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Hydra's Dread Fox

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*A couple Millennia Ago on Asgard*

     Years of Loki’s murderous antics could not have dissuaded the Asgardian prince from following his brother down an unfamiliar hidden passage. Thor had giggled thinking to scare Loki, but the joke was on him because half way through he became stuck. The hazardous tunnel of roughhewn stone was narrow and too tight for his armored bulk to pass.

     “Gods give me peace, Brother. I should stab you and leave you for dead.”

     Thor’s startled scream challenged the mightiest fair maiden yodelers of Midgard. A hand smashed over the blond prince’s mouth and Loki hissed in his ear, “I will make you lick this rock for a millennium, if you cause anyone to find this place with your banshee lungs.”

     “No, Loki! Please help.”

     “Only if you promise not to tell the All-Father about this place or anything that happens.” Thor growled and wiggled knowing promises to his brother were often dangerous and likely to end in fratricide, but he remained utterly stuck.

     “Fine! I promise.”

     Loki’s twisted smile spoke volumes, “We are going to have so much fun!” The seidr’s illusion fell and revealed that it was Loki holding Thor trapped. Free, Thor swung at his brother and punched right through the illusion and into the stone, rocks pummeled their heads. “Stop breaking my things!” Loki swept his hand over the wall with his green magic aglow and the stones sorted into the correct positions whole once again. “Come along, you mewling quim.”*

      “You puny-” Thor could now see just where his brother’s mischief led them. The Throne Room Crypt opened into an expansive cavern and he was in so much trouble, “-dick… this is madness!”

     Horrified, Thor dared not move as he watched the blasé way Loki reached out to pet the giant wolf. At any moment his snake brother was about to be torn asunder by a wolf larger than a turf hut. Surprisingly, Loki remained whole and stroked the grey fur of an ox-sized paw.  

     “Brother… Let me get this straight, you take Fenrir for walkies?”

     “Yes, I’ve got a leash and everything. He likes Midgard trees the most. Don’t you? Yes you do!”

     The giant wolf wiggled and encircled his massive tail around Loki. Fenrir’s tail thumped repeatedly and pummeled the laughing god. “Oh and get this, the human twigs worship Fenrir’s favorite piss spots, they call them nementons, isn’t that hilarious!”

     Thor stood frozen in the crevice Loki had dug into his father’s treasure horde and prayed, ‘Gods have mercy when Odin declares their executions by Blood Eagle!’*

     Loki yanked his arm from the wolf’s maw and gave Fenrir a playful punch. “Oh, brother you’re not handling this very well are you.”

     “That beast wreaked havoc throughout the Nine Worlds!”

     “True, but now he has a leash, Dwarf made and perfectly safe. Besides I’ve done it loads of times and nothing ever happened.”

     “Loads of times! You are insane!”

     Loki laughed manically, “Yes. Yes, I am.”

     “The Aesir bound him for a reason; he could swallow the sun, the moon, the All-Father!”

     “Oh please, Brother, he hardly wants to eat those old gaseous bags. He prefers squirrels, elk, and mountain trolls, thank you.”

     “Ragnarok would befall Asgard if he is freed!” Thor’s shout shook the cavern and the wolf covered his sensitive ears with his paws.

     Loki stood from his crouch and gestured to the wolf’s body where centuries of scars had built around the now missing chains. “He is my son! This cruelty by the All-Father on all my children is wrong. He is a child! The least I can do is visit and spend time with him. Let my son forget his lonesome existence for a short while, you cannot begrudge him his right to family.”

     “Then visit him here!”

     “Then Jormi would get lonely, idiot.”

     “You don’t,” Thor scoffed incredulously.

     “We do. Full disclaimer, sometime Hela visits too and last I checked Midgard was whole and well.”

     “Heimdall would have seen her leave Helheim!” Thor could not believe his brother.

     “He is blind as a Niflheim bog-bat to mountain ash.”

     “Mountain ash?”

     “The Midgardian powder in our amulets,” Loki pointed to the small vials fitted around his and his son’s necks. “It’s a rather morbid practice by the druids; they take a century-dead male’s remains and mix it with ash-pulp and you get this cloaking powder…”

     “What? Odin, Vili and Vé made human males from ash tree limbs. They play god!”

     “Exactly, you should see how the druids use wych elm ash. In the hands of a spark, it’s like the most potent sex drug in all the nine-”

     “Enough! Gods, Loki please don’t tell me I have to worry about more of your spawn running around.”

     Loki froze. “I should check, but it’s been hundreds of years since these red head twi…”

     Fenrir covered his years again, not wanting to hear about his father’s conquests. His uncle blessedly interrupted, “Wait you said mountain trolls?”

     “Yeah, originally from Svartalfheim, the dwarves were happy to let me take them.”

     “You’ve brought beasts from different worlds to Midgard!”

     “How else were my boys supposed to get to see the other realms? Besides, it’s not like the twigs were doing anything with the place.”


