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The Darkest Star

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Notes: Hey ya'll! it's Ninniku-chan here. So, this is one of my newest/recent works I'm in the process of working on. I just now finished the second chappie of it. this one is really fun. it's a bit crazy, but that's how I like it along with it being ghoulish. I think ya'll will like it. Hopefully people will that is. No flames or negativity is allowed. By negativity I mean no bullying, hrrassment, etc. towards me or my stories because if there is I will report you. Only positive and constructive feedback is allowed. Hehes, please enjoy and R&R!

The Darkest Star

Chapter : Descent

In the mortal plain of existence dwells the world of Yagiza. Various types of humans live here where each have a certain amount of magical attributes whether granted at birth or later in life. Today would be a game changer for a select few individuals as the morning sun rises out of the horizon. Soft rays illuminate the world to begin a new day which will either be in or out of people's favors depending on what the deities have preordained for them. While this is the concept for most people there are some who resist this ideal that strive to make their own destinies no matter what fate may befall them in the end. One of those would be a young woman about to wake. Groaning in annoyance of the few stray slivers of sunlight peeking in through the blinds she rolled over. Propping herself on one of her elbows she opened one eye to see what Time it is.

"Great, I'm already late," sighed the twenty-two year old female named Kurashianna, moving out of bed to step towards the washroom to quickly prepare to head to the mage's guild where she along with other students would be receiving their allocations today.

Knowing she'd need to hurry up didn't bother her. Once she finished washing and getting ready she headed out of the small sized apartment that's kind of like a staid styled one. Her straight yet slightly wavy dark brown hair is tied in its usual high ponytail. The front fringe covers one of her icy blue-gray eyes. They don't work anyways. Done on her person is a traditional style of mage's robes in a dark blue color with an undershirt and leggings underneath. A pair of flats covered her feet. It did hinder feeling the vibrations in the ground, but she does well enough when she's not barefoot. Slung along one shoulder is her mage's kit. All of her life she has known this would be her calling of attending the mage's school to eventually be a tamer. Yet, there are things about her along with her family's past that she doesn't know. For instance there's the aspect of strange stitch-like markings appearing on her lately. There has been no reason or explanation for it. Yes, she has visited her parents to ask about it. Both have remained hushed on the subject. Brushing the uncertainties of her life aside for the present, she locked her front door behind her before scurrying off towards where the academy is located. Fortunately, she managed to snag a living space close within easy walking distance.

Finding the hall in which the ceremony would take place would be a different matter all together. There are some twisty corridors here and there if one isn't careful enough. Eventually, Kurashianna did find the correct one. Falling in line to her position within the group of other students who'd be part of it hadn't been an issue. Somehow things had just about started. Inwardly sighing, she hoped things would go well. Raising her head to glance over in the direction of where the Headmaster would be making the announcements it shortly began.

Time passed while name after name had been called out to receive their allocations. There were a variety of them from necromancer to warlock to herbalist, etc. When it's Kurashianna's time to head up to the stage she squared her shoulders before taking a breath. Heading up, she waited by the stairs. The Headmaster by the name of Shiro approached until he stood at the top of the stairs. He has a Kindly aged face with wizened green eyes and wispy silvery hair. No one knows Shiro's exact title aside from knowing he's been many things throughout his extensive life so far.

"Ah, I see you managed to arrive in a time, Ms. Ozairi," said Shiro, leaning on his oak staff. "You're here to receive your allocation like the rest of those who gathered here."

"Indeed I am, sir," she replied, bowing out of respect before straightening her stance even though she's a bit nervous of being one of the few short people here.

"i would be proud to give you one, but I'm afraid I can't," said Shiro in an apologetic manner.

"What? Why?" Asked Kurashianna in puzzlement of the reason behind this.

"For what you are," he said simply, trying to soften the blow of the bad news.

"I don't understand," admitted the student. "What am I? I always thought I'm a human like the rest of you. How can I not be one of you?"

"I'm afraid your parents didn't tell you of this. They were too afraid of being targeted to tell you anything," replied Shiro, motioning with one of his hands to say that they'd continue this conversation in his office before turning to the rest. "All of you may leave for now. Enjoy the short time off before you're given your first assignments."

Everyone else in the hall exited except for Kurashianna. Frowning, she left to the doorway in which would lead towards the Headmaster's office. It would be where he'd be waiting for her. Confusion remained apparent within her of this. She had been looking forward to becoming a tamer, but somehow she can't because of whatever she is. In her opinion it's stupid. Yet, the mystery is there that she wants solved about what exactly she is, why strange things have been happening, and what she's supposed to do about it. Clearly no one else can resolve this except for her since it pertains to something in her family's past that she had been neglected to be informed of. Stepping into the office she fell into the seat in front across from Shiro who had a strained yet contemplative expression with his hands folded in front of him.

"Good, I'm glad you joined me here," said the Headmaster, gauging her facial expression before continuing. "You weren't told of your family's history because then beings from Unkrius would come after you more violently."

"Why me?" She asked, wanting to know more.

"Well, there's no easy way to tell you this," sighed Shiro in exasperation. "You're the exiled heir of the half-dead race."

