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Snow Day In Hell

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“So, who's ready for a week of rest, relaxation, and fun in the snow?” Barry asks from where he's sitting in the back of the car that Joe is driving.

“You've asked that question several times Barry and every time we answer it's the same thing. Yes,” Cisco says from where he's dozing against the window.

“I know, but this is the first annual Team Flash vacation. I want to make sure that everyone enjoys it. I had to practically promise Ollie my first born child to get him to cover Central while we're gone,” Barry says.

“I still don't understand the logic behind all the heroes in a city going on vacation,” Harry says through the phone attached to the dashboard.

“Is there any chance we can switch drivers? He's been complaining since we've left,” Wally says.

“We're almost there Wally. Just a little longer,” Joe says.

“That's what you said an hour ago,” Eddie says.

“And if would have been true if the main road hadn't been closed,” Joe says.

“How much farther is it in miles?” Jesse calls through the phone.

“Roughly five minutes,” Caitlin says.

“Better plan for ten then,” Iris says giggling.

“Not this time,” Barry says as the pull up to the front office for the ski lodge they had booked. They get out of the cars and go inside.

“Hi, welcome to the Snowy Day Inn. I'm Pamela the owner. You must be the Star Labs party. It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person,” she says with a cheerful smile.

“The pleasure is all ours,” Barry says and a man of maybe 20 comes in with a tool box and whispers in her ear then leaves.

“That was my nephew Jamie. I'm so sorry but your cabins have frozen pipes and they've exploded. I can't allow you to stay in them and I don't have any other cabins empty. If you're okay with sharing with another party. There should be enough rooms for all of you,” Pamela says and Barry looks at the others.

“Is this okay with you guys?” Barry asks.

“Yeah. We'll have to be careful what with our identities and powers but I'm sure we can do it,” Cisco says and the others nod as well.

“That's fine with us. As long as it's okay with your other guests,” Barry says and Pamela picks up the office phone and dials a number.

“Hi, it's Pamela. I have a couple of guests here and nowhere to put them and I was wondering if... really?... you're sure? Thank you so much,” Pamela says and hangs up the phone.

“They said that they would be happy to let you stay with them. They are in cabin B12 just follow the road, it'll be the first cabin,” Pamela says handing them keys and they head back to their cars and park outside the cabin in question.

“What if these guys are serial killers? Iris asks.

“We have two cops, five superheros and two kickass civilians. We'll be fine,” Cisco says as they walk into the cabin they'll be staying in and hear footsteps coming towards them.

“Well, well Scarlet. Isn't this a surprise,” none other than Leonard Snart says.