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In the stillness of the midnight air, the grassy plains of Nasu seemed to come alive with the sound of heavy, labored breathing. Harsh, labored panting were the only sounds that could be heard, along with the wind whipping and flowing through the stalks of grass that danced and swayed with the flow of the winds call. The moon hung low in the sky above, illuminating the fields to show a beautiful, bloodied young woman resting amongst the softly whipping grasses, almost as if trying to comfort and caress the bloodied woman that lay in the plains unfeeling embrace.

The woman stopped to rest in the field, trying desperately to keep still as blood poured out of her wounds, and she released a haggard, labored cough.. She pressed her dainty fingers to the blood stained obi wrapped around her waist, trying to inspect her wounds in the light of the midnight moon, whispering a soft thank you to the Moon kami Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto for taking pity on her in one of her most desperate moments. She winced as she applied pressure to her wound, the cause being an arrow to the stomach while still she was running. She got sloppy, she let the humans that were pursuing her get the drop on her while her guard was down.

The woman looked back up at the moon, and felt tears collect at the sides of her eyes and mist her vision. Memories of looking at this same moon and all its brilliance in nights past clouded her mind and she felt tears drip down her dirtied, bloody cheeks. Reminiscing on the man who was once her everything, the man who she once watched the moon rise in all its brilliance with. They’d watch together in all its splendor as the very waters that surrounded Japan would swirl and play to its call, dancing and twirling against the shore for its masters entertainment.

Tears flowed freely as the woman thought of once was her own master, lover and friend. Her beloved Toba. Just thinking his name made her ache far more than any of her ferociously bleeding wounds ever could, as her tails twitched in obvious pain. She curled around herself, trying to find comfort in the fur, but that in and up itself was matted with blood and mud, leaving the once lovely coat disgustingly cold feeling upon her flesh. She curled up on herself tighter, the cold feeling in her chest making her feel horridly empty in a way she’s never known before. When she was a goddess sitting on high, she craved to feel the emotions that the lowly humans cherished and coveted for themselves.

She scoffed silently, beside herself for being so ignorant at her past delusions. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid! How could she have reduced herself to this, laying in a dirty field bleeding profusely with a strange feeling in her heart worse than the wounds littered across her body. The sacred body she held having been desecrated with the red, flowing ooze that she allowed humans to take from her, but even so, she could not blame them, no matter how much she wished too. Humans were stupid creatures, who feared what they did not understand, nor did they try to. They lashed out with anger and hatred at the unknown, burning away whatever is left of their perceived darkness so that they can stand in their false righteousness unopposed. Man is the only beast in this world that attacks with hatred in his heart, and not out of a need to survive. They fight out of hate, out of greed, and out of fear, all of which having resulted in the situation she currently finds herself in.

She can hear the barks and growls of hunting dogs in the distance, having must caught the scent of blood and fox by now. The light of the torches starting to illuminate the field as if the grasses themselves were lit aflame. The once whipping stalks now gone silent, no longer rustling in their intricate dance at the mere sound of the men’s presence, now reduced to silent, imposing spectators for what was about to happen. They were no longer her friends that protected and hid her away from the rest of the world, they would now watch silently as she met her fate. Men really did bring out the worst in all life it seemed.

The dogs only got louder, the stomping of men and beast, she silently noted to herself they were the same thing, through the forest on the outskirts of the plain were only getting louder to her fox like ears that sat on the top of her head. Her ears twitched at the subtle sounds of men bursting into the clearing as if trying to be stealthy. She laughed humorlessly to herself, as if bumbling barbarians such as themselves could ever hope to get the drop on her, she still has some pride after all.

With labored breathes, she manages to stand on her own two feet, both of which are bruised and blistered from days of running and hiding. They ached and screamed at her to get off of them, but she wouldn’t, she was the master of her body and they would do as she commanded. Even as she slowly managed to stand up from her makeshift bloodied bed amongst the grasses, she felt the arrow head lodged in her stomach shift and she hissed in pain. She stumbled breathlessly, staggering to keep herself up right, body aching and begging her to lie back down and maybe they wouldn’t notice her. Obviously, they did. As if the great Tamamo-no-Mae commanded anything but everything in creations attention when she made her presence known, on the verge of collapse into a bloody heap or not.

