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i got my eyes on you (you're everything that i see)

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"Jimin hyung!!"


The boy looked up, seeing a 9-year old Jungkook running towards him with probably the widest smile he had ever seen. Jimin's attention on the river was soon forgotten and instead stood up with his arms wide, letting the younger tackle him into a hug.


"You weren't there when I woke up," Jungkook mumbled angrily into his chest, making Jimin to laugh.


"I was only taking a morning walk, Kookie."


"You promised to be by my side always!" he pouted.


Jimin cooed at the sight and gave the boy a kiss on the forehead, a small but sweet gesture that Jungkook always appreciates, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll wait for you to wake up every morning okay?"


The statement seems promising, so Jungkook stopped pouting and grinned cheekily instead. He giggled as he clasped Jimin's hand against his, pulling him as he tried to bring the older back to the village. Jimin is 2 inches taller than Jungkook which made the younger having a hard time to even drag the said male. Jimin was only 11 but he knew that sooner or later, the younger pup would outgrow him. It's not something Jimin loathed, but he's rather excited to see what it feels like when Jungkook is taller that made him look older than the blonde.


"Where are we going, Kookie?" he asks, noticing that they're not actually going back to the usual trail they follow every time they need go back to the village.


"I want to show you something, hyung."


Jimin didn't asked further and let Jungkook lead the way. They had ended up to face a large oak tree, its size so massive that it could destroy the whole village at once if the tree fell. Jimin gasped at the beauty of it, his eyes sparkling in amazement and adoration of nature.


"I saw this when I was looking for you. I thought that it would be nice to show it to you."


Jimin looked at Jungkook who's smiling innocently at him, "Thanks, Kookie. I really liked it."


"If you want, the whole tree's yours."


"It's not even yours to begin with," Jimin scrunched his nose in amusement and laughed.


Jungkook pouted, "Even if it's not, I want to give it to you! You deserve that whole tree and so are the rest of the beautiful things Mother Nature had left for us to take care of."


"That's really sweet, Jungkook; but this tree would never be mine but to the forest instead alright?"


"I want that to be my gift to you though," he grumbled.


"And it is. And I loved it," Jimin grinned.


Seeing that Jungkook would never stop pouting angrily at him, he grabbed a piece of rock that has a sharp edge to it before starting to carve words on the old tree.


Jungkook and Jimin forever.


"How's that?"


Jungkook looked up from his plain beige shorts, seeing the words carved out neatly through the rough surface of the wood. Amazed, he walked further towards the tree to touch it, feeling the initials of the words with the tip of his fingers. He then looked at Jimin who's smiling down at him fondly in which he returned just as much.





Jimin felt uncomfortable the moment he woke up, squished between Jungkook's heated body and the cold wall of Jimin's parents' den. His throat was parched and his body couldn't stop shaking. A low sob was emitted from his chest as soon as he felt his body rigid. He couldn't stop squirming, the uncomfortable feeling starting to get hotter and more prominent as a loud groan finally escaped in which a 15-year old Jungkook had woken up from the sound.


His eyes scanned across Jimin's entire body, and he hovered over him in panic as he tried to calm Jimin's body down from shaking too much.


"Hyung, are you okay? What's happening?" he aksed frantically.


Jimin doesn't know what the hell is going on, and technically, he's supposed to end up still cuddling the pup, thinking that it's the best way to wake up on his birthday-


Jimin froze, Of course.


"J-Jungkook, get out of the den."


Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, clearly confused as to what the older is trying to say, "What?"


"I'm 17 already, K-Kookie. I'm in the middle of my Presenting Bond," he breathed out. "You have to get out. Tell my parents on the way about my situation before you leave."


He shoved Jungkook away rather gently than expected. He didn't really wanted to hurt the poor and innocent pup, but he's not even sure what dynamic he's going to be and if he's an alpha, might as well not having the pup to witness what's going to happen.




Jungkook nodded with a worried frown before scurrying out of his room, and knocked loudly on the door to Jimin's parents before going out of the den early in the morning. It only took a few minutes before his eyes caught sight of his mother and father encircling around him, his mother flashing worried eyes on him.


"It only takes minutes, sweetheart," she whispered softly, trying to hold Jimin down as he continued to squirm.


"W-Why does it f-feel so uncomfortable," he whined.


His father replied calmly, "Your body is trying to adapt to whatever dynamic you're meant to be. It only takes a matter of minutes to find out that you're-"


His father paused when the sweet and intoxicating scent of Lavendar and Vanilla bloomed all over the room, Jimin's body now calm and tired. His father looked over to his wife, a small smile drawing out from his lips.


"-Omega, Jimin. You're an omega."



"Jimin-ah, bring this to the riverside so that the others can wash it, will you?" his mother called out from the other room, making the male to quietly change rooms where he saw her throwing all the crinkled and obviously smelly clothes in the big woven basket.


"Do you have anything else you'd like to add?"


"Just those, sweetie."


"Alright, I'll be back."


Omega life wasn't too hard to adjust to, much to Jimin's surprise. It's practically just the same routine as he always does before he was even presented a few months ago. Laundry, cooking, sewing and healing; it had been a hobby for him. It's as if he's borned to be an omega. Not that he complains.


He knew that once he was presented with the dynamic of an omega, alphas would approach him near and far just to get his hand for courtship. Sadly for him, everyone has been awfully rejected with Jimin's worried yet painful no's. The blonde hated the feeling, hated how the alphas has to be the one eating up the embarassment. He feels too guilty for his own good, which is why he had always dreaded for alphas to even enter a 5 meter radius within him.


Except for this one, specific wolf, however.




The blonde male stopped dead on his tracks, the familiar voice of a young and innocent preteen made him want to just change to wolf form and scurry away. He'll honestly do everything to not face the boy. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he spinned around with a woven basket tucked between his right hip and arm, smiling sweetly.


The pup's bunny grin made Jimin's heart bloom. Ah, how could I possibly not want to see this?


"I found an amber stone," he grinned proudly, showing the piece of gem on his smooth, milky white palms that are brought together to hold the precious stone.


"That's really beautiful, Kookie."


"This is for you."


Jimin crooned in flattery, settling down the basket on the ground before taking the stone gently from the younger's dirty and muddy hands to admire the gift. He stroked the smooth gem, feeling a few scratches at the rim of it but the blaring orange color made him calm. It was even more beautiful to see it empty inside without an insect trapped. Jimin had always loved simplicity and neat objects.


"I really like it, Kookie. Thank you," he smiled, looking at the younger who beamed even brighter than Seokjin, his omega bestfriend.


"Does that mean I'm allowed to court you?"


The question made the blonde omega to almost choke on his own saliva. The same sentence suddenly recorded back into his mind like a broken casette tape and he wants it to stop. Trying to keep his posture, he stood up straightly and grabbed the basket, giving the younger a tight smile.


"As I have told you before, just because you're giving me gifts and me accepting it doesn't mean I'm allowing you to court me."


Jungkook pouted, "But appa said-"


"That is when you're an Alpha, Jungkook. But you're still 16, and not even presented yet," he shook his head, cutting the pup off.


"B-But hyung..."


Jimin eyes softened, the sight of Jungkook's shoulders drooping in disappointment made his heart almost to ache. He knows he's smart, and clearly understands that nobody knew if he'll be an Alpha, Beta or Omega; it just bothers Jimin on why he keeps on giving him gifts, hoping to let the pup court him. He's too young for Jimin, just too young and innocent and he's afraid to snatch that away from him.


With a small sigh, he placed his hand on the other's cheek, the said male leaning in on his palm for comfort. It's cute that Jimin almost wanted to hug him.


"You're still young. You have more time to prepare for your presentation. And besides," he straightened his back and gave him a tight smile. "I'm too old for you, Kookie-ah."


