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The Encrusted Jewel

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The car was nearly complete. The last screw fit into place, tightened enough so that it wouldn’t come loose. The red dragonoid wheeled out of the car’s underside, sitting up finally to reveal a yellow-eyed, lizard-like creature with black scales and black claws, as well as short grey horns. His facial features were fair for a dragonoid, and yet there was a rugged appeal. His whip scars were kept hidden underneath a white tunic and a pair of brown trousers.

The dragonoid’s name was Parker Dooley.

It had been a year since he last saw his human companion, Elizabeth Bowler, helped him find his family. Naturally, he called her Eliza because, according to him and a few other dragonoids, the nickname was easy to remember. Oh, how he missed the brunette-haired young lass with those emerald green eyes. He wondered how she was doing to these days. Did she forget him? Had she moved on?

“Hey Parker, help me out!” It was Parker’s eldest brother Adelram. He was also a dragonoid with deep red scales. Parker felt small compared to this broad-shouldered, muscular creature. Maybe it wasn’t wise to pick a fight with him.

Parker ran over to his older brother. As soon as he reached the hood, Adelram jerked his scaly hand away from one of the parts, waving his hand as the smoke came out of the engine. Parker coughed. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

“I’m sorry, brother,” Adelram said, shaking his head. “If we can’t get the engine to work, I’m afraid we’re going nowhere.”

“Aww!” Turen cried out in terror. Parker looked at his youthful, younger brother in admiration. Turen was desperate to come with him. Now, that plan was folly. “I was hoping we could meet Eliza! She sounds incredible!”

Parker smiled. “Thanks.”

“Hey,” Turen gave Parker a thumbs up. He received no response from Adelram, while Parker laughed at his reaction. Turen asked, confused, “What? Don’t most people on Earth do that?”

“You are ridiculous,” Adelram shook his head, annoyed. He set the wrench in the toolbox, staring at the engine in vain. “What can we do? This engine’s done for!”

“Can’t we use magic?” Parker asked, curious. “Magic will get us through that portal, not just our tools.” He recovered, the moment his eldest brother raised an eyebrow, “Not that I mind! It’s just… we’re almost done. It’s a labor of love, I know, but we don’t have a whole lot of time.”

“I was hoping we could do this together, as a family,” Adelram said, sighing. He scratched his scaly forehead, taking the toolbox towards the woodshed in frustration. “Fine! We’ll do it your way! Although,” he returned to Parker and Turen, “we could’ve used magic a long time ago, instead of waiting a whole year to do it!” He gestured to Parker, “Hey. You did practice, right?”

“Yes. I’ve been honing my skills,” Parker said, cheekily.

“Together?” Turen asked, readying his hands.

“Together,” Adelram and Parker said at the same time.

They waved their hands in unison. At first, nothing happened. Then a pink light streamed out from their hands, enveloping the car and turning it into something new. There was no longer a smoking engine. It had quieted down. Instead, when the dragonoid brothers were finished, the car was completed and painted in a shade of blue. It still looked like a 1940s car, but it suited Parker.

Adelram smiled in triumph. As Parker sat in the driver’s seat, admiring the buttons and dashboard, Adelram instructed him, “That dashboard will take you wherever you want. If you want to go to specifics, simply punch the name of the person you’re seeing, the world you’re traveling to, and the year on the number pad. The car will do the rest.”

“Thank you, brother,” Parker said, closing the door and buckling up.

“Wait for me!” Turen jumped into the backseat, closing the passenger’s side door.

“Good luck, brothers. You’ll need it. Earth is not like the Land of Dragons or other worlds in this universe. You’ll have to go in disguise,” Adelram said, curtly.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ve been practicing,” Parker announced, poking his head out the window. “I may be the hobbit Tobias’ lookalike, but I’ve still got Eliza and he’s got Janet. And if something happens to me, then what will happen to him?” He sighed, the moment he started up the engine. “I hope Aslan’s all right. I hope he’s opened the portal.”

“One can hope,” Adelram said, patting the car and taking a few steps back. “Good luck again.”

“We will,” Parker and Turen said, closing up the windows before Parker punched in the letters and numbers on the number pad. That finished, and after the car figured out where it was heading, Parker pulled down on the gear shift and zoomed towards the Dooley family barn. To his surprise, the car picked up speed, sailing into the sky before it crashed into the barn.

The car climbed higher up into the sky. At last! There was the golden-hued portal in the sky. Parker drove towards the portal, watched the portal draw closer, and bam! He was through the portal’s invisible barrier, the car landing on a lonely cement road heading towards a city with tall buildings clumped together.

“Parker, where are we?” Turen asked, gazing at the city.

“Turen,” Parker said in admiration, “welcome to New York City.”

“Do you think Eliza’s here?” Turen asked, curious.

“She better be,” Parker said, hoping the dashboard was right, “or else the dashboard’s wrong.” He paused, taking in the surroundings. “Let’s go.” He drove down the road, towards the busier street. Wherever Eliza was, he hoped she was having a swell time in New York City. Otherwise, this whole trip was for nothing!