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Notes: Hey ya'll! It's Ninniku-chan here. This is something I wrote a few years ago. i thought this would be another good book to post. Hopefully ya'll will like it. No flames or negativity is allowed. By negativity I mean no bullying, harrassment, etc. towards me or my stories because if there is any then i will report you. Onl ypositive a nd constructive feedback is allowed. Please enjoy and R&R lovelies!

Bloodstone Saga

Book One: Bitten

Chapter 1

Morning was blossoming outside. Rays of sunshine snuck in through her curtains. She groaned as she rolled onto her side. She didn't want to get up yet. Her long jet black hair laid sprawled around her like a shadow. She rose the covers. She didn't want the day to begin. She sighed at hearing a knock upon her door. She knew who it was. She could smell it in their scent. She knew there was no point in trying to stay in bed any longer. She pulled herself up into a sitting position. She had worn to bed a simple black leather tank top with black shorts with tints of red. It matched her hair due to it also having tints of crimson. She wondered why her unwelcome visitor decided to disturb her at this time. She heard the knock again. An irritated hiss was released from her lips. She didn't appreciate those who were impatient. If it were of the utmost importance the person on the other end would've barged in. She approached the door. She pulled it open to see who it was. She narrowed her eyes at recognizing the one who dared wake her up.

"Oh, it's you," she sneered. "What do you want this time?"

"Pardon me for waking you, Miss," says the servant as he bowed apologetically to her. "Your mother wishes to see you."

"At this hour?" she asked, her grey orbs darkening in irritation.

"Y-Yes," the servant boy stammered in fear.

"I see," she mused. "Tell her I'll be there. If she sends you again you'll be my meal for today."

"U-Understood," he responded as he bowed again before leaving.

She decided to get washed quickly. She knew if her mother was calling her it wasn't for idle chit chat. When she finished bating she dried off to get herself dressed. She wore a crimson top with black on the sleeves and leather pants accompanied by a pair of combat boots. Her nails were usually painted black. She exited her room when she was finished. She didn't feel like doing anything about her hair. She let it fall gracefully down her back. She stepped out of her room into the hallway. She knew the route to her mother's chamber. It wasn't often she went there, but when she had to it was never to say hi or see how she was doing. She inwardly grimaced at remembering the last visit. It wasn't pretty. It didn't take her long to reach the door. She raised ah and to turn the door knob. She didn't bother knocking. The older woman knew she was coming. She slipped inside. The door swung shut behind her. She approached where her mother was sitting. She stopped when the other woman motioned her to sit in an empty chair. She did so, but she wasn't sure what this visit was about. She hadn't been given any information.

"Akita, I'm sure this is odd for me to ask you here," Daezelias began saying to her daughter.

"No, not really," she replied dryly. "Why did you want me here?"

Her mother frowned, "It seems your lessons aren't paying off, dear. No matter. That isn't why you're here. I noticed you are almost of age. Have you begun looking for someone?"

"No one interests me," Akita answered bluntly.

"Ah, I see," her mother mused as the dark haired woman thought of how she should explain what she had set in motion as it was obvious to Akita there was a glimmer of worry in the woman's cobalt blue eyes.

"Indeed," she murmured. "There have been some people who have tried to court me, but I turned them down. They weren't my type."

"I know," Daezelias said gently. "Now, Akita, I have arranged a neighboring kingdom to come in a few days' time. They are bringing their children with them. Perhaps you might get along with them."

"I doubt it," she muttered.

"You will be civil when they're here," her mother said sternly.

"Make me," Akita challenged.

"Young lady, we have spoken about this before," her mother stressed as she was becoming irritated by her daughter's behavior.

"We have? I probably didn't listen," Akita said with a bored expression. "Was that all?"

She sighed, "Yes, I wanted you to know before they came here."

"Do you know what they are?" Akita inquired.

"I believe the king said he and his daughters are wolf angels," Daezelius answered although it was obvious to her daughter that her mother's annoyance was growing which amused her.

"Huh, that'll be something I haven't seen," she mused.

"Yes, well you can go about your business now," she said, shooing her daughter out of her chamber.

"Good," Akita said with a small smirk appearing on her lips as she exited the room to return to her own.

