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It's A Musical!

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“Zoe, I'm gay.”

“I know, Connor.”

“I'm like…really gay. Like fuck…I am so gay.”

“Connor. I know you’re gay, everyone knows you’re gay. What is this about? Are you high? Because if you are I’ll kick your ass. You know I hate it when you’re high during rehearsals and shows.” Zoe growled out as she turned to glare at her brother.

Connor huffed out a laugh from where he was laying on the floor. “I'm not high, I swear. I just thought you would like to know that your dear favorite brother is the gayest gay to ever gay.”

Zoe rolled her eyes as she tried to apply her stage makeup carefully. “you’re my only brother.” She deadpanned.

“Therefore, I am your favorite!” Connor countered as he finally pushed himself off the ground and made his way to his mirror next to Zoe's. He grabbed a sponge and stared down at his makeup with a grimace, he hated the feeling of the makeup on his skin.

“Whatever. What’s this about?” Zoe mumbled out as she begun to do her eyeliner.

“This,” Connor started as he reluctantly smeared on his Ben Nye concealer, “is about the cute guy who has come to every show I’ve done so far, I don’t know if he was here for Davey though. He always sits in the front and I catch him mouthing the words to the songs to himself. It’s stupidly cute and distracting!”

“Oooohhhhhhh, you mean Row A, Seat 6 tonight? Yeah, I’ve seen him too. Apparently, he’s friends with Kleinman.” Zoe stated matter-of-factly as she applied some blush. “Hey, help me with the wig.”

“Kleinman!? Are you for real?” Connor grumbled as he powdered his face before he grabbed Zoe’s blond wig off the wig holder.

“Mhm.” Zoe hummed out. Connor watched as she pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail before she pulled on a wig cap and neatly tucked any strand of hair that was visible in it. When she was done, Connor slowly put the blond wig on her as carefully as could, he was so focused he didn’t hear the click of a camera, he did however see the flash reflected in his sister’s mirror and turned to look at the door to the makeup room.

“Did I interrupt a bonding moment?” Alana, Zoe’s girlfriend asked as she walked into the makeup room already in her costume and smiled so tenderly at Zoe that Connor felt he was intruding and turned away to finish his makeup.

“Of course not, don’t be silly. We were just talking about Connor’s crush.” Zoe sing-songed as she adjusted the wig to her liking and placed some bobby pins in to keep it secure. “You know the boy that sat in Row A, Seat 6?”

Connor glared at Zoe and huffed indignantly, she simply raised a brow at him as though to say, ‘What? Are you going to try and say it’s not true?’ He could not, in fact, argue so instead of giving her a reply he grumpily turned to face his mirror and used some purple, dark brown, and just a smidge of black to bring out his already dark bags under his eyes, and then powdered again. He didn’t think he needed the makeup, he was already pale to begin with, and his eye bags would put anyone else’s to shame, even Sweeney Todd. Thanks insomnia and depression! In all seriousness though, he really did hate the feel of makeup on his face, it didn’t matter what brand it was or the ingredients inside, it always felt like someone had smeared acrylic paint on his face. He frowned once again at his reflection and decided he should probably get into costume, before he could however, it seemed as though Zoe wanted to continue their discussion on Cute Polo Guy.

“Did you hear that, Connor? Alana knows your mystery boy.” Zoe teased.

Now that caught Connor’s attention. “Wait, what?”

Alana and Zoe were laughing at him, and Connor had to push down his irritation at that, his therapist had been trying to get him to understand that sometimes people laugh at you, and sometimes it’s not as malicious as his brain makes it out to be. He’s been doing pretty good, if he does say so himself. He let Alana and Zoe finish up laughing and looked at Alana expectantly.

“His name is Evan. He is indeed Jared’s friend and he is the one who Jared has been using his discount on tickets for. Apparently, Evan really likes musicals. He even runs a blog about them. I can’t remember what it’s called though, it’s pretty popular though from what I hear.” Alana explained as she checked to make sure her makeup was perfect.

Connor was about to ask how she knew all that, but before he could Jeremy, who was playing Anthony, walked in, along with Christine who was to play his wife Lucy and Rich who was Toby. Jeremy was trailing behind Christine who was laughing at something Rich had said, the lanky boy waved at them and Connor gave a short wave back.

“W-What are we talking about?” Jeremy asked as he walked over to his mirror which was right beside Connor’s.

“Nothing.” Connor replied at the same time as Zoe said, “Evan. That boy who sits in Row A, Seat 6.”

The look Jeremy gave them was one Connor couldn’t decipher, and usually he was pretty great at reading Jeremy. Connor just watched as Jeremy looked at each of them asking a question none of them knew. “I know Evan.” He simply answered as he begun to put on his stage makeup.