With that being said, Jimin finally turned his back on him and began to walk away further into the woods; hoping that the scent of his bestfriend would ease his unusually tingly and painful nerves.


Unfortunately for him, he didn't got a chance to witness Jungkook's determined gaze drilling holes unto his hyung's back.



"So, Jungkook had given you an another gift, didn't he?" Seokjin asks, too busy to even look at his own bestfriend but knows him all too well to just know what's going on.


Jimin sighed and nods, despite the knowledge that Seokjin didn't even bother looking at him, "Yeah. He did."


"A strong-willed and persistent alpha."


"He's not even an alpha yet, hyung."


"But he's the pack alpha's first born. It's too noticable in his personality that he's going to be presented as alpha. Why are you even denying that he's going to be one when it's so obvious?"


Jimin bit his lip to stop himself from sighing again. It's almost pointless to argue with Seokjin. Mainly because he's right, and he doesn't really had the heart to accept that fact.


The first time the pack alpha's son had began his minstrations is when he's 9, and Jungkook was only 7. Jimin was just a new boy who had been recruited by the pack after being rogue together with his parents ever since he was borned. The Blood Moon pack, the largest group of werewolves in the country, resided in Busan where his mother had given birth to him. And after years of hiding, the pack's delta had found them. It definitely gave security to the Park family, finally having a pack to be with and they're glad for the Jeons. Jimin, who's always been good at sewing, had given the Pack Alpha and Luna fur coats made from stag skin.


Jungkook's parents are surprised with the gift, not expecting a pup as young as him would even be able to hunt a stag on his own. Jimin proudly stated that since they've been a rogue for more than 10 years, his father taught him to defend on his own. It impressed Alpha Jeon, making the pup's father to be one of the high ranking hunters in the pack. Everyone had expected that Jimin would be presented as Alpha, except one.


When Jimin had ever first recieved a gift from Jungkook, he wasn't even aware that he's the one who had given it. Jimin was already 11 and Jungkook's 9. Jimin only thought that the oak tree would be the first and last time Jungkook would give to him as a gift. He found a small pebble; simple, charcoal black that glints from the sunlight and is as smooth as silk. Since the blonde's obsessed with aesthetic objects, he had loved and cherished it. He wasn't aware of the grins he had caused for the other pup who originally found the pebble just for him.


It was the 10th time that Jimin had recieved an another gift when he finally found out that it was the Pack Alpha's son's doings. Jimin's already 15, two years away from presentation and Jungkook's 13, persistent and stubborn. He was given a crystal that he had found in a cave where he's been exploring without his parents' consent. Jimin might have had an heart attack at the possibilities the younger might have ended up with if he didn't even entered a cave just to get a crystal and give it to him.



"What the hell were you thinking, Jungkook?" Jimin hissed, dropping the quilts he's sewing and immediately went forward to the boy, placing both his palms on the other's cheeks and began to scan any bruises or scars present. "Why did you went to a cave without Alpha Jeon's or the Luna's consent?"


"Because I knew that they won't let me go without a guardian," he simply said, obviously liking the treatment he's recieving from the older.


"Do you even know what would happen if you got hurt? Everyone would be worried!"


"If that would make you worry about me, I'll be more than happy to sneak out on my own again," he smirked.


"Jeon Jungkook!"


The 13-year old shrugged, "I really wanted to give this crystal to you, hyung. It's worth it. It may not be a fur coat since I don't know how to hunt yet but I guess this is just as good."


"So you were the one who keeps on giving me gifts," he almost scowled. "You know that it's not required to give anyone gifts, especially when they're not even presented yet."


"But I know you'll be an omega, hyung. That's why I'm trying to beat the other alphas to it so that no one would take you away from me."


Jimin paused for a moment, trying to process the words the younger had just blurted out of his mouth. Looking at him, he could see that he's more serious than what he had sounded like. The young Jungkook who he's playing with 2 years ago suddenly morphed into a mature young teen who would most likely, be an alpha once presented. He gulped down anything he might have felt for a moment before looking back at the raven boy.


"Y-You're not yet presented, Kookie. And so am I. You don't get to choose what dynamic we would be before the ceremony. It's the Moon's job," he lets out a shaky breath, turning his back around to walk back his position to continue sewing the quilts.


"But I KNOW you'll be an omega. And I know that I'll be an alpha too. Why not doing this in advance?" Jungkook pouted, frustrated with how Jimin's answers are given to him.


"Stop it, Jungkook. Go back to your mom, she's looking for you."


Jungkook frowned, "You're pushing me away, hyung."


"I'm not."


"You are; but I won't stop. I won't stop until I'm presented. And if I did, you know who I'll choose," he stated boldly before running away, throwing the crystal on the soft soil a meter away from Jimin.


The blonde stared at Jungkook's running back before at the crystal, picking it up to admire it. He smiled softly at how much Jungkook knows his taste, remembering those fun times together as innocent kids when Jimin had mentioned that he loves the simplicity of things. He didn't expected that the younger would remember it.



All the gifts the younger had given him, he had always kept it with a heavy heart. All because of denying that he would be an alpha, Jimin is too old for him, and simply because he thinks that whatever Jungkook feels for him, is just infatuation. His minstrations even became bolder, but not too noticable with the other members of the pack, ever since Jimin was presented as an omega. He was sure that everyone's disappointed that he wasn't an alpha as he had some characteristics that might have fitted to the dynamic, including his sharp hunting skills. Even he was disappointed. Not that he hated it, he's just disappointed.


Ever since Jimin woke up as his body began to adapt to the physique of an omega, Jungkook had been waiting outside, just like what the older had told him to do. However, Jimin wouldn't forget the triumphant smirk on Jungkook's face when Alpha Jeon presented his dynamic in the ceremony, signifying that he was right all along.


"He's too old for me, hyung," he whispered quietly but loud enough for the pink-haired boy to hear. He didn't even noticed that Seokjin's already done with both of their laundry, too preoccupied with his own thoughts.


The older scoffed, "Bullshit, Jiminnie. That's your only excuse. Taehyung's younger than me but did I even complained? Of course not."


"Taetae's 3 years younger than you," he pouted.


He shook his head, "Age doesn't matter in this pack, Jiminnie."


"But hyung, you don't understand. He's the Pack Alpha's son, do you honestly expect me to be giddy about this that the future alpha of the pack is pining on me even before he was presented?"


"I don't expect you to be giddy. I expect you to accept his love and just wait a little bit longer until he was presented. He had been very good at keeping the courting lowkey, what more if he was finally presented as alpha?"


"Why do all of you keep on believing that he would be an alpha?" he groaned.


"Because he has the aura of being one."


Jimin almost shivered, the image of Jungkook's determined gaze back then when he had given him the crystal suddenly flashed back.


"He's not even courting me yet."


"It's because you wouldn't let him."


"It's because he wasn't presented yet."


"Yeah? Then if that's your excuse, you're involuntarily telling me that you like him too? And that the presentation is the only thing that's in the way?"


The blonde didn't replied immediately after that. Does he like him? He's not even sure at this point. He had always loved the boy when they were kids. They were inseperable and even the Alpha and Luna Jeon had favored them both. Jungkook would always clutch on his hyung's hands because he's a shy boy and Jimin began to be loved by everyone because of his wonderful personality. Jimin had always been Jungkook's rock, and the younger had always been his happy little pill.


Ever since he had started to give him gifts however, Jimin began to grow afraid of the outcome of these gestures, but that doesn't stop Jimin from letting Jungkook sleep at the same bed as his until Jimin was presented because he likes to cuddle Jungkook just a smuch as hugging a pillow (he's required to sleep in the omega den now where all the unmated omegas are staying).


