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Plausible Deniability

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"You wanted to see me?" She snuck her dark curls in the door, meekly, like I was about to scold her for being a pain in the ass. Even though she was.
"Yes, please come in," I mumbled and tried so hard not to stare at her ass in her tight jeans as she turned to close the door. I don't know why she has to do a full circle to close it but she does, every time.
She sighed and took the few steps from the door to my desk and waited with raised brows for me to speak. I kept her waiting for just a moment longer to inhale the musk of her perfume.
"Am I in trouble or something?" she rolled her eyes at me and made a face out the window to the bullpen of team members trying to see through the blinds. I finally stood and went to the window to close them. I have to have control of this moment.
"I just wanted to discuss your performance over the past week, given that you're new to this team and Strauss seems to have a certain view about your...unconventional behavior," I said just as I noticed her starting to smile.
"Did David put you up to this?"
"What exactly is your relationship with David Rossi? I know he recommended you in our time of need, he said that you were the best," I spat out of jealousy. The back of my mind knew that they must have slept together at some point, even though she's half his age.
"I am the best," she stated, boldly. "You've watched me work all week, you should know that by now." She was trying to hide a grin but I could see the dimple in her cheek twitching. That sarcasm was definitely something I hated and loved.
"You didn't answer my question."
"No, okay? We've never slept together. He just likes to make everyone think we have," she laughed. "I mean it's David. He has to keep his reputation of a ladies man in check." She watched me study her. Inside I was rejoicing that my initial thoughts were wrong and I lost my train of thought. "So...what about my performance?"
"Yes," I started again, having gotten distracted, "You were recommended by Dave so I have to respect his judgement in that you will be a great asset to this team but I also have to agree with Strauss in that you are unpredictable."
"Excuse me?" She stiffened up and took a step towards me. I hated being the bad guy but at the end of the day, someone has to have to balls to call her out on her shit.
"You've proven your skills over this past week and I will admit, I'm very glad Dave called you but you are unprofessional before your superiors, you act out emotionally-"
"Oh whatever," she huffed and crossed her arms.
"Just yesterday, you told an officer to 'suck your dick' when he argued against your decision to not pursue an UnSub." As much as I loved her comeback, it was my job to hate it.
"He was being a stubborn asshole."
"Right there, that's my point!" I laughed, "you can't say things like that to fellow officers. Even if they are being stubborn assholes."
"So you agree with me that he was being a dick," she smiled.
"That's not the point either," I laughed and walked from behind my desk. There was a moment of silence as we laughed at our argument and I felt myself staring. I could tell that my demeanor changed and I didn't care what we were talking about anymore. I just watched her watching me. "The point is that even though you are a pain in the ass and will cause me more paperwork than I care to do," I took a deep breath, "I'm glad Dave called you."
She bit at her bottom lip as it curled to a smirk. She looked away with a sigh and all of a sudden, "I don't think I can work here."
"What?" My jaw fell to the floor.
"I-I don't think I can work here...I mean with you" she paused and sighed again, her whole body sinking.
I frowned, utterly confused.
"I can't work for someone who looks at me the way you do."
"What do you mean?" I tried to play it off even though my face was deceiving my well-intentioned plans of staying calm.
She smiled, "Aaron, you just said that I was the best. I don't need to read your mind to know what crosses it when I walk into a room."
"That's enough," I straightened my posture and took a step back.
"Your pupils dilate," she profiled me. "Your heart rate increases, your hands sweat. You stutter your words without realizing and I know the others can tell."
"Just stop," I said again under my breath, taking another step back. Is this how it feels to be profiled? Is this what we've been doing to people? Make them feel violated and naked?
"I know you're afraid to feel anything for anyone again given what you've been though and I completely understand and I'm so sorry, Aaron-" she walked towards me with confidence and empathy but she was starting to piss me off, reading me like that.
"Enough!" was almost a scream as I grabbed her arms. I held her so tightly I could feel her pulse in my hands and feel her shake at the feeling of my fingers digging into her skin. I let go just as fast as I grabbed her when I felt her breath on my face, gasping at the surprise of my grip. I took an embarrassed step back and put my hand to my mouth at my own surprise of how much it turned me on for her to profile me. She could read me like a book and that vulnerability, for some reason, made my dick twitch.
When I finally caught my breath and dared to look up at her, she was grinning -- the most shit-eating grin I had ever seen. She knew what she did to me. She knew I liked her words slapping me with every syllable. She knew what I needed and how I needed it and it drove her crazy to see me like this. It drove her crazy to know that she could control me the way I controlled everyone else around me, with harsh words and a firm hand.
I stood as straight as I could and filled the small space between us with a heavy sigh and the best frown I could muster.
I stared at her lips. "Don't you ever do that to me again."
"Yes, Sir."
There wasn't a moment in between the time she spoke to her pressing her lips to mine. My knees nearly buckled and I could hardly breathe but she had me trapped, her hands in my hair and her thigh pressed against my crotch. I sighed and tried to keep my thoughts still so I could enjoy the moment that I've been waiting for all fucking week. I had been waiting six days to feel her playfully bite my lip the was she does hers. I had been waiting six days to feel her body pressed against me, close enough that I can feel her muscles tighten though her shirt. I had been waiting six long days to taste the cinnamon lip balm that she applies at least twenty times a day.
She pulled away from me with swollen lips and smiled. She bit her lip then kissed me quickly just as my phone rang on my desk. "Don't stutter."
"Shut up," I pulled away with reluctance and answered the phone. "A-agent Hotchner?"