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The sound of skin slapping on skin echoes in the room. Jeongguk’s face is flushed and his hair is in complete disarray as he gazes up, unseeing, at the sweaty figure braced above him. Taehyung brushes up against the cluster of nerves inside him again and Jeongguk’s mind whites out as he tips closer to the edge.

Taehyung doesn’t stop moving, he doesn’t even slow down as Jeongguk’s cock drools more clear fluid onto the mess of cum, sweat and lube already shining on his belly. He is unconsciously letting out long, breathless whines every time Taehyung bottoms out and he doesn’t even realise he’s drooling, until he feels Taehyung’s thumb brush at the corner of his mouth to wipe the spit away. Mindlessly, he follows Taehyung fingers with his mouth, wanting to feel the weight of them pressing down on his tongue. He groans when Taehyung obliges, pressing his thumb to his bottom lip.

“You still with me, Guk?” Taehyung asks. “You look so fucking good right now, shit,” his voice is wrecked and his eyes are wild.

Jeongguk whines louder around Taehyung’s thumb as he tries to get his voice so work. He barely understands what Taehyung is saying, but there is only one thing on his mind right now.

“Don’t stop,” he begs, words forming clumsily around his heavy tongue. He sounds drunk.

“’s so good. Don’t stop,” he manages again, voice high and reedy, “please, don’t stop.”





The ‘issue’ with Jeongguk’s prostate is a discovery made pretty late into their relationship.

Not that most people who knew the two would believe it, as the both of them were known to have a lot of sex, but the fact remains nevertheless. It wasn’t like Taehyung had set out to actively avoid touching Jeongguk in that way; they had just been so busy and enthusiastically trying out everything else that Taehyung’s fingers simply didn’t get anywhere near Jeongguk’s ass until they were seven months into their very healthy sex life.

So the first time Taehyung pushes two well-slicked digits into Jeongguk and the younger man’s back immediately arches when he goes off like a shot; they’re both a left a little mystified. 

They laugh it off, dismissing the incident to be a fluke brought about by a combination of fatigue and nerves. Jeongguk has always had pretty good stamina. Not amazing, but definitely hovering somewhere in the average range, even way back when he had had limited experience and had pushed into Taehyung for the first time.

Taehyung still thinks about that day with reverence sometimes. Thinks about the way the other man had held him up against the wall, pressed his knees to his chest and he bites his lip at the remembered sensation of Jeongguk’s arms holding onto him as he drove him back into the smooth plaster. 11/10 would recommend and would (did) do again.

So this time, once Jeongguk recovers from the very brief experience of Taehyung’s hands and his ass, he happily crawls his way across the bed to swallow the other man’s cock down his throat and they don’t think anything more of it.

But then it happens again. And again. And again.

The fifth time it happens, they start to get a little suspicious.

One thoroughly scoured internet and thoroughly traumatised Park Jimin later, they arrive at the conclusion that Jeongguk was probably in possession of what was considered to be a hyper-sensitive prostate. Hyper-sensitive prostates, apparently made having anal sex difficult as, you guessed it, even the slightest of touches would set the owner tumbling over the edge, thus stopping all activity.

The internet didn’t offer up much more on the topic other than variations on ‘you lucky bastard’, and Jimin didn’t offer up much more than a dying scream, so the only thing the two men had to show for all their research was essentially, a fancy name.

Namjoon didn’t raise no quitters though, so they don’t give up.

Over time, Taehyung slowly develops a technique for fingering Jeongguk open that doesn’t immediately set him off and Jeongguk eventually manages to find a position that he can reliably hold up even when his legs are trembling and he has to move to keep a firm grip on the base of his cock to hold himself in check.

As a result of all their enthusiastic practice, they finally make it to a stage where Taehyung gets to line the fat head of his cock to the other man’s rim and push into the velvet heat. That’s as far as they ever get however, because Jeongguk never lasts more than 60 seconds before he’s crying out, ‘ah, fuck, sorry. I just can’t anymore, I -ah, ah’ and spills messily all over the sheets.

