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You strolled into the break room muttering under your breath.
Spencer noticed right away you were mad for the frown of your face and the way your cheeks were slightly pink.
"um...are you ok?" he asked, softly. He knew you had a delicate temperament and he didn't want to push your buttons.
"of course i'm okay. i'm great. yeah, right" you sighed. "it's just that your asshole best friend it's been bothering me all day" you aggressively ripped your tea bag open and put it in your mug.

Spencer frowned. not liking seeing you like this, specially if Derek made you sulk like that.
"well, what did he do?" he asked

You muttered something but he couldn't catch anything you said.

"what was that?"

You rolled your eyes. "He called me cute" you pouted.

Spencer laughed, he couldn't believe you. Yes, you were one of the most strong woman he knew but you were still adorable.
You scowled at him. "what are you laughing about? i'm not cute! i'm a strong, wild being"
He smiled. "Sulking because someone called you cute is, in and of itself, very cute" he told you.

He watched with satisfaction how your cheeks slowly got a pretty tint of red on them.

He winked at you and left the room, leaving you with trembling hands.