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Alien friends and the Greater beings

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The occultist and his soldier friend crept into the lounge overlooking the assembly hall, light footed they crept past the couches to the balcony, going on their stomachs to stretch and look into the hall. Each tried to keep as unseen as they could but the soldier was a big fellow. The two feline aliens dressed in their odd little suits looked out of place amongst the fresco above or the futuristic view from the balcony.
A small group of humans were the only occupants as they awaited the aliens the fleet had been buzzing about.
Huge organic ships that could turn invisible with technology far more advanced than space nation.
"What was it the human had called it? On the scale thing he talked about?" asked the soldier.
"K3?!" said the occultist. His friend nodded.
"So these are the boys we'd need to worry about if the humans weren't around" said the soldier, as a matter of fact.
"Indeed. We'd be no match. They have planet killers and weapons to which we'd have no defence."
"Let's hope they're hospitible and not neighbourly" said the soldier.
"Oh?!" said the occultist, a puzzled expression on his face.
"Neighbours pop over and like to interfere."
The occultist smirked but the arrival of a green ship drew his attention back to the hall. It looked more like sea creature, its pronged front and bulbous rear reminded him of the crustaceans on the bottom of the sea of his hometown.
"He said they're dead things."
"They are" the occultist replied "entombed in suits with robot brains, their ghosts are trapped here by means we can not fathom. I think he called it Ascended."
"Sounds like necromancy."
As the new aliens descended a ramp that had emerged from the ships side. They looked a lot like the humans first had. A large suit but with long capes, a single eye on the front of their helmets. One of the humans strided forth and the occultist recognised the human commander. One of the new aliens looked thier way and the soldier had to fight the idea it was looking at them. Until the human commander turned thier way too and seemed to laugh.
"Thier not looking at us right?" asked the soldier.
The occultist saw one of the new aliens wave a machine arm in thier direction. He stood up and waved back.
"Well at least they're not mad."