It’s hot though, it’s so, so hot and the sight of Jeongguk bent over, ass in the air, tugging hard at his sack to try to keep himself under control as Taehyung carefully slides in three fingers, and then later his cock into the younger’s pink, shining hole never gets old. Taehyung is so glad he gets to do this, that he gets to explore this side of his boyfriend with him.

But sometimes he just wonders…




To clarify, Taehyung, hand to heart, does not hate the fact that his boyfriend has a hair-trigger prostate in the least. If he asked (and Jimin did ask, one day. Morbid curiosity taking over, then he had walked right out of their apartment and straight into the nearest bar to drink away his regrets after), Taehyung would say it’s actually kind of useful to have a button directly connected to Jeongguk’s dick in moments like when they only have about 10 minutes to themselves in the morning and his boyfriend is horny and hard against his thigh.

He would say the fact that Jeongguk is so, so sensitive to even the slightest bit of pressure also opens up a lot of fun possibilities. Just last week, they had both enjoyed themselves immensely when Taehyung had experimentally reached around behind Jeongguk as he was fucking into him to rub gently at his taint.

Jeongguk, mid-stroke, had jerked as if electrocuted. He had collapsed forward, mindlessly rutting into Taehyung’s body and whined breathlessly into his neck. Taehyung had kept up with his gentle rubbing and Jeongguk had steadily gotten louder and louder until he finally came with a near-shouted, ‘aah!’. 

From the adjoining hotel room, Seokjin’s own pointed ‘ZABENYA’, accompanied by the sound of rapid, annoyed banging from his side of their shared wall had them bursting into a fit of giggles.

They had sheepishly called out an apology for the disturbance and Taehyung had promised to keep his experiments for places where the walls were less thin. 




That discovery, however traumatising to other parties, had lead them to where they were today; with Jeongguk straddling his lap, chest pushed forward so that Taehyung’s tongue could lave at his chest. Jeongguk, with with hips tilted so Taehyung’s hands have easy access to squeeze at the plush flesh of Jeongguk’s ass.

Suckling on Jeongguk’s nipples has always been one of Taehyung’s favourite ways to wind his boyfriend up as they have always been so receptive to his ministrations. He only paid them so much attention whenever they had planned afternoons off however as whenever Jeongguk cums this way, he would get so pliant and relaxed, he’s essentially useless for the next three hours.

Today though, Taehyung’s looking to go a little further. He pumps a little bit of the lube he had deliberately left out next to them on the couch into his left hand and rubs his fingers together.

Jeongguk is already such a sight. His eyes are glassy and his lips are swollen and wet from when they were kissing earlier. He’s got the end of his t-shirt clamped between his teeth because Taehyung had pushed it there earlier and ordered him to keep it out of the way. The end of it is already darkening from moisture.

The sight of Jeongguk’s cock twitching inside his white boxer-briefs makes Taehyung’s mouth water. It’s probably only half hard right now, because Taehyung has deliberately not touched him at all, but Jeongguk always gets so wet, so Taehyung can already make out the faint, dusky pink of his skin through the dampened material. 

When the lube has been sufficiently warmed up, Taehyung lets go of Jeongguk’s nipple and leans back to make sure he has a really good view of Jeongguk’s cock when he smears the lube over the other man’s hole and over the silky expanse of skin behind his balls. He deliberately presses down hard, digging the tips his fingers into soft patch of skin expectantly.

Jeongguk doesn’t disappoint. His body locks up, he lets out a high-pitched, almost squeal and his back arches back so far and so suddenly that he overbalances. Taehyung has to quickly grab at the other man’s hip to make sure Jeongguk doesn’t tip right off of his lap.

“Careful there,” he murmurs. 

Taehyung takes in the sight of the other man’s cock leaping in his boxers greedily. It’s definitely at more than half-mast now and it’s already drooling copiously. 

Taehyung learns back down and continues his ministrations on Jeongguk’s now neglected chest and Jeongguk cries out weakly at the onslaught of pleasure. He’s rocking back and forth, like he can’t decide whether to push into Taehyung’s mouth or back into his hand. The noises falling from his lips sound almost tortured. Taehyung calmly maintains his pace and only stops when he feels the brush of fabric flutter down to rest at the top of his head.

