cat-bitch?” Red Hood asked, grabbing fistfuls of her tits to yank her body back, the new and more painful position letting him hilt his cock even deeper up her ass. She babbled into the gag, eyes rolling back into her head as he ruined her back entrance, unable to reply even if she wanted to both due to the ballgag and the bitch-breaking cock currently raping her.

She remembered thrashing and screaming about how his cock wouldn’t fit, almost sobbing for him not to do it as he’d started forcing a dick that brought new meaning to the term “Log splitter” up her tight little pucker. Selina had been an anal virgin. Now she doubted she’d ever shit right again as Red Hood pounded in and out of her ass with his un-lubed dick, destroying her.

He’d punched her in the back of the head so hard she was sure she’d blacked out for a moment. The agony of that hard on being crammed up her tightest hole had woken her up swiftly, to the feel of her jaws being forced apart by a ball gag. Now all she could do was mewl and scream garbled pleas and protests into it as Red Hood raped her like there was no tomorrow.



PLSSSSSSS NUHHHH MRRREEEEEE!” Selina was screeching into the gag as Red Hood banged her brains out, pumping his hips back and forth to drive his cock up that tightly clenching anal passage. He just laughed and deliver another hard swat to her reddening ass cheeks, the blow making her body jerk forwards as she was spanked like a little brat.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full Cat-Slut!” Red Hood laughed, delivering another hard and painful SLAP to the leather clad ass of the squealing and screeching she-cat, the blow rocking her body forward forcefully as he hilted his dick balls deep up her tight little ass once more, savouring both the feel of Selina’s tight butt around his hard on and the muffled screaming as he raped the shit out of a cocky cat-burlar cunt.


“Did you like that?

Do you like being PUNISHED like the bad girl you are Sex Kitten?” Red Hood asked, painfully yanking Selina’s head back as he asked her the demeaning question.

“NUHHH! NUHHH UH DUHNT!” Selina sobbed into the gag but her denial wouldn’t have had any affect even if it hadn’t been muffled. All it made Red Hood do was slap her right in her face and ram himself into her harder than before, his cock pounding the screeching she-cat’s backdoor harder and faster as she collapsed into babbling and sobbing at the mind-splitting pain of being so brutally raped.

“Sure you don’t…so why is your pussy soaking wet while my cock is rammed up your shitpipe, sex-kitten?” Red Hood asked mockingly, patting Selina’s head again like she was his pet pussy…which was all the confident cat burglar now was, given that she could do nothing but take his cock as he raped her into a string of orgasms.

“ROOOOWWRRRRR! NUH MMMUUUHHHH!” Selina shrieked into her gag, drool pouring from her mouth, her eyes rolling back in her head as Red Hood pounded his surprisingly thick dick up her shitpipe, his hands mashing her huge tits together, squeezing and teasing those colossal funbags that Selina loved to show off in that tight and clingy costume.

Right now she was really wishing she dressed like less of a huge slut.

"Trying to say something Cat Slut?" Red Hood asked, popping the ball gag out of Selina's mouth, letting the full force of her shrieking greet his ears as he pushed his cock balls deep up her bubble butt.


These were the words Catwoman howled to the heavens as she felt the massive cock pushing into her unwilling ass, as rough and eager hands pawed at her ridiculously huge tits that were practically spilling out of her catsuit. She was hissing and screeching like a cat being forced into water as she lost her anal virginity.

“A SLUT like you has never taken it up the shitter? Guess I gave you a new experience Slut-kitty! Getting it doggy style!”

“MRRROOOOWWRRNNNNOOOOOOOOO!” Catwoman howled but it was no use as the Red Hood reared back and punched his cock straight up her ass, forcing the Cat-slut to take ten inches straight up her ass without anything in the way of lubrication besides the spit that was coating her rapists cock. Her eyes bugged out of her head and her mouth opened and closed wordlessly as her body went into a fit-like spasm, the feel of the massive cock being rammed straight up her tight behind almost making her black out.

“NRRROOOOWWWWWRRRRRR! STOOOOOOOOP!” Selina screeched but this cat had been thoroughly de-clawed, her rapist just laughing at her pain as he reached out and harshly SLAPPED then squeezed her massive tits as he fucked his cock in and out of her bubble butt, the way she fought and squealed and tried to break free just making the fuck feel all the more intense and hot.

“Please…please…I have muh…muh…muuuuhhhney…” Catwoman drooled out as a cock the size of a giants fist was forced up her ass her body spasming and twitching like a broken doll as her hole qA crammed full of cock and she found herself little more than a useless fuck-puppet getting herself pounded into a string of orgasms that were literally fucking her stupid.

“I don’t want your money kitty-kitty I want to turn you in a cum dump!” Red Hood said, pounding his cock up her ass as she grunted and squealed, reaching around to deliver rough and vicious slaps to the bouncing tits of broken villainess as he pumped his prick into her stretched out ass. Her jaw hung slack and her eyes had rolled back in her head as her ass was pounded full of dick over and over again

Selina’s eyes had rolled back in her head and she was screeching like a bitch in heat as Red Hood forced his fifteen inch dick up her tight behind, patting her cute rump affectionately as he forced her to take it up the butt doggy style without much in the way of lube beyond his spit. If Selina had any more protests to voice about this they were being turned into nonsensical gibbering as he slowly pulled out then pushed back in, letting her feel that thick cock really stretch her tight ass out.

“GOOD KITTEN” Red Hood growled in her ear as she mewled and whimpered and made pathetic whimpering sounds at her tight behind getting used as his cock socket, her body twitching and jerking and bucking beneath his as he brutally ass-fucked the whining villainess and let her feel herself really getting used.

"PUH PUH PUH PUHHHHHHHHHHLEEEASSSEEEEE NUHHHHHH MMUUUHHHHHH” Selina was babbling, her tongue hanging out, her face a picture of agony and pleasure as she got her ass tapped. She could feel his cock being forced deeper up her ass than she imagined she could take it, could feel it stretching her tight back entrance and the pain was almost enough to make her black out.

“Now my kitty-kat butt-slutt here comes some thick warm cream"

And with that the Red Hood shot his load up her ass. Selina squealed and hissed and sobbed like a broken bitch as she got that warm milk right up her broken in ass. Her body finally went limp apart from the occasional tremor, her body shaking from the aftermath of getting fucked stupid like that.

Red Hood patted her ass and reached around to cram the ballgag back in her mouth.

"That was fun Sex Kitten. Well I gotta go but don't worry, the guards will find you when they wake up from that knockout gas bomb you dropped in here earlier. Sure they'll untie you. Unless they decide they want to pet the pussy first"

"NMMMMMMMMMMMMM! BASTUHHHHHDDDD! GET BUHCK HUHHHHH!" Catwoman screamed into the gag finding new energy at the thought of being gang raped by the museum guards as well when they found her in this vulnerable state. Red Hood laughed and gave her ass another hard swat.

"Sorry Selina. I can't understand a thing your saying. It's an improvement"

He left the thrashing and screaming hellcat there, cum leaking from her brutally violated ass, laughing the whole time he strolled out of there.

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It had been a poor week for The House.

Roulette's operation had seen little in the way of real contenders. The fights had been far too short and the fighters had wound up dead too quickly.

Money was running low and she knew it. Still there were always people looking to take more.

Like one of her agents who she used to "Acquire" new talent for The House. A skeletal little creep called Riot.

She came out to see him, as always wearing her tight and overly revealing red dress and dark shades. She thought it projected an image of power and control.

Riot snickered as she stepped out, talking to himself like he often did. He had the power to split into duplicates with the downside that it had driven him insane. The crazy little prick was useful in some ways though.


Payment in full" Roulette said, keeping her tone business like and to the point. Riot began to paw through the money like a chimpanzee and she rolled her eyes behind her glasses. Counting the money in front of her? What poor form.

"Yer losin' it boss! This is only half what I got last time! Losin' it!" Riot yelled at her. She snorted, not able to believe his ungrateful attitude.

"Last time you brought me a meta who had enough power to last three rounds in the ring. This time you brought me a few freaks who won't last five seconds. Bring me someone with stamina and you'll get paid better"

Riot looked thoughtful for a moment and then a horrid smirk appeared on his face.

"Stamina, Big R?

So I give yer what you deserve and you give us what we deserve?" he asked

"Exactly" Roulette said.