So really, what is he even afraid of?


"I don't... know..." he mumbled with no hint of certainty, and he knew that Seokjin had already picked up his scent becoming uneasy and confused.


The older omega sighed and just slinged his arm over his shoulders, giving Jimin his widest and purest smile that he had always been fond of.


"Well you still have a year to think about that."


He groaned and slapped his stomach playfully with his hand, "Stop pressuring me."


"You can just ask my alpha to have a therapy with you. He's good at these. Plus he and Jungkook are bestfriends too."


"Shut up. As if I would even let Taetae give me therapy sessions," he snorted.


"It's better to ask an alpha than an omega, Jiminnie."


Jimin smiled, his gaze towards the empty woods that's been quiet for far too long.


"I know."



News had spread like wildfire that a foreign pack would be visiting the Blood Moon pack. Everyone knew the reason: to find the alpha pack's son's mate, travelling far and wide to find their other half. All omegas had been excited about this.


Most of them, at least.


"How come you're not dressed yet?"


Jimin looked up from his book, seeing Taehyung leaning on the doorframe with an eyebrow raised. He wore nothing but faded brown jeans and his grey fur coat that reaches just above the back of his knees. The blonde would have rolled his eyes at him for having the audacity to not wear a shirt underneath.


"Are you even going to wear a shirt or do you just want to make Seokjin see red whenever an omega tries to release toxicating pheromones just to flirt with you? And the foreign pack won't be arriving until tomorrow so why would I even do that now?"


Taehyung snickered, "Hyung's actually pretty hot when possessive so I don't really mind."


"Disgusting little shits," he scrunched his nose. "Alphas aren't allowed in the omega dens so why are you even breaking that?"


"Some rules are meant to be broken," he shrugged and walked towards him before lettung himself fall down the bed on top of Jimin who made a choking sound at the heavy weight of the alpha.


"You f-fucker," he hissed. "You're fucking c-choking me, y-you dick."


"I missed my bestfriend," he pouted, moving himself next to Jimin this time to hug him and put his legs over him.


"Fuck off, Tae."


"You're just being mean. Are you mad that I took Seokjin hyung away from you?"


He snorted this time, "Of course not. I don't need to see two lovesick birds in one house. Besides, you could only even bring an omega with you if they even agreed to let you court and mate them."


Taehyung laughed, "Yeah, it was the best day of my life that hyung had accepted me."


"Oh you have no idea what I've been through when he was gushing over you and keeps on screaming at me just because you said hello to him."


"I'm glad you're my bestfriend."


"Well I'm not."




The two laughed, Jimin smiling brightly as he waited for his laughter to die down. These are one of those moments when Jimin had truly missed his bestfriend. Other than Jungkook, he and Seokjin had been his partners in crime. He didn't mind the mutual pining between the two no matter how obvious it is, if anything, he was even glad that Seokjin was presented as an omega and Taehyung as alpha. He chuckled quietly at the memory.


"Why laughing?" the brown haired male asked.


"Remember that time when you were finally presented as alpha? You were tasked to hunt and make a fur coat for your chosen mate to court with? You hunted so fast that by the time you finished sewing, you yelled Seokjin hyung's name at the top of your lungs and embarassed him infront of the whole pack."


Taehyung giggled, "Yeah it was worth it though."


"I think it's sweet. Funny too."


"Do you think Jungkook would do that to you too?"


Jimin froze, his voice suddenly caught in his throat. He closed his eyes to let out a shaky breath, remembering that he and Tae are bestfriends too. Apparently everyone are friends with Taehyung.


"I-I don't know."


"I guess you don't want to get dressed because you already had an alpha in mind."


"I do not!"


"Yeah sure, feel free to lie to me."


Jimin shook his head and sat up from his bed, looking around for his own deer skinned fur coat, a sign of his unmated omega status. He ignored Taehyung's statement as he was busy finding his own clothes; the brown fur boots, evergreen colored khaki shorts and off-white shirt before his coat.


"Stop holding yourself from what you're feeling for the kid, Jimin," the alpha says and Jimin paused for a moment; realizing that he didn't used his nickname. A sign of something so serious.


"I don't feel anything for him, Taehyung. And besides, he's sixteen and young. It's just infatuation."


"Don't treat him like a child. He's sixteen. He only has a few months away before presentation and of legal age. He knows if it's infatuation or not."


"Why do you think it's not infatuation? He clearly likes me, and I'm two years older than him! I-It's not right.."


Taehyung's face suddenly turned more serious. If anything, he could feel his own wolf whimpering at the alpha's aura suddenly shifting.


"Are you telling me that my mate's a pedophile?"


Jimin eyes widened, suddenly regretting what he had just said. He never thought of Seokjin that way, of course he doesn't. He's his bestfriend, and if he loves Taehyung despite the age, then so be it.


But why do I even keep on using this as an excuse?


"N-No. That's not what I meant-"


"No," Taehyung cuts him off sharply, standing up and glared at him. Jimin winced at the sudden shift of pheromones, his alpha ones getting a bit stronger that he almost whimpered infront of him. "Obviously that's what you think of us. No wonder why you don't want to be with Jungkook."


He walked towards the door and yanked it open hard enough, before eyeing his bestfriend with one more glare.


"I chose Seokjin hyung as my mate because I love him, Jimin. I don't give a fuck if I'm younger than him. Nobody in this pack gives two shits about age because we believe that love is more important. And I'm more than sure that whatever Jungkook's feeling for you? It was never infatuation," he finally stated before leaving him alone.


And Jimin never felt more heavy in his entire life due to guilt and shame.



The foreign pack had finally arrived as Alpha Jeon gathered the Beta, Delta and the hunters with him by the entrance of their small village.


The unmated omegas were spread out at the farthest back of the village, as much as possible away from the unmated alphas. They would prefer civilized conversations first before even letting them find their mates.


Jimin was quietly reading his own book, not particularly interested with what's going on. He never liked these occasions, he always feel bad to see his fellow omegas rejecting upon rejecting the alphas' efforts in trying to court them. Even he has to reject them with a heavy heart. They're simply just not the one.


"What are you reading?"


His nose picked up a scent almost immediately, signalling that an unknown alpha had already approached him. He looked up from his blonde bangs, seeing a male giving a warm smile. He's a bit thinner than him but toned, taller for a few inches and has bleached curled locks that are parted on his forehead.


"A romantic novel," he replies curtly.


"Cliche, perhaps?" he asks, sitting down next to him.


"Romeo and Juliet?"


"Classic," he clucked his tongue and chuckled. "I'm Taemin. Lee Taemin."


"Nice to meet you, Alpha Taemin. I'm Jimin. Park Jimin."


"How come you're not joining the other omegas over there?" he nudged his chin towards Jimin's unmated omega friends, seeing them giggling and also rejecting.


Jimin cleared his throat, shifting uncomfortably on his seat as he closed his book. It's been a long time since a foreign alpha had approached and striked a conversation with him. Most of them are after the opposite sex, so it's quite rare for the genders searching for the same one as well.


"I'm not fond of these kinds of events," he answered slowly.


"Alphas courting omegas?"


He nods, "I just hate the feeling of having to reject anyone."


"Would you reject mine as well if I had given you my cloak?"


Jimin looked at Taemin for a brief moment, who's face is only a meter away from his. He could see a small spark of hope, and he's not even sure if he should appreciate this more than the other alphas who had approached him before with no goal than to just get this over with.


"W-Well, I-I'm not su-"


He wasn't even able to finish his own sentence when the next thing he knew, Taemin's already on the ground with a familiar raven-haired boy on top of him. His eyes widened in horror to see Jungkook trying to hold Taemin down with fury obviously written on his face. The older alpha on the other hand, only growled at him.


