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Twdg Theories & My Opinions On Things

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Some Funny Nick Theories I Have Seen and My Opinions On Them - 



Nick is Gay ~ 

I should of seen this one coming xD

I think Nick is actually Bisexual (liking both genders). 


Nick is Transgender (he was a girl before) ~ 

^_^  I don't think that he is. He is more manly than Luke. And  there is a lot of facts that prove that he is not a transgender. But, I don't want to go on about it so, next one… 



Nick is a virgin ~ 

xDD This is funniest one. Nick's not a virgin, he's probably had sex before. The way he flirted with Luke proves it. 


Nick is black or one of his parents is black ~ 

=_= Wtf? Someone came up with this theory and thought that Nick was a light skinned black guy…

I don't know where they got this idea. Maybe they think that Nick's dad is black just because he was never there?

Nick is not black and the only reason he looks dark in some scenes is because he's tanned a little bit.

He's not black.