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A Mate He Can't Refuse

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“Good afternoon, Mr. Milton,” Gadreel Penikett said, looking up at the Mafia prince before him. “Please, take a seat.”

“Of course, Mr. Penikett,” Michael Milton replied, sitting down across from Gadreel.

“Can I get you anything?” Gadreel asked politely.

“No, thank you,” Michael replied just as politely.

“To business, then,” Gadreel said, opening up the file folder in front of him. “You’re asking for twenty of the new security cameras?”

“Twenty-five,” Michael replied, “And fourteen of the motion activated lights.” He gave a thin smile. “Father is becoming more paranoid, now that Lucifer’s out of prison.”

“Of course,” Gadreel said blandly.

“Lucifer, however, seems to have found a mate,” Michael added.

Gadreel raised a brow. “Really?”

“Mmm. A young prison guard named Sam Winchester.” Michael rolled his eyes almost affectionately. “The way Lucifer talks about him could drive me mad.”

“I’m sure,” Gadreel said. “Think that’s my little brother’s mate’s best friend’s younger brother. The older brother would be Dean Winchester.”

“He’s mated to. . .” Michael thought for a moment, coming up empty.

“Julian Richings, the pathologist,” Gadreel supplied helpfully.

“More like the dinosaur,” Michael snorted. “But I suppose he’s happy. How is your little brother, by the way?”

“Samandriel is with pup,” Gadreel smiled. “He and Benny got the confirmation yesterday.”

“Congratulations on becoming an uncle,” Michael said.

Gadreel inclined his head, focused on the numbers crunching.

“What about you, Gadreel? Found an Omega?” Michael asked casually.

Gadreel lifted his head, showing teeth in a non-threatening, yet annoyed way. “Most Omegas, it appears, don’t like an Alpha who’s done time,” he said. “Even if since then it’s been proven that it wasn’t my fault that someone gained entry.”

Michael clicked his tongue. “Ridiculous,” he said.

“Mmm. Sign here, please, and I’ll need your credit card,” Gadreel said, handing Michael the clipboard.

Michael nodded. “How much time until your twenty-fifth birthday?”

Gadreel sighed. “Two months,” he admitted.

“Same here,” Michael sighed.

“You could have any Alpha you want, Mr. Milton,” Gadreel said, taking the clipboard and Michael’s credit card from him and making a few clicks on the computer. “One would’ve thought that you would’ve been mated when you came of age.”

Michael smirked. “Well, there’s an Alpha I do want,” he said, “But. . . he wasn’t available at the time.”

Gadreel repressed the shiver he felt. Oh, he knew about the Mafia prince’s crush on him, but never understood it- besides, Michael scared him. Michael Milton was ruthless, cunning, and knew how to play someone. And Gadreel hadn’t been able to figure out if Michael was toying with him or not. “I see,” Gadreel said lightly as he entered Michael’s credit card information into the database.

“Gad,” Michael said softly. “Please, consider it. I don’t want to be on the auction block.”

Gadreel slid his eyes to Michael, his fingers typing. Michael never called him by his nickname before. It had always been Mr. Penikett or Gadreel. This had to be serious. “You can have anyone you want, Michael,” he repeated in a murmur. “Why come after a mere security manager who served time?”

Michael gave a small smile. “You’re worth more than you give yourself credit for, Gadreel,” he murmured. “I’ve wanted you since high school.”

Gadreel nodded in agreement. They both presented within weeks of each other, and they eventually had to take separate gym classes because Michael wouldn’t participate, just stare at Gadreel playing whatever sport they were doing that day. “I know, Michael,” he said. “I still don’t understand it. You rule this town, and have for four years, since your father’s delusions started interfering with his decision making. That’s what got Lucifer into prison.”

“I know,” Michael said. “Please, Gadreel. Think on it. We’d work well together.”

If you didn’t scare me to pieces. “I will,” Gadreel promised. His printer beeped, and he turned to grab the papers it was spitting out. “Here’s your receipt, talk to Inias on the way out to gather your supplies,” he said. “And here’s your credit card.”

Michael smiled and took his credit card back. Gadreel had the feeling that if he hadn’t given it back, Michael wouldn’t have cared. The Miltons were the richest family in the county, possibly the state. “Thank you, Mr. Penikett.”

Just like that, the mild warmth that Michael had been using was gone, and the cold Mafia prince came to the forefront. “Of course, Mr. Milton. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you,” Gadreel said, raising an eyebrow. “Feel free to call or email with any questions.”

Michael’s mouth twitched, and then he was gone.

Gadreel sighed and slumped in his chair. He didn’t want to think about how his twenty-fifth birthday was in two months, and that he needed to take a mate before then, or else it was onto the auction block, where he would probably be marked as ‘unmateable’ and doomed to live a lonely life.

But Michael scared him.

He sighed and decided to speak with Samandriel and Benny about it that Saturday. It was his turn to host the family dinner, after all.