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You Smelled Like Oranges

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The day you met Jake English is a day you will never forget. You were 19, fresh out of high school and attending Skaia University. It was a pretty far trip, moving to the brisk and rigid weather of Washington, DC from the hot and humid air of Houston, Texas. But you figured you could deal. Your half sister, Roxy, teased you for the hoodie that you never seem to take off, but you didn’t really think that was fair, considering she grew up here with your other half sister, Rose and their mom.

It was the first day of college and you were still a freshman, trying your damned hardest to find your way around campus, but holy shit, it was huge. Eventually, though, you found your Engineering I class, and found a seat next to a raven haired boy. He looked nice enough, with fluffy black hair and dorky but cute glasses.

He looked over and gave you a smile. “Hi there!” He said, sticking his tanned hand out. You took it and shook it, noticing how warm it was.

“Uh, hi.” You said. “My name’s Dirk. Dirk Strider.” You offered your name and retracted your hand back. You hope he didn’t notice how sweaty your hands were.

He gave a smile, showing his kind-of but not really bucked teeth. “I’m John! John Egbert.” He said and that seemed to finish your conversation because he turned back to the teacher and began taking notes as soon as the dude started talking.


After class, you followed John out, because he had Robotics 101 with you, the class he only took because he needed to fill up credits, and the only class you took because you actually like it.

You both decided that after all of your classes today, that everybody should meet up for lunch today, since it’s the first day of classes and everyone’s ending their lectures early. By ‘everybody’ he meant his sister, and his two cousins. You nodded and just followed along, because you didn’t know anybody here, so you were kinda excited to meet new people and kinda not.

Soon enough. It was around 2 pm and all of your classes were over, along with John’s. You had given him your number halfway through to keep in contact and he texted you in the middle of class, telling you he was done with class.

After you left class, you all decided to meet up at the Literary wing, because that’s where John’s sister and two cousins were meeting him.

You waited there until you saw John coming down the hallway with three more raven haired people, two girls and one boy.

You looked up from your phone to look over at John and his triplettes (Jesus, all of these kids look so fuckin’ similar) and saw possibly the hottest dude you’ve ever seen. That, was Jake English. A carbon copy of John, but somehow...better. Hotter. John had his kid innocence shtick going for him, but this dude. Fuck.

He was like a hotter, buffer and tanner version of John. John had an athletic body and tan skin, but smooth skin and gentle voice. This boy - this man, Jake English was buff, with calloused, strong hands and shorts that were a bit on the short side, much to your benefit, and tan skin. Tan skin that wasn’t just because he was part latino, as John explained. Tan skin that had gotten tanner over the years from obvious sun exposure. This man was an outdoor man.

He was the man of your twink dreams.

He offered you a hand before any of the girls and smiled a goofy but sexy smile. “Hello there! Strider, is it?” He asked as you extended your hand and met his. He had a strong handshake but warm hands. You noted this.

“Uh yeah. You’re Jake, right? John’s older cousin?” Your anxiety spiked for a few seconds, hoping to god his name was Jake and you didn’t just mishear the name ‘Jack’

He smiled and let go of your hand, placing his on his hips. “Right you are, Chap!” He exclaimed. “This is my younger sister Jade and my cousin, Jane!” He introduced the women behind him, one dressed in baby blue with short hair and red glasses, the other dressed in green with black hair that almost went to the back of her knees, who had round glasses.

You nodded to them, not feeling very hand-shakey anymore and looked to John. “You all look super similar, y’know?” He just laughed and nodded, saying something about how they all looked like their Grandpa and Grandma Harley.

“Where do you guys wanna eat?” Jane asked, smiling sweetly.

Oh yeah. That.

That question scared you. Because you had Anorexia. Or, what you always liked to call it, Manorexia.