“Nuh-uh,” Taehyung chastises teasingly using his right hand to lift damp the fabric back to Jeongguk’s lips, “didn’t I tell you to keep this in your mouth?”

His other hand continues to rub slow circles into Jeongguk’s perineum. 

“Mnh-ah,” Jeongguk whines nuzzling into the digits in front of him instead, completely lost in the smooth glide of Taehyung’s fingers over the delicate skin. He suddenly spreads his legs wider, rocks his ass back so that Taehyung’s hand covers everything from his hole to his taint and he grinds into it desperately. Taehyung lets him continue like that for a moment, moves his hand up every once in a while to tease at Jeongguk’s hole and marvel at the way it would flutter, trying to suck his fingers in, before moving his hand back down so that Jeongguk can push back into his palm. His skin is hot and slick. 

Jeongguk is obviously trying to lean forward into Taehyung’s mouth too but Taehyung’s not letting him. His shirt has fallen all the way back down now, covering the whole of Jeongguk’s front, completely forgotten. Jeongguk obliviously tries to lean forward again, tries to sneak a hand under his shirt to tease at the hardened nub. 

“No baby,” Taehyung denies and uses his right hand to brush the other man’s fingers away and uses his left to still Jeongguk’s hips.

“What did I say Guk?”

Jeongguk squirms and starts to make quietly unhappy noises when Taehyung doesn’t move to touch him where he wants it most.

“Gu- I don’t know,” he whines. He desperately rocks his hips forward into Taehyung’s stomach and Taehyung eyes are drawn to the angry wet of the head of Jeongguk’s cock when it peaks out from his underwear.

Feeling a little sorry for him, Taehyung holds up the end of t-shirt and repeats, “what did I say, Guk?”

Jeongguk is visibly clueless and he only tries to rut forward again. Looking at Taehyung’s expression, his big eyes flicker to the t-shirt and then back to Taehyung’s face before he very obviously tries to take a shot in the dark, “…yuh- you said, for G-me to be good?”    

Despite himself, Taehyung smiles, hopelessly endeared and swoops in to kiss Jeongguk’s nose.

Jeongguk himself lets out a little breathless giggle, flushing lightly at getting caught.

Taehyung walks one hand off Jeongguk’s hip and trails his fingers over the fluttering muscle of Jeongguk’s hole. He circles his fingertips around the rim slowly and he feels it when Jeongguk breath stops from anticipation.

“Mm,” he hums, moving the thumb of the hand holding up the t-shirt down to rub torturously slow over Jeongguk’s nipple. “Nope. Try again.”

Jeongguk’s cock jumps and spurts a string of precum up Taehyung’s torso. Taehyung’s own twitches in response. He is so hard and Jeongguk looks so very messy and so very good.

The younger man lets out another helpless noise and Taehyung can no longer help himself so he leans down and rolls one of his nipples between his teeth, licks at it until it’s shiny and swollen and wet. When he’s done, me moves his fingers down over Jeongguk’s perineum again and rubs at it in tight, precise circles.

“Come on baby,” he encourages, dragging his lips up the shell of Jeongguk’s ear and dipping the tips of his middle and ring fingers teasingly into Jeongguk’s hole. Not deep enough for any real stimulation, but deep enough to stretch Jeongguk’s rim. “I can’t fuck you until you tell me.”

Once the statement registers, Jeongguk lets out a distressed little wail, “buh-but I can’t remember Taetae. Guk doesn’t know. He doesn’t know.”

He grinds back, desperately trying to get more of Taehyung inside him.

“Please,” he begs.

He looks like such a wanton with his pupils blown, and with his cock leaving a mess on both their stomachs that Taehyung breaks.

He flips them over so that the younger man is lying on his back, pulls the younger’s soaked boxers down and carefully inserts two fingers to scissor him open. The moment his fingers slide in, Jeongguk's back arches and he immediately grabs for his cock. His knees lock and his toes curl as he desperately tries to stave off his orgasm.

