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Clover Ashton is an omega born from two Alpha parents and his older brother is also an Alpha. Omegas are at the bottom of society; looked down upon. Even finding good paying work or getting into a good school was difficult. This is a plain and simple fact. His only friend is a hot-blooded Alpha pent on making him bow down to his will. His weak body and mind doesn’t help him with his cruel fate in this world…




Clove woke up to the ringing sound of his alarm clock. He sat up with a drowsy expression as his headstrong, alpha mother opened his door. “Clover, honey; you’re going to be late for school!”


“It’s just Clove,” he mumbled. While he loved his mother, he hated the name she and his father had chosen. It was a girl’s name, which gave people even more reason to make fun of him.


After fourteen years, he was used to the teasing, but Clove still hated it. That’s why when he started the fourth grade, he asked his teachers to call him, ‘just Clove’. It didn’t make much of a difference, but it made Clove feel better about his name. He even grew to be slightly fond of it.


Clove started down the stairs, taking in the sweet aroma of fresh baked biscuits. He took one as he waved to his mother and grabbed the doorknob to the front door. He was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. “Clover- sorry, Clove.”


He gave his mother a small smile, reassuring her that it was alright.


“There are only two months to the end of the school year, and you still haven’t chosen a high school. If you want, I can help you choose one. And don’t forget your meds.”


Clove just nodded with a weak smile and a downcast look of his silver eyes. “Yeah, I already have them…”


While he would never say it out loud, he still wanted to go to Sutnan High School. It’s the number one school in the nation, and Clove had the pleasure of living in the same city as it. The large building and its multiple parts stood there, taunting him. The school was predominantly Alpha, with some Beta, and less than 2% of the population was Omega.  It was a school for the elite; the best of the best, and Clove just couldn’t be that with his ‘condition’. His brother on the other hand, had gone through Sutnan with film in mind. He was in college now and was on his way to directing and producing countless films, which Clove knew would be big hits.


The second he walked to the bottom stairs of his apartment complex, a certain blonde-haired Alpha made him stop in his tracks. Clove swallowed the lump in his throat as he said in almost a whisper, “Hey, Nolan.”


The Alpha just looked at Clove and motioned with his neck for the small boy to come next to him. Clove obeyed and started walking next to Nolan, who was glaring at him with his sharp, brown eyes. They had first met when they were two. They were friendly with each other and had even contemplated becoming promised mates, but that all changed around the age of six. The reason, Clove never really knew.


Nolan had become more hostile and demanding of the little omega. He would constantly tell him that no one wants an omega that ends up in the hospital four times a week and that he was lucky he even stuck around. Clove tried to not let it get to him, because he knew, everything that came out of his mouth was pretty much true. While Nolan’s words sometimes hurt, Clove could never trust anyone like he did Nolan. He may be a bully sometimes, but when it was just the two of them, Nolan returned to being kind and understanding. Besides, Clove wasn’t really interested in a mate. Making his own dream of being a Cardiothoracic Surgeon come true was goal number one. Although… It wouldn’t be an easy feat for an Omega with an autoimmune disease that kept him from going to school a lot.


The walk to school was silent, as usual, but something seemed off in Clove’s mind. His senses were more acute and there was a strong pounding in his head that was accompanied by his body feeling warm. It was weird. He just shrugged it off as the pair walked through the gate of the school.


Class went by just as always with teachers talking about ‘starting to think about their futures’ and the like. It fell upon deaf ears as Clove continued to feel hotter and hotter throughout the whole day. During third period, he figured out what was coming.


                                                                                            He was about to have his first heat.


He could feel the slick liquid stain his pants. Clove breathed in and out, slower and slower each time. He tried calming himself, but he could feel his pheromones being released. The stares of several hungry Alphas were obvious to him as he asked to be excused to the restroom. The teacher nodded, unaware of what was going on his classroom. He himself was a beta and paid no mind to the half huffing teenager.


As he practically limped to the bathroom, Clove heard loud footsteps approaching. He turned around to see that he was being chased by a pack of Alphas looking to mate with him. He tried running but his already weak body betrayed him as he was quickly toppled by the female and male Alphas alike. Suddenly a pair of strong hands grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away from the pack of students before they could do anything. The hands turned his lax body around and shoved something in his mouth. Clove choked a little, before swallowing what he guessed were heat suppressant pills. He looked up to see Nolan glaring at him. “You idiot. You can’t just walk around a school crawling with Alphas during your first heat. And with your level of pheromones you’d be raped without me here.”