It didn't take her long to regret saying that.


“Awwwww boys…I don’t think she’s having fun!”

“And here I thought this was a real RIOT!”

That was what Riot and his duplicates cackled as they gang-raped the thrashing, screaming and swearing form of Roulette, self proclaimed stuck up mistress of the ‘The House’ and now little more than the fuckdoll of the skeletal supervillain who had laughingly told her he was her own personal ‘One man gang rape’ as he had split into multiple selves and proceeded to mob the helpless powerless crime boss.

“MMMBLLMMMLLLLL! RUHOOOOOOOT!” Roulette gagged out as the villain pumped his cock down her fuckhole mouth with rapid pumping thrusts, gripping her by her elegant hair as he forced her head back and forth on his dick in time with the rough and brutal thrusts, fucking her head like it was a sex toy to be used to dump his cum in, the messy, gagging blowjob feeling hot as hell to him, made hotter by knowing what a powerful stuck up bitch it was he was currently raping the shit out of

“What was that? Not enjoying being our little Sucky Fucky?” he laughed, provoking a fresh muffled tirade of insults from the gagging villainess as he face fucked her.

“NUHHHHHHFFFFFFF! GET AWY FRM MUHHHHHH! STUHP!” Roulette was howling into his cock as he pounded her wet and hot fuckhole of a mouth eagerly and quickly, fucking the stuck up rich bitches face as fast and as nasty as he could even as the others held her hands behind her back while they yanked that tight clingy red dress UP and yanked her panties DOWN.

“Time to teach The Bitch With the Dragon Tattoo here how to be a good little butt slutt!” the Riot behind her laughed, spitting on his cock as Roulette’s eyes went wide with horror behind her cum splattered glasses and she began trying to shake her head and scream the word ‘No’ over and over again with little success.

“OH YEEEESSSSS!” The Riot pressing his dick against her ass groaned as he pushed it into her tight little pucker, the beautiful villainess howling desperately into the cock of the Riot currently raping her throat as her anal virginity was forcefully stolen from her. Riot’s cock pushed into her, up that tight little butt, the self-duplicating villain cackling happily as he felt Roulette’s tight ass gripping his cock.

"NUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SUHCURITYYYYYY! HUUULLLPPPP MUHHH!" Roulette was screaming onto the cock as her ass was split open. Riot reached around to grab meaty handfuls of her bouncing tits as he jammed his cock all the way up the proud criminal's tight backdoor. He was drooling on her as he pounded his prick into her ass and the sound of her screaming for help would probably have brought her bodyguards running if it weren't for the fact that it was being turned into muffled and unintelligible gibberish by the cock currently plundering her throat.

The Riot who had his cock down her throat was skull-fucking her by this point, her face flushed as she struggled to breathe. He didn't give a shit. He was having the time of his life as he humped his cock down that bossy bitch's big mouth and the fact that she was screaming as he did it only made it feel all the sweeter.

"That's it Roulette! Make a long distance call on the cock phone you sexy bitch!"

The Riot who had forced himself into Roulettte's ass was delivering rapid upward slaps to her tits as he pumped his meat up her back entrance, each slap making one of her tits bounce, each blow drawing a fresh whimper or yelp from her that pleased the Riot pounding her throat like he wanted to break it. With a groan he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pointed his cock straight at her face.

"No! Don't you fucking DAR-EEEEEEKKKKK!" Roulette's squeal that ended her bitchy protests came from two sources. The first was the Riot raping her up the ass had just hilted himself balls deep up her ass and it provoked such a mind-shattering shot of agony that Roulette's face momentarily contorted into a Fucked Dumb look of agony. And the second was that the Riot who'd been skullfucking her proceeded to cum all over her face. Thick ropey strands of cum shot over her dark glasses, plastering them with a thick and gooey mass that made it impossible for her to see clearly. He shot his cum over her face, into her mouth as it hung open and especially made sure to get as much on her hair as she could.

"Pttttttthhhhhppppp! You bastards! You bastards won't get away with th-UMMMMPPPHHHHH!" Roulette was cut off as another Riot took the firsts place and rammed his own cock deep into her open mouth to shut her up.

"GLUK! GLUK! GLUK!" Roulette choked out as her head was forced back and forth in humiliating fashion, the Riot's balls slapping her chin as he face fucked her.

"Won't get away with it? Unless yer got a meta who can go back in time and magically un-rape your tight butt we already got away with it!" the Riot who was forcing his cock into her behind laughed, rutting into her harder and harder.

"PILE ON!" One of the Riot's yelled laughingly and with that it descended into a frenzy.

Roulette felt their hands grabbing at her breasts, smacking her ass, slapping her tits and laughing at the way those "Big fat targets could bounce!". She had dozens of their cocks smacking her in the face, some lightly, other times they cock-whipped her across the face so hard that it stung and made her head ache. Cum by the gallon was shot over her face and onto her tits and her ass was rammed full of their hard ons one after the other. Each fresh ass fucking hurt just as bad as the first and the feel of them writing words on her body like "Fuckdoll with the Dragon Tattoo" and "Riot's Personal Cum Dumpster" only increased her agony.

Their cocks smacked her hard in the face, smacking her face back and forth, one of the Riots smacking her with his cock so hard that it sent her sunglasses flying off her face. Thick loads were shot into her mouth and they happily forced her to swallow, sometimes pinching her nose closed as they rammed their dicks past her ruby lips and down her throat.

It ended with the messiest One Man Bukkake imaginable. There must have been fifteen or more of them in her office by this point and they all laughed as they shot their cum over the twitching and spasming body of the broken crime boss. Roulette lay there on the floor, her body trembling like a leaf as she was coated in cum, some of them drenching her face in it, making her hair stick together in matted and ruined clumps of superglue like jizz, others painting her tits and arms and legs with their spooge. Her head lay limp, face coated in a mass of cum, drooling stupidly, her eyes unfocused.

The gang rape had fucked Roulette's brains out.

"Yer lost it Roulette! HAW! We'll take that as our payment bitch!" the Riot's laughed as they departed, leaving Roulette as a cum soaked warning for her employees to eventually find. It was going to be a long while before she could stand much less walk away. All the villainess could do was lay there, weakly letting out moans as her body twitched out of her control.

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Mystique was becoming more and more tired with Sabretooth.

His atrocious manners. His crude comments. The way he would happily slap her ass or grab her breasts at every chance.

Working with him had served a purpose once. Now she just wanted the disgusting bastard gone.

And this latest insult was the last straw.

She was trying to teach the brats that the Hellfire Club had swiped for her and a few more villains they'd recruited. Trying to impart some experience and skill. And Victor had wandered into the class reeking of booze and slapped her on her ass.

"How's playtime with Sexy Smurfette going boys?" he asked the class as Mystique let out an unfortunately girlish shriek at the feeling of Victor's hand smacking her backside. She glared at him both disgusted and furious.

"Victor..." she began

"Headmaster Sabretooth. That little son of a whore that runs this dump gave me a promotion"

"Headmaster Sabretooth. I am trying to work.


Off" Mystique hissed out, putting as much emphasis as she could on each word. Sabretooth snorted, spat on the ground and then turned to the glass.


Guess 'ol Victor's got a lesson to teach your class today"

"Not a lesson in listening to what they're told to do apparently" Mystique said snidely. Sabretooth grinned and dropped his pants.


A lesson in his to shut a bossy cunt up when she forgets why she's kept around"



DARE" Mystique said, backing away in a mixture of outrage and horror. She was certain that not even this stupid animal would dare assault her like that.

She was wrong.

“FINALLY found agood use for that mouth a’yours blueberry” Victor chuckled, his hand on the back of Raven’s head as he forced her mouth down on his cock. The mutant shapeshifter gagged and choked loudly, retching her guts out on Sabretooths cock as she was force fed it, her hot wet mouth being stuffed full of thick meat.

The disgust at being skullfucked against her will by Sabretooth was equal to her humiliation at the fact she had an audience. All the boys in the class were staring with great enjoyment at the sight of the sexy and powerful Mystique getting her mouth raped by Victor's hard dick.

