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are you for real?

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"I bet you can't list one good quality of mine!"
An uncomfortable silence falls upon the group. They'd been going around just saying nice things about each other, but not yet gotten to Zuko. The conversation had gone from friendly to serious when that one line wiped the smile right off Sokka's face. When he went quiet, they all did. Then, after a moment of thought, he said, "Give me an hour," and went to the tent they were using at that time a few feet from the fire.

"You seriously wrote me a list?" Zuko is fully aware that Sokka is asleep. After two hours of alone time, the others had begun to yawn and he had assumed it was a joke and just an excuse to go to sleep early. When he sees that there is indeed a written list, he speaks softly, in reality only to himself.

1. Your smile and laugh - contagious, refreshing.
2. Sense of humor and sarcasm - dark but still good.
3. Skill set - both useful and impressive.
4. SMART - Does this count as a skill?
5. Knowledge from experience - not all experiences good, but knowledge from them putting us at an advantage.
6. Not unattractive. Enough said.
7. YOU ARE A VALUED FRIEND OF OURS. We care about you even when you don't feel like we do. Stop saying mean things about yourself where it's not due. It bums me out, buddy.