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Spencer opened his eyes to the trees and rain coming down above him lying flat on his back. Funnily enough he didn’t remember falling, and he didn’t remember it raining. He didn’t even remember a cloudy sky, it was clear when they were searching the woods for more remains. On the bright side he wasn’t locked up in a basement. He stood up to look for everyone and to figure out what happened to his missing time, he was never missing time so it was disconcerting. There was no one around him though. No grave half dug out, no coroners, no FBI team. Based on his proximity they couldn’t have left him lying there, and it would have taken a serious drug to make him miss enough time for everything to be put back.

He walked out to the road… Even the road was grown over. Did someone take years of his life away? That had to be it. Had anyone searched for him? What was the unsub’s motive with this? There was too much going on in his head to calculate the chances of one unsub choosing the exact dumpsite of another. Actually, there weren’t any tire tracks leading to the site so someone had to have carried him. Looking around he couldn’t even find any footprints or tracks. Was he like the SCUBA diver in that riddle that got dropped in from above? He sat down while he tried to figure it all out, attempting to duck out of the rain under a tree.

He must have been sitting there awhile, thinking of how he got there and what situations brought him to that point because suddenly he heard a noise nearby. Spencer stood up and looked around, reaching for his side arm (he made a mental note that he still had everything in his pockets and was dressed the same as well), before he cautiously walked toward the sound. The sound seemed to be coming closer to him as he walked towards it, as if it were trying to find him as he tried to searched for it’s source. It was suddenly in above him, it looked like a stealth fighter, but different and much lower than a stealth could be. He wasn’t aware that this type of plane existed. What was going on? He had a high security clearance and almost was never surprised by things. A door on the lower back of the plane opened and someone wearing all black rappelled down using a rope, landing not far from them. He saw from the back of the plane that there was someone else pointing a intimidating looking gun at him as he kept his ready beside himself.

The woman that landed before him was deceptively lithe, he could tell that she was on high alert but trying to not show it.
“Uhh.. Hello…?” Spencer finally broke the tension.

“Hello” Said the woman as she took a step closer to him. “How did you get here?”

“ I… I’m not positive of that” He relaxed the tension of his arms, trying to show that he wasn’t a threat but still able to use his gun if it was needed.

“ I’m Natasha, There was an electrical signal that was picked up in this area 2-3 hours ago and we were looking into it”

Spencer could tell that there was more information that she wasn’t saying, but didn’t push her for it. After all, she was the one in the position of power at the moment.

“If you put yours away, I’ll have ours put away” She said, nodding towards his side arm. Based on the information he had, they wanted information from him and wouldn’t hurt him. So he slowly flicked the safety on and put his side arm away. The woman made a motion with her hand and the gunman above him put the weapon (is that a bow and arrow??) away.

Spencer could tell she was assessing him, while quietly looking around. He made it easier for her. “There is no trail in or out, no machines, no other person here. I have no idea how I got here or how long I’ve been here, I think I have a general idea of where here is, and I’m thankful I know who I am” He said while walking towards her “FBI SSA Dr Spencer Reid”.

He quieted waiting for her to fill in the information that she had, but she said nothing, tilting her head and said, “It’s a ways to the clearing to where we can be picked up, I hope you’re wearing comfortable shoes”. She turned and started walking away.

Spencer started and followed her, thinking that this could be his only opportunity out of here and that he better not pass it up.