“GLUCK! GLUCK! GLUCK!” were the only sounds that came from her as he skullfucked the infamous villainess, laughing as he wtched her drooling and puking on his dick, the look of anger and disgust on her face at getting her mouth raped by his dick being intensely funny to him, the mouthy and rude little twat licking slut not able to say a word, her muffled protests of disgust turned into wet choking sounds as he humped his cock up into the stuck up whores fuck-hole of a mouth.

“All that bitching and bullshit you love to spout…this is what your mouth is good for ya bright blue cocktease. Taking a fat cock” Sabretooth chuckled, patting Raven on the head like a dog as he skullfucked the choking bitch, tears streaming from her eyes as she was forced to deepthroat a cock well past her gag reflex, Sabretooth not letting her off his dick for even a second no matter how much she struggled

“Guess you better breathe through your nose, smurfette” he suggested as he bounced her head up and down on his cock, the thick member shutting Mystique up. Her eyes were rolling back in her head as he suffocated her on his dick, the stuck up leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants being skullfucked by a man she despised. It was the most disgusting and degrading thing Raven could imagine.

“GUK! GUK! GUUURGGGG!” Mystique choked and gargled on the dick, her eyes rolling back in her head, her tears streaking down her face as her eyes watered at the feel of the back of her throat feeling Victor’s cockhead pumping against it.

“OHHHHHHHH YES…take it like a champ you BLUE BITCH!” Logan growled as he forced her head down and held it in place, letting the cunt choke on it lodged in her throat. She beat her hands useless at his legs. She tried to pull away without any luck. His fingers kept a death grip on her bright red hair, violently holding her head in place, only letting up to pull it back and then ram her head down again, wanking his cock off using her wet and slobbery mouth.

When he finally pulled out she puked up a mess of drool and cum over herself, the thick creamy gunk pouring down her chin and coating her tits. She took a hard and shuddering breath her face a pretty little picture of agony and anger as she struggled to take in gulping lungfuls of air after being suffocated on cock like that.

"You fucking BAST-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Mystique shrieked, her insult cut off as Victor yanked her up, span her around and shoved her forward. Mystique was now bent over her own teachers desk, ass up in the air.

"Giving the boys a better view" Sabretooth growled. Mystique felt his still erect cock poking at one of her holes. One of her very tight holes.



“FUCK this is a tight ass Blue…you enjoying the ride?” Sabretooth growled as he pumped his cock up Mystique’s tight behind, the shape shifter screaming in agony as the brutal rape began in earnest. First she'd had her mouth used as nothing but a hole for Victor to ram his cock in and now the proud and powerful woman was bent over and helpless while Victor pushed his dick up her behind.

Mystique SHRIEKED in agony in response as Victor slammed himself balls deep up her tight ass, his hand delivering a HARD slap to the whining sobbing rape toy he’d picked out for himself tonight, pounding the shit out of Mystique’s tightest virgin fuckhole and making the whining bitch his for the time being.

“Fucking blue-balls giving cock teasing CUNT! All those years I’ve been wanting to give it to you like this…and it was fucking worth the wait, believe me! This big ass of yours is never gonna feel the same when I’m done you hot fucking trash whore!” Victor growled in her ear, sinking his teeth into her shoulder and biting down HARD as he pounded her ass brutally and savagely, loving the pain he was causing this stupid whore.

“VICTOR PLEASE STOOOOOOOOP! OH GOD OH GOD YOU’LL SPLIT ME IN TWO!” Mystique howled as the cock was forced up her backdoor, her body convulsing and twitching as she was roughly sodomised.

“I CAN’T TAKE IT…I CAN’T…OH…OH…OOOOHHHHHH” Mystique howled, her body wracked with agony, her asshole clenching tight as a fist around Victor’s cock as he forced it up her backside with rough thrusts, punching his cock into the shrieking, sobbing blue bitch that was now just his anal fuck slut.

Victor delivered a rought SMACK to the screaming shape shifters ass so hard that her body rocketed forward and a faint crimson handprint became instantly visible, the spanking making Mystique throw her head back and squeal loudly in pain at it.

“You’ll take what yer given bitch…you’ve been BEGGING for this for years”

“GUH…GUH…GUH” Mystique babbled and stammered out, her golden cat-like eyes rolled back in her head as her ass was pounded by Victor’s huge cock, the shape shifting slut getting her tight ass stretched out in a way more painful than she could have ever even dreaded. Victor’s cock was MASSIVE and he didn’t remotely care about being gentle or slow with her. In fact he was clearly LOVING causing her agony as he rammed her up the ass harder and faster than any normal human woman would have been able to take it.

“FUCKING…HOT ASS…BLUE…CUNT!” Victor grunted, roaring and growling like a wild animal as he hilted his cock in the howling and sobbing villainess’s tight behind, that gorgeous blue backside gripping his dick like a vice as he fucked her stupid.

The glass were taking pictures and videos on their phones by this point, chuckling and high fiving as they watched a sexy villainess who'd been bitching at them for weeks now get used as what she was really good for: a hot rapedoll. Sabretooth gripped Mystique's hair and yanked on it like a leash to make sure the villainess got a good look at how her class was taking in the sight of him pounding her up the butt against her will.

“THIS class! This is how you cock whip a mouthy little blue bitch like this one!” Victor laughed as he humped his cock into Mystique’s ass faster and faster, pounding into her like she was just his personal fucktube.
The bitchy villainess was whining, yelping like a dog in heat as the thick cock was forced up her unwilling ass, her tongue hanging out. She was drooling, her body thrashing and bucking in agony and ecstasy as the hard dick pounded her from behind faster and faster, Sabretooth speed fucking the stuck up arrogant cunt.

“NUH…NUH…NUHHHHHHHH” Mystique babbled out, tongue lolling out of her mouth, her eyes shut tight and face scrunched up in pain as her tight little blue ass was brutally fucked by that hard cock. She couldn’t stop her cunt squirting as much as she desperately wanted to, as much as she wanted to deny the fact that getting ass-fucked by Victor was making her cum like a whore.

“AHHHHH….AHHHHH…OH…OH GOD…OH GOD…MY ASS….” she managed to squealed out, her normally strong and confident voice sounding increasingly high pitched as she struggled to string a sentence together, her back arched, body helplessly bucking and thrashing as Victor raped her up the ass with his cock, hammering the little muff divers tight behind with faster and faster strokes

“That’s right bitchy blueberry! This tight ass of yours is MINE you ballbreaking cunt!” Victor laughed as he pumped into her with rough, punishing thrusts, Mystique’s body spasming and thrashing wildly as he fucked her brains out and made her a drooling mess.

“ST…STOOOOO…STOOOOOOOOP” Mystique panted out, her pussy squirting like crazy as Victor pounded her with his dick, the rough fucking of her once tight little hole sending her body into broken spasms of agony and pleasure, the bitchy villainess who loved talking shit now barely able to string a couple of coherent words together as she was cock whipped and had her brains fucked out

“Oh sweetie I haven’t even STARTED yet” Victor said condescendingly, before delivering another sharp swat to Mystique’s ass, the feel of his hand colliding with her behind the loud “SLAP!” ringing out, making her bark like a dog at the feel of her ass getting abused this way.

“YIPE! YIPE! YIPE!” Mystique yelped as Sabretooth rammed himself up her backside faster and faster, fucking the stuck up ball busters brains out and leaving her drooling and helpless at the feel of her behind being pounded full of thick cock at increasing speed.

Mystique's mind was gone at this point. Her eyes had glazed over as she got fucked stupid by Sabretooth ramming her shithole like he was trying to break her in half and she was only dimly aware of the sound of the class rapidly taking more and more pictures of the sight of her getting assraped like there was no tomorrow. Victor reached around to pull her up, letting the class get a good look at her bare tits as he pounded her in the butt, the agony of her anal raping making it too hard to focus on changing shape meaning she was now buck naked as she was used as a cocksleeve

"Get a good look Raven! Everyone's going to get to enjoy the sight of those big bluebery funbags, Tits" Victor growled in her ear, delivering another vicious spank to her ass as he rammed his cock in good and hard

“AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” The helpless and broken villainess squealed as his huge cock pushed into her tight hole. She gasped as his powerful hands grabbed onto her tits as he began to fuck the hell out of her.

"Here it comes Smurfette! Here's the Big Finish!" Victor growled. He was pounding into her like a man posessed now, his cock jackhammering up her ass, ramming her so hard that her body was being slammed violently into the desk as he buttfucked her sobbing body.

