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It's A Musical!

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Evan fiddled with the playbill in his hand for what felt like the hundredth time, which caused it to crease awkwardly. It was a good thing he had thousands like it, maybe he should have given some away so that others could have them even if they didn’t get to see the show. Actually, that sounded like a great idea, maybe he could even ask Jared to help him get some of the actors to sign a couple of the ones he had, then he could give some away as a prize or something on his blog, Ticket2Showtime. Jared would tell him to sell them, but Evan would feel bad to do that, plus he wouldn’t know how much to even sell a playbill for. And what if he did sell them, what if someone thought he was charging too much? What if someone thought he was selling them for not enough and got mad at him for not valuing the playbill more?


He would worry about that later, he really didn’t need to stress over something like that right before the show started. At the thought of the show starting, Evan couldn’t help the smile that slipped on his face. Nor could he stop the blush that rose to his cheeks. Tonight, was the last show, the last time he would see him.


Connor Murphy


Evan traced his name on the playbill and sighed. He remembers the first time he saw him perform as Sweeney Todd, Evan had already seen the show two times before that day, and really, he had only planned on coming to the show three times, since that was the usual number of times he saw a production so that he could review the show more in depth for his blog, but once he had seen Connor and heard him sing, he found himself coming to every show afterwards all the way to tonight, the final show. The first show he ever put up on the blog was Newsies, him and Jared had gone to see it together and Evan knew, he just knew he wanted to be involved with musical theatre. He didn’t know how, and he didn’t care what he had to do, but he wanted to be involved with something that spectacular. Jared seemed to share his feelings and they started up the blog together, but Jared kind of lost interest in keeping it up but Evan loved it, he loved getting to share his opinions on shows and to give people information on upcoming ones, and the people who followed him enthusiastically shared things with him or recommended shows for him to go see. Soon enough he was getting sponsors and he even had theaters pay him to go review their shows. It was amazing, and Evan loved, just sometimes, he wished he could be more involved. Definitely not singing or acting or anything like that, he was sure he would have a heart attack if he ever had to do so, even if he did love to sing he would probably have a panic attack. No singing or acting for him, no, but maybe something like Jared, a stage hand, or maybe even a set designer. He was pretty good at doing that if he did say so himself, and he did have experience. But there was another part of him, one he would never acknowledge, that wanted to write a musical. He wanted to impact a generation.


Unfortunately, that unspoken dream would never happen, so he would do what he did best, he would review a show and be on his merry way to the next. As the house lights dimmed, Evan smiled as all the conversations fizzled out around him and all attention was focused on the stage. The music began, and Evan could feel the goosebumps awake, the lighting changed, and Evan felt his heart speed up in anticipation, and then the ensemble came out and his heart soared. He knew it was rude to mouth along to the songs, but he couldn’t help it, when he heard the music start up and saw the energy everyone put into their performance, he wanted to go along with them.


Several times during the performance, Evan felt like the main actor, Connor Murphy was staring at him, or at least in his general direction way more than the last show. He felt himself blush every time he thought so because why would someone who looked like Connor, be looking at him. Maybe he wasn’t, and Evan was just imagining things, that’s usually how it was. Or maybe Connor was looking at someone who was filming a bootleg. He seemed to have a sixth sense for those kinds of things. Evan felt a little bad about watching bootlegs, or the little handful of times he helped hide someone who was filming a bootleg, but he didn’t feel bad enough to stop. Hey, not a lot of people have the money and resources he does so he saw nothing wrong with providing the people who couldn’t afford to travel and book hotels as well as buy tickets with something they could enjoy. Although, Evan felt like productions like this should be recorded and sold so other people could have the opportunity to see it without having to spend a fortune.


Anyways, after about the tenth time Connor looked over at him (or in his direction), Evan could feel his palms begin to sweat and it seemed like his blush was there to stay.


Once the musical was over and the cast did their final curtain call, Evan stood up along with the rest of the audience and clapped his heart out, he was certainly going to miss coming to this theater and seeing this cast, but he knew they were off to do great things, whatever those may be. He followed most of them on social media, so he would be informed of any shows they might end up in afterwards. Then Evan found himself outside with a couple fans waiting to get their playbills signed.


Even though he wanted his signed, Evan couldn’t force himself to the front, nor could he find his voice to ask any of them for their signatures, but he had a saving grace, and its name was Jared. Why was Jared walking outside with the cast? Evan didn’t know, and he also didn’t care. He was happy to see his friend, so he gave him a small wave, one Jared returned enthusiastically


Just when Evan was going to turn and walk over to the subway station, he felt someone grab his wrist, it was Jared.


“Hey there, Acorn!”


Evan rolled his eyes at the awful nickname, “Hey Jared. Nice show.”


“Thanks. I’m sad it’s over but like, at the same time I’m so happy, my body feels like jell-o after moving things with Jake.”


“I b-bet.”


“Hey…” Jared started as a grin spread across his face. “Since it’s the last night of the show, wanna come meet the cast?”


“W-what? I-I couldn’t! I don’t want to intrude, Jared. Don’t you guys have a cast party? I wouldn’t w-want to get in the way.”


“You won’t get in the way or anything like that, Ev, I promise. Plus, most of them want to meet you anyways. I talk about you and your blog a lot, so how about you hop over this fence. Actually, I don’t want you to hurt yourself, you might end up breaking your arm again and then your mom would hate me.”


“You know my mom could never hate you. She would be disappointed in you sure, but she could never hate you.”


“Her disappointment is worse than her actually hating me though.”




“How about you wait in the lobby for me? Everyone will be leaving through the back door, but I’ll come and get you in the lobby. The security guard knows you, so you won’t get in trouble or anything.” Suggested Jared as he looked back at the girl who Evan recognized from the playbill as Alana Beck. He had met her once, she was nice, just really polite.


Evan found himself nodding in agreement before the two parted and Evan made his way back to the lobby. He felt nervous but excited, what if Connor was there?