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One Shot Trash

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Katara was in her room waiting for her husband to return to her, seated upon the edge of their bed she gently rubbed the curve of her inflated stomach, she was carrying their first child and could feel the infant moving inside her through the water, occasionally she would feel kicking through to the surface. "Your dad will be home soon." She cooed as the unborn child moved within.

Landing gently on the balcony of their home on Air Temple Island Aang made his way towards the woman on the bed, her dark skin a welcome sight from a long talk with the councilmen of Republic City. "I'm back Katara," He smiled then joined her on the bed "How is the child doing?" Sincerity evident as he spoke.

With a wide grin the waterbender turned to her husband before speaking, "As lively as ever. They should be arriving soon." She winced when a large kick came into contact with one of her ribs.

"You know," The monk started before inhaling slowly, "Sex is supposed to induce labor, perhaps it would help?" His eyes never left his wife's face as she stared blankly back at him. "Yeah sorry, bad idea." He laughed scratching his bald head.

Katara shook her head, "No it makes sense." She turned away in contemplation. "Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea? I mean what have we got to lose?" Turning her face back to the Avatar she smiled when his eyes lit up, it had been a few months since they last enjoyed each other intimately.

Needing no futher encouragement Aang began to passionately kiss the woman before him, his hand gently rubbing her stomach as they fell backwards onto the bed. Pulling away from their kiss the monk traced the length of Katara's neck with his tongue, occasionally giving her gentle bites which were met with pleasured moans. "You are beautiful." He whispered into her collar before slowly unfastening the nightgown she had been wearing.

Wrapping her arms around the back of her husbands neck as he gently leaned over her Katara beamed towards him. "You made me this beautiful." Her hands slowly removing his airbender robes with ease as a growing hardness pressed against her inner thigh, she was eager for this too she realised when a growing wetness covered the tops of her thighs. "Don't make me wait." Her voice low and seductive as she begged for her husband.

As the Avatar watched the woman below him, he took note of her pleading eyes and heaving chest. "Of course not." He replied before sending a small gust of wing between them to remove his undergarments, his fully erect cock resting gently against his wife's wet folds. Returning his gaze to her face he waited for her permission to proceed.

A slow nod from Katara encouraged the monk to push himself into her, the jolt of pressure sending waves of pleasure through her body, she could feel his every vein pulse as he began to thrust. "Aang, be gentle." She smiled as he slowed his pace for her, his eyes watching as she moaned loudly.

"Damn Katara, you're really tight." The monk groaned, supporting his weight on each hand so as to not put more pressure down his wife's large stomach, the occasional kick visible.

As the pace once again began to increase Katara winced, "Aang." They paused. "Could we switch position? This is getting a little painful." She watched as the man withdrew himself allowing her to get into a more comfortable position. The waterbender opted for kneeling on the bed, her stomach resting on a bundle of pillows and her hands supporting her torso. "Okay, get back to it." She almost demanded.

Aligning himself behind the ark skinned woman Aang once again penetrated her pussy, the tight wetness clamping down on him instantly as he began to thrust, this position allowed him to get deeper. "Good idea Katara, this feels amazing." He gasped between low moans.

Clutching into the bed sheets the waterbender rocked her hips in time with Aang, "Fuck, I going to cum." She moan loudly as an orgasm crashed through her body, pussy tightening around her husband's hard length.

Unable to control himself the monk began to thrust harder into his wife, hips slamming into her rear as he gripped into her waist. "Katara, I'm gonna cum too. You're too damn tight." Aang shut his eyes tight, his ejaculation reaching deep inside the waterbenders pussy to her cervix. His ears echoed with screams of pleasure from his wife.

As their pace began to slow Katara edged away, her husband's limp cock slipping from her as she lay to her side. "That was certainly enjoyable." She panted, sweat now formed on her brow. "We'll need to do this again if child isn't here soon."

Collapsing beside the woman Aang grinned. "I don't see that being a problem." Wrapping an arm over his wife the Avatar sighed and nuzzled her neck. "Now we should probably sleep before the child stops that."

However that night they didn't get much sleep, Katara's waters broke no less than an hour later.