"What's your problem, kid?!"


"Jimin hyung's mine!" Jungkook replied with a scowl.


"You don't have the right to claim anyone when you're not even presented yet," Taemin snarled, smelling the younger boy with the baby powder scent (a sign of a pup not yet presented) before punching Jungkook square to the face, removing himself off of the older.


"Jungkook!" Jimin shrieked in fear, the sight of Jungkook's cut bruise made him almost to faint.


"You asshole," Jungkook wiped the blood off from his chin and surged forward to return the punch, only to be held off by his own uncle, Eunhyuk who is the Beta of the pack.


"What the hell is going on here?" Alpha Jeon's voice boomed across the two packs, almost all of the wolves felt like looking down in fear of the Pack Alpha's monstrous voice.


"This kid punched me when I was talking to Jimin, Alpha Jeon," Taemin looked at him before giving Jungkook a snarky glare.


The Alpha Jeon turned his attention towards his son, who in return looked down, "Why did you do that to the Pack Alpha's son?"


Jungkook wasn't able to reply immediately, the attention given to him almost made him want to shrink. He could feel his own father's disappointed gaze, but he never regretted what he did to the older Alpha. Didn't he saw that the omega's already squirming uncomfortably or are they just plain blind? It infuriates him too much to see his hyung uncomfortable under the gaze of an another alpha.


Jimin was already hiding behind Seokjin who ran across the village just to protect him from any harm. Jimin could feel his wolf whining in discomfort.


"He's courting Jimin hyung," he quietly answered.


"And is there any problem to that gesture, Jungkook?"


"Jimin hyung's mine, appa," he boldly stated, looking up at his father with his eyes not wavering nor cowering in fear. "And even if I'm not an alpha yet, I wouldn't let anyone take him from me."


"This is ridiculous-"


Alpha Jeon raised his hand to stop Taemin from saying anything further. He looked at Jimin, his gaze softening at the frightened omega. Jungkook looked at his hyung, his body almost shaking in both worry and fear; unbeknownst to him that he's not afraid nor worried for Taemin, but for Jungkook instead.


"Would you accept Taemin's gift for courtship, Jimin-ah?" the Pack Alpha's gentle voice is enough to calm Jimin's nerves as he slowly revealed himself behind Seokjin's back.


He could see the foreign Pack Alpha, pressumably Taemin's father, watching him closely and so are the rest of the members of the two packs. He suddenly shifted uncomfortably to the attention he's recieving.


"I-I can't accept your gift, A-Alpha Taemin," he stuttered quietly, not looking at anyone in the eye.


There were a few seconds of silence that feels like eternity, before Alpha Jeon nodded and looked at Taemin. "I apologize for my son's irrational behavior; however as you have heard, Omega Jimin rejected your gift."


Taemin looked at Jimin one more time, before giving him a small smile then walked away towards his father who had patted him on the back. Everyone seems to be going back to the way it was, leaving Seokjin, Jimin and Jungkook alone. Seokjin gave Jimin a cheeky grin.


"I can't believe Jungkook did that infront of everyone."


Jimin glared playfully and pinched his sides, making the older to yelp and giggle, "Shut up, hyung."


The pink-haired male just shrugged and smirked before leaving the two behind. Jimin was too shy to even look at the younger, yet Jungkook's bold enough to even stare at him despite of what just happened earlier.


"Thank you for rejecting him, hyung."


Jimin looked up, seeing Jungkook giving him the same bunny smile he grew to love. "I-It's nothing, Jungkook. I don't really see my future with him."


"I would fulfill my promise to you, hyung. Remember that," he said before running back towards his own den, seeing that Luna Jeon had called out for him.


Jungkook's words had lingered back, with Jimin reminiscing those exact words the younger had told him 3 years ago.


I won't stop until I'm presented. And if I did, you know who I'll choose.



It dawned to Jimin that the event yesterday made everyone witness what Jungkook just did to the foreign Pack Alpha's son.


It occured to him that everyone finally knew, the Alpha Pack's son had his eye on him already. He's not so sure on what to feel, to be quite honest. He tried, really tried to stop himself from making up more excuses than he already has. Taehyung's still mad at him, he doesn't know if Seokjin knows, and right now, some of the omegas had been giving him dirty looks because apparently, they don't stand a chance against him now that even before Jungkook had presented, it's obvious he's going to pick Jimin.


Jimin had been cooped inside the omega den, his fellow unmated omegas are outside doing their own business. He never had the heart nor the mood to do something else. He contemplated of going to his parents' den, but he thought that his mom would probably shoo him out because she knew that his status right now is close to devastation. He hated the attention, and more importantly, he hated that someone hates him. It's unbearable. He feels his heart twisting in pain at the mere thought of those angry stares.




Jimin looked away from the window, seeing Seokjin entering his room with a sad smile on his face. As much as he hated seeing a person pitying him, he's just glad that his bestfriend's here.




"Taehyung told me."


Jimin widened his eyes, and from there he lost it. Tears started to pool down from his cheeks, his breath starting to turn uneven. It just won't stop, and soon after he's already brawling like a child. Seokjin sauntered next to his bestfriend and hugged him tightly, letting the younger to lean his face unto his neck, letting his omega pheromones somewhat calm the younger down.


His honey scent sweetened, letting Jimin inhale all of it to stop his nerves from panicking any longer.


"I-I'm sorry, hyung. I never meant to make Taehyung think that I think you're a pedophile. I swear, I never thought that you're like that," he whimpered.


Seokjin hummed in reply whilst petting his blonde hair, "I know, Minnie. I've always known you never meant it."


"B-But Taetae's mad at me..."


"It's understandable for an alpha to be furious in hearing other negative feedbacks about their mates. You know you can't blame him for being like that."


"I k-know, but still... I miss him."


"He misses you as well, you have no idea," he felt Seokjin shook his head. "Just so you know that I didn't took it at heart. You were stressed, and apparently, still coming up with excuses, I see."



He whined, "I don't know what to feel about this anymore, hyung. Everyone now knows that Jungkook's after me. Everyone knows that nobody stands a chance. And I should be grateful right? But I feel so bad for the others who had hoped that maybe, just maybe, they'll have a chance with him."


"Not all of them, Jimin. Yeri wasn't mad, and so is Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Kyla. If anything, they began to giggle like lovesick teenagers who just finished watching a love story."


"That's still nothing compared to half of the omegas in the pack to stare at me as if I robbed something from them," he mumbled.


"Jimin, have you noticed how much Jungkook had changed?"


He looked up at Seokjin, seeing the older not staring at him but rather at the window infront of them. Following his gaze, he saw the said wolf helping his mother walking across the roundabout where the pack's well is with her big, round and pregnant belly giving the Luna a hard time to walk. He's not going to lie this time, but Jungkook did changed. More mature.


He was too caught up in trying to avoid and stop Jungkook from giving him gifts that he didn't even had the time to observe how much he had grew up. He might have been a foot taller than him despite being 16, arms that are used to be limpy and thin, are now thick with hard muscles through the years of helping the Pack Alpha and the others carrying chopped woods to the village for firewood, his hair that was used to be in a coconut-shaped hairdo was now transformed into a much more matured look, undercut raven black hair with the top being gelled upwards (Jimin's not even going to ask how he managed to gell it up) and his thighs much much more thick and toned through those years of exploring the forest just to give him gifts.


Now that Jimin had seen it all, he couldn't help but gulp. He's more handsome now.


"He doesn't deserve to be treated like a child, Jimin. He's sixteen already."


He shifted his gaze to Seokjin once again, seeing him smiling at him, "It's just that..."


"What? You think just because he's not yet presented he doesn't know what's the difference between infatuation and love? How many years are you and Jungkook bestfriends?"


