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Frankenstein's Master

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After his master disappeared, Frankenstein searched for him. He felt his heart rip into two. He didn't tell his master how he feels. He left Lukedonia to search for him, having a feeling one of them was involved with his disappearance.

Many years have passed, but he never gave up. He built a school for his master to attend when he found him.
More years have passed, he still never gave up.

He was the chairman of the school, sitting at his desk one morning, when Shinwu nocked on his door. He took off his glasses and said, "Come in." Shinwu walked in and bowed "Teacher told me to bring the transfer student." Frankenstein looked at him, confused. "Okay, thank you. Go on to class before your late." "Yes sir." He bowed and went out the door. He turned to the transfer student and said, "Go on in." The transfer student walked in and Frankenstein was shocked to see him. "Y-you are..." "It's been a while, Frankenstein." Frankenstein got up and kneeled in front of him and said, "Master."

After 820 years, your finally back.