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UGH, Why?

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ugh why

"Fuck. He's HAWT."

It was the summer before Heedo started his first year in the prestigious KBS University. His childhood friend, Marco, decided to drag him to one of his soccer practices at the university and in return, Marco will pay for his ice cream.

And thank god Heedo agreed to go because he found the hottest man alive on the soccer team.

He didn't know who he was, but shit he was fucking hot. The man was tall, built, had a great booty, and OOMPFH his smile.When he smiled, Heedo felt like his whole world was full of rainbows and sunshine.

Unfortunately, said world was diminished the moment the soccer ball headed his way and striked him. Right. In. His. Face.


Marco dashed over to tend to his hurt friend, including that hot guy that accidentally kicked it his way.

"Bro, are you okay?" Marco helped him sit straight, and blood was trickling down his nose.

"I have a bloody nose. Do you think I'm okay?"

The hottie that he was eyeing down before apologized and looked at him worriedly, "I'm really sorry! I kicked at the wrong angle- Are you sure you're okay? You're looking a little pale..."

"I'm fine."

Marco looked at him, "You do look a little pale."

"Marco, you can be done for today. You should bring your friend home before he collapses or something."

"Okay. Come on, bro."

He helped Heedo stand and led him to the locker rooms to clean his nose.

After thoroughly cleaning his nose, he sighed in bliss and plopped onto a bench. Marco changed out of his practice clothes and looked over at his friend, "What's up with you?"

"Who was that guy?"

"What guy?"

"The blond one thtat apologized."

"Kanto? He's our team captain. He's a douche though."

"What? How?"

Marco had a hand on his hip and gave Heedo an all-knowing look. "You think he's hot, don't you?"

"You know me too well."

"Ya, you always like the BAD guys."

Heedo followed Marco out of the school grounds, "What? How is he bad?"

"He hates my guts, Heedo."

"So? That's not my problem."

Marco rolled his eyes and sighed, "It is your problem. He did that kick on purpose to hurt you, and indirectly hurting me."

"It was an accident though."

Marco tugged at his dreads in frustration, "He's the sharp shooter of our team! He never does a wrong kick.For godssake, he was smirking at me as he kicked the ball towards you!"

Heedo sighed loudly and pulled at his hair, "Great, I found another bad boy. Again! Why does he hate you anyway?"

"It's because we're in the same major and I do better at writing lyrics. Before I came, he was at the top of the class. You've already enrolled in the same major, so you better keep your guard up."

"So wait, then why did he kick the ball at my face?"

Marco sighed again, "He's like the only one that knows I'm gay, and he's hella homophobic. He thinks you're my boyfriend, so he wanted to hurt my feelings."

Heedo made a disgusted face, "I'm sorry bro, you're cute and all, but I would never date you."

"Yeah, I prefer older men, and you're not one of them."

Heedo cleared his throat and put an arm around his hyung and started talking in a deep voice, "Hey, babe. Wanna be my sugar baby?"

The two bursted out in laughter and made their way to get Heedo's promised ice cream.



It was move-in day for the incoming freshman at KBS. All upperclassmen were required to be in classes during move-in time, so Heedo didn't get to see Marco at all, which sucks because he needs motivation from his best friend to do anything because he's one lazy ass bitch.

"UGHHHHHHHH!" Heedo groaned as he dragged his suitcase full of clothes down the hallway of where his room resided. He heard a chuckle coming from behind him. "Shit! He's fucking cute!"

The stranger looked amused, "You look like you'e struggling there. Need some help?"

"My room is only a few more doors down, thanks for the offer though."

"No problem. I'm Gunmin, what's your name?"

"Heedo, nice to meet you."

The two kept walking down the hallway until they got to their rooms. "Oh? We're neighbors!"

Gunmin smiled but soon a look of horror crossed his face as he looked past Heedo's shoulder, "Hyung! What are you doing here?! You're supposed to be in class! Won't you get in trouble?!"

His hyung came towards them smiling brightly, wearing the university's signature all-white uniform. "I skipped class to see you. I couldn't wait."

Gunmin slapped him on the shoulder and his hyung feigned a look of hurt, "Go back to class! Your grades will drop!"

His hyung pointed at his lips and leaned towards him, "Kiss me first, then I'll go."

"Benji-hyung, please."