“Oh, mhmm,” he groans, obviously struggling.

Taehyung pushes the end of the t-shirt back into Jeongguk’s mouth, momentarily stifling Jeongguk’s choked off whimpers.

“I said to hold onto this,” he growls. Jeongguk nods frantically and obediently digs his teeth into the soft cotton.

Satisfied, Taehyung removes his fingers from Jeongguk’s hole, positions himself and slowly pushes in. Once the head of his cock pushes past the tight ring of muscle, Jeongguk lets out a wail.

“Gukkie feels t’ good, it’s t’ good” he slurs.

Taehyung feels a fire burn bright in the pit of his stomach at the sound of Jeongguk’s trembling voice. He pushes in even further, “Taetae’s too deep, gukkie can’t- ”

Taehyung pulls out and thrusts in again. Jeongguk lets out another broken wail. His whole body seems to be vibrating.

“Ah, Taetae, it hurts,” he sobs. In the gaps between Jeongguk’s fingers, where he is tightly holding on to the base of his cock, Taehyung can see that it is almost purple from how desperately he’s been trying to hold back. His cock is so hard and tight against his belly that it barely moves when Taehyung thrusts in again.

“I’m close too,” Taehyung pants overwhelmed at the sight in front of him, “you did so good baby, you can cum now. Cum for me.”

Taehyung leans over and sucks one of Jeongguk’s nipples in his mouth and the other man freezes. He finally lets go of his cock and in the next moment his fingernails are carving welts into Taehyung’s shoulders. Jeongguk’s ankles dig deep into the small of Taehyung’s back when he cums. White strips land on his cheek, down his chest and pool on his belly.

After Jeongguk is done, Taehyung groans and pulls out. He doesn’t want to overstimulate him. It only takes three more strokes of his hand before he’s cumming all over Jeongguk’s neck and face where the other man is waiting; head tilted back, lips parted, wanting to taste.




“What the hell happened to your back?” Hoseok exclaims the next day when they’re getting changed after dance practice.

Taehyung is about to make up a lie about trying out a dodgy new loofah but Jeongguk manages to very effectively give everything away by choking and then squirming obviously in remembered arousal.

Hoseok’s eyes flit between the both of them, visibly traumatised, before staggering back and noping the fuck out of the room.

The two left behind catch each other’s eyes and manage to hold back for a few breaths before collapsing into laughter.

“Shit Tae,” Jeongguk says as he walks up behind Taehyung still giggling to inspect the damage he had done to his back. “These are actually really deep. Didn’t they hurt?”   

Taehyung hisses as Jeongguk runs a finger over the deeper scratches and then down the muscles in his back.

“Not at the time? I was distracted by you being so good for me.”

He feels Jeongguk fidget behind him. Hears his feet shuffle in a nervous rhythm. Hears him lick his lips.

Taehyung laughs and questions, “did you just get hard, Jeongguk?”

The other man squeaks and freezes, caught. “No!”

Taehyung spins around and looks pointedly down and the half chub beginning to tent Jeongguk’s shorts.

“It’s not my fault,” he protests, face flushing, “you were the one who had to go and remind me of yesterday!”

The older man laughs again before dragging Jeoonguk in by the hips to in his lap - a deliberate parody of their positions the day before. He runs a finger down the cleft of Jeongguk’s ass over the fabric of his shorts and he smiles when he feels Jeongguk’s cock kick at his stomach.

Yeah, Taehyung really doesn’t mind having a boyfriend with sensitive prostate.





Sometimes though, when he has Jeongguk’s legs hiked up over his shoulders and he’s pushing in, he thinks about what it would be like to relentlessly pound into him. What it would be like to watch the man shake apart after he’s been taking Taehyung’s cock for an hour or more. He wants to slowly tease him, push his face down into the mattress and really put his stamina to the test. Taehyung could probably fuck for hours, if ever given the opportunity, but with things being the way they were, he hasn’t had the chance.   