“UGH! UGH! UGH” Mystique brokenly grunted and sobbed as her ass was reamed. She arched up and sobbed from the pain and humiliation as she felt Sabretooth cumming hard in her ass, before using his grip on her hair to ram her head forward.

There was a deafening crack as Mystique's head was rammed into her own desk. Sabretooth yanked her head back to admire the dazed and stupid expression on that normally stuck up face.

"You've never looked better bitch" he said with a laugh before ramming her head down on the desk again


Mystique's head bounced against the desk. He pulled her head back. Her eyes were rolled back into her skull, her jaw hung open. She was drooling on herself.


Her body spasmed as he slammed her head onto the desk a final time, shooting the last of his load up her ass as he did so as the blue bitch finally got down draining his balls. He pulled out and walked around to the front of the desk. He yanked Mystique's head up a final time. A dumb look of absolute bimbo stupidity glazed her face.

"Mind if I wipe myself off?

Thanks blueberry bitch" Sabretooth said, not waiting for her to reply. He used her bright red hair as a cum rag, wiping his cock off in it, leaving it plastered together with his spooge. For good measure he slapped the dazed and broken bitch across the face with his cock twice, each hard slap just drawing a soft pained grunt from Mystique

"You wanted to know how to be evil boys? There's a half concious hot bitch in front of you with holes ready to be filled. Start learnin'" Sabretooth said. The men in Mystique's class stood and began crowding around the desk. The day of rape, abuse and humiliation was far from over for the slutty villainess.

Chapter Text

Power Girl hated teaming up with Lobo.

Power Girl hated having to deal with his shit. And with their latest team up concluded she could no longer hold her tongue.

“You’re a SEXIST PIG, Lobo”

Those haughty words, spoken by this bubble titted dyke were the last straw for the Main Man. This team up had been long and unpleseant and every time he’d snuck a peek or tried to grab a handful of Power Tits ample breasts or grope that thick ass of hers the whiny bitch had slapped him away, knocked him back and threatened him.


Well nice outfit Power Tits…where’d ya get it, Sluts R Us?”

“Lobo…do the universe a favour…go find a black hole and fall in it” Power Girl replied, done with his crap and turning away from the crude, foul mouthed bounty hunter.

She really shouldn't have turned her back on him

“OH YEAH BLONDIE…take it like a champ!” he laughed as he forced the cock in, inch after inch, savouring the feel of how this lesbian bitches butt clamped around his cock, enjoying it even more because of the high pitched whine it was drawing from the haughty heroine, her teeth clenched together, hands balled into fists and face screwed up in a look of absolute agony.

Power Girl was on all fours, her face screwed up in agony and teeth clenched as Lobo sodomised her. The bitchy feminist heroine who thought she could take anyone was getting taken now. Taken like a bitch being rutted by a wild dog as Lobo pounded her in the ass. She had been kicked onto all fours and had Lobo smash her over the head with his bike. The blow had left her dazed and concussed. Too weak to stop him as he'd torn part of her costume open. And now she had a massive alien dick being rammed up her asshole she was in no position to stop him either.

“NO! LOBO PLEASE….PULL IT OUT…STOP THIS!” she was howling her throat raw, the agony of Lobo’s massive hard on being shoved up her anal entrance so bad that it was making her wish she could black out from it.

“OH BABY…you really ARE a tight ass, ain’t ya?

The Main Man’ll fix that problem for ya!” Lobo laughed, forcing another couple inches up Power Girl’s behind and forcing a high pitched SCREAM from the helpless and howling heroine as her cherry butt got tapped by a cock that felt like it was going to ruin her. She’d taken strap ons in her vagina before and was always a bit of a size queen there but this this was pure AGONY plain and simple and it felt like she was going to be split in two.

“OH GOOOOOOOOOD…OH GOD IT’S TOO FUCKING BIIIIIG” Power Girl whined despite herself, hating herself for showing weakness to this sick bastard. Lobo just delivered a hard swat to her ass that made the big titted blonde let out a high pitched yelp, her thick ass jiggling as he slapped that ass hard.

“Well you don’t like a cock up your cunt do you PeeGee! so let’s see how your ass likes some of the Main Mans sausage!”

Power Girl’s retorts were little more than pathetic howling as her ass was invaded by the colossal chalk white cock of her alien rapist, the kryptonian bitch of steel getting her first taste of backdoor action without any lube and not liking it one bit. She liked it even less as Lobo’s fingers gripped her hair and he yanked her head violently back, the additional pain of both her hair being pulled and her body being forced into a painful new position adding to the agony of the forced ass fucking she was getting.

Lobo’s hips were pumping like a jack-rabbits as he pounded his cock into the big titted maiden of mights tightest entrance, his cock being rammed brutally up Power Girl’s ass, each punishing thrust forcing a fresh scream from the blonde bitch who was currently being rutted like a bitch in heat. His free hand snaked around and his fingers closed violently around one of Power Girl’s breasts, squeezing it roughly and possessively.

“YIIIIIIIKE!” Power Girl yelped as Lobo squeezed her tit roughly and angrily, his grip on her hair pulling her head back so he could growl in her ear as he groped her so crudely.

“How the fuck are these fun-bags REAL, Power Tits? I figured you had to be packing a fuck-ton of silicone in these”

“You fucking bastard piiiiiggggggaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” she screamed back in response, her angry retort turning into pathetic howling as Lobo chose that moment to ram his cock forward again, punching his length up the whining sluts shitter and making her shriek like a banshee at the anal invasion, the pain of her breast being squeeze brutally her short dyke hair being tugged so hard it felt like Lobo was trying to tear it out of her scalp only adding to the agony and humiliation of this brutal raping.

“OH GOD…OH GOOOOOOOD…TAKE IT OOOUUUUUUT” Power Girl was howling in pain, the thick log being forced in and out of her tight butt with brutal thrusts, like Lobo wasn’t even caring about pleasure so much as just wanting to make her hurt, Lobo laughing long and loud as she sobbed and squealed pitifully, the normally super confident and bitchy Power Girl now crying pathetically as she got ass raped on all fours like a bitch in heat.

“The main man needs to loosen this tight ass of yours up Power Tits! God everyone focuses on those fat funbags of yours…” he began, delivering two hard open palmed SLAPS to Power Girl’s tits to illustrate his point, making her yelp in pain as her tits bounced and jiggled at the blows.

“But this ass of yours is something else too!”

“You’ll FUCKING PAY FOR THIS YOU ASSHOLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAGGGGHHHH!” Power Girl shrieked as he TWISTED her nipples hard at the same time as he buried his cock balls deep up her ass, her whole world going red, her mind feeling like it was going to break as he brutally raped her.

“It’s YOUR asshole that’s paying the price Power-dyke! You won’t be able to sit for a MONTH after THIS backdoor delivery!” Lobo laughed, pounding his thick fuckstick balls deep up the screaming super-sluts backside, his balls slapping her hot, wet pussy as he humped himself in and out of her tight little pucker.

"NO! NO NO NO NOT INSIDE NOT FUCKING INNNSSIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Power Girl howled but it was obvious Lobo didn't give a shit about her consent to anything. Instead he rammed his cock balls deep up that bubble butt and laughed long and loud as he came hard in the tight bitches ass, the big mouthed bitch of steel screaming blue murder as she felt the alien bounty hunter cum up her ass, pushing his cock in so fucking deep it felt like he was trying to punch it clean through her.

"NO MORE! OH FUCK NO MORE!" Power Girl sobbed, her ass burning in agony at the feel of him cumming a bucketload inside her. Lobo laughed, swatting her on her ass her cheeks turning a violent red from the multiple slaps he'd delivered to the stuck up Power-twat while fucking her.

"Let's get yer nice and full Power Tits!

Then the main man's got you a treat!"

Lobo pulled his cock out of Power Girl's ass, her body collapsing beneath him as her legs no longer had the strength to hold her up even down on all fours like that as he'd fucked the woman of steel's body to the point of exhaustion. She felt his fingers gripping her hair again and yanking her head up.

"You've had your milk

Now here's some lemonade for you, Power Pussy!"

He pointed his still erect cock right at Power Girl's face. Her expression was horrified as she knew exactly what the disgusting villain was about to do to her but also knew she was too weak after that brutal ass raping to stop him

“Now let’s wash that pussy of your breath!”

