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Super Robot Wars Ѳ

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The macrocosm once perished. Gathering the broken components formerly comprising it, the universe rearranged itself with no regard for accuracy to its former order but attempted to make sense nonetheless.


In some of this new universe’s many planets, life forms evolved and built civilizations. Anthropomorphous creatures sprang on different planets and among them are the humans from Earth. They began developing their own technology and even mysticism. Unbeknown to many, they have achieved some of these through entities that are not of their world. Visitors from more advanced planets and other dimensions have come to the young world for different purposes; to protect, to uplift, to invade, to enslave. As mankind grew to power, the aliens disappeared and were forgotten slowly, their legacy leaving some fragments on human psyche as deities and demons.


The humans picked up where their precursors left them and continued their advancement. In several millennia, they have accomplished space travel and thus began the Unlimited Era, a moniker for an age of mankind's fulfilled hopes and dreams but forebodes of the rupture to come.


In the year 139 U.E., a group of scientists called UniMIND (Unified Minds for Intelligent Navigational Development) claimed to have developed FTL travel which was considered preposterous at that time. They were led by the ambitious and charismatic Aeliz Crane, an alumna of Miskatonic University and was once an apprentice to Aeolia Schenberg, another visionary. Like other students of the university, she is also secretly well-versed in sorcery despite her profession. Though pressured by the scientific community and world governments to discontinue, UniMIND launched its spaceship, the Astrabylion, a stylized name representing their dream to explore the billions of stars in the galaxy. Mysteriously, the ship vanished from the radars almost as soon as it left the Solar System. Most experts have been skeptical and reasoned that there's no way it could have worked. However, this didn't faze the crew of the starship Cygnulight who were sent only about a decade later to investigate the mysterious supergravitational waves in the Cygnus system. Like the Astrabylion, the Cygnulight mission is presumed a failure. These incidents remained unsolved for several centuries.


In 197 U.E., the Earth Federation government is established and mankind has begun space colonization. For a while, the Earth, Lagrangian colonies (called Sides), lunar bases, and Martian settlements were relatively at peace. Their seemingly stable coexistence was disturbed when some space colonies attempted to secede from the Earth Federation because of disagreements in governance. While some silently left their current colonies to establish new ones, going far enough from the Federation’s influence, the people of Side 3 believed that force is the only way to attain true autonomy. The faction formed became known as the Principality of Zeon and its war against the Federation soon broke out.


In 276 U.E., Zeon surprised everyone when it deployed humanoid machines called mobile suits and began turning the war into their favor. Not wanting to be outdone, the Federation responded with “Project V” to develop their own. Basing on an incomplete blueprint acquired from an unknown source, a fact carefully hidden from the general public, and knowledge of Minovsky particles, they built the prototype “Gundam” and soon made mass production models and variants. Arms race ensued and the battles usually favored the side with the more advanced weapons.


Zeon and its different incarnations were defeated over a span of several decades but just in the One Year War, one third of the total human population was lost and other organizations opposing the Federation also formed. Corruption within it also became rampant and its politicians were making questionable decisions. It eventually collapsed and made way for the new power blocs. The formerly dethroned Britannian royalties especially took advantage of the resulting confusion and began reclaiming political power. With their supporters, the Britannian Union was formed, an alleged compromise between the old empire and civilian populace. The Union is a constitutional monarchy with members of the royal family seated in the higher offices and Britannian commoners in the lower ones. They reclaimed their old territories and expanded to those that weren’t theirs; adapting a number system to designate areas they conquered. They justified this by citing how those nations' governments were unable to provide for their people, that the Earth Federation didn't break even and therefore, creating imbalance among nations. The other two superpowers, the Reformist East Asian League, a federal monarchy, and the democratic Advanced Europia United, emerged as a response to the threat of Britannian imperialism.


Several nations remained unaligned to any of the three major world powers for a while but the fuel shortage made them reconsider. It was the only way for them to gain access to the orbital rings and elevators providing solar energy the superpowers recently completed. While the Big Three is influential on Earth, they're far from the old federation's extent of control over the space colonies. As they became largely self-sufficient over the years, most of these colonies found no reason to rely on the power blocs. However, conflicts among the colonies and Earth nations didn't cease and much more, an age of space piracy arose.


In 305 U.E., just as the three superpowers were strengthening their hold, extraterrestrial creatures dubbed “Images” appeared and infested Earth towns and cities. Not long after this first contact, another alien race was encountered in the Tharsis region of Mars, where some ruins were also found. In 341 U.E., a massive extraterrestrial spaceship crash landed on an island south of Japan. Inspection of the wreckage revealed it to be a war vessel manned by gigantic beings. While the Images and Tharsians are as hostile as wild beasts, Alien Starship-1, as the ship was called, was a sign of an intelligent life capable of a systematic invasion. Realizing this, the power blocs decided to form a new instance of the United Nations in spite of their enmity to prepare for the potential threats. Only two years later, Britannian Union invaded the then-neutral Japan and renamed it as Area 11. A reason cited for this is the Union’s intent to monopolize the island containing ASS-1, which they renamed as South Atalia, in spite of the island itself being in condominium with the rest of the UN. The ruins and ASS-1 proved valuable and in a few years, humans have reverse engineered these overtechnology, among which is the warp engine which they used to chase the Tharsians. The United Nations formed separate forces to deal with these threats; though the Images are still around, news that the Tharsians have been defeated in a battle in Sirius System eight years from the current time has just reached Earth.


In 345 U.E., Mimetic beasts appeared out of nowhere and the Dimensional War Party Vyram, the first sentient alien invaders the modern mankind has encountered, announced their intentions. The Dannar base, which has several counterparts in different nations and in space, and Sky Force with their Jetmen dealt with these respective threats, culminating in the War of the Titans which these specialized forces won. Also during this time, Zanscare Empire revealed itself and declared war against the divided Earth governments, prompting the advent of the League Militaire.


In 349 U.E., unmanned drones swept through Mars like a horde of locusts, nearly wiping out its inhabitants and severing its contact from Earth. These were said to be sent by another alien race stationed in Jupiter, later becoming known as the Jovian Lizards. Though proofs of their existence are scarce and only officially provided by the various Earth governments, the mostly unknown enemy caused even greater unrest as their dimensional transporters called Chulips also spread to the Earth and its moon. Six months later, a race of winged humanoid aliens called Balmians sought to negotiate and meet with prominent world leaders and scientists on the moon. They claimed that their planet was ravaged by the horned Boazanians, thus needing a new place to call home. Tension was already building up among the understandably xenophobic humans but things took a turn for the worse when Leon, the Emperor of the Balmians, was apparently poisoned. There was much confusion and when a Balmian shot Prof. Isamu Ryuuzaki dead, a fight ensued between the parties. With the negotiation's failure, the two suffering races made new enemies out of each other.


In the meantime, threats like the Oni, Dr. Hell’s Mechanical Beasts, and the Black Lodge have also revealed themselves. These are the known enemies so far. Several more are relatively unknown to the public due to being intentionally kept secret or with the fights occurring at a smaller scale. In due time, these too will be known as they disturb the foundations of human civilization.


The year is 350 U.E., and the paths toward this new universe’s trial are about to converge.