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Doctor who - A Darkness Rises

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Story 1 – A prophecy comes to pass – All those years ago there was a prophecy that would happen in one hundred years time but what happens when the prophecy was right and happens to early for some?. Everyone is about to find out but who will live and who will die?.


Chapter 1

When Darkness falls so does everyone and everything else there is no light, the light dies in people who are kind and considerate. Heroes... legends even die but are they really dead? And when darkness does fall hope is lost there are so many unhappy faces where there should be smiles. There is crying where there should be laughter. As people walk slowly through life people run scared of other's and unless they have to they run instead of dancing...

But when it's all centred around you or the person you know what do you do about it? Do you tell? Or do you hide and let it happen?

But they say never to help those who plan to destroy, conquer and kill, they say to learn from the past because it will lead you to do the same in the end you cannot go back and that is exactly what had happened.

This is the beginning and it tells of how people's life's changed all because of one person and what they did in the past it haunts them until someone does something but some couldn't have seen it coming but there were warnings some did see it coming and there was one person who could have stopped it all but it happened too early for them to realise but if she knew to take the future she saw different then she would have done so!.

Some people do fail and fall but other's rise from their mistakes and some they never know what to do...

but as the players take their places the higher races watch and only can watch as only now it's too late to go back and even The Black Guardian watches in irony at the situation for the prophecy is about to come true.”

The dark dirty cells of level Thirty-Nine block P stationed in The Kalaxsion Galaxy Jail Planet was in utter chaos from blocks M to Q dead bodies were everywhere strewn across the floor some of these were the guards who had guarded these levels which were now completely destroyed fires burnt the walls and floors were black and anything metal was twisted anyone in their cells on this level were dead all except for a cell that was empty which had been occupied just hours before.

As the fires continued to burn a woman with thick brown hair was sat in her new office that she had just acquired she had been second in charge for some time and was no first in charge as the leader had also been killed in the attack. This woman was called Jess and she was the sister of Garoth like her brother she was from The Planet Paylos but unlike him, she did not have her powers. Jess's long wavy thick brown hair was down she wore a red leather jacket with a white top underneath she also wore black trousers with brown boots.

During the attack, Jess had been away from The Prison Planet visiting Zeta Nine as it was One year after The Dalek invasion but she was also looking for a criminal that had escaped during that time. This was where she had heard the news and had been called back to The Prison Planet to assist with the situation but had arrived too late with her guards.

She was now sat in her office reading over a report of what had happened to level Thirty Nine Blocks M to Q as she read the report a man was also sat opposite her he was the brother of the late owner and lived on the planet Siquet which was close to The Prison Planet and also dealt with the trials before people are imprisoned this man had no authority to take control this he knew but had yet to find out that his brother was dead people were also missing as they knew. They also knew that a report was needed of what had gone on and the man had allowed Jess to step in and take current command until they could find his brother Jess gave orders to the guards that were alive to find out what had happened this was from witness's and from CCTV.

At the time of the attack, the man opposite her was attending a trial and had received a distress call from his brother. The man was waiting for Jess to finish reading the report so he could read it as it had taken almost all day to gather the information he was anxious to read and discuss it with her.

“Everyone on level Thirty-Nine from Blocks M through to Q which includes the guards and prisoners are dead the prisoners in cells R to Z are currently trapped and will be moved to somewhere suitable. As for whoever had attacked the planet they had crashed into the wall at that level... I don't know what had happened here because I myself was on Zeta Nine at the time of the incident but Sir I assure you that we will find out everything” Jess told the man whilst looking up at him from the report but was sad to learn that the man's brother was dead.

“You're only second in charge Jess where is the first does it say? We need to find him” The Man asked and Jess looked at him

“I'm sorry Sir but... your brother's dead the report says that a woman came here with an army as such and killed the people on that level but also took two people and it also seems that they were after the people in charge as well, I am yet to look at the CCTV... but it seems they had the arterially they needed to do anything they could to this place” Jess said with a tut and threw the report on the desk in front of the man he picked it up shakily and turned a page learning of his brother's death had saddened him he looked at Jess.

“Who are they this man and woman from cell block P?” He asked suddenly realizing there were two prisoners missing

End Of Chapter 1