“Lobo…please…please no…GLUKKKK!”

Power Girl’s weak protests were silenced as without further ado, Lobo began to piss a stream of foul tasting urine straight into her unwilling mouth, using the big titted blondes open mouth as his own personal urinal.

“That’s it big mouth…you’re the main mans fucking TOILET now PG!” Lobo laughed as he pissed a stream like a horse into the unwilling mouth of the gagging, wretching and choking superheroine, the powerful lesbian now feeling a stream of hot stinging piss showering her face, hitting her in the eye, trickling down all over her fat tits.

“GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK!” Power Girl choked out, wet gagging and gulping and spluttering sounds issuing from the mouthy dyke as she was forced to choke down the foul tasting piss or suffocate on it.

“Don’t waste a drop Power Tits…drink that goodness down!” Lobo laughed, shoving his cock into that big mouth of Power Girl’s and holding her head in place brutally, his hand gripping her hair so tight she felt as if he was trying to tear it right out.


Power Girl messily gagged down the hot, foul tasting piss as quickly as she could but it kept coming, a barrels worse of hot alien piss being shot straight down her abused throat as Lobo pushed his still erect dick down her fuck hole throat.

"Oh FUCK! That big fucking mouth of yours makes a great fucking urinal Power Tits! You sound a lot better choking down the main man's piss than you do talking!"

"GULLLLLKKKKKK! NMMMBLLMMMMMMM! GAAAAKKKKK" were the muffled choking sounds that Power Girl could make as Lobo pissed down her throat like a racehorse her jaw in agony as her mouth was forced open wide to take a fat alien cock. The pain was matched by disgust at the feeling of being forced to gulp down Lobo's piss, the grip on her head as he skull-raped the heroine making it totally impossible for her to pull away. She could either swallow it down or get suffocated on Lobo's urine.

Finally done Lobo pulled his cock out and delivered a brutal cock whipping to Power Girl's face. The blow felt like a punch and it cracked her head to the side and sent her sprawling onto the ground, laying there in a pool of jizz and piss, her uniform stuck to her stacked body.

"Thanks for the ride PG! We'll do this again sometime!" Lobo laughed, booting her up the backside and making her howl out in pain before he turned and hopped onto his bike. It took off with a roar, leaving the thoroughly fucked Power Girl to try and find the strength to crawl away

Chapter Text

Karl watched as ‘Big Di’ the self proclaimed tribe champion of the Amazons stepped forward…at least seven foot tall, a muscular dyke who looked like she could snap him in half…the tribe watched, expecting this to end badly for him as it had done for so many others who’d made the mistake of challenging the tribes champion

“Big Di” approached, got ready to knock him down with a single punch…


Her eyes went wide. Her mouth dropped open.


It was a weak pitiful sound that she let out as Karl’s foot punted her straight in the cunt, the kick actually lifting her up on her tip toes as, with all the force of a footballer kicking the ball into touch, he brought his foot up HARD into Di’s twat, kicking her in the cunt with all his might. The mighty woman, who looked so big and tough, could only drop to her knees, tears starting to fall from her eyes as her hands went down to clutch her crotch, the pain in it unlike anything she’d ever experienced.

“You thought I’d fight fair?”


Karl’s fist connected with Di’s face and her head snapped back as she hit the dirt. The gathered amazons murmured amongst themselves in shock as their champion hit the ground hard, her body quivering on the filthy ground as her hands cupped her cunt and she moaned like a struck animal, blood staining the sand as it trickled from her nose. She started to raise her head and Karl placed the sole of his foot against the back of it


He proceeded to curb stomp her head flat into the ground

“You like munching on carpet? Eat some sand instead you top heavy slut!” he laughed, gleeful at the muffled grunt and whine of pain that he drew from the lesbian warrior as her face was booted into the dirt, her nose breaking on this one, her arms going out to try and push herself up off the ground. Her mistake…once again leaving her loin cloth covered pussy exposed, the tight twat between her muscular thighs a tempting bullseye.
Karl took a few steps back, took a run up and and


“NUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NUHHHHUHHHHUHHHHUHHHH!” The cry that hius foot colliding with the tough dyke’s pussy drew from her was music to Karl’s ears, his foot lashing out with even greater force than the first blow, kicking Big Di in the cooter so hard that her whole body seemed to shake and actually rise off the ground a little, the pain of the foot smashing her right up the twat the worst thing Di could remember feeling and forcing grunts, high pitched whines and desperate moans of pain from her.

“Nuh nuh nuh…and here Clemmie told me you bitches were meant to be clever…up you come Tits McGee, time to put that mouth to good use”
Karl gripped Di’s pony tail and yanked her onto her knees, Clemmie covering her mouth in horror.

“Oh no…no surely that beast isn’t going to…” she began to mutter only to be proved right in her fears. Di’s jaw was hanging slack, her eyes unfocused and a bit of drool trickling down her chin both from the blows to her pussy and from having her head slammed so roughly into the sand. This meant that her mouth was hanging wide open when Karl stuffed his erect cock into it, the cry of shock and indignation that Di just about managed to begin to get out turned into a muffled yelp

“STO-UMMMMPPPHHHH!” she managed to get out as the cock was rammed past her lips and Karl, gripping her hair like a leash, forced her head down on his dick and made her take his cock all the way to the root.

“Ohhhhhhhohohoho FUCK YES! I’ve been nursing that hard on since I got to the village of the bra burning bikini bitches here and it’s about time one of you dykes made yourselves useful and took care of it…how does it feel being a sword swallower instead of a muff diver?” Karl asked as he practically jacked himself off using Di’s head, forcing the choking and drooling amazon warrior back and forth on his dick, raping her skull and making her gag and retch up on his member.

Di began to move a hand to push Karl back and it might well have worked if he hadn’t noticed, tugged her head back off her cock and, before she could shield her face, backhanded her across it so hard that her head snapped violently to the side, her hand going limp as the blow to her head stunned her, allowing Karl to shove her open mouth violently back down on his cock, the amazon fighter choking and vomiting up a thick mess of drool and pre-cum over Karl’s hard on, her throat in agony as it was pillaged by the thick cock fucking her face.

“Ahhhhhh that’s it…put that mouth to good use you fucking stuck up ball buster!” Karl laughed as he humped her face like a madman, forcing his dick past her lips and down her throat, well past the choking amazons gag reflex, enjoying the hot wet feel of her mouth on his cock as she gagged and drooled over his balls.


Di could only make pathetic retching and choking sounds on his dick as it raped her unwilling mouth, her eyes rolling back in her head as tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She couldn’t breathe and the pain of having her throat invaded by a hard cock was just making the ordeal worse than if she was being choked. The feel of having her mouth violated this way by a MAN, having a hard penis forced into her mouth, it disgusted her and made her feel sick.

“How’s that taste? Sorry I haven’t bathed in a while sugartits but it probably can’t be worse than munching on rug!” Karl laughed as he held Di’s head in place, savouring the feel of her choking loudly on his cock as he forced it as far in as it would go, savoured the feeling of this stuck up slut being made to choke on his cock as he raped her face.
Karl pulled his cock out, looking down at the stupid expression on Di’s face. Her eyes were glazed and her face streaked with tears, a mess of thick and sticky drool and spunk covering her face. Grinning widely he wiped his cock off in her blonde hair as she gasped for air, her body shuddering and twitching heavily, pants and soft moans coming from her.

“Cheers bitch…hope I showed you what you were missing out on!” Karl laughed, slapping his cock across the mewling amazons face before shoving her roughly into the dirt. The others watched as she weakly, pitifully tried to get up but Karl once more put his foot on the back of her head and…


Her head was forced down into the sandy ground with such force that she spasmed and then lay still, unconscious and defeated.

“Well don’t just bloody well stand there…DO something!” Clemmie yelled as Karl fixed his eyes on her with a wide grin, suddenly feeling much less confident and cocky than she had done earlier when dealing with him. Before she had been armed, before she had the amazons of the tribe ready to help at a moments notice. Now however they were stood by and muttering amongst themselves as Karl walked over to her, grabbing her by her arm.