Clove blushed a little at the comment, but he was too worn out to argue, so he just passed out in the hallway with his pheromones being released like crazy.




 Nolan carried him to the nurse’s office and glared daggers at anyone foolish enough to come close to the sweet scent of an Omega in heat. Without the pills and scent blockers, Nolan would’ve already had to pound someone. At the same time he let out his own cold and dangerous scent alerting those around him to stay away. Especially since Clove’s scent was strong, and extremely alluring even with the scent blockers. It wasn’t exactly normal for an Omega to pass out during their heat, or even during their first time, but Nolan knew that Clove was a special case.


The reason for his constant absences and ever returning slings and casts was common knowledge to the whole school. That’s one of the reasons no one ever wanted to approach the frail boy. While he would never admit it, Nolan loved him unconditionally. He loved that even after everyone seemed to give up on Clove, he would ignore them and keep going. The aura put off by what, at first, would seem like your run of the mill ‘timid Omega’ was determined and bright. He’d found it endearing ever since they were kids. He wanted it all to himself, which meant that when he was in high school he would bond with the Omega making him his forever.


That was Nolan’s plan ever since they were presented with their secondary genders. It was perfect and concrete, except for one hiccup. He was too much of a coward to confess to him. He could tell that Clove thought he didn’t want him as a mate. Nolan had tried to several times before, but was always interrupted or chickened out. He was irritated with himself for being this way. Nolan also seemed to notice that whenever he was around, the auburn haired boy would fidget and look slightly frightened. Although, Clove never trusted anyone else with his secrets and worries other than Nolan. It always gave his ego a boost when he thought about that fact.


He never physically hurt his to-be mate, but to make sure he never went after another mate, Nolan made sure to drill into him his ‘uselessness’ and how no one would ever want him. He never told him about it, but the reason he was absent from school for a week straight was because he had beaten up another Alpha that had wanted his sliver-eyed beauty.


Nolan was snapped back to reality by the beta nurse asking him to come in with the boy in his arms.


“So that kid finally got his heat?” She had asked as Nolan set the sleeping boy down.


He grunted remembering that most Omegas his age had already had their first heats and were on a regular schedule. The nurse thanked him and told him that he could go back to class, but he opted to stay by his Omega. The nurse noticed this and shot him a knowing smile before walking out to give them privacy and spraying scent blockers. Nolan silently and mentally thanked her for that as he bent down and nuzzled the unconscious boy’s neck. It was taking everything he had not to bite down then and there. “You will be mine someday…”


A few minutes afterward, Mrs. Ashton burst in through the door. She waltzed over to her son and then looked down at Nolan, who was still sitting beside Clove. “Thank you for always being there for him, Nolan.”


He gave a slight nod in return before allowing her to pick her son up (Clover is a very small boy for his age, standing at 5’3 and weighing only 98lbs). In all honesty, Nolan always thought that Clove should put on some weight.


Nolan watched as the small car drove off into the distance as he thought about the fact that he would be able to share a heat with his little Omega one day. And he wouldn’t have to hold back all his urges to feel him and bound him to him with a bite on the neck. Nolan licked his bottom lip at the very thought of it.




Clove woke up still feeling warm. His instincts told him to gather everything soft and comforting to him and hold it close. He gave in to them and ended up wrapping himself in blankets and cuddling with plushies and pillows.


So this is what nesting was like…


It was kind of odd really. Omegas were the only gender that had heats and nested and it felt weird. Waves of protective energy came over him when some fool decided to open his door carelessly. Clove unconsciously let out a low growl telling the person to stay away.


The person stopped, obviously aware of the wrath of a nesting Omega. Clove sniffed the air to be pleasantly surprised. There was a forest-like and strong aroma, which he could never mistake. Clove straightened his back and spoke still slightly suspicious. “Come on, and close the door…”


Nolan did as he was told and approached the bed cautiously as not to anger Clove in this dangerous state. “You okay, you were close to getting raped back there. We were lucky teachers came to restrain the animals.”


Clove’s memories were still slightly fuzzy, but Nolan’s words started filling in the gaps. When he was toppled, Nolan had saved him with the help of several teachers restraining the aroused Alphas. “Nolan, didn’t you say something about my scent being stronger than most?”


Nolan’s eye twitched before he sighed. “I guess your parents never told you so your obliviousness can’t be helped. I guess you deserve to know.”


