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Old Acquaintances

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Atop the ramparts in Skyhold.

Marian Hawke: Varric tells me you’re in love with one of Loghain’s followers.
Wyn: *nods* She was our quartermaster in Haven. Now, she’s an infantry officer assigned to the garrison guarding Skyhold.
Hawke: I see. That would explain his latest book. How did that happen?
Wyn: She’s a swashbuckling, foul mouthed, heartthrob of a woman with a good heart, good at stabbing things, and good at making me laugh. *Looks at her* You know the story. How could I resist someone like that?
Hawke: *Snorts* No, I don’t understand that at all.. *Leans on tower railing and looks down at the sea of green and orange people moving about below* So which one is yours?
Wyn: She’s the one in the middle.
Hawke: *Squints at three orange-headed soldiers wandering about the center of the courtyard* Hmm. The one with the teeth and hair.
Wyn: The one and the same. She’s bending over to pick up her hat.
Hawke: *Frowns* I don’t see..
*Sudden strong gust of wind knocks hat off Threnn’s head*
Threnn: *in the distance* Bloody hell!
Wyn: Wait for it…
Threnn: *Back turned to Wyn, bends over to pick up her hat*
Wyn: It’s the simple things, really.
Hawke: *Giggles and then gasps as Threnn turns around* Oh my.
Wyn: What is it?
Hawke: I think I owe her money.