"Almost 8 years."


"And when did he started giving you presents?"


"When he's 9 and I'm 11."


"And when did you got here?"


"I was 9?"


"Two years, Jimin. Two. A year is already long enough, what more if it was two? It's not infatuation this time, this is love. He had already liked you before you even presented. Before you've hit puberty when you were still that ugly duckling," he giggled when Jimin slapped his arm in annoyance.


"You don't have to tell me that," he grumbled.


"Yes but it's the truth. Infatuation's there because of someone liking the looks and looking forward for the sex, most of the time; but do you honestly think that's what Jungkook's after for?"




"And don't even start with me about age. I already told you that nobody gives two flying fucks about it. You're a werewolf, Jimin. You know that mates find each other because they're meant to be."


Jimin bit his lip in frustration. He has no other excuse to tell him. And if he has to tell the truth, he's right. He's always right. What's stopping him, really? What is he afraid of? Is it because he's just really scared that he thinks Jungkook is just infatuated over him? Is it because he still treats him like a child?


Yeah, both of them.


"Let your heart decide for you, Jimin. Let Jungkook give you gifts, and once he's presented, then we'll see what happens."


The blonde stares at the window, still continuing to watch Jungkook who's diligently helping the hunters carry the dead deers with a bright grin on his face. He then looks back at Seokjin, before smiling.


"Okay. I will."


"Good, you still have to apologize to Tae. He's really hurt you know. Been crying a lot."


"He's such an emotional wolf. Is he even an alpha?"


"Watch it, Jimin."





"Taehyung, you in there?"


"Kim Taehyung's not here."


"Bullshit, nobody has the same deep voice as yours."


"There's Chanyeol hyung."


"Chanyeol hyung's out with the hunters, you dick. And this is yours and Seokjin's den, not Chanyeol and Baekhyun hyung's."


"What do you want?"


".... I wanted to say sorry."


The door leading to his and Seokjin's bedroom opened, revealing a very emotional alpha who's eyes are freshly puffed and red from crying.


"You look like crap," Jimin stares at him in disbelief.


"This is your fault for triggering my emotional hormones. If you didn't even told me that Seokjin's a pedophile then maybe we wouldn't be fighting."


He sighs, "I never even intended to make it sound like he is, Tae. You just assumed."


"Are you going to apologize or are we going to continue our argument and I'll keep on crying here?" he looked at him, annoyed.


"I'm sorry, Tae."


The alpha looked at him for a brief moment, and the next thing he knew Taehyung's already on his arms crying like a puppy.


"I miss you, Jiminnie!" he wailed.


"I suddenly regret apologizing."


"We should never, ever fight again!"


"Okay you need to stop being emotional. You're an alpha for pete's sakes."


"Hey Tae hyung, have you seen my- oh."


The two pulled away from each other to look at the source of the voice, seeing Jungkook standing awkwardly by the entrance of the den. Jimin coughed, Jungkook blushed and Taehyung wiped his tears and grinned.


"Jungkookie!! You're here!"


"Uh, am I interrupting something?" he tilted his head cautiously.


"Actually, you saved me from one of Taehyung's another sob stories," Jimin rolled his eyes on the alpha's pout before looking at Jungkook. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"


The younger widened his eyes before nodding quite frantically, "Sure."


Jimin gave Taehyung a look who's gaping at him surprisingly before leaving him behind. Jungkook didn't said anything, just following Jimin as the two left the village and unto the river nearby. Jimin had thought that it's best to have them converse to each other privately and it took a bit of a long time for Jimin to gather himself. He was staring absently to the running current of the river, the water so clear that he could see the mixture of rocks, pebbles and moss together. He turned around, seeing Jungkook looking at him intensely. He didn't spoke a single word, and the blonde appreciated his patience. All this time.


His look might have been intense, but his gaze softened a bit. His hands are pushed inside his pockets, and Jimin stopped himself from ogling at the younger. He really regrets not observing how much he had grown.


"I'm sorry for how I treated you these past few years," he started. "I was just... afraid of what might happen once I do accepted you in courting me."


The raven male wasn't able to reply immediately; but when he finally did, he smiled, "I know hyung. You kind of pointed it out multiple times already that I'm still young and I don't know what love is yet. Besides, you wanted me to wait until I was presented right? I only have a few months left."


He looked away guiltily, "I was a coward. I never really appreciated truly all of the gifts you've given me. All because of my close-mindedness and insecurity of what the pack might've think."


"Who cares what the they think? I'll be the Pack Alpha sooner or later anyway," he shrugged.


"It's.. kinda of hard if you're an omega," he whispered, looking down in shame.


Technically speaking, it's already in Jimin's blood to be a pessimist. He has no control in thinking negative possibilities that may or may not happen in the future. And Jungkook should have known that. The younger held his urge to walk close to him, knowing that all his minstrations still makes Jimin uncomfortable.


Really, 7 years of giving Jimin gifts is more than enough to actually observe what the omega's reactions are. He could only thank the Moon that he wasn't presented yet because if he was, he's not even sure how he can handle getting rejected by the one he loved, ever since Jimin and his family had joined the pack.


He wanted to try though.


"Can I hug you, hyung?" he whispered softly.


Jimin looked up, seeing Jungkook still staring at him with fondess. He needs to crane his neck up a little more, confirming that the pup indeed had grown taller over the years.


"I-I don't know.."


Jungkook decided to take matters into his own hands.


He strided towards him silently, at the same time admiring how Jimin looked like under the sunlight. He had always loved how the older's blonde hair seem to glow under the light, how his cheeks puff out everytime he pouts, how his eyes crinkle to cute crescents whenever he smiles and ho his laugh sounds like the bells ringing every Christmas Eve.


Oh how much Jungkook loved the omega.


Jimin didn't even dared to look up, but he could feel his heart thumping wild against his chest when he felt arms wrapping around his waist and under his arms. The younger's nose was burried deep to his locks as he faced Jungkook's broad chest. He never imagined himself in such an intimate position; but for some reason, it felt right. And he has to gulp down the fear that's bubbling up his throat.


"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable these past few years. I know my gifts are nothing compared to what alphas are supposed to give to omegas," he murmered, gently laying chin on his head.


"It's not that I'm uncomfortable with that. I was just.... afraid, I guess."


There was a long pause, the sound of the water streaming down and the bird singing around them. It's quite calm.


"I missed this," the younger whispered.


"Me too."


"I should go back."


"Yeah, you should."


The two pulled away, but not far. Jungkook had bent down just a bit to maintain eye-leveled with him, and Jimin didn't find it offending; but rather sweet that he doesn't have to bend his neck just to look at him.


"I'll stop."


Jimin furrowed his eyebrows, "What?"


"I'll stop giving you gifts," he smiled cheekily. "Not until I'm presented. If I'm a Beta, or an Omega for that matter, I won't bother you but we'll still remain bestfriends."


He swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing obviously in his throat, "A-And if you aren't?"


Jungkook gave him a bunny smile, and Jimin has to stop himself from cooing at how cute he is, "Then you know I'll be gone for a while."


The omega blushed furiously, looking away shyly, "O-Okay."


The latter chuckled before standing back, giving him a wave of farewell.


"See you later, hyung."


As soon as he left, Jimin sighed in relief with a big smile on his face. He felt like the weight on his shoulders were lifted.


Yeah, he couldn't really be shitting against himself this time.


He definitely can't wait for his Presentation.



Months had passed, a year had skidded away and it's already September. The summer season had finally ended, entering Fall as the green leaves of the forest turned brown. Morning hits and Jimin woke up groggily while hearing hushed whispers around his room. He groaned, turning his body around while bringing his quilt over his head in hopes that it would drown out the voices more.


It didn't, unfortunately.