"So, that's why I'm not a warm bodied person," remarked Kurashianna dryly. "I guess that makes sense. So, why would things from there go after me of all people? I'm no one special."

"Oh, you would be wrong," said Shiro with a faint smile crossing his features. "As I have revealed to you that you are the heir. The beings from there especially the demonic race have been at odds with the half-dead for millennia. It caused the exile of your parents including yourself. This happened a very long time ago of course which is why you don't remember it."

Taking all of this in made her reel. Nothing had prepared her for this bombshell of a realization. It made sense now why she wouldn't be leaving here like the rest of her fellow students. This did leave the question as to what she would do after leaving here. Knowing she can't remain where she lives now didn't settle well. The thoughts milling about in her mind caused her lips to purse in thought before she asked him a question.

"What do I do about it?" Blurted out Kurashianna. "If I have to go into Unkrius to save them the trouble of finding me then so be it. I'm not afraid."

"I commend you on what most would think a foolish and brash comment, but I think you are brave to face this head on," said Shiro, procuring a bag before sliding it over to her. "THis is something your parents told me to hold onto until you were ready. After you leave these walls you can make your descent. I wish you the best of luck."

"Uh, thanks I guess," shrugged Kurashianna, getting up from the chair before accepting the bag to place in her own to inspect later before leaving Shiro's office.

Walking down the corridors gave her a sense of forboding. Knowing what she is now did give her a semblance of security. Yet, knowing that she'd be going on this alone didn't. During her time here she hadn't really grown close to anyone due to feeling like an outcast amongst her peers. Most other students found her sense of fashion or the strange markings off putting. When she noticed that her feet had led her to the door that would be the exit outside of the building caused her to halt. Taking out the bag she received, she felt through it before pulling out a velvet choker with the design of skulls within dancing flames. The design is on the outside material while the inner is of a comfortable type of fabric that wouldn't chart or be uncomfortable during prolonged use. Raising a brow, she decided to put it on around her neck. Somehow it fit. Feeling around the bag again caused her to pull out another item. This would be a black rose whip. It's in the form of a hair accessory, but when pulling it out then it transforms into the weapon. Untying her hair to allow it to fall down to the middle of her back she clipped her fringe to the side to allow some to hang slanted wise across her forehead. Putting the tie in her robe's pocket she remained alone with her thoughts.

Is this really what they were hiding from me? I would've appreciated knowing this a long time ago, she thought to herself. Well, I can't help it. What I need to do now is figure out a way to enter Unkrius....

What she neglected to notice is that something or someone has been watching her from the shadows. That forbidding feeling from earlier hadn't come out from nowhere of course. Flinching upon an icy touch at the base of her neck caused her to whirl around.

"Who's there?" Called out Kurashianna, unsheathing her ash staff emblazoned with the design of crisscrossing bones.

"heh heh, didn't think you were the jumpy type," chuckled a feminine voice in amusement.

"Show yoursefl!" She demanded, staff still in hand at the ready.

"Very well then," said the other woman before there's the sound of fingers snapping before a corporeal form emerges from the darkness. "Well, well, Kurashianna, is it? I've been waiting for the time you'd awaken."

"Yeah, I know what I am," replied the used to be mage, wondering if her knowledge of the magical arts can still be useful to her where she'll be heading towards. "How do you know me?"

"I've been watching you for a very long time," smirked the dark red haired woman with an obsidian physique that's opposite to the halfling's albino form.

"That's not creepy at all," muttered Kurashianna sarcastically under her breath even though the other woman caught it with ease.

"Heh, I suppose so," shrugged the creature. "So, you want in on Unkrius, right? What would you say if I can take you there myself?"

"I assume you're one of the things Headmaster Shiro told me about," stated Kurashianna, not letting up on her offensive stance in case the thing decided to attack. "Why should I trust you?"

"You shouldn't,' replied the demonic individual not far from in front of her. "the reason why I could take you is because I'm from there actually.... The rulers are waiting for your return."

"So, I'm being led to my demise.... That's just great," scowled Kurashianna, remaining wary of the other since she hadn't lowered her staff yet.

"Yep," grinned Sekito. "My name is something you'll find out later. Those are powerful things in the world of Unkrius. So, it's best not to give them out freely. So, do you want to go with me or not? Trust me, I'm one of the few somewhat Kindly folk from there. You could've ended up with someone worse."

Biting her lower lip, Kurashianna gave it some thought. Sekito did have her hand out in front of her in wait for when the halfling would accept or decline the offer handled to her. This wouldn't be an easy decision to make even though she did need a way to the other land. Perhaps the other woman did have a point. There could've been someone uncouth that she could've been approached by instead. So, maybe she should go ahead with it. There might not be another opportunity like this to come across her. Hesitantly, she stowed her staff away before feeling around for Sekito's hand which she clasped in her own. Cold met hot in a mere instant when the two shook hands.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that contracts are also a big deal down there too. So, since you agreed to me that means you're stuck with me during your descent. Shall we depart then?" Smirked Sekito.

"Yeah, let's go."