He’s been thinking about it a lot recently, which is probably why today, when Jeongguk pops off seconds after Taehyung slides into him, he doesn’t immediately stop.

Jeongguk’s flailing is what first pulls him back from his trance. Then, he registers the sound of his high-pitched whines. The younger man is squirming and scrabbling at the sheets and that’s when Taehyung realises he’s still sliding into Jeongguk’s body despite the fact that the younger man’s cum is already smeared all down his own torso.

“Ah shit,” Taehyung mutters, apologetic as he begins to pull out. “Shit, you must be so sensitive right now, I’m sor-”

His apology is cut off by a quiet whine.

“Wait,” Jeongguk gasps, reaching to grab at Taehyung’s hips before he can pull out. “No wait,” he insists, “I think it was about to get good, keep going.”

Taehyung looks down at the man spread underneath him warily, “you don’t have to force yourself Jeongguk-ah. It’s fine, I was thinking pulling out and fucking your thighs, actually.”

At the admission Jeongguk looks conflicted. Having Taehyung fuck into his thighs is actually one of his favourite activities and he loves watching the head of Taehyung’s fat cock sliding in between the muscles of his thighs. He loves feeling Taehyung’s cock nudge up past his balls and glide along the length of his shaft.

Taehyung sees at the way Jeongguk’s eye glaze over and knows the other man is already imagining it. He laughs lowly at the obvious want in the other man’s eyes and makes to pull out again but the movement seems to shake Jeongguk out of his haze.

“No don’t,” he insists, “I wanna try.”

Taehyung looks at him, “you just came Guk, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’ll let you know if it starts to hurt,” Jeongguk promises, impatience bleeding into his voice, “I really think it was about to get good Tae, christ would you hurry up and fu-ahh!”

He breaks off into a moan when Taehyung tentatively slides back in again, carefully studying Jeongguk’s face for any sign of discomfort, but Jeongguk only squirms a little.

“Mm, yeah,” Jeongguk breathes, tentatively pushing back at him a little, “I think - I think this is good.”

Emboldened by his words, Taehyung begins to set up a slow, steady rhythm.

“Oh,” Jeongguk gasps out, eyes widening, “it’s good, hyung. It’s definitely good.”

He moves his arms up so his palms are pressed up against the headboard and then uses that as leverage to start pushing back onto Taehyung’s cock. He looks stunned.

Taehyung grabs at one of his legs and hikes it further up his shoulder, changing up the angle. Jeongguk’s lips part and his head falls back.

“Oh my god,” he gasps, “fuck Tae, you feel so good.”

“Mm,” Taehyung smiles, “you like that babe?”

Jeongguk runs hands down his body wondrously and then presses down on his abdomen, like he can feel the other man moving inside him.

“Wow,” he breathes, “I can feel you, you feel so hot inside me.”

Taehyung grinds in again, slow and languid and Jeongguk groans, his hole fluttering around him.

The fingers of Jeongguk’s right hand trace around the edge of his hole, pressing where the skin is stretched taught around Taehyung’s length.

“Mmn-ah, that’s so hot,” he shivers, bracketing the other man’s cock between his middle and ring fingers, “fuck me slower Tae, I wanna feel everything.” 

Indulging him, Taehyung pulls, almost all the way out, so that only the head of his cock is left inside. It catches on Jeongguk’s rim, holding him open. Jeongguk’s hole visibly quivers, pink and trembling. When he pushes back in, they both groan. 

He repeats the action, and Jeongguk uses his other hand to caress his torso as if needing to ground himself. Taehyung gently rearranges him, so that he’s on his hands and knees, ass in the air. He admires the thin curve of his waist, the way the line of his body naturally draws his eye down to the swell of his ass.

Taehyung puts a large hand between Jeongguk’s shoulder blades and pushes the other man down so that he’s left whining into the pillows every time the older man bottoms out. It feels deliciously decadent, to have this beautiful body writhing beneath him and he is almost dizzy with arousal. Taehyung loses himself to the sound of Jeongguk’s gasps and his quietly muttered words of pleasure.





It doesn’t take very long until Jeongguk’s incoherent again.