He only grumbled in reply, making the others to only laugh. He doesn't even know why they're here in the first place.


"Alright, that's it. I ain't letting this oppurtunity slip," he heard a girl's voice growking in annoyance – Yeri probably? – and the next thing he knew, his matress flew upwards with his behind ending up hard on the floor.



"What the fuck?!" he screeched in pain, almost crying at the pain while scratching his butt. He squinted at the omegas around him, seeing Yeri, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Kyla snickering at him.


"Rise and shy, soon-to-be Luna," Baekhyun giggled.


"What are you talking about?" he frowned angrily, looking at Yeri who just shrugged nonchantedly with a smug smile.


Kyungsoo raised his eyebrows, "Didn't you know? It's Jungkook's birthday today."


Jimin frozed on his spot, his pupils dilated at the sudden realization, Fuck I totally forgot! He was so busy yesterday in preparing a feast in which he didn't even bother asking that he didn't even put two and two together that the feast is actually for Alpha Jeon's son's birthday, and Presentation.


"That smell," Kyla sniffed wholeheartedly before grinning wickedly at Jimin.


Obviously these four knew what they're trying to do. And Jimin's not even that stupid to know why they're acting like this.


Sure enough though, the strong scent of Alpha, musk and wood hits him.


And it literally hits him hard. As if the air was knocked out of his lungs.


His heightened senses after presented as Omega had picked up the now familiar scent of the pup whom he's looking forward to see being presented these pas months. The rest of them are looking at Jimin expectingly, in which the latter stared back at them in return.


"What the hell are you waiting for?" Yeri said angrily. "The rest are outside cheering, go get your pup!"


Jimin went on his feet and scrambled himself out of the den, hearing Baekhyung remarking a 'logically speaking, he's going to be JUNGKOOK'S pup now'. He didn't even bothered to stop and argue, instead he went to his front porch outlooking the roundabout where the well is. Alpha and Luna Jeon were standing proudly infront of the said well, with Jungkook in the middle. The rest of the pack surrounded them while cheering, and Jimin could only thank his father for choosing the best spot in building up a den for him and the other four who joined him outside.


He wasn't cheering, but rather he quietly stared at the young boy who now turned 17 with his breath turning rigid. Jungkook's scent is too strong and powerful for him, he could almost feel his knees buckling.


Why am I the only one who feels like this? he thought angrily to himself.


"Blood Moon Pack," Alpha Jeon started, making the rest of the wolves present to quiet down. "I am proud and happy to say that today is Jungkook's birthday."


A cheer was emitted from the crowd.


"And as part of the tradition, he must present his dynamic in order to know what he can contribute to the pack," he paused, and Jimin froze for a split second when he saw a small glint on his eye when he looked straight back at him. "My friends, Jeon Jungkook, our son, was presented as an Alpha. He shall b next in line to lead this pack."


And as if on cue, the alphas who are assigned to the music began playing the drums. The other omegas began the ritual dance, howling in the process as a sign of thanks to the Mood Goddess. The rest cheered, and Luna Jeon grabbed the finest cloak ever hunted by the Pack Alpha himself and rested it perfectly on Jungkook's shoulders. The cloak was pitch black and shines against the sunlight, and Jimin might have thought that Alpha Jeon had hunted a black bear for this event. It reached just an inch below Jungkook's knees, and covers only his arms.


Jimin could feel his aura turning stronger, more confident; like an alpha. He gripped the wooden fence on instinct as he felt his knees truly buckled when Jungkook had finally caught his eye, his gaze piercing right through him. He's been eyeing him all this time throughout the ceremony, and Jimin was afraid that he might not even speak or answer to any of his parents' questions or statements if ever due to him too focused on a pathetic omega like him.


"You're really the one he wants."


Jimin fought himself to look away from the now alpha Jungkook's gaze to look at Kyungsoo, whom just smiled at him.


"What do you mean by that?"


"For me, his scent is not as strong as what I've smelled from Jongin. And Jongin's not even the Pack Alpha's son. You however, had felt that. As if you grew weak at just his scent, moreover with how he looked at you."


"Is that something I didn't know but I should've known?"


"Not really. I don't blame you if you didn't know," he shrugged. "You only know it when you experienced it. If the Alpha already had someone in mind to court, the said omega would feel how intense his aura is."


"So all this time, Jungkook knew that I'm bound to be his?"


"Not exactly. It's a surprise to see that Jungkook's been loyal to you all this time. I thought that it was only because of a crush that would pass, and only gives you gifts for admiration and not courtship. I guess I shouldn't have underestimated any of Alpha Jeon's sons," he chuckled.


The crowd finally quiet down, leaving the two to turn their attention back to the Head Family. Luna Jeon had already stepped forward, signalling the start of her speech.


"As a sign that he truly is an Alpha, he shall go for two whole days and hunt the best animal he could find. Once he did, it shall be turned into a cloak that would be given by him to the omega he truly desired to have as mate. If the omega declined his question and permission for courtship, he shall seek someone else," she said professionally.


Jimin eyed the other omegas secretly, sighing in relief to see them busy ogling over Jungkook instead of glaring at him (who wouldn't when the said Alpha only wears black jeans, black boots, and black bear fur coat with no shirt). The rest of the wolves cheered, shouting goodlucks and hope of safety for the Pack Alpha's son. Jungkook being Jungkook, bowed shyly with a small smile on his face, cheeks reddening a bit in embarassment. Jimin smiled at that, Still the same kid I've grew up with.


The ceremony had ended after that; the rest busy in continuing to prepare for the said feast tomorrow, while the Jeon family had gathered together to bid farewell to Jungkook who's already walking towards the entrance of the village. Jimin was already at the well, watching Jungkook's parents saying encouraging words to their son whilst the boy hugging them tightly before the youngest and newly additional to the Jeon family, Wonwoo, clutched tightly on his hyung's legs with a big pout on his face.


Jimin didn't even gathered the courage to say goodbye, only because he knew he might cry himself in worry that he might not come back. He'd rather wait for him to come back safe and sound before things continue to whatever discussion they had talked about months ago. He just watched him starting to walk past the two dens that guarded the entrance to their small pack village.


Goodbyes are worse than see you later.


Jungkook looked back, seeing Jimin by the well who's staring at him in both worry and – longing? He could only grin at the expression he saw. And he knew Jimin had seen it, because the said omega mouthed the words 'be careful' before he finally disappeared into the forest.


"You're so rude you know that?"


He didn't even needed to turn around to know who he is, "No I'm not."


Taehyung stood next to him with his hands pushed inside his pockets, a frown plastered on the face, "How is not saying goodbye not rude?"


"I feel like he's not going to come back if I said that," he answered quietly.


"Aww so you're going to accept him now?" he snickered. "What happened to the I'm too young for him, huh?"


He glared, "You know I didn't mean-"


"Relax relax, I'm just teasing you," he rolled his eyes. "But seriously though, ever since you talked to Jungkook last time, I haven't seen him giving you gifts. I almost thought you threatened or rejected him square to the face."


"I wasn't even going to reject him in the first place. I liked him."




Taehyung was now infront of him, mouth gaped open and eyes blown wide in surprise. "Did I heard that right? You liked him?"


"I do?" he gave the alpha a weirded look. "It took me a while to figure out, but I guess I wasn't really trying to protect Jungkook from getting hurt if I rejected him. I was afraid of what would happen if Jungkook's not an Alpha nor a Beta and I already accepted him courting me."


"Now you made me realize that your choice of excuses to cover those revalations sucks as fuck."


"I was panicking okay. What am I supposed to do?" he threw his hands up.


"What you're supposed to do is to help the others prepare the traditional feast for his presentation."