Clove took slight offense to this statement and pouted with his hands in his lap.


Nolan continued. “Your eyes are an indication of your rarity. Silver is a very rare eye color, and less than a percent of the population has them.” He pointed to Clove’s glistening eyes. “It makes you more appealing to Alphas like me.”


“Rarity? I thought you said that no one would want me, because I’m useless.”


“I said that to make sure… You wouldn’t get too close to some Alpha. Besides, they’d only want you because of your strong pheromones and strong scent. You’re still pretty useless.”


“But you’re an Alpha, so why aren’t you being affected like the others?”


Nolan’s eye twitched again as he face-palmed. The shear density of this cream skinned boy was stupid. Although… It was also sort of endearing. He’d been this way since they were born. Clove could be in a crowd of aroused Alphas and never notice until they decided to pounce on him. “I hold back, because I have some self-control, unlike the other bozos at school.”


Clove gave him a soft smile with closed eyes, “Thank you.”


It was too dark to see, but pink crept onto Nolan’s cheeks. “Well, I don’t want my body to make me bond with you, so I’m gonna go.”


As he got up to leave, he felt a slight tug and raise of scent. “I… want to ask you something…”


Nolan smirked to himself before sitting back down next to him. “What is it? Something to do with your heat?”


Clove shook his head. “No, this has been going on for a while.”


Nolan narrowed his gaze a little, aware of the slightly distressful pheromones Clove was releasing.


“Well, um… It’s about m-my fated mate, and their pretty close. Probably somewhere in this city or the next one over. I-I can feel their presence. I know it sounds weird, but it’s kind of… Calming.”


Nolan’s eyes transitioned from narrow to wide in surprise and slight irritation. He stood up, his anger rising. “TO HELL WITH FATED MATES!!”


He never cared for the whole, fated mates shtick. In was a load of bullshit to him. It was rare for anyone to end up with their fated mate anyways, but ending up with your fated mate had ‘benefits’. One being that you were guaranteed an Alpha pup, another being that your bond was stronger, and the two mate’s own physical and mental capabilities were heightened.


Nolan immediately regretted blowing up. Clove’s pheromones were screaming in distress, making him feel dizzy. He had also forgotten about Clove’s current mental state. Clove’s eyes were glowing metallic in the dark of the room. He scooted away to the wall as he snarled towards Nolan.


Nolan quickly but calmly backed off, before the situation could reach a greater danger. He shut the door behind him as the growling died down slowly.


“Thanks, Nolan. I hate to admit it, because he’s my son, but I have literally no experience when it comes to Omega’s and their heats,” said an auburn haired woman in her mid-forties.


Nolan’s father was an omega, so he had experience with an Omega in heat. His mother had showed him how to approach one nesting and what to do if they do become distressed or upset.


“No problem Mrs. Ashton.”


“I told you, we’ve known each other this long, so you can just call me Aunt Bianca.”


Nolan just nodded, because he was still thinking about what Clove had said.


He called it ‘calming’!




It had been a week since Clove had his heat, so he was glad he could finally go out and about. Being locked in his room alone was fine… for the first hour. His brother was in college and his dad left their family after he turned three(not that he’d be an help. He was also an Alpha). He was in a family of Alpha’s, so being the only Omega was pretty lonely sometimes.


School seemed to pass by, quicker than usual, so Clove hadn’t even noticed when the bell rang. He stood up and went on his way, down the usual back short-cut. Things were normal. People ignore him and the only person he ever really talked to was Nolan, and that was only about twice a week. He was on heat suppressant pills and scent blockers making him smell like a Beta. It made people almost forget he even existed. Clove always made top marks in school, but was never recognized for his hard work like other Alphas and Betas. To him, that was fine.


Clove was just casually walking when suddenly; he felt a slight ‘pang’ in his chest. He had experienced this feeling before. A few times, actually. While he wasn’t the most knowledgeable in the dynamics of his second gender. Everyone knew that suddenly being in pain or feeling sorrowful for no apparent reason meant one thing.


                                                                                                            Your fated mate was in pain.


For Alphas with Omega fated mates, they reacted more to their fated mate being in heat. Clove wondered why his fated mate was in pain. He or she may be a stranger, but their sadness could be felt with every fiber of Clove’s being. A warm trail of tears fell from his cheeks, but luckily no one was around to see them.


He wiped his face as the sadness subsided a little, but before he knew it, the world was spinning as he felt his own impact with the hard, cold concrete of the alleyway.