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As Long As You Love Me

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“Hey Ma,” Izzy Rossetti said as she walked in to her parents Bensonhurst Brooklyn home. “Hey, what brings you out of the city?” She held up her laundry bag. “Oh, I see. Well set it down.” “Thanks, Ma.” “How’s school going?” “Eh,” she shrugged. “If you and Erin would stay out of the bars, you might could study.” “We don’t do that. We’re only 19.” “Elizabeth.” “Yeah, okay. Hey, Ma, speaking of, her parents are going to Colorado for Thanksgiving, can I bring her here?” “Sure. Your brother is bringing his roommate, too.” “I thought he was from the Bronx.” “He is but his parents are going to Florida. He was gonna stay at school and study for finals, but Tony talked him into coming back here.” “Oh, okay.” “Hey big sister!” “Hey, Mikey. How’s the best-looking kid at I.S 96.” “Oh, well, you know.” “Where’s Bella?” “Her boyfriend’s, where else?” “She’s gonna end up pregnant.” “Don’t say that about your sister.” “You know I’m right.” “Are you really wanting to go there?” “Hey, this is 1999. I’m smart enough to carry condoms with me.” “Okay your brother doesn’t need to hear this and I just don’t want to.” Izzy was a sophomore at NYU. She had graduated from FDR High School in 1998, a year early actually. She had plans to go to law school like her big brother once she graduated. Erin Harris was her roommate/fellow troublemaker. She lived in Long Island all her life and like Izzy, graduated from Garden City High a year early.


“Erin Lindsay Harris, get your ass out of bed!” “What day is it?” “Thanksgiving, ya ass.” “What did we do last night?” “Keg stands.” “Oh, that’s right.” “What’s the plan for the day?” “Smoke some pot and then go to my parents.” “Sounds like a plan to me.” “My brother is bringing his roommate from Harvard with him.” “Is he hot?” “I don’t know. I’ve never met him.” “So, what’s going on with you and Halstead?” “Frankenteen? Nothing.” “Didn’t seem like nothing last night.” “I danced with you, too, doesn’t mean there’s something going on between us.” “I wouldn’t kick you out of my bed.” “Shut up.”

“Oh my god. I am starving.” “Be cool, bitch, damn. Ma! Pop!” “In here!” “Your pride and joy is here.” “As you see, Rafael, our oldest daughter is very impressed with herself,” her father, Anthony Sr said with a chuckle. The young Cuban with green eyes kind of laughed. “Who wouldn’t be,” she shot back. “Hey, little sister.” “Tony.” “Izzy, this is my roommate Rafael Barba. Rafael, my sister, Izzy Rossetti.” “It’s nice to meet you. Your brother has told me a lot about you.” “All lies.” “Bullshit.” “This is my roommate Erin Harris.” He shook Erin’s hand but kept glancing at Izzy. “How long before dinner?” “About 30 minutes.” “Shit.” “Shh!” Erin and Izzy were trying so hard not to laugh. “On Thanksgiving, really, you two?” “What, Pop?” “Like I don’t know when you’re stoned.”