The two looked behind them, seeing Seokjin frowning angrily with his hands rested on his hips. The eldest of the three has a wooden platter laid down on the ground that consists of the meat the hunters had brought home. Most of them are deer meat, but Jimin might have scented a bear's too.


"Pup!" Taehyung grinned enthusiastically and ran towards him only for the older to raise his hand and planted it on his face to stop him from colliding with him.


"I am not your pup at this moment of time and get your ass to work, Alpha."


Jimin snickered, "Bad day?"


"It wouldn't have been if I have extra hands that are ever so kindly would help me and the others," he rolled his eyes and almost growled at Taehyung in annoyance for his stubborness as the alpha pouted cutely.


The younger chuckled. He then stared at the entrance of the village, the sun already high in the sky revealing the beautiful outskirts of the forest. He could only wish Jungkook guidance and safety.


"What do you want me to do, hyung?"


"Help me cook with Kyungsoo and the rest," he nodded before shoving Taehyung aside gently to lift the wooden platter up to rest on his hips once again.


The alpha pouted, "What do you want me to do?"


"You would build Jungkook's own den."


"But that's too much work! Why can't Jimin do it?"


"You're his bestfriend, Tae. You out of all the wolves here knows his taste interiorly," he pointed out.


"But Jimin?"


"He has to help the kitchens."


"I want to help!"


"You'll only set the whole village on fire," he deadpanned.


"That's mean," he pouted and Jimin just laughed at the cute sight of the two.


"I'll be going, guys," he waved goodbye as he finally sauntered towards the village's kitchens, leaving the couple arguing against each other.



"Oh my God, he should be here right now!" Luna Jeon sobbed frantically, with Jimin unexpectedly  beside her and tried his best to calm their Luna down.

Wonwoo was nowhere to be found as Alpha Jeon had made sure that their youngest wouldn't worry over his mother crying rather loudly and instead lets him play with the other pups instead. Alpha Jeon was impatiently walking back and forth across their den, his expression worried and at the same time, scary. As Pack Alpha, it's only natural for him to ooze out with a strong scent of Alpha, a sign of the leader of the pack that made Jimin bow for a moment to avoid any possible eye contact. That one-second moment at Jungkook's presentation is enough to frighten Jimin on what he's actually thinking.


"Try to breathe evenly, Luna," Jimin whispered, rubbing circles on her back.


She sobbed even more, "How can I calm down when we all expected my baby to come back before sunset? It's almost evening and he still hadn't came back!"


Jimin winced at the painful reminder. He too, is actually horrified with the fact that 3 days had already passed and Jungkook's still not yet back from his hunting (it was supposed to be for 2 days only). It has been an agreement that whenever a pup has been presented as Alpha and would hunt, he or she should come back before the sun sets to the ground. That unfortunately, wasn't applied to Jungkook's case this time.


He's not going to lie but he wanted to cry with the Luna. He's not even sure why he's here. He only got called by Eunhyuk, the Beta of the pack, that Alpha and Luna Jeon wanted to see him. And the moment he opened the door to their den, the Luna had already thrown her arms unto him and sobbed desprately in despair.


"Did Jungkook told you anything about what he's planning to do before he left?" Alpha Jeon asked quietly, eyeing the blonde omega who in return, shook his head curtly.


"No, Alpha. We barely talked during and after his presentation."


The answer made him release a loud sigh, and Jimin almost regretted answering, "What would that boy be doing this time?"


"May I ask why you wanted me here, Alpha Jeon?" he slowly asked, gulping that tiny hint of fear screaming that he's crazy for even questioning the Pack Alpha.


Alpha Jeon instead, smiled at him, "I was expecting for you to know what his plans are. Considering that he already had a keen eye on you, I suppose he would have told you."


"I-I'm not-"


"N-Nonsense! My pup would talk nonstop about your flustered reaction every single time he gives you a gift," Luna Jeon retaliated, but sniffled after.


"You k-knew?!"


"He's our son, Jimin. We're supposed to know," the older male shrugged. "I'm not surprised that he'd pick you even before he was presented. You two had been close ever since you and your family joined the pack."


"And you have been like our son to us. Omega Park also has a nice taste when it comes to the intricating designs of our quilts and Beta Park had helped us so much with the hunting. Your parents are a blessing," she grinned, her eyes still puffy but quite calm now.


"T-Thank you," he blushed furiously.


He could feel eyes on his head so he looked up only to see the Alpha himself staring intently at him. He's not quite sure if he's observing or just plain staring, but either way it made Jimin squirm on his fur seat. The Luna followed his gaze and scowled, slapping lightly at his husband's ankle.


"I know what you're thinking but stop staring. You're making the pup uncomfortable," she deadpanned.


He pouted, which in a sense made Jimin to almost gasp at the sight of the Alpha acting cute infront of his wife. He thanked the Gods for this moment as he definitely would engrave this memory to his brain and maybe brag to Seokjin and Taehyung about this.


"What? I was just trying to see what made Jungkook like him. You know how shy and private our boy is. He's even picky for moon's sake," he shook his head. "I can really see why he likes you though."


Jimin looked down shyly, not wanting to know why or what the Alpha might blurt out. He can't believe Jungkook's parents are like this when they're alone.


"But our boy still hasn't come back," the Luna started to cry again, clutching her own quilt to dry her tears.


"I-It's okay, Luna. I'm sure there must be some delay, who knows maybe he was just taking a rest and forgot that he should be back by sunset," he comforted her, saying sweet and melodious things that for some reason made the Luna to calm down for a while.


"You're fit to be a Luna," Alpha Jeon says, a shaky breath was let out and a wide smile was plastered to his face but his tone was soft enough fo Jimin and his wife not to hear. "Now it's clear enough."


"Alpha Jeon! Luna Jeon!"


The three placed their attention towards the door that has been opened by the Delta, Jongsuk, who obviously ran from the other side of the village just to reach here.


"What is it?"


"Jungkook has arrived," he panted. "With a quite a big catch."


They stared at each other, before scrambling on their feet and sprinted out of the den as they rushed themselves towards the entrance of the village. Jimin already left behind the two Heads, not even giving a damn for a moment as his mind already registered that – Jungkook's safe. He's back. He came back.


He cursed at how far Alpha Jeon's den is from the entrance, having to run as fast as he could just to reach where the others had gathered to praise the newly arrived Alpha. He then took a right as he sprinted towards Taehyung who was smiling cheerfully at his den's porch together with Seokjin. He figured that the porches of the dens are the best place to see what's in the middle of the crowd. And seeing Jungkook alive is enough for Jimin.


"You were that excited?" Seokjin raised an eyebrow at him, eyeing his sweaty neck and forehead from all that running.


"Worried is the right word for this."


"He got a big catch. I think, just as the same as what Alpha Jeon had hunted for the Luna when he was presented as Pack Alpha," Taehyung whistled.


Jimin didn't bother to reply as his attention is solely focused on Jungkook now. His heart twisted rather painfully at the sight of deep wounds, scars, cuts and bruises that are scattered everywhere across his pale and milky skin. The younger was smiling shyly, bowing and accepting praises from the other wolves. Luna Jeon ended up smacking the back of her son's hand and continued to wail like a mother she is as she hugged her boy tightly, making Jungkook to choke down the air he's breathing in but stil continued to reason out whatever excuse he has for coming back a day late. And Jimin couldn't stop smiling at him fondly.


His eyes however, had caught on the glimpse of what seems to be the coat Jungkook had hunted and made by himself for his chosen mate. His eyes widened at the coat, fur so white and pure without a single dirt attached to it. It was rested on his left shoulder, and Jimin could already see how big and heavy the cloak looks. He could hear whispers and gossips just below him where the rest of the omegas are settled, eyes obviously settled on the said clothing. The omega looked at Taehyung who's staring straight back at him with a biting grin, then to Seokjin who's giving him a smug smirk.