When he cums this time, Taehyung pulls out completely, already so psyched to have gotten to fuck Jeongguk for as long as he has. He really doesn’t want to hurt him though and the other man has already cum twice within 15 minutes of each other. Carrying on would just be cruel.

What he doesn’t expect though is the weak cry Jeongguk lets out as soon as he's pulled out.

“Why Taetae,” he questions fingers coming back to feel around his empty hole. He lets out another broken noise when he discovers that he is indeed empty and sloppily pushes three fingers inside of himself as if trying to fill a phantom ache.

Taehyung groans at the sight of Jeongguk’s wet fingers inside his puffy hole and almost breaks something moving back to kneel behind the trembling figure.

“You already want my cock in there baby? Again?” Taehyung asks, voice dark with want.

“Please Taetae,” Jeongguk sobs out, “m’ fingers, don’t feel s’ good. I’m so empty. Want it, please.”

His legs are trembling something awful though so Taehyung guides the younger man around so he’s lying down on his back. Then he’s got his hands on his knees and he pushes them apart so wide Jeongguk feels a twinge in his inner thighs but in the next moment he doesn’t care anymore because Taehyung is pushing back inside him.

A couple moments later, Jeongguk is completely lost, suckling happily on the thumb he finds in his mouth. Taehyung asks him a question.

“You still with me, Guk?” his eyes are wild, “you look so fucking good right now, shit."

But Jeongguk doesn’t understand what he’s saying.

“Don’t stop,” he begs, words forming clumsily around his heavy tongue.

“’s so good. Don’t stop,” he manages again, voice high and reedy, “please, don’t stop.”

“I won’t baby,” Taehyung promises, moving into him with long, steady strokes and pushing Jeongguk's breath out of his lungs so he's left lightheaded.

“Until you cum inside,” Jeongguk manages to force out through through the fog of pleasure consuming him.

“Promise,” Taehyung says before leaning in to kiss him. Jeongguk mouths at the other man’s lips and tongue greedily, trying to find a way to ground himself but it’s too late because in the next moment, Taehyung changes up his stroke to a deep grinding circle of his hips and Jeongguk shudders as another orgasm rips through him.

His high this time is cut short when he feels Taehyung gentle his thrusts. Terrified of him pulling out again, Jeongguk feels himself actually tear up.

“Taetae promised,” he sobs out, hastily locking his ankles behind Taehyung with surprising force to keep him from moving. It takes him another moment before he registers that Taehyung is running a hand through his hair and is making soothing sounds.

“Shh baby, I was just slowing down so you could recover,” Taehyung is still gently rolling his hips and Jeongguk feels the pleasure like the tender crash of waves along his body. Everywhere Taehyung touches feels electric and he can’t hold his head up, so he lets it flop back onto his pillow.

“But you promised,” he whines, feeling a little petulant.

“Okay Gukkie,” Taehyung says, finally giving fully into the desire that he’s been holding back. He grabs at Jeongguk’s legs, hand close to his ankles and holds on tight as he as he braces himself on the bed. Without giving Jeongguk any warning, he starts thrusting in, a smooth, steady glide that sends sparks straight up his spine.

“You asked for it,” Taehyung growls, “I’m not stopping now, even if you beg.”

It’s the last thing Jeongguk manages to make out for a while.




After that, everything passes by in a blur, he has no idea how many times he’s managed to cum but he distantly realises he’s not even getting hard anymore. He’s still cumming though, dry orgasms that feel like small earthquakes underneath his skin. He thinks he’s saying something, but he can’t himself over the sound of his thundering heartbeat. 

Taehyung can hear him though, and it’s driving him insane.

“Fill me up,” the younger slurs, eye half-lidded and head lolling to the side. He a mess of tears and lube and cum. “Gukkie wants Tae’s cum inside.”

“You’re killing me Guk,” Taehyung grits out, slightly overwhelmed at how lascivious the other man is being.

“Mmnah, think about it a lot,” Jeongguk admits, unhearing. “How it would feel to have you fatten up inside me. Guk wants it ah - Gukkie wants it so much. Want your hot cum to fill me up, want to be good for you.”

