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TFC headcannons

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  • So Andrew and Neil eventually get sat down by their respective PR teams and told to get some sort of social media.
  • (Except Twitter. They're under strict instructions to sty away from that).
  • So someone makes them Instagram accounts.
  • Neither of them like the idea of it.
  • Willingly posting photos of themselves isn't something either are comfortable with.
  • So they switch.
  • There're two ways this can go down.


Ok so:

  • Both of their official accounts basically turn into fan accounts for the other.
  • Andrews account is filled with photos of Neil with literally no caption.
  • Neils is also filled with photos of Andrew but with captions like Worlds Best Goalie.
  • People are really confused because why do these two people who ate each other have literal fan accounts of each other.
  • Their PR teams are like NO! THIS ISNT WHAT WE MEANT! Why are you posting photos of our rivals star player?!
  • Other people are more concerned on how the hell Andrew got a photo of Neil Josten in bed!!
  • Seriously, someone call the police!
  • Matt comments on every single photo Andrew posts of Neil with something along the lines of BFF. I <3 U


And then there's my fav one:

  • Neil and Andrew each have their own accounts, @Jos10 and @ajm_hates_exy.
  • Andrews accounts has photos of Andrew and Neils of Neil just as it's meant to be.
  • They switched accounts.
  • Neil controls and posts for Andrew and Andrew for Neil. 
  • Neil posts a photos of the twins on Andrews account with captions like "I'm the good looking one" or "happy birthday to me and my clone" or "why the fuck does this dickead have my face?"
  • Neils account has a random photo of his nostrils which Andrew captioned "I'm saying I'm fine when infact I have a cold and am keeping my boyfriend awake with my walrus like snoring and he's going to murder me". 
  • Jostens Nostrils trends cause holy fuck Neil has a boyfriend!
  • This turns into a total creep shot war and there is literally no rules whatsoever.
  • It's never been said in so many words that it's a competition but it definitely is and they're both ruthless with captions. 
  • Andrew doesn't speak to Neil for a whole weekend when Neil posts a photo of toddler Andrew with the caption "cute as a button".
  • Neil mostly tries to post soft and cute photos that prove Andrew is human.
  • Neil's profile description is "Junkie".
  • Andrews is "I'm actually a super huggable person".


  • No matter which scenario the foxes love it.
  • They've lost and won so many bets because of those damn Instagram accounts.
  • And they always get each others permission before posting a photo.