They both knew who'll end up with that cloak.


"Jimin hyung."


He deliberately stood frozen on his spot, the crowd quiet and painfully deafening as they waited for the called omega to turn his head and face the alpha. Although there were a few whispered he's picked up, including "there's only one jimin HYUNG in the pack, jimin. stop imagining that it'll be you" and other things. Jimin's still staring at Seokjin and Taehyung, who are both smirking at him now with a playful glint dancing in their eyes. He might as well glare back, but instead he quickly gulped down the excess saliva before turning his head to see Jungkook looking at him, face serious yet calm.


The rest of them all had their attention to Jimin now, which made the omega to squirm on his feet at the sudden attention he's recieving under the gazes of the whole pack. Technically speaking, he never had this much attention before, so getting all of it for the first time is a bit overwhelming. He honestly couldn't imagine how Jungkook puts up with this.


"Y-Yeah?" he cleared his throat, his voice cracking from not talking for too long.


The silence is killing me, Jimin almost groaned.


Jungkook didn't answered, but instead left his mother's side as he began walking towards the pathway to Taehyung's porch. Everyone followed his every step, the pitch black coat of Jungkook swaying together with his movements. Surprisingly, his coat didn't looked dishevelled nor covered in dirt as he would have expected when you just got back from hunting. Nevertheless, his coat looked grand as ever.


It was nothing compared to the fine white fur coat he's holding however, and Jimin wasn't even shy to stare openly at it.


Jungkook had finally reached the top of the porch, now towering over Jimin with his gaze soft that contrasts with his very sharp features. The blonde almost felt his cheeks blushing furiously, his stare becoming too much for Jimin to take. He could feel his breath fanning over his blonde bangs that covers almost his eyes, and Jimin's hand were frozen still on his sides.


"I'm an Alpha now," he whispered softly, enough for only Jimin to hear.


The omega smiled gently, his crooked tooth revealed, "I know."


Jungkook shuffled the coat he's holding between his hands, biting his lip as he lets out a soft huff of laughter, "I've been doing this many times already but why am I nervous this time?"


"Maybe.." the older paused, staring at the softness of the cloak before going back to Jungkook's brown orbs. "Because you're now legal to court me and you're not sure on what my answer would be?"


"Maybe that's it. You wouldn't want to embarass me infront of the pack, would you?"


"That's actually a very tempting offer, Kookie."


He laughs, Jimin catching with the corner of his eye of Jungkook's and his parents beside each other with big smiles. He guessed that they already anticipated this very moment for a long time. Who knows, parents have their own secrets.


Jungkook finally cleared his throat once again, stepping a foot back before helding the white cloak infront of Jimin.


"Would you accept my gift, Omega Jimin?"


It might have taken a minute or two, but everyone thinks that it took forever before Jimin could even reply. Except that, Jimin never even replied in the first place. Instead of grabbing the white cloak, his hands took Jungkook's black cloak instead and pulled him forward, crashing his lips unto his into a kiss.


The crowd errupted into applause and cheers in which Jimin didn't even bother to care. The younger's lips are cracked but still soft against his, and Jimin almost questioned himself on why he even denied every single gift Jungkook had given him these past few years. He began to regret even thinking that Jungkook's too young for him, that Jungkook's still an innocent pup who doesn't know how to differentiate between infatuation and love.


Jungkook's different though. He always had been.


And that's the thing Jimin had missed to see; that was revealed now infront of him at this very moment.



It has been 2 weeks since Jungkook had first declared his courtship to Jimin infront of the whole pack. To say the least, everyone was now thrilled instead of jealous of his own status.


Jimin was now hanging out by the porch of Jungkook's own den with his white cloak draped over his shoulders. The white fur complimented his skin perfectly and Jimin doesn't even have to wear a shirt to feel warm; but he's shy so he sticked to having at least a faded brown tanktop out of a deer's skin instead.


"How's the newly mated Omega?"


Jimin's cheeks turned red in embarassment as he glared at Seokjin who's standing at the foot of the stairs connected to the porch with a big smirk on his face. Once again, he would live up to this day that Jimin had grabbed the Alpha Pack's son's attention without even trying too hard, unlike those other omegas who has to release a full swing of their omega pheromones in trying to win Jungkook's attention.


"When will you ever stop?" he glared.


"Never," he laughed. "It has been years when you constantly denied Jungkook's feelings for you ever since you were presented as omega and yet here you are, freshly fucked out and giddy."


"Stop it," he threw a twig at him and looked away shyly.


"What? Is Jungkook good in bed just as much with after-care? I mean, you looked like Jungkook had eaten you out and been taken care of pretty good."


"Oh my God, hyung!" he screeched, panic eyes looming over at the pups who were playing against each other near the den. "There are pups here!"


"Sorry," he raised his hands up in surrender before going up to stand next to him, finally noticing that Jimin's actually watching Jungkook talking with his father – something about leading the pack out for a hunr with Jimin's father probably.


"Are you happy though?"


"Why wouldn't I when he literally hunted a white-furred bear? Do you even know how rare that is?"


"You don't have to brag that you have the same cloak as Luna Jeon you know," he rolled his eyes. "We all know Jungkook's like his father. Only wanting what's best for the ones he loved."


Jimin only smiled at that, "You know, when I remembered all the excuses I've came up with everytime Jungkook gave me gifts, it almost made me want to laugh."


"Yeah it's because you're a dumb omega."


Jimin slapped his stomach with a glare, "I know that already."


"I can't believe that the two of you are finally mates."


"Me neither."


"I was about to ask why the hell Jungkook's courting time is too fast that you guys mated already; but then I remembered that he indeed tried to court you these past few years. God, Jimin, I still couldn't believe that you had the brain to think that he's too young for you and you treated him like a baby."


Jimin groaned, "You don't have to remind me every single time we talk you know?"


"It's just surreal, okay? I mean, I've been frustrated about your constant excuses for years already," he slinged his arm on Jimin's neck and smiled lightly. "I'm just happy that you two finally got together."


He stared at Seokjin and grinned happily, "Yeah... Me too."


"He's calling you, though."


Jimin whipped his head around, seeing Jungkook waving his hand up in trying to grab his attention. With a grin, he nudged Seokjin's shoulder as acknowledgement before hastily walking down the stairs and walked fastly towards the Alpha who's waiting him with open arms.


Remembering that one time when Jimin was the one who's in Jungkook's place, arms spread while waiting for the 9-year old Jungkook to tackle him, he sprinted towards the younger and was the one to tackle him instead; burrying his face on the alpha's chest.


"This scene looks oddly familiar," Jungkook whispered.


"You were 9 at that time."


He chuckled, "You left me alone in my parents' den and you went out towards the river when you promised me to always remain by my side."


"I am now."


Jungkook placed his hands on Jimin's jaw, making the omega to look up at him with fondness and love in his eyes. He sighed contentedly.


"I've always waited to see you like this."


"In a white bear fur cloak?" he joked.


"That and looking at me the same way I looked at you," he lets out a huff of laugh.


Jimin almost felt guilty, "I've always looked at you like this, Kookie; but always every time you're not looking at me."


"You kept on rejecting me though."


"It's because-" he stopped when Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him. He rolled his eyes, "I was a dumb omega back then, okay?"


"My dumb yet cute omega," he grinned cheekily and pecked his lips.


"Your dumb and cute omega," he murmered repeatedly, his smile so wide that he couldn't contain it.


"I love you," he whispered softly, his forehead rested against his.


Jimin's heart fluttered again, those three words he kept on hearing these past 2 weeks never failed to make him all soft and loved. With a loving sigh, he pecked the younger's lips this time.


"I love you too."