“I won the one on one fight fair and square Clemmie…now…GET your tight little ass over here, your majesty!” Karl snarled, yanking Clemmie forwards, the uptight lesbian giving a yelp as she was pulled off her feet and dumped unceremoniously over Karl’s lap as he himself got into a sitting postion, the rich bitch who had spent the past few days constantly insulting and belittling him now helpless over his knee with her big round ass looking oh so tempting in that stupid little jungle loincloth she wore over it

“What do you think you are DOING!?” Clemmie yelled at him, looking back at him as he smirked, his hand resting on that hot ass of hers he’d been staring at since the little posh twit had first shown up, thinking how could it would be to fuck her right up it.

“In a minute? YOU. You know you look MUCH better from this angle Clemmie” Karl laughed as his hand squeezed and fondled her behind, enjoying the look of outrage on the little dyke bitches face as she got felt up by a man.

“Listen you little pig if you don’t…”



Clemmie’s head jerked back and her bare legs kicked up in the air as Karl’s hand landed down on her leopard print covered ass forcefully and firmly, the proud lesbian on his lap letting out a noise halfway between a squeal and a yelp as her ass was slapped hard, a bolt of pain shooting through her body as her ass cheeks were given a punishing blow that made her feel the sting of both physical pain and also the onrushing heat of humiliation.

“Did you just…how…how bloody DARE you…” Clemmie began as Karl laughed at the look of anger on that pretty little face, before bringing his hand down on her spank-able rump once more.




Clemmie whined loudly as the second blow came down upon her butt, her body jerking and wriggling angrily in Karl’s lap as he smirked at her disgust and discomfort. The stuck up and ballbusting bitch of a woman he’d had to suffer the company of before had been replaced by a whining, struggling brat, helpless over a mans knee.

“Maybe if your father had given you this years ago you wouldn’t have grown up to be such a ballbusting dyke mynx! A little discipline is just what you need I think Clemmie…” Karl laughed as he faux-lovingly patted and stroked Clemmie’s sore bum, giving her ass cheeks a patronising pat as she struggled to get away from him.

“Discipline?! I’m a grown woman you wretched excuse for a man and I…”








Clemmie whined and yelped and squealed as Karl’s hand landed flat on her helpless backside over and over, the nearly naked woman wishing for the first time that she’d chosen to wear something that gave her arse a little more protection, the tight loincloth bikini bottom doing little to save her from the pain of Karl’s hand slapping down on her ass with rough, steady smacks, each one making her ass cheeks jiggle and making her body jerk and buck violently and helplessly on his lap, her ass starting to turn a lovely rosy shade of pink as she was given the punishment she’d had coming to her.

“Is that sore Clemmie? Want me to kiss it better? Guess you’re not quite so tough now are you, you arrogant little carpetmunching slut” Karl mocked her, as Clemmie whined and whimpered pitiably on his lap, her ass stinging so badly, her behind feeling like it was on fire as a result of the steady and painful punishment. She didn’t feel like she’d be able to sit down for a WEEK, the pain she was feeling from her poor abused behind!

“Who knew all a slut like you needed was a good old fashioned spanking to shut her up!” Karl laughed as Clemmie wriggled on his lap trying to get free, his cock throbbing against her, pressed up against her belly

“Karl please…” Clemmie began, trying to sound less confrontational for once



OH YOU UTTER PRICK!” she squealed, tears begin to well up in her eyes as her ass was slapped once again, the stinging smack across her bum sending waves of pain through her helpless and trembling body as she fought back the tears.

“You said please Clemmie…I thought you might like another you kinky little vixen”

“Karl stop it!”






Clemmie was sobbing now as her behind was spanked bright red by Karl, her legs kicking futilely, fists beating against his legs as he spanked her like a misbehaving brat, her poor bright red behind feeling like it was throbbing with pain as he slapped his hand down across it over and over again, giving the mouthy little bitch exactly what she’d been asking for since they’d crashed in this place, finally putting the little dick tease in her place.

“You know Clemmie, I don’t think you’re quite learning your lesson”, Karl said mockingly as Clemmie sobbed and whimpered on his lap, her half naked body wriggling in the most wonderfully sexy way, the stuck up slut now just a crying mess of a woman. He knew the stuck up little muff muncher wouldn’t be able to take a good hard spanking but it was still wonderful to be proved right.

“What…what do you mean…Karl…please…don’t…” Clemmie began to gasp out fearfully through her sobbing as Karl’s fingers gripped the jungleprint panties the stupid bitch had been flaunt her hot little ass in for days and slowly began to pull them down, revealing that bare ass of hers. It was already a cute shade of pink but he wanted it bright red by the time he was done.

“KARL NO! NO NO NO!” Clemmie yelled, thrashing like a hellcat, her legs violently kicking up in the air.

“Oh yes…I’ve known bitches like you before Clemmie…you act all tough and high and mighty but you lose your cool pretty damn quick when you’ve got your bare arse up in the air and you’re over a real man’s knee, don’t you?” he asked mockingly as his hand patted and squeezed Clemmie’s stinging bare ass cheeks, the feel of a man touching her bare ass like this making Clemmie blush hotly with shame and renewed anger.

“STOP IT YOU PIG!” Clemmie snarled, hot tears in her eyes as Karl patronisingly patted her stinging ass, patting his hand on her behind like he was petting a dog. She turned round to look at him, her haughty and arrogant features twisted in a look of rage.

“I’ll make you pay for this Karl I swear I’ll…”







Her legs kicked and her body bucked and wriggled on his lap as the whining lesbian had her bare ass slapped and slapped hard, Karl’s hand coming down on Clemmie’s bare backside, enjoying the feel of his hand impacting her bare skin, the sight of that cute ass jiggling as he spanked this bitchy brat and most of all enjoying the way that Clemmie’s wriggling and struggling and thrashing felt. Seeing this stuck up cock teasing little minx so helpless, seeing her whine for mercy as he spanked her butt to a love shade of red was delightful.

“No wonder you started dressing like a slut the minute you got here Clemmie…an ass this nice deserves to be shown off doesn’t it…you sexy little cock teasing bimbo” Karl laughed, before delivering another hard swat and another, Clemmie shrieking, high pitched squeals and howling that dissolved into sobs as her hot arse was slapped hard, the noise echoing around the camp, her body pitching forward as if trying to escape the force of the slap.



KARL I’LL BE GOOD I’LL…OUCH! OH YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Clemmie whined like a chastised brat as her behind was spanked, the flat of Karl’s palm slapping down forcefully on the stuck up dykes butt, hot and terrible pain burning through her backside, the pain worse than anything she could remember. Each spank hurt worse than the one before and the sound of his hand roughly slapping her ass filling her ears made it worse…she felt utterly humiliated and pathetic as the heat and pain in her buttocks made her whimper and
cry and yelp like a pathetic brat.

“But you’re a bad girl Clemmie

A very”








Karl stroked the bright red ass cheeks of the sobbing and struggling woman over his lap, Clemmie’s naked arse now a wonderful crimson as she kicked and twitched in his grip, the little man hating dyke bitch having finally lost that stuck up attitude. Even better he could feel the little posh twats cunt soaking his leg, making him smirk.

“You’re soaking wet you dirty dyke slapper, you know that? Your cunt is soaked”

“I’m not…”


Clemmie shrieked like a banshee as the harshest blow yet landed firmly on her backside and her squeal. Smirking, Karl stood and unceremoniously dumped her on the ground, the impact of her behind on the hard earth making her yelp pitiably.

“Over…oh thank god it’s o-AGGGHH!” Clemmie began to say, only to be silenced as Karl roughly forced her down, onto her stomach, pinning her to the ground and making her struggle angrily beneath him.


Sorry your highness…it’s not over yet” Karl growled in her ear, CLemmie’s eyes going wide with horror as she felt his hard on pressing against the tight little pucker of her virgin asshole. She squeaked like a startled mouse in fear, her body wriggling violently beneath his.

“Oh bloody hell…oh Karl no no YOU CAN’T”

“I know you can’t BEAR the thought of me knocking you up Clemmie…don’t worry, you won’t get pregnant from where I’m gonna fuck you”

The village rang out with the sound of Clemmie's shrieking

Chapter Text

The Black Cat knew that to establish herself as the new Kingpin in New York she'd need allies

Not just her gang.

People who could be useful to her in other ways. Such as the two crooked cops she'd set up this little meeting with. They were utterly disgusting but she was willing to ignore that if it meant being able to bribe them to look the other way.