*Some Centuries Later, Midgard*

    The land was pristine. Thor tried to enjoy the scenery and pretend there was a waterfall nearby, not the sound of his wolf nephew relieving himself on a giant oak. He was still upset on the whole, but he had relaxed a bit.  His brother was such a different person around his son. Granted he was still conniving and murderous, but his mischief was good-natured and Fenrir followed suit. Stories of the young wolf’s rampages were told in households across the realms to frighten little ones into behaving. Thor could see now just how terrible the punishments had been for Fenrir who was only acting by his animal nature. These secret walks were good for them and Thor would protect his brother’s secrets.

    “Good job, Fen. You get that nemeton, bless it well.” Loki called over his shoulder and watched the deluge trickle down into a root cellar, which was new since the last time he and Fenrir had visited this part of Midgard. He chuckled at the thought of the poor sap that built it, finding a flood of wolf urine in his cold storage.

    Humans had been breeding like rabbits and the places he could walk his son were becoming fewer and fewer. Speaking of which…

    “Oh my, someone has been drinking rain from your paw prints.”

    Fenrir huffed at his father, the equivalent of the wolf’s laugh, and sat to watch the curious half breeds that had gathered in the woods just beyond. Thor was at their side and held his hammer out studying the abominations. “This is no doubt your fault, Brother.”

    Loki just chuckled, “Probably.”

    The werewolves were getting brave and started to encircle the invaders. Loki studied the rag tag pack. One was upsettingly large compared to its brethren. “That won’t do,” Loki sighed eyeing the monster. There would be little sport for the creature amongst the pitiful humans. The mountain trolls from Svartalfheim had long learned Fenrir’s favorite haunts and stayed away. He’ll have to find something for the beast to play with.

    “Just a moment, hold his leash.” Loki tossed the dwarf leash to Thor, opened a portal and disappeared.

    With Loki’s sudden departure, Thor got really nervous about his company. Fenrir turned to him and his nephew’s lips curled in a snarl. “Oh shit!” Thor was about to run, but there was a flash and then a roaring whoosh of flames came hurling out of the reopened portal. Loki followed a moment later.

    “Oh good, they’re still here.”

     The werewolves scattered quickly, clear that this threat on their territory was well beyond their capabilities. “Now let it work. Mischief, thou art afoot. Take thou what course thou wilt!”*

     Fenrir barked excitedly and took off racing after the hellhounds Loki had procured, no doubt from Muspelheim. The realm was the land of fire beings. Thor’s arm nearly ripped from his side as he too was dragged after the fiery beasts that were chasing the fleeing werewolves.


     Loki’s yelled out to a vanishing Thor, “Surtr says hi!”

     And Thor enjoyed the taste of Middle Earth’s dirt until the merry chase ended late in the night. Three days later.


*1760s, forest near Montreal, Canada*

     Black miasma poured off the monster. Fire blue eyes blazed and its roar tore through the very fabric of the realm. Hellhounds scattered before it as it lunged and buried its clawed fist through a human’s chest.

     “I think Thor is right father,” Hela groused out, hating to agree with Odin’s progeny. The skeleton half of her rattled in step with each of the beast’s pounding footsteps and her head ached.

     “Alright I concede your point, Brother. This has gone too far.” Loki kept a firm grip on Fenrir’s leash. The wolf was itching to join in the fun, but there were so many twigs in the area and surely Heimdall searched for the source of how a Helheim dire wolf made it to Middle Earth.

     “Honey, perhaps you should have a turn. ‘Fight fire with fire’ as the saying goes.”

     Hela clapped merrily. “Ah! I have the best idea! It’s all the rage in the new territories! But perhaps with our favorite voyeur on watch we should leave this to the humans.”

     “Ahh… they all died while you were talking and the beast has changed forms. How disappointing. Papa I wanted to play!” Fenrir whined and head butted Loki, knocking him to the ground and then picked him up in his maw. The wolf shook Loki playfully like a rag doll and then spit him to the ground.

     “Your kids are the best!” Thor laughed and nudged his nephew and they both laughed at the filth Loki wore.

     Covered in drool, grass, and mud, Loki was eager for a bath. Midgard had grown tiresome. The alien supernatural creatures were invasive species, obviously, and thrived with the telluric currents of Midgard’s internal magic. In the years between walks the world changed and pressured by human habitation there were more conflicts than what Loki could ever have imagined. Introducing a better predator to solve their problems was no longer an option, but he had no better ideas. “Just get on with it.”

     “Uncle Thor, if Mjolnir doesn’t mind, I’ll need its help.”

     A pitched resonance confirmed the female’s question. “This is going to be great!” She discreetly opened a portal to Helheim, incase Heimdall was still watching, and left for a dozen minutes.

     Loki had just finished pulling the clumps of grass from his helmet when she returned with three ghoulish riders in leather and whips on fearsome steads.

     “Ohhhh! I know these guys! From the lore! Brother look! LOOK!”

     Loki had to do a double take, not at the famous riders, but at his idiot brother.

     “I can’t believe they’re here! I love the scarves.” Thor really did just say all that like a crushing fanboy and was still waving like the horsemen hadn’t notice the blond giant in a red cape mooning over them from their horses’ feet. Thor studied the riders and turned to Hela, “HATS! They need those Midgardian Western style ones.”