Taehyung buries his face into Jeongguk’s sweaty neck and tries to hold on.

“Hasn’t guh- Gukkie been good for Taetae,” the younger one continues to babble, “please, wanna feel it so bad.”

“Baby you’ve been so good,” he praises, “you’re taking my cock so well.”

Taehyung bites at the other man’s neck and starts sucking kisses down his chest. Jeongguk is letting out soft broken noises at the attention he’s being given.

“Bet you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow,” he murmurs, “everyone’s going to know how good you’ve been for me tonight, babe."

Incredibly, Taehyung feels a twitch against his abdomen and looks down between their bodies to see Jeongguk’s wet and spent cock start to fatten up. It's flushed red from sensation, veins prominent as it twitches. He presses down on the younger man’s abdomen to increase the pressure he’s putting on his prostate and Jeongguk wails.

“You’re getting hard again,” he says amazed feeling himself hurting towards the edge. “you thinking about me cumming inside you?”

At his words, Jeongguk’s cock leaps again, chubbing up nicely to rest in the crease of his thigh. “Want it,” he repeats. His cock drools a little more clear fluid and it shines on his skin. 

“Going to fill you up Guk, you’re doing so good for me. You think you can cum again?”

“Duuno,” he says, his voice is a wreck, “fill Gukkie up Taetae, please.” 

“Gonna cum,” Taehyung manages to bite out, at the end of his rope. He begins to rut into Jeongguk hard and the other man jerks in his hold. Taehyung's cock swells inside Jeongguk and the other man is already letting out a continuous keening noise at the way Taehyung’s cock twitches, pressed snug against his prostate.

Jeongguk feels the hot rush of Taehyung’s cum inside him and feels his own cock jerk and stiffen. He hears the loud whoosh of his blood rushing past his ears, feels his throat burn from the noise he makes and blacks out when the he feels his own cum push past the sensitive slit of his cock.   




After he cums, Taehyung takes a couple of minutes to gather himself together before he can convince his body to move from where he’s collapsed onto the other man, almost folding him in half. The younger’s shout still rings in his ears and he’s just about to tease him for it when he finds that he is quietly snoozing. 

Jeongguk is a wreck. He’s got tear tracks running down his cheeks, his face is red and his torso is sticky and wet. Taehyung’s heart swells and he leans down to kiss the other man gently before getting up to wander into the bathroom to grab a damp towel.

“Nhnf,” Jeongguk protests jerking awake and pushing weakly at his arms when he gets back and tries to wipe him down.

“Don’t be gross, Guk,” Taehyung chides gently.

“Nnno,” Jeongguk protests as he rolls away from Taehyung’s attempts to clean him up again. As he shakily tries to get up on his knees to try to crawl away, the movement causes a little bit of Taehyung’s release push out and trickle down the inside of Jeongguk's thigh and he wails like the world is ending. 

Jeongguk falls face first into the mattress in his attempt to reach behind him and push the trickle back into his body.

Taehyung looks at the other man and tenderly brushes his bangs out his eyes. “We’re going to have to clean that up too, baby. We can’t leave it inside you.”

“Nuh,” Jeonnguk protests again, wiggling away. “Gukkie was good, Tae filled Guk up.”

“Come on babe,” Taehyung cajoles, starting to wipe Jeongguk down everywhere else, “let me take care of you.”

Jeongguk still looks mutinous.

"What if I lick it out of you?" Taehyung teases, voice low. He expects Jeongguk to throw a pillow a him, but instead the other man's gaze drops to his mouth and he squirms. 

Taehyung laughs and pinches at the younger's cheek. "You're fucking insatiable. I was joking you wretch. I've got no energy left." 

"Don't say it then," Jeongguk snips, brows furrowing even more. 

“Alright, alright, maybe later,” Taehyung laughs, folding, “come here at let me kiss you.”

The look is gone in an instant and Jeongguk shuffles close. He sighs, content when he feels Taehyung’s lips on his.