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Nishikawa High School Mystery Chat

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❀DokiDokiHaru❀ changed Yoshida Keiji’s nickname to SummerFunKeiji


❀DokiDokiHaru changed the chat name to ☆Sunshine Bois Mystery Club☆


OnoMyHeartBleeds changed the chat name to Mystery Club... of Shadows

OnoMyHeartBleeds: fixed it lol


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: ( ; ω ; )


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: 。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。


EndoInItaly changed the chat name to Its Dem Mystery Bois


SummerFunKeiji: What… is happening right now?


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: KEIIIIJIIIII!!!!!!!! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ


OnoMyHeartBleeds: so extra lol


EndoInItaly: ^^^^


SummerFunKeiji: My notifications are going crazy.


OnoMyHeartBleeds: so mute? B)


EndoInItaly: He can't mute.


EndoInItaly: He might miss something important


EndoInItaly: you know


EndoInItaly: Something Tanaka related


OnoMyHeartBleeds: oh snap


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: My updates are VERY important lolol


OnoMyHeartBleeds: dude.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: ??


OnoMyHeartBleeds: you literally sent us a photo of your sock drawer earlier.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: I wanted to share my cute sock collection (⌒▽⌒)☆




❀DokiDokiHaru❀: the fluffy ones with the unicorns on are my fave


OnoMyHeartBleeds: are u real


❀DokiDokiHaru❀:: ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭


SummerFunKeiji: They were very nicely organised, Tanaka.


SummerFunKeiji: I appreciated you separating them by colour.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: IKR. #aesthetic


OnoMyHeartBleeds: are u really talking about socks rn


EndoInItaly: not just any socks


OnoMyHeartBleeds: !!


EndoInItaly: Tanaka's socks.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: I'm wearing the pink striped ones today


EndoInItaly: fascinating.


OnoMyHeartBleeds: the hottest sock news


❀DokiDokiHaru❀ sent a picture


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: SOCKS ✩


OnoMyHeartBleeds: because we needed proof lol


EndoInItaly: They are… some socks!


SummerFunKeiji  is typing...


SummerFunKeiji  is typing...



SummerFunKeiji: Great socks, Tanaka.


EndoInItaly: Dem leg muscles tho


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: I've been getting in a lot of dance practice lately (>ω^)


EndoInItaly: I can hear Yoshida frantically saving that pic from here


OnoMyHeartBleeds: oml


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: he should. It should be appreciated!! Cute sooocks!! (♡°▽°♡)


SummerFunKeiji: Actually I am trying to study.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: WHAT WHY


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: KEIJI




❀DokiDokiHaru❀: *UNDERSTANF




EndoInItaly: yeah Yoshida, don't you understanf?




SummerFunKeiji: We have homework, I am doing the homework. You should all be doing the homework.


EndoInItaly: I will not let homework ruin my Italian getaway~


OnoMyHeartBleeds: aren't u away as well Yoshida?


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: YES


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: HE LEFT ME


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: (╥﹏╥)


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: AM ALL ALONR


SummerFunKeiji: I'm in Kyoto right now, yes.


SummerFunKeiji is typing...


SummerFunKeiji is typing...


SummerFunKeiji is typing...


OnoMyHeartBleeds: lol Yoshida


SummerFunKeiji: Don't be sad, Tanaka.


OnoMyHeartBleeds: was that it lol


EndoInItaly: I guess no one cares about my holiday then.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: HOW DARE


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: I saw ur insta


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: it looks so PRETTY there


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: and your shades look so stylish (´♡‿♡`)


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: Gimme


EndoInItaly: I'll get you a pair if you want, man.


OnoMyHeartBleeds: So flash. The life of a rich boi.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: !!!!!! ヽ(°〇°)ノ


EndoInItaly: I don't know what that means.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: it means PRESENTS.


SummerFunKeiji: Tanaka you did just buy three pairs of sunglasses.


OnoMyHeartBleeds: and then made us vote on the best ones lol


EndoInItaly: Team #goldwithbluelenses for life


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: These are superior tho.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: ITALIAN sunglasses (๑˘︶˘๑)


EndoInItaly: I already got you guys a bunch of stuff, Tanaka you'd love the shops here.



[Private Chat: The STUDY of BLOOD ]

YoshidasBrain: First of all, it took me ages to find this chat.


OnoitsOno: lol hi Yoshida


YoshidasBrain: Why does everything have to be “of blood”?


OnoitsOno: the darkness tells me what to write




OnoitsOno: s’also a song by Gore Casket


YoshidasBrain: Gore Casket??


OnoitsOno: they are great lol


OnoitsOno: and u love studying so


YoshidasBrain: … I see.