She reached it after a few moments of walking down the corridor. She opened the door. She was surprised to see a package waiting for her. She furrowed her brows. She hadn't been expecting anything. The servant boy must have delivered it while she wasn't here. She closed the door. She plopped down onto her bed. She held the parcel on her lap. She noticed there was a letter. She decided to read it first. Her brows raised when she read it. It confused her. Why would their guests send her something? Or it could have been sent by someone else under their name. She wasn't sure. She needed to go about this with caution.

Dear Akita,

I'm sure this must seem strange to you. I thought it would be wise to send a peace offering before we arrived. I've heard from others how you are. I heard what your tastes are and I thought this would suit you perfectly.


King Areolas

"Hmm, I wonder what it could be," Akita muttered to herself as she set the letter aside to unwrap the package to see what laid inside for her.

She gasped in surprise. When she finished unwrapping it there was a pleasant sight for her to behold. The king had sent her various chokers. He had also sent her several special twin knives. She held one of them in her hand. It was silver with a gold design of bats while the other was gold with a design of wolf angels in silver. They were only two, but she would treasure them. The chokers were different. They were beautiful as well. They were mostly black, rose colored, or maroon. She put them into her drawer where she kept her accessories. She put on one of the black chokers. It fit her perfectly. She wondered how he knew what her size was. She noticed there were sheaths for the knives as well. The one for the silver knife was white with crimson designs of roses while the other sheath for the golden knife was black with opaque designs of dragons. She put them onto her belt. She was touched he wound send this. She decided to write a message to him. She went to her desk. She brought out a pen and paper. She began writing her message. She knew her hawk would be able to deliver it quickly enough.

Dear King Areolas,

I am touched you would send such a gift. I appreciate it and I look forward to thanking you in person. I hope your travels go well to our kingdom.

Thank you again.


Akita Lanka

She opened her window. She whistled. Her hawk Beinsheika came at her call. She tied the letter to the bird's leg. She patted his head gently. He nodded. He knew what she needed him to do. He flew off shortly after she had told him where the letter needed to be delivered. She knew it would only be a matter of time before they arrived.


"Little sister, are you ready?" asked the voice of Azelia.

"Almost," replied the younger sister whose name was Kurashiana.

"Good, we'll be waiting. Father says we'll be leaving in an hour," informed the other older sister named Suilaria.

The woman in her room was the youngest of the three. She had long honey brown hair that fell to her waist. She decided to put it up into a high ponytail. Her bangs would cover one of her eyes. It wouldn't matter. She couldn't see anyways. Her eyes were grey with flecks of white and silver. It showed the decay and lack of color. Her hair was straight yet wavy. Her white wings were folded on her back. She didn't have much of show for when it came for feminine features. She had a slender form and some curves. Her bust wasn't much. She kept it under wrappings most of the time. People sometimes mistook her for a boy. She didn't mind. She knew she was the runt of the litter. She was insignificant to her sisters with the way she thought about it. They were always able to outshine her. She dressed in a midnight blue dress. It was clasped in the back. It showed off her cleavage slightly, but not too much. The dress went down to her knees. She wore fishnet underneath. She preferred to stay barefoot, but when she needed to she would wear heeled boots. Her wolf ears twitched nervously. Her tail fitted through the hole in the back of her dress. It helped their clothes were fashioned in a way it wouldn't be cramped inside. She had already packed her bags the night before. They had been put in her saddle bags. They didn't use horses for travel. Her family raised centaurs. So in a way they were horses, but only half. She was looking forward to seeing her stead. She knew Illusio would understand how she was feeling. She exited her room when she deemed herself presentable. She was often asked how she was able to get around. She could navigate as well as see by vibrations on the ground. It didn't take her long to find Illusio waiting for her. She mounted him and placed her feet in the stirrups. She noticed her servant had prepared him for the journey. She appreciated it, but she preferred doing it herself. She despised people giving her pity. She knew he was a proud centaur to be assigned to her. He had reddish brown fur in his horse half. In his human half he had reddish brown hair like his fur, but it went down to his shoulders. His eyes were a gentle seafoam green with flecks of silver and sapphire.

"What's bothering you, milady?" Illusio asked as she grabbed his reins.

"Many things," Kurashiana replied softly. "Can we get going? I don't want to be near them while we talk."

"I understand," he said as he felt her gently press against his side which sent him off at a fast gallop.