“You do?” Connor asked.

“Yup.” Jeremy purposefully popped the ‘p’, “He’s my step brother. Why are you guys talking about him? I-Is he okay?”

Connor didn’t know what to say to that. Of course, the guy Connor thinks is adorable would be related to one of his friends and fellow actor. “He’s good. He’s fine.”

“Connor thinks he’s FINE.” Zoe winked, and Connor could feel himself heat up underneath his makeup when Jeremy’s head snapped so quickly to look at him.

“O-Oh…Well, I mean, um…S-Should I give you the shovel talk?” Jeremy asked with a shy smirk, Connor could feel his blush deepen and a whine escape his throat.

“You’re supposed to be on my side and not tease me,” Connor said as he glared (more like pouted) at Jeremy who only chuckled.

“Sorry man, but that’s my b-bro, I think it’s in the o-official rule book that I have to be protective.”

“Older brother!” Christine chimed in, “By your logic, isn’t Evan supposed to be protective of you since you’re younger?”

“That’s usually how it goes.” Alana piped up from her spot on the counter beside Zoe’s mirror.

“Yeah but we’re not…uh…usual? We haven’t been brothers for long so I’m not s-sure what the exact protocols are.” Jeremy said as he started on his own makeup, the Ben Nye he smeared on covered his freckles and zit scars completely. He made a face at the feeling too, he didn’t care for the makeup either, it was actually one of the first things they bonded over, another thing was that they were both joining the cast of Sweeney Todd at the exact same time. It also helped that he wasn’t friends with Zoe, Connor loved his sister, but she always tries to get him to be friends with her friends and then she gets hurt when it doesn’t work out. It felt good to make a friend on his own, it also didn’t hurt that Jeremy liked to smoke pot with him from time to time.

“How long have you guys been brothers?” Connor asked as he carefully took off his shirt, so that it wouldn’t ruin his makeup, he didn’t care much about his hair, it had to look wild anyways.

“About two weeks. Him and h-his mom moved in with us like a month ago…it’s cool but weird. On the plus side, it makes my d-dad wear pants around the house.” Jeremy explained with a shrug while Connor made a face at that, Jeremy had told him a lot of how his father never wore pants, like ever until he started dating.

“Well that’s certainly an improvement.”

“That’s an understatement.” Jeremy huffed as he finished off his makeup, he glanced at the little container of hair gel on his counter in distaste. “I really don’t want to put that stuff in my hair, it feels gross.”

“I wouldn’t want to either.” Connor admitted at he pulled on his white button up shirt and did up the buttons as fast as he could, which was admittedly not that fast. After that he held out his arms, so Jeremy could help him button up his cuffs and put on the cufflinks, he never could do it himself and he didn’t want Zoe to laugh more at him. As much as he loved her, and her laugh, it started to grate on his ears and nerves after a while. He always felt bad when he found her laugh annoying, but he couldn’t shake away his annoyance. It always took him back to high school when they had no relationship other than avoidance and hatred. Or in Zoe’s case, fear of her brother. Connor hated remembering those times because he was never really himself, he would reason to himself, he wasn’t getting the help he now had, nor was anyone in his family trying to understand why he was doing what he was doing. Honestly it took another failed suicide attempt for his mother to finally put her foot down and demand that Larry pay for Connor to go to therapy. That was also what had made Zoe reach out to him once again, he was very thankful for that because he knew he would never had been the one to reach out. He knew he was getting better, he knew, and he was but there were small things that sent him back a couple of steps. His therapist said that that was normal though.

“You’re lucky you don’t have to put hair gel in your hair, it just looks wild naturally.” Jeremy whined as he finished putting on Connor’s cufflinks. “Anyways…So…E-Evan.”

Connor couldn’t help but groan and awkwardly rake a hand through his wild hair. “Yeahhhhh. About that…I just think he’s cute. I mean it’s not like I’ll ever talk to him.”

“Why not?” Jeremy asked. “I was kidding about the whole protective thing. You’re an adult, Evan is an adult. You guys can talk and if i-it leads anywhere it does.”

“Thanks man.” Connor said with a small smile.

“15 till places!” Jenna yelled out from door to backstage.

“Thank you 15!” Everyone yelled out in response.

“Guess that means I should go put on the rest of my costume.” Connor sighed.

Jeremy laughed as he looked down at Connor’s grey sweats and fuzzy socks. “Yeah maybe go do that.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” Connor laughed out as he made his way to his and Jeremy’s dressing room. He already knew that he would see Evan tonight, and it was their last performance, he was beyond excited, if not a little sad it was all coming to a head, but he was determined to make this night just as, if not more so, amazing as his first performance for the show.