She'd slutted her way over to where they'd arranged this little meeting. Ignored how they were obviously staring at her fat jiggling tits and her sexy ass. Made her offer.

"I take it we have a deal?

Trust me

You DON'T want to cross me on this" she had said trying to sound as menacing as possible.

They'd made her a counter offer.



Felicia Hardy screamed and whined as a mans thick cock was forced violently up her ass, the so called queen of crime being raped on all fours like a dirty bitch, her head pressed into the pavement and her face a picture of rage and agony as her body was used as a cum bucket by the men currently fucking her brains out.

“You want payment? Here’s your change BITCH!” the man pounding her up her ass dry said as he pumped his hips harder and faster, making Felicia squeal, a high pitched shrieking sob of pain at having her ass invaded by a massive dick, her body struggling desperately as she was held to the ground and forced to take the savage and vicious raping.

“Take it like the slut you are you fat titted BITCH!”

“Looks like this cat got herself some REAL bad luck!” his buddy laughed, spitting down on Felicia’s face as his friend fucked her up her ass. Felicia grunted and moaned like the fat titted whore she was as her tight ass was violated, her body angrily jerking and thrashing in her rapists grip as the stuck up cat themed slut was used as a cum dumpster in a filthy alley

“This fucking cunt thought she was going to be the next Kingpin!” the man pounding his cock into her laughed, delivering a vicious swat to her ass as he fucked her that made the fuckmeat yelp in pain. His buddy laughed loudly, shoving her head even more forcefully to the ground, keeping her pinned roughly and angrily

“Bet THIS never happened to Wilson Fisk, fun bags!” he mocked her, laughing as Felicia screamed in agony as her tightest hole was used and abused.

“GET OF ME DO YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” Felicia howled as the cock was rammed home up her ass, the once virgin hole getting a cock that was at least nine inches forced up it and making the normally in control and confident criminal scream and hiss like a wildcat in heat, her face scrunched up in pain as she was used this way.

“You’re the SLUT who wants to be a crime boss right? You wanted to bribe us with money? Here’s out counter offer…we get to rape the shit out of you whenever we want!” the officer pumping his prick up her virgin shitter laughed, delivering a hard swat to the Black Cat’s ass cheeks as he mocked the whining bitch.

“MROOOWWRRR! YOU THINK I’LL LET YOU…” Felicia whined in pain but second spank shut her up, making her yelp in agony.

“That wasn’t a suggestion funbags…your our personal rape toy now!” he growled as he forced his cock agonisingly deep up the whining and sobbing crime bosses tight behind, Felicia shrieking in agony as she was sodomised and abused.

“OHHHH THAT’S IT…purr for us kitten!” the cop punching his dick straight up her tightest hole laughed, delivering a few more swift, rough swats to Felicia’s ass as the helpless and screeching crime queen was forced to take the ass fucking of a lifetime, her eyes filling up with tears as her backside was abused with rough, fast strokes.
Felicia’s face was screwed up in pain as she was pounded from behind…she wished she’d never approached these thugs with an offer to work for her now she was establishing herself as a crime boss in the city. One had smashed her over the head and held her down and now his friend was using her in the most vile way she could imagine.

Despite her well deserved reputation as a complete slut, Felicia had never let any of the men she’d fucked do her up the ass before. Unfortunately for her the man currently ramming his length all the way home up her ass didn’t remotely care about what she wanted to ‘let’ him do to her. All he cared about was using the squealing and panting Cat-slut in skintight PVC he currently had at his mercy as his personal little fuckhole.

"THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEEE" Felicia screeched as he sodomised her fast and brutal the fat titted cockteasing cunt getting the raping she was asking for with the way she dressed and slutted around. The man gripped her long white hair and yanked her head back before smashing her skull down into the pavement.


"NUHHHHHH...FUHHHK...MUH NOSE...YUH BRUHK MUH NOSE..." Felicia grunted out blood pouring from her broken nose where the man had smashed her head down into the ground.



"GUHHHH...GUHHHHHHH...STUHHHHPPPPP....PLUHHHSSS" Felicia mewled out as the man smashed her head into the pavement even as he smashed his cock up her ass beating the shit out of the slutty kitten even as he raped the shit out of her fat sexy butt. He just laughed and kept smashing her head down into the ground each time he pounded his cock up into her ass he would pound her head down onto the ground literally fucking this dumb cunt stupid by beating her head agaisnt the floor as he raped her. By the time he was ready to stop Felicia's face was soaked in blood and dirty rain water from the floor and the agony of her ass being filled up with a log splitter of a cock was matched by the agony pounding in her head after having her face smashed into the ground

It was going to be a long night of Bad Luck for the Black Cat

Chapter Text

“Four guys and one girl?

Sounds like my kind of party” Ruby Thursday quipped, the arrogance in her voice loud and clear. She expected them to banter back. What she didn’t expect was for the Hulk to leap forward in two long strides, grab her by the waist in one massive hand and heft her up…while with his free hand he grabbed at her skin tight red pants and pulled, ripping a wide hole in the crotch and baring both her tight, snug cunt and her virgin ass to the air.

“HEY! LOOK but don’t touch asshole!” Ruby snapped, tentacles springing from her head, shooting towards the Hulk with deadly accuracy…but one slice of Wolverine’s claws severed them in a second while he grabbed her by the throat, yanking her head painfully back and letting her see that his cock was out and erect, ready to be put to good use on the cocky bitch.

“You act like a tease you get fucked like a tease Bubble-bitch” Logan chuckled and any smart remark Ruby might have offered in return was turned into a harsh electronic screech as the Hulk thrust forward and impaled six inches of his nineteen inch cock straight up the rude bitches tight, dry twat.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! OH JESUUUUUUS!” Ruby screamed as she felt that bitch breaking nineteen inches being forced up her twatter, her voice rising in pitch and shrillness as Skar laughed, forcing his cock deep up the squealing super-slut as her legs kicked and jerked in mid air useless, her body basically suspended on his cock, her legs jerking and kicking at thin air as her cunt was destroyed by a cock like a horse on steroids

“YOUR HEROES! YOUR HEROES YOU DON’T DO THIIIIIIIS” Ruby shrieked as she was jacked back and forth on Skar’s cock, the green skinned behemoth grunting loudly as he pounded his cock deep into her, thrusting with all the gamma-powered might he had to slam his massive meat deep into the howling rape-hole he was currently violating, Ruby’s screams and protests just making him hornier as he rammed her up her dry pussy.

“You’ve got a body like fucking pornstar Barbie, bitch…even Captain America would want to break your cock holes in!” he laughed as he rammed her faster and faster, just slamming the shit out of her as her hips bucked violently against his hard battering ram thrusts, her cybernetic voice a series of shrieks and cries as she was raped by a Hulk.

Logan groaned loudly as he ejaculated for the fourth time all over the slick, slimy cum coated glass of Ruby’s spherical head, his jizz plastering her bright red glass bubble head, trickling all over it, a thick coating of it smeared all over her by now, so much that her orb head looked white instead of ruby in colour in places.

“Yuh…your…dis…UGH…gus…UGH!...ting!” Ruby grunted and panted out in between pathetic sobs and gasps and moans as the Hulk hilted his thick cock in her cunt and shot a load deep in her twat for the umpteenth time, cum oozing out of her stretched out cunt and pooling on the floor as he used her as his personal jizz dumpster.

“You think THAT’s disgusting darlin? Well I think it’s time I got a little HEAD” Logan said with a smirk as his hips pulled back.

“What…nnnnnnuhhhhhh…the fuck does that me-EEEEAAAGGGGHHHHHH!”

There was a shattering of glass and a nails-down-a-chalboard SHRIEK that turned into a high pitched whine from Ruby as Logan PUNCHED his cock forward…and smashed it clean through the glass orb that was her head, punching his dick through the reinforced glass and into her insides to give her a quite literal skull fucking.

Ruby’s body went into spasms immediately, the screeching villainess having a fit as she was brutally skullfucked, Logan jacking his cock off using her broken cyborg head as her whole body began to thrash and twist and flop wildly, arms and legs flailing and jerking and her back arching uncontrollably, the screaming villainess making a sound like crying as he punched his dick through her head, tearing apart delicate circuitry and electronics as he jack-hammered his cock into the hole he’d smashed in her.

