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John and Sherlock were rushing towards the pathology, because Lestrade had asked them to check out the corpse of a young woman who had been killed yesterday, and that wasn't something Sherlock let himself tell twice. He pushes the huge doors open and they storm inside.

"What can you tell us about the corpse, Molly?" Sherlock says rushing straight towards the corpse on the table, clearly paying no attention to his surrounding.
When he gets no answer he tears his eyes off the corpse and starts to look around, searching for any sign of Molly.
Finally he spots a young woman who is standing besides another corpse, but that woman was definitly not Molly and was waving at him with her gloved hand and a unimpressed expression.
John has also already notice her and walks towards her offering his hand.
"Oh, good morning. I'm Doctor John Watson, excuse me but where can we find Molly Hooper?"
"I'm Kate Taylor, sadly Molly Hooper no longer works here..." she says shaking John's hand with a kind smile.
Sherlock looks closely at Kate, trying to analyze her.

strange accent which she covers very well -> not originally from England -> new in this pathology -> new in London -> wants a fresh start (hair colored in brown, blue contact lenses, new shoes, new handbag on chair behind her) -> hide something from her past-> bad past-> but what?!

Sherlock hesitates. He can't see more?! What? Why?! It's the first time that this is happening.
Even John could see those simple things!

John quickly throws a warning look at Sherlock while shaking Kate's hand and gave her a short smile. "Oh, do you know why? She was a friend of us."
"As far as I know she got a better job offer elsewhere, but she told me that you would come to see the new corpse."
"Why didn't she tell us? We definetly need to call her later! And you are now the new pathologist I suppose?" John says frowning in confusion but then giving her a smile.
She nodds and sends an short unsure look towards Sherlock.
John follows her gaze, rolls his eyes and sighs. "Ok, I'm sick of it. Kate, this is..."
"Sherlock Holmes, Consulting detective, the only one." Sherlock interrupts John and stretches out his hand while giving her an exaggerated smile to please John and wipe that annoyed expression off his face.

"Okay?" Kate says after an akward moment of silence and lets his hand go.
John turnes to Sherlock with a faked worried expression."What? You aren't anayzing the shit our of her till she breaks down crying? Sherlock, I'm proud of you!"
Sherlock rolls his eyes and ignores John while walking silently towards the corpse.
John, who is a little confused, sits down on a small chair in the corner of the room, where he always waits until Sherlock was done with whatever he was doing, only getting up sometimes when Sherlock needed his expert opinon.
John's eyes move back to Kate who was standing in the middle of the room looking a bit lost.
"This will take some time, it's best if you sit down till he's done."
Kate smiles thankfully and sits down on the chair next to John.
"Are you new in London? You have some sort of an accent." John asks her in a tempt to start a conversation, trying to make their waiting at least a little bit more exciting.
"Well, actually I'm from Germany."
"So you just moved here or did you alrady live here for some time?" John sounded as if he actually cares and so Kate continued telling her story.
"I was accepted here a week ago and moved to the UK within two days. That wasn't a problem, but to find a cheap and good apartment in London in such a short time is impossible. I know no one here, so I'm living in a cheap and disgusting hotel right now."
"That's what happened to me when I came back from war," John nods knowingly reminding the time he came back "but then an old friend of mine introduced me to Sherlock and we are."
" two are a couple then?" Kate half questions after looking between John and Sherlock, but then getting worried by the expression on John's face "not that I would care. I have no problem with any sexuallity! I also like women and men myself!"
"No! we're not a couple. I'm not gay! We're just flat mates and help each other. Jesus why does everyone thinks we're gay?!"
"I'm sorry...I just...."
John's face softens."It's okay, I'm sorry for how I reacted. Just so you know, I also don't have a problem with...anything."
She gives him an understanding smile."'re both single then?"
"Yes, why?"John askes looking puzzled.
"That's the answer to your previous question then. Handsome men are either taken or gay."
John starts to laugh and Kate joins him.

After they spend some time in quiet just watching Sherlock moving around the table and searching through Kate's documents to the corpse, John turnes towards her again an idea written on his face.
"Maybe you could live with us, we have a room available?"
"Are you serious? I mean...we only know each other for like...five minutes?" Kate gasps.
"Belive me, you don't know Sherlock, he's the biggest pain in the ass and I can handle him as a flat mate. I think I even know more about you by know than about Sherlock." John laughes and then turnes toward Sherlock again. "We can ask him when he comes out from his mind palace."
Kate frowns at John and then also looks at Sherlock."His what?"
John signs and looks back at her hesitating.
"It's hard to explain. Sherlock looks at someone and knows litteraly everything because he has plenty of informations stored up in his head...I don't even understand it myself... We end up in a bunch of strange situation because of him most of the time, cause he don't know when to keep his mouth shut."
Kate looks down at her hands folded in her lap."Mh..."
"What?" John frowns.
"It's just...I don't want a stranger to know my most personal things...I have a few issues, you know?"
"I understand. He often hurts people by exhibiting their deepest secrets, feelings or memories, but he doesn't want to. He has no idea of human feelings."
"We have to find the weapon!" Sherlock interrupts them before Kate can response.
Kate cleares her throat."Mr.Holmes?"
He turnes to them as she picks something up from the table besides them and waves at Sherlock with a Screwdriver, smirking that Sherlock missed that fakt.
He looks a bit confused and rips it out of Kate's hands before she can complain.
"Oh. Of course...that makes sense!" he states while studying the screwdriver "We need to talk with the employer of the dead immediately. JOHN!" with that he's already on his way out.
"Wait.Just one more thing Sherlock!" John shouts while running after him with his short legs.
Sherlock turned around."Kate is new here and looks for an appartement. I thought she could check out or free room? We also barely knew each other when we moved together."
Sherlock frowns and looks at Kate who was holding his stare. He still can't see anything.
"I play violine late at night." Sherlock and Kate said at the same time.
"Wait, what?" John spits out immediately.
Kate's eyes move between John and Sherlock's faces. "Well...when I come home from work very late and need to calm down I play violine...and piano, but I couldn't bring it to London. Obviously."

John seems to have lost his voice and Sherlock thinks for a few seconds.
"Tomorrow, 2 pm. 221b Bakerstreet. If you like it you can stay."
With that Sherlock leaves and a still confused John follows him while waving Kate goodbye.

John looks at Sherlock as they sit beside each other in the cab, thinking about what just happened.
"Why didn't you bombard her with her past and stuff?"
"I just wasn't in the mood."
"I may be stupid, but I know that you're lying."
Sherlock signs frustraded which causes John to look at him.
"Fine. All I could see was the obvious...thee things even you could see. Happy?"
"She beated THE Sherlock Holmes?" John laughes
Sherlock just stares out the window.
"It embarrass you!" fake gasps and chuckles.
At least John had his fun.