She could now see the crowd of men in a cluster at the base of the tree line, not moving from where they are. She thought bitterly to herself, a crowd? More like a hunting party, ready to finally kill their prey and mount it’s hide on the wall. Her beautiful face stretched into an angered scowl, as she watched a tall, thin gangly man make his way to the front of his troop, obviously its leader. The sea of men parted as he made his way from the forest and into view of the scene. His court robes stood out against muted brown tones of wood and earth, their bright white and shimmering gold a stark contrast to the surrounding landscape, almost as if saying I do not belong here, I belong in the hallowed halls of the imperial palace where I am above all. She growled.

The man called out to her, in a familiarly annoying and grating voice, one that sounds as if a cat has been dropped in a tub of water against its will. His voice rung out with a smug, prideful tone of a man who is looking down on you, one who will finally get what he wants. “You are a hard woman to find, when you are not being a harlot in our exalted his majesties bed, aren’t you beast?” He says, raking his beady eyes over every inch of her bloodied skin, taking sick delight in seeing every wound, every drop of blood dripping onto the grasses surrounding her. His face is almost euphoric as he sees just what his men have done in the days of their hunting. The fruits of his labor almost in his grasp, oh how sweet they will taste.

She’s disgusted, and calls back to the disgusting weasel of a man, trying not to let her pain seep into every sound she makes, conscious or not. “Ahh yes, but at least I have been to his bed, can you say the same, Abe no Yasuchika?” She responded with venom and knowing in her voice, taking delight as watching the disgusting weasel of a man’s face contorts to a look of shock and anger.

There are soft, hidden chuckles of the men surrounding the ugly weasel known as Abe no Yasuchika, as he frantically looks around at the men surrounded him in a haze of anger and embarrassment. It was a known fact inside the palace walls that Yasuchika, his majesties personal astrologer, wanted his exalted Emperor to do more than just ask him of the stars, and has always had a special anger and hatred for the Emperor’s harem. Yasuchika screamed at them in a rage of embarrassment, “SHUT UP ALL OF YOU BEFORE I HAVE YOU ALL EXECUTED FOR TREASON.” Their quiet muffled chuckles tapered off after this, not wanting their commanding officer to convince the emperor that they were in league with the fox demoness they have been hunting. All it would take is Yasuchika saying they’ve been bewitched by the foxes charms and it would be straight to guillotine for them all, without a second thought.

Yasuchika whipped around, satisfied by the men’s fear of him, and glared at the disgusting demoness that had managed to bewitch his beloved Emperor Toba for so long. Yasuchika has always held a particular hatred for women of all kinds, but the pathetic mound of bleeding fur in the field he held a special sort of resentment for. He had all but known she was going to be a pain in his ass the day she came to the imperial court. He remembered it very clearly, the disgusting pink haired slut named Mizukume, charming everyone with her looks and knowledge of the world and how it worked. Everywhere she went, be it lord or lady she would capture them with almost a spell of adoration and respect. They would ask questions that only HE (his majesties personal astrologer and confidante Abe no Yasuchika) should have been able to answer. It infuriated him, he was the Imperial Astrologer! Only he was qualified to answer questions of the heavens and earth. So when she came before His Majesty Emperor Toba, he knew she would one day die by his hand. One look upon her demure (disgusting) form, the subtle (sly) way she tugged at her lower lip and smile that seemed to light up the room,(it didn’t, no one could ever light up a room like his majesty the emperor), His majesty had almost begged for her to ask her questions, a god among men and leader of Japan had begged for her! Some nobody commoner whore who must have fucked her way to the top! Even now, he grit his teeth at thought of this disgusting whore ever touching the godlike form of his beloved emperor Toba, the man he devoted his everything to. Yasuchika snapped out of his reminiscing after noticing the looks of confusion the stupid guards he had been assigned to help him exterminate the devil terrorizing his Majesty Toba. He smirked again.

His smirk caught her off guard, but she wouldn't let it show. He called across the field again. “I take sweet satisfaction in the fact that you shall never dare harm our Majesty Emperor Toba with your filthy spells and charms, witch.” His hunting party cheered, they would be regarded as heroes for their efforts of killing the fox demon, eager to return home with their kill so as they can etch their names on the stone of history.

She stood cold, bleeding profusely and shivering in the night air as she considered what was just said. Witch? Did they really think her a witch? That she would dare harm her master? Her fists clenched, she starts to shake, but not from the blood loss. She feels cold, but it wasn’t the cold of the midnight air on her scared flesh, but of cold fury coursing through every fiber of her body. How dare they. How dare they say that she would dare harm the one man who made her feel emotions besides apathy and disinterest! How dare they say she would ever hurt the man she loved! Not even when they released a torrent of arrows that almost seemed to block out the sun did she hate them. Not when they pierced her flesh and called her a demon whore did she hate them. But now, hearing how they truly believed they were the heroes of this story, fueling their self righteous egos as they were ready to tear her limb from limb as a prize, she felt it.