      “I knew I forgot something.” A brimmed hat with a high M shaped crown puffed into existence. “I give you the Ghost Riders: The Outlaw, The Ranger, and The Enforcer. Mjolnir, if you wouldn’t mind.”

     A crack of lightning arched from the hammer and struck the riders. Thunder cracked overhead as Hela spoke, “Now they can hunt anytime it storms on Midgard and thunder through the sky! No portals, no problem. Yippie-yi-aie, Yippie-yi-oh! Ghost Riders in the sky.”*

     “Are those spurs? What kind of weapon is that?” Loki looked over the strange articles his daughter thought fashionable and he just couldn’t see it. There should be more flash, more giant helmets, and gold. “Where is their armor?”

    “Father! They’re undead, they don’t need armor. I updated the whip with a pistol, but they still have them to like crack…” she mimed a whip, “and ta-da entire existence erased from this realm. Good bye supernatural problem. They can totally take care of themselves because the living captives become their army and they don’t need to eat. Humans won’t see them, only their targets, so the twigs won’t freak. And we don’t have to keep opening outside portals and Heimdall won’t notice...”

     Loki held up his hand to stop his daughter’s excited rambling. “So your idea is to let loose Odin’s Hunt dressed as cowboys?”

     “They are my huntsmen now since Odin turned Mr. Mighty-Morality-King! He cast his old riding buddies to my dishonorable dead world, they are mine!

     “Alright! Gods, child, no one is going to take them away! I just wanted to point attention to the fact that seeing his old murder buddies popping about on Midgard, not where he stashed his dirty laundry, is going to point an arrow right at you!”

     “And then at you!” Thor broke in, following Loki’s train of thought.

     “Nah… He’s too busy poking his empty eye-hole searching for insight.” Hela was patting one of the nightmare steads and didn’t see the thunderous look cross Thor’s face.

     “Watch your mouth, Lokidottir! He’s my father and king! He is wise beyond all.”

     “And with foxes we must play the fox! * He won’t touch the riders. Too many minds remembering will break his spells and reveal Asgardian’s stains!” She looked fearsome in her rage as her power rose to meet Thor’s.

     “Enough! Father is wise, but this may very well work.” Loki stepped between his daughter and brother. The searching look from Hela left Loki wondering why she looked disappointed. “Let him think what he will; he already knows about Nine World Zoo here! Just send your hunters off and I can have my bath.”


*Springs of Sight, On Vanir*

     The pool rippled and the spell of sight ended. “I can see why you asked for my assistance, Lady Frigga.”

      The Asgardian Queen turned to her longtime Vanir friend, “By your celestial grace, I would have you protect this realm from the stupidity of my children. I fear the anger Odin will shed upon the worlds when he finds out this truth, but I am first a mother and will do anything for them. I know they are not your people, but please help them weather the Storm.”

      “My kitsune family shall protect Midgard for as long as we can, My Queen.”

      “Noshiko, you have my eternal thanks.”




Most of the first part of this monster is written, but not edited. Part I is mostly how Stiles came to be born. Part II will be set in 2011 (Teen Wolf Season 3(b) and post- Avengers into Captain America: the Winter Soldier) immediately post-nogitsune Stiles. If you are not familiar with Teen Wolf through the end of the Season 5 there will be spoilers; as those villains are introduced much earlier in the Dread Fox Day's timeline.

This story centers around these characters: Stiles Stilinski, Claudia & Noah Stilinski, Natasha Romanov, James "Bucky" Barnes, and Noshiko Yukimura. Maybe Derek or Peter as a love interest for Stiles or a MCU character??? That part is still a bit cloudy.

I have yet to see Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, but anything Marvel before that is up for grabs in this fic. I will take this AU before Winter Soldier and Hydra are known to the world. I tried to provide backstory for characters and events so it doesn't just seem like I threw it in with no purpose.  A lot is based on all media types of Marvel, but selected to fit my needs. Teen Wolf and Marvel have a lot of the material is based off of Norse-lore, so they mesh well.

Thanks for reading the Intro! Let me know what you think!


  • In this fanfic: Hela, Fenrir, and Jormi (Jormungand) are Loki's children and nothing like the characters in Thor: Ragnarok.

  • mewling quim: From Avengers 1 movie, means 'whimpering vagina', 'quim' did not evoke the taboo misogynistic meaning known today with 'the word 'cunt'

  • Blood Eagle!’: Historical refrences but known to me from Vikings (TV) Season 2 Episode 7

  • Now let it work. Mischief, thou art afoot. Take thou what course thou wilt!”: Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 3 Scene 2
  • "Yippie-yi-aie, Yippie-yi-oh! Ghost Riders in the sky.” Ghost Riders in the Sky, written by Stan Jones, 1948.

  • “And with foxes we must play the fox!": Thomas Fuller
  • This is a work of fiction. There are a lot of things immoral with it that are fine in fiction, but not in real life. This does not make me amoral person. Peace.