YoshidasBrain: You guys know I study because I *have* to, right?


YoshidasBrain: I don't * love* studying.


OnoitsOno: are u really trying to deny your love for studying


OnoitsOno: we know ur love for spreadsheets is second only to ur love of a certain Tanaka Haru




OnoitsOno: what was second of all


YoshidasBrain: it's about Tanaka


OnoitsOno: Kell soup Reese




YoshidasBrain: are you trying to write “quelle suprise”?


OnoitsOno: whatever dude I don't know Spanish


YoshidasBrain: it's French


OnoitsOno: my point stands lol


OnoitsOno: what about Tanaka?


YoshidasBrain is typing...

YoshidasBrain is typing...


YoshidasBrain: … do you think there's something going on between Tanaka and Endo?


OnoitsOno: :O


OnoitsOno: where are you getting that from??


YoshidasBrain: He pointed out Tanaka's leg muscles.


OnoitsOno: …. Blind people could see Tanaka has nice leg muscles lol


YoshidasBrain: This is true.


YoshidasBrain: But then.


YoshidasBrain: Telling him he would like it in Italy, buying him presents… wanting to buy him extra presents.


OnoitsOno: literally nothing u said leads me to secret relationship conclusion


OnoitsOno: u are nuts


OnoitsOno: and whipped


OnoitsOno: like a sundae


YoshidasBrain: What are you talking about?


OnoitsOno: I dunno lol I'm hungry

[Private Chat: Operation Tanashida ]

ItsYaBoiOno: dude


AWildEndoAppeared: dude


AWildEndoAppeared: What is it?


ItsYaBoiOno: u have to stop flirting with Tanaka






AWildEndoAppeared: WHAT IS THIS




AWildEndoAppeared: If I had been tho


AWildEndoAppeared: WHICH I HAVENT


AWildEndoAppeared: Did it bother you?


ItsYaBoiOno: lol wut


AWildEndoAppeared: Are you upset?


ItsYaBoiOno: why would I be upset?


ItsYaBoiOno: not me you nub


AWildEndoAppeared: ????


AWildEndoAppeared: Hahaha right?


AWildEndoAppeared: brb off to drown myself in the Trevi fountain


ItsYaBoiOno sent a screenshot


AWildEndoAppeared: HAHA


AWildEndoAppeared: KELL SOUP REESE


ItsYaBoiOno: fuck lol. Shut up.


AWildEndoAppeared changed the chat name to Kell Soup Reese


ItsYaBoiOno: why must u drag me like this


AWildEndoAppeared: it's too good. I'm dying. Can't breathe. Bury me somewhere nice XD




AWildEndoAppeared: For a smart guy, Yoshida is such a fuckin idiot


ItsYaBoiOno: yup lol


AWildEndoAppeared: WAIT


ItsYaBoiOno: ??


AWildEndoAppeared: We could use this in Operation Tanashida


ItsYaBoiOno: explain urself.

[Group Chat: Its Dem Mystery Bois]

EndoInItaly: Tanaka


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: Yessss? (o´ω`o)


EndoInItaly: You are handsome.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: OMG THANKS (≧◡≦) ♡


OnoMyHeartBleeds: wtf




OnoMyHeartBleeds removed EndoInItaly from the group


SummerFunKeiji added EndoInItaly to the group


[Private Chat: Kell Soup Reese]



ItsYaBoiOno: what are u doing???


ItsYaBoiOno: does operation Tanashida mean nothing to u????


AWildEndoAppeared: au contraire my friend


AWildEndoAppeared: this is all part of the plan




AWildEndoAppeared:  If Yoshida thinks Tanaka is going to find someone else maybe he will finally confess


AWildEndoAppeared: and we can all move on with our lives


ItsYaBoiOno: smh


ItsYaBoiOno: Yoshida is not that kind of guy lol. His spirit will be crushed and he will give up


ItsYaBoiOno: forever alone Yoshida


AWildEndoAppeared: Fuck you are right


AWildEndoAppeared: What have I done

[Group Chat: Its Dem Mystery Bois ]


EndoInItaly: Tanaka


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: ?????


EndoInItaly: You suck


❀DokiDokiHaru❀:: WHYY .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀:: SO CRUEL


SummerFunKeiji: I think that's a bit out of order Endo.


SummerFunKeiji: You don't suck, Tanaka, you are talented and wonderful.


❀DokiDokiHaru❀: KEIJI MY HEART (/▽\*)。o○♡ ILU

[Private Chat: Kell Soup Reese ]


AWildEndoAppeared: Saved it, lol


ItsYaBoiOno: fml.