Hate. Hate flowed through her for the first time, as she glared at the men who were cheering war chants at her, ready to end her life. Her tails started to raise, all nine of them behind her slowly but surely rising to stretch behind her, the fur twitching and rising to stand at attention, giving her an imposing appearance of power and anger. All she wanted was to be in love and be happy, and it was ripped away from her. These men, who acted as beasts. Wolves after the fox who had done them no wrong, had no ill will towards them, took joy in the fact they were in a pack and we’re going to rip her apart. Then, a thought popped into her head. A brilliant flash of an idea that would in fact change the very course of human history as they knew it for the rest of eternity. In that moment, she made up her mind.

“HEAR ME.” A loud, booming voice echoed across the grasses, silencing all the men’s shouts as they stared dumbfounded at the woman with the nine tails, bleeding from every inch of exposed flesh, with a knife in her hand. She continued, although going to be lost to the sands of time, shall change everything from this point forward.

“YOU, WHO ACT LIKE BEASTS YET ARE GIVEN THE HEARTS OF MEN. I CURSE YOU, I CURSE ALL MANKIND FROM THIS MOMENT ON TO A LIFE OF BEING SLAVES TO YOUR INSTINCTS. I CURSE YOU ALL, AS YOU HAVE HUNTED ME DOWN, YOU SHALL NOW HUNT EACH OTHER. AS MY FINAL ACT UPON THIS WORLD, I CURSE YOU ALL TO BE LIKE THE BEASTS THAT YOU HAVE BECOME.” She screams out, tears flowing openly down her cheeks as she considered all of which she has learned in the time she has spent on earth away from the heavens. Of Love, and of pain. She would let them know. They would feel her pain. Taking the dagger in her hand, she looks at it with a soft fondness strange given her circumstances. It was the first thing Toba had ever given her, and it would be the last thing she ever held in her hand in this life. She then cut off 8 of her tails, their spiritual cores being severed by the sacred dagger of the court of heaven. One of the sacred treasures of the first emperor given to him by the Gods to prove his dominion over all that walked these lands. With each tail cut, they dropped onto the earth below her, slowly dissolving in a shimmer of golden radiance. They would dissolve into the very core of the earth itself, changing the flow of fate and the humans who would walk the earth forever.

The bloodied, worn woman who without her spiritual energy and with only one tail looked at the shocked form of the men in front of her, and she slowly smiled. She could feel her curse taking effect of the very planet below her, ingrained in every future soul that would ever walk the earth that was born after this moment. Tamamo walked forward, taking labored breathes as she slowly started to fade away in a magnificent gold glitter. Behind her, the light of the dawn shown from behind her, illuminating everything in its warm gentle glow. The men reacted, holding their shields up as she moved closer, but she continued to take small steps, more of her Essence being taken into the air as the light of dawn got brighter, the moon having descended in the sky long ago. She hadn't even noticed, but she was thankful. The goddess of the Sun Amaterasu was on her side, Tamamo was no longer cold, all she felt was the warmth of the sun and the love in her heart for her master. Her Toba, to this very day she would forever love, no matter how it ended, she loved him with all her being. She couldn't fault her emperor for believing the astrologers lies, especially after she grew ears and a tail the night before, it was extremely bad timing for her. Even when he ordered her execution because the Astrologer said she was the reason for his strange unexplained illness, she couldn't hate him. He showed her how to love, he showed her how to feel, and she’d always be grateful. She looked onto Yasuchikas quivering face, and she gave him a soft, sad smile, not filled with hate, but of almost pity. In his life time, he would see every new child born no matter what social class have a new biology. Alpha, beta, and omega, he would watch men being able to impregnate other men, but he’d never be able to feel the love of his emperor. Her Toba. He’d never know the love of her emperor, as an Alpha would an Omega. Knowing this, she whispered to him. “You win the day, but I’ve already won the war.” As soon as her words pass cold chapped lips, she fell to the ground at their feet, the golden shine her body is becoming drifting away towards the rising sun, leaving behind only an ornate stone as the only trace of her existence.