"Kurashiana, wait!" King Areolas called out, but she didn't listen as Illusio continued to ride ahead the rest of the group.

"Now, tell me what's on your mind," he said while he moved.

"You know how my sisters are," she said bitterly. "They seem so cheerful, but I know what they really think."

"Oh?" Illusio asked, waiting for her to go on.

"They think I'm a disgrace," she growled. "I'm nothing to them."

Illusio frowned, "I can understand why you're upset. You know I don't feel that way. You're fine the way you are. You get by just like they do."

"Yes, but they think I can't do anything by myself," Kurashiana sighed. "I wish they would see I'm not incapable of doing things on my own."

"I know," Illusio murmured. "They are all fools."

She patted his side, "Thank you. I'm glad you're not like them."

He chuckled lightly, "No one is the same. Everyone is different, milady."

"Don't you remember what I told you before? You don't need to use those formalities when we're alone," she admonished, but couldn't help to smile at him.

"Oh right," he joked. "I forgot."

She shook her head, "I sometimes wonder about you, Illusio.'

"Aww, I'm pleased you care," he teased.

"Of course I do," she pouted.

He laughed, "I know."

"Do you think they'll ever learn?" she asked.

"Who knows? People are strange things. You never know what they think or do," Illusio replied as he concentrated on where he was going.

"True," she mused. "How long do you think it will take to reach this kingdom we're visiting?"

"It will take a few days," he replied. "You know what the purpose of the visit is for, right?"

"Yes, father explained it to me," she assured. "He said the queen is looking for suitors to court her children. It's stupid in my opinion. We should be given free will who we want to spend the rest of our lives with."

Illusio nodded, "Yes, well your kind and the vampiric creatures have a different system with mating than my species do. I suppose it varies depending on how the social structure is."

"Are we camping during the nights?" she inquired.

"We are," Illusio answered with a smirk.

"Oh, I see," she said quietly.

"The others are staying in a place fit for them, but I know you like being outside," he explained.

"Thank you," Kurashiana said as she was touched by how thoughtful he was at times.

"It's no problem. I'd prefer you were comfortable than around idiots who seem to underestimate you," he said with a light chuckle.

She nodded. She liked feeling the wind in her hair. It felt so free riding on Illusio's back. She didn't know how long they had been riding as she had lost herself in her thoughts. She didn't break out of them until she felt her stead halt. She wondered if it was time to set up camp. He stopped at a meadow. It was vacant, but if there were any creatures around he knew the princess would be able to befriend them. He knelt down to make it easier for her to get off. She kissed his cheek lightly in response. He blushed. She chuckled lightly as she explored the area. She felt something moving towards her. She was knocked down by a kitsune.

"Hey, get off," she growled as the creature sniffed her.

"You seem alright," mused the feminine voice.

"Would you mind telling me who you are? I don't really appreciate being tackled to the ground," she huffed.

"Oh, sorry about that," the kitsune said sheepishly as she offered Kurashiana a hand.

She brushed it off and got up by herself, "Who are you?"

"My name is Mitsune," she told her. "And you?"

"Kurashiana," the wolf angel princess replied.

"What are you doing all the way out here?" Mitsune inquired.

"I'm traveling," she answered simply. "What about you? Do you live here? Or are you traveling to?"

"Ah, well I guess I'm traveling to. I don't know where exactly. I've been on my own most of my life," she explained.

"Oh," she said softly. "I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's ok," she assured.

"Maybe you would like to join me?" Kurashiana offered as the kitsune seemed friendly.

"Sure, I'd love that," she said, her hazel eyes flickered with a gentleness as she noticed the other woman's issue.

"It seems you finally made a friend," Illusio teased. "It's about time."

The kitsune sat down in a makeshift bedding of leaves. She motioned for her to come sit. She had golden blonde hair that fell to a little past her shoulders. She had fie tails. They glimmered like the sparks of a fire. She wore a light green tunic with dark grey leggings and leather boots. She held a satchel on her back as well as a belt with a pouch. She took out an item from it. She brought it to her lips. It was a flute. She began to play a short song. Kurashiana liked the sound of it. She thought it was peaceful. She didn't realize she had relaxed. She rested her head on Mitsune's shoulder. She played it for a little longer before stowing it away. She giggled at seeing the wolf angel's expression. She thought Kurashiana looked cute. It appeared as if the younger woman was almost asleep from the song the kitsune had played.