“OH FUCK man…she’s fucking clenching on me!” Skar growled as he fucked his cock harder and faster in the thrashing villainesses tight hole, feeling her pussy clenching tight around his dick, gripping it like a fucking vice, the brutal violation Logan was subjecting her to clearly making her whole body react in this wild out of control way.

“OH SHIT…fucking CLAMPING on me…you wanna milk this dick you bubblegum head bitch? You fucking lollipop-head dyke TRASH?” he grunted as he pounded a brutal orgasm out of her tight twat, feeling Ruby squirt on his cock as he raped a string of powerful climaxes out of the shrieking and helpless villain.

“FUCK ME…your heads going to be a fucking JIZZ DUMPSTER when I’m through!” Logan grunted as he pumped his cock into the hole he’d punched in Ruby’s head, feeling himself shooting a load in her crystal skull.

“NUUHHH-NUHHHH-NUHHH…NNNNNNN…STUHHHH…STUHHHHH…..BZZZZT…BZZZZT….STUHHHPPPPPUHHHHHHHNNNNNNUHHNNUHHHH” Ruby garbled and babbled and squealed as she felt Logan’s cum flooding her cybernetic head, the immortal mutant shooting a thick, gooey load straight into the thrashing bitches computer “Brain”

“Hope your waterproof bitch!” Logan laughed as he continued to jack his already hardening cock in and out of the sobbing womans head, already building up to busting another nut inside her.

“Are we voiding your warranty bitch?” Skarr asked as he rammed his cock balls deep up the virgin-tight twat and let out a roar as he began to blast his load into the howling Ruby Thursday’s snatch once more.

“Quit hogging the bitch man! I want a turn with this dyke cock socket” Cloak said and Skarr grinned as he pulled his temporarily limp cock out of her ruined snatch, gesturing for Cloak to take his place. Cloak turned his nose up as he saw the damage Skar had done with his colossal member.

“Jeez…these sloppy seconds? No thanks”

“The bitch has more than one hole down there Tyrone” Logan grunted as he reached forward to grab at Ruby’s bouncing and jiggling tits, gripping them roughly like handholds to pull himself forward on as he humped his cock into her sparking and smoking skull.

“NUHHHHT…THHHUUUURRRRRRR…” Ruby slurred and sputtered out, some part of her ruined mind registering what Cloak was about to do to her and trying to protest pathetically, her broken speech making Logan laugh and deliver two rough upward SLAPS to her tits that made them bounce pleasingly.

“Not using big words no more cock socket? I guess I literally fucked your brains out!” he laughed loudly as he humped his cock faster and faster, his thrusts smashing circuit boards and ripping out wiring in Ruby’s robot brain, destroying the screeching villainesses once mighty intellect and reducing her to little more than a flailing fuck doll for them to shoot their loads into.

Cloak grinned as he pressed his cock against Ruby’s tight little pucker…it wasn’t easy keeping it lined up the way the bitch was flailing though and he looked up at Logan, a scowl on his face. Logan seemed to get his meaning an evil grin appeared on his face as he pulled his cock out of Ruby’s shattered head…the sparking, twisting robot headed villain was shuddering like a hypothermia victim.

“He wants you to BE STILL BITCH!” Logan roared suddenly and rammed his cock forward again, punching a fresh hole in Ruby’s red crystal-plastic skull.

“SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NUH NUH NUH NUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ruby screamed as delicate engineering work was destroyed by a battering cock that smashed into her head and shot a thick load of man-milk right into vital circuit boards. Her brain was fried, her IQ rising and falling, agony flooding her every nerve ending as Logan brutally began rape fucking this fresh hole he’d fucked into her head, her body going into a shivering fit that kept her hips still long enough at least for Tyrone to push the head of his cock into her tightest little entrance.

“OHHHHHH YEAH…now that’s heaven man…this bitches ass is CHERRY!” he laughed, high fiving Logan as he took Ruby’s tightest hole. She was thrashing spastically as Logan humped his cock into her skull and smashed years of expensive and powerful cybernetics to pieces with every brutal and savage thrust while she had the additional agony and torture of Cloak forcing his hard prick into her tight behind.

“NUUUUUUHHHHT…NUHHHHHHT MUHHHHH…BZZZZT…BZZZZTTTT…UHHHHSSSSSS” Ruby was squealing as Cloak sank his hard on straight up the bitches tiny pucker, groaning in delight and pleasure as he forced Ruby Thursday to take a forced ass fuck, his hands gripping her ass cheeks, squeezing and spreading them as he speared that heavenly backside on his hard prick.

“FUCK it’s tight as a fist man…can’t believe she was an anal virgin!” he laughed as he plugged the squealing, broken villainesses tight hole. Logan didn’t respond…he was grunting like an animal in heat as he rutted his cock into Ruby’s sparking, broken head, pounding it into the fuckhole he’d smashed into her skull as he felt himself nutting again, his cum leaking out of her ruined orb to drip onto the floor, smoke pouring from the bright red ball that was Ruby’s head as Logan’s cum filled her.

“GUUUHHHHTTTT….PLLLUUHHHHHSSSSS…GUH…GUH…GUH…” Ruby was babbling as her back arched, sticking her tits out. Tyrone took the opportunity to deliver two hard SMACKS to both of them, making her fat tits bounce as her body rocked and shook, her ass getting tighter on his prick either out of a conscious effort to stop the brutal ass fucking she was getting or just because she’d totally lost control of her body as this point.

“God fucking…NNNNFFFF! TAKE IT…you FUCKING ROBOT BITCH FREAK!” Logan roared, losing himself in pure animal aggression as he pounded Ruby’s cybernetic brain to pieces with his massive member, his savagery and anger growing more and more intense as he ruined her, Tyrone laughing hysterically at the ridiculous sight of that ludicrous ruby head on the villainesses body getting a dick smashed into it.

“Make her take it man…fucking WRECK this gumball headed dyke!” he laughed as he pumped his cock faster and faster into the clenching backside of the villainess rape-doll.

“GKKK…GKKKK…GKKKKK…” Ruby made a noise like choking mixed with wretching something up as cum flooded her head, Wolverine popping load after load into her head.

“Your fancy robot skull is my fucking SPUNK DUMPSTER now you backstabbing bubble-bitch…how’s it feel Gumball? How’s it feel getting my cum in your bubblegum ball skull?” Logan growled at her, Ruby unable to answer in any coherent way, her cybernetic brain smashed to bits by this point, wiring ripped apart and circuit boards either mashed in or else covered in spunk. All she could do was make noises like a cross between a drowning woman and a malfunctioning robot in an old 50’s B-movie as she had her genius brain fucked to bits by Logan’s hard on.

“Man she is REALLY fucking carrying on…listen to this robo-bitch squeal!” Cloak noted as his cock pounded Ruby’s tight ass harder and harder. He rammed himself forward, punching his big dick straight up that tight little entrance like a fuck-machine, not giving a fuck about making this even the tiniest bit pleasurable for Ruby…though he did smirk to see that her cunt was gushing wet, the fucked up cyborg slut obviously getting off on some level on having her ass popped.

“Your gonna wish this bubblebrain was waterproof bitch…’cause I drank a sixpack today” Wolverine snarled

If his words registered at all with Ruby it couldn’t be told but she got his meaning alright…when he began to piss directly in her ruined cybernetic skull, shooting a stream of powerful piss all over circuit boards, wiring and computer chips, filling the helpless and thrashing villainesses ruined robot head up with his urine, turning a state of the art piece of cybernetics into his personal urinal.


Ruby’s broken English was matched by her spastic flailing as Logan pissed into her skull, drowning her circuits in piss, groaning loudly as he pissed into the trembling thrashing sluts skull.

At last smoke began to pour from her head and her body went limp even as Cloak shot a thick load up the ruined super-bitches tight little ass. Ruby shuddered a little and made a soft hissing sound that might just have been her circuits frying as Logan filled her ruined robotic head with piss. He pulled his now limp cock out of her as Cloak slid his dick out of her ass with a loud "Schlick", cum pouring out of her holes as the two heroes dropped the broken bitch onto the ground. She lay there just occasionally shuddering as they smirked down at her.

"Guess we gave her a cockbotomy. She ain't looking so smart now" Logan said as Cloak and Skar snorted in laughter.

"Heard of fucking a bitch stupid. But we took it to a whole new level tonight!"