Yasuchika grows cold, staring into the face of the demon as she starts to disappear, he doesn’t know what to make of her words. He watches her fall to her floor, and her body disappears leaving only a stone. His men, having finally regained their senses after watching the demon they hunted turn into a gold shimmer, start to search for the demoness that had just exploded into heavenly light. He calls them off, his head hurts and he couldn't shake the feeling of dread in his soul that the demon bitch may have been right. Yasuchika has one of his men pick up the stone, and the guard does cautiously. He had just saw a demon disappear into a gold fucking cloud, it would make sense to be terrified of the thing that was left after the cloud had dissipated. Yasuchika then turns on his heel, the light of the rising sun on his back as he chases the night, wishing to rid himself of all memories of the witch who had just left this world. As the band of soldiers walk through the dark forest, they all had time to mull over what the woman once known as Tamamo no Mae said right before she passed away. Would they be cursed? They didn't feel cursed, but they did feel a strange sense of doom in their futures, but no one could exactly place it. Once they got home and gave their reports to the Emperor, they would try to cleanse their minds of these nights and the demon that cried like a real woman, but it would be impossible for them. The soldiers would forever remember the woman who they broke to pieces and swore they would feel her pain. Eventually, the party reaches the imperial palace to which they relent their story to the Emperor. Emperor Toba listens intently, pausing to listen to every man who saw what had transpired story. The emperor was shocked when he heard that she cut her own tails off with his regalia, and felt a deep sadness that would follow him for the rest of his days. He then took the small, beautiful stone from the soldiers hands and slipped it into his robe. When he finally died of old age many years later, some say it was from a broken heart, but he never took another lover again. He held the stone in his hand when he went, a reminder of the past that he wished he chased, and the woman who devoted herself to him. The stone was lost to time, stories being told that the kings astrologer at the time of the kings death took the stone and threw it into one of the rivers surrounding the palace, but no one knows for certain if this is true or just a story.

Many years past, and the tale of The Tamamo-no-Mae are a thing of stories and myth, fairy tales that grand parents told their grand children at night about. The appearance of the Secondary Sexes is passed off as a Mutation, a biological adaptation to survive. The classes are described as Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alphas, the strong dominant force that protect, the Betas, the Level headed Ones who kept balance, and the Omegas. The Mothers, nurturers, and beloved ones who raised their families. Quirks start around the same time, fantastic abilities that scientists have said to have started around the first alphas betas and omegas, when their dna was able to be changed and altered easily. All speculation, no one really knows how it happened or why, but it did. In modern society; prejudice runs rampant considering secondary sexes. Alphas held most of the power in their society, with betas being although not as well as alphas could still live acceptable normal lives. Omegas on the other hand most people thought should stay at home and take care of children and their mate, and took them less seriously and in some cases poorly. The world was tough and unforgiving when it came to omegas, but they were considered the weakest and most vulnerable.

It’s present day, and a young beta is in a hospital bed. Her green hair is matted around her face, as she’s sweating and breathing heavily. She’s all alone besides the doctors and nurses in the room, as her mind drifts to the man who was supposed to be by her side through thick and thin, her mate. Her beta husband having left after he found out that he got his mate pregnant, he hated children and didn’t want to be saddled with caring for a brat. The man begged his wife to abort the child,to which she grabbed her stomach and growled at the man, telling her she was going to have her son whether he was there or not. He left his home in a rage, and never came back. The beta woman mourned her loss of a mate but every time her she felt her baby kick, almost as if telling her mommy it’s going to be okay, her tears dried a bit. She smiled through the tears and the pain, no matter who her baby turned out to be she would love them regardless. She gave one last painful push, and she heard crying. She was so worn out that when the nurse wrapped her baby in a soft pink blanket, and gave him to her, she started crying. Her baby was so beautiful, already with a mound of curly green hair; and the most beautiful green eyes she’d ever seen. Even though the baby boy was crying, she still knew that he was the best decision in her life. She was so wrapped up in holding her baby, that she almost didn’t hear the nurse when she asked for a name. She gave it a thought; before smiling down at him. “Izuku. Izuku Midoriya.” The newly dubbed Izuku cooed at his mother, nuzzling up to her as she held her personal little slice of heaven. The nurse smiled at the pair and left the room, slowly and silently closing the door behind her, her clipboard reading all the proper information and paperwork. Under secondary sex, there is an O. At 4:05, right as dawn broke across the sky right above the Japanese hospital, Izuku Midoriya was born an Omega.