Gunmin glanced over at Heedo, who just got the situation. "Oh, don't worry about me! Just forget that I'm even here! Go on!"

The silver-haired boy covered his face in embarrassment, but kissed his boyfriend anyway. "Now get back to class, you slacker!"

"Yes sir~! I love you!"

"Love you too..."

Once Benji left, Heedo chuckled. "Oh god, don't laugh. I know it's embarrassing..."

"I'm not laughing! I just find it cute that he'd skip classes for you."

"Yeah, you're right."

"Not gonna lie, I thought you were cute, but you're already taken, and I don't like getting inbetween relationships."

Gunmin smiled and patted him on the back, "I'm sure you'll find someone soon."

"I hope so too."




Marco bit his lip as he fisted the bed sheets, trying his best to not moan out loud.

"You look amazing, Marco."

He couldn't reply as he was distracted by the pleasure that was coursing through his bosom and creating a warm, tingly sensation within his torso.

"K-Kiss me, please- ah!"

The older man sighed as he leaned in towards Marco's face, "You know my rules, don't you?"

"Please, j-just this once..."

"You've been a good boy lately, so I suppose so."

Marco released his hold from the bedsheets to wrap his arms around the man's broad, muscular shoulders tightly, but careful to not leave any scratch marks.

The older interlocked their lips and a swirl of satisfaction hit Marco like a wave, drenching his entire body in that warm feeling of what wasn't supposed to 

As the older pulled away, Marco didn't want him to stop. He nudged him to kiss him again, but the older refused, and moved down to suck at his neck instead.

To say that he wasn't emotionally hurt would be a total lie, but if he were to get too serious, he wouldn't be able to deal with the aftermath.

Because he can't have all of him, Marco can only be satisfied with this.



Heedo was very excited for his first day, so he decided to iron his uniform to a crisp, clean perfection.


The iron hovered over his blazer as he paused to listen.

"Harder baby! Yes~!"

It was a woman.

Heedo rolled his eyes and put on his headphones, then continued to iron his blazer. He made sure to get every single crease totally flat-

"Yes, baby! So good~!"

His eyes twitched in annoyance. "Why are these walls so fucking thin?"

Begrudgingly, he turned up the volume and continued his task.

Five minutes have passed and no moans were heard. Heedo smiled to himself as he could now finally iron his uniform in peace-


Okay. Wow. This bitch is something else.

Time for the last resort.

Heedo picked up his clothes and gathered his iron and his room key. After closing his lights, he headed over to his next door neighbor.

"Who is it?"

"Hey, it's Heedo."

Benji opened the door and gave him a big smile. "Gunmin, your friend is here! Come in!"

"Thank you."

"Hey, what's up?"

Heedo shyly scratched at his neck, "Uh, is it okay if I iron my uniform in your room? Next door is having a really loud bed session and I can't stand it."

Benji thought for a second, "Wait, that neighbor of yours, the room number is 326, right?"

" it bad?"

Benji nodded his head and went to sit down next to his boyfriend, "I feel so sorry for you, man. I really do."

"What? What's so bad about 326?"

Gunmin stopped reading his book to look up at Benji, "Yeah, what's so bad about it?"

"The senior that lives in that room is a beast in bed. Whatever woman goes to sleep with him will not be able to keep quiet. They scream so loud that even the birds relocate their nests to the other side of the building. Honestly, I don't know how this entire floor handles it. I wouldn't be able to."

"Well, who is it?"

"I don't know, go ask him yourself."

Heedo pouted angrily and focused on finishing his uniform, "Fine."



Morning came and Heedo yawned loudly as he stretched his arms  into the air. Licking at his chapped lips, he turned his head to look at the time. "Hm, 8:15..."

He scratched at his head and swung his feet off of the bed, standing up to crack his back. Then, his eyes opened wide and he looked at the time again, "8:15?! I'm going to be late!"

Quickly, he ran into the bathroom and washed up as fast as he could. He threw on his uniform and grabbed his backpack and keys before rushing to the closing elevator doors. "Wait!"

Heedo stuck his arm through the almost-closed doors and sighed in relief when the doors reopened. "Thanks."

Looking up, he didn't imagine that he would see the summertime bad boy so soon.

With his hair still as blond as ever, jawline as sharp as a knife, and eyes as piercing as a viper, Kanto was indeed one handsome ass bad boy.