"I didn't know my instrument had such an effect," she teased.

Kurashiana pouted, "It's not my fault. It sounded so nice and I couldn't help dozing off."

"It's ok. You look pretty tired," Mitsune said reassuringly.

"It has been a long day," she sighed.

"Do you have a bed roll I his saddle bags? Or do you want to lay out here with me?" Mitsune asked.

"Yeah, but it's not cold," she responded as she curled up on the makeshift nest. "I don't like using it unless I absolutely have to."

"Ah, ok," Mistune said as she understood. "Come here, honey. I'll get you comfortable."

"Thanks," she said with a light smile.

Mistune helped Kurashiana become comfortable. She could tell the wolf angel would be happy to stay outside. She wondered what her story was. She seemed to be a troubled maiden. She wondered if she could question the centaur after she was asleep. It wasn't her place to pry, but she was curious. It was a kitsune's nature to be that way. When she noticed Kurashiana was comfortable she brought out her flute again. She played a lullaby. It was one she came up, but she had a sneaking suspicion it might be the one her mother used. She wished she remembered who her mother and father were. She has tried, but never seemed to figure it out. She played the instrument for several moments until Kurashiana was fast asleep. She put it away. Mitsune turned her attention to Illusio. She knew if she wanted answers to her curiosity he would be able to tell her.

"You want to know about her, right?" Illusio asked.

"Umm, yeah. How did you know?" Mistune asked sheepishly.

"Well, it seems you're staying with us. You might as well be informed of milady's situation," the centaur sighed.

"Why do you call her that?' she asked.

"Well, she's the youngest of three sisters. They're princess of the Urufuenjeru Kingdom," he explained.

"Oh," Mitsune said.

"It's sad they're all fools," Illusio said with a light chuckle. "I doubt they'll ever realize what she really is."

"What would that be?" the kitsune inquired.

"She is the strongest person I know," he said with a small smile. "Everyone else are weaklings in comparison, but who knows. The children of this kingdom we're visiting might be the people Kurashiana needs."


"Do you think she'll be alright?" King Areolas asked his advisor in concern.

"She's more capable than you give her credit for, my lord," responded Saiyera. "You should believe in her more than you do now."

"She's my youngest daughter," he sighed. "It's hard for me to let her go. Besides, with her can she manage herself?"

"You underestimate her, your highness," she informed him. "If you changed your ways towards towards her then she would want to be in your company more. I doubt her sisters would be easy to comprehend how their younger sister feels."

"Perhaps you're right, Saireya," he sighed. "Well, we have another long day of traveling tomorrow."

"Indeed,' she agreed. "You know she won't travel with us. She likes being out there. She's comfortable being around people who understand her issues."

"I know," he said somberly. "I wish they would get along. I know it seems like they do, but I know they don't. They undermine her. I've told them countless times they shouldn't do that, but they won't listen to me."

"I know," she murmured, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "be patient, my lord."

"I have been," he replied in annoyance. "They've been this way since they were little towards her. I'm almost to the point I'll snap at them if it happens around me."

"True," Saireya agreed. "They deserve it. What good have those two done for you or for the rest? Kurashiana treats the servants with care unlike those two harlots."

"Was there something else you wished to discuss with me?" he asked her.

"Ah yes, a messenger hawk arrived with this. It is addressed to you from Lady Akita," Saireya said as she handed him the letter.

He opened it and read it which caused him to chuckle lightly as he put it away, "It seems the little bat girl appreciates my peace offering."

"Isn't that nice of her?" Saireya asked with a small smile.

"Indeed," Areolas said in a pleased manner. "It seems the goddesses are showing us their favor today."

"Have you spoken to Queen Daezelias before?" she inquired.

"Yes," he replied to his advisor. "She isn't that bad if you know how to charm her."

"I presume she is rather unwelcoming?" she asked gently.

"You could say that," he shrugged. "Let's just say it's better to have her flustered than after your head."

"I see,' Saireya mused. "Sire, perhaps it is time for you to retire for the night. It is growing late. We have a long day of traveling ahead of us."

"Alright, that might be best," he sighed.

Kurashiana......please be safe.