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The Ultimate Date

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The Ultimate Date

Chapter 1: Shopping and Dinner


Brown hair, crystal blue eyes, lightly sun kissed skin. The perfect man sat right in front of Tsu Xien Menzau. He giggled as he swirled his straw through his coffee, mixing the whipped cream and caramel drizzle into the iced beverage. He wore his long waves in a low hanging ponytail that he tied with a black ribbon. His slender frame was clothed by black v-neck t-shirt, dark blue jeans with tattered knees and white fur boots. A black jacket with white fur lining the sleeves and hood sat over his shirt, unzipped. The youthful man had two fingerless gloves on his hands. They were nearly identical, but the right had a special addition to it, a ruby red symbol for the Leo zodiac. Along with his human ears, he had a pair of fox ears and a matching tail that had fur of the same color as his hair, his tail being tipped with white and matching tuffs sprouting from his fox ears. Two shimmering circular diamond studded earrings sat in the man’s fox pair of ears. Leo Ruby was his name and he was the perfect man.

“Xien,” Leo said, drawing the man out of his daydreams, “today was so amazing. I loved every single moment.” Xien watched a soft smile come onto Leo’s lips as he said this. The fox boy reached over and grabbed Xien’s hand, eyes looking longingly into his. “Thank you so much. Really. Shopping and dinner? You have done such a great job. This is literally the ultimate date.”

An indescribable amount of happiness filled Xien’s chest as he heard Leo say this. The life Leo had lived was far from an easy one. Throughout the best friends-turned-lovers’ lives, Xien promised Leo that he would make Leo’s life worth something. He promised that he would make the fight to overcome his hardships worth getting through once they had their own house to call their physical home. What Leo had said made him feel like he was accomplishing his life goal.

Xien entwined his fingers with the smaller male’s as he fought back the happy tears. “It means so much to hear you say that, Leo.”

Leo gigged pulled his hand back to his coffee. “This day couldn't get any better.”

This was it. This was the perfect opportunity to give Leo the surprise he had been waiting for months to give him. Xien subtly took a deep breath in before reaching into his jacket pocket. “Actually,” he started, sliding his other hand to grab Leo’s, “I hope that it can.”

Leo’s cheeks turned bright red in the same second that his eyes widened. “W-what?” he asked, looking for Xien’s other hand.

“Leo Ruby, you make me so happy. Every single day I wake up and smile because you’re right next to me. I told you before, but I will make everyday magical for you to make up for how hard it was growing up for you. So,” Xien watched Leo as he spoke. The boy was blushing and even tearing up. Paper crinkled as Xien fought back his own tears, not wanting to ruin the moment. He opted for just going for it. Taking in another deep breath, Xien continued. “here.”

Two slips of paper brushed onto the table as Xien pulled his hand out of his pocket. Amber eyes looked at Leo, waiting for his reaction. Leo took a minute before he pulled his hand away from Xien’s and picked up the papers. He gasped when he registered what the papers were.

“Xien, these are-”

“Two plane tickets to go to that resort you’ve always wanted to go to.” Xien finished with a bright smile, “I made reservations and everything!”

There was a moment of silence that overcame the two before Leo began to cry. “O-oh, Xien!” he said, standing and moving to hug the man. His slender arms wrapped tightly around Xien’s neck as Xien stood up. The elder man took the opportunity to grab Leo’s hips and pull him close. “Thank you!” Leo repeated over and over.

Xien couldn't help his chuckle at the boy’s genuine response. “You’re welcome, baby.” Xien felt his own tears brush down his cheek, landing on Leo’s soft thick hair. He held Leo to his chest for a few minutes longer than he should have out in public before he pulled back and cupped Leo’s cheek. When crystal blue met amber, the distance between them closed. The sweet embrace of a kiss filled Xien with a happiness felt many times before. The bliss created a genuine smile on Xien’s lips. “We need to go pack. It’s going to be an early morning.”

“Oh! Right!” Leo said, wiping his eyes. Once his face was clear and tear free, he beamed and took Xien’s hands. “We pack and then we cuddle!”

“Deal.” Xien laughed.

The boys walked from the cafe hand-in-hand. Their smiles beamed brightly and practically lit up the night sky. Xien looked down at Leo while they walked. He thought of their long history together. It was bumpy by far. He hated their fights, but it was so worth it at this point. Everything was worth it to see Leo smile.

Just like they agreed, Xien and Leo went home and instantly began to pack. They traded questions on what to wear and how hot it was going to be. It took the pair of jokesters two hours to get ready for their trip in the morning. The moon was fully in the sky by the time the pair laid in bed. That night, Xien held Leo closer to his chest than he had ever held him before.