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AN: I would like to apologize beforehand, as I'm not using Viking, instead I'm using Lontara language and this is my first attempt in HP, I wish to say thank you to both my betas FrostFire94 and maisey2k10. I might change few things, so wish to apologize too. But anyway, please do enjoy it. I only claim for the plot and my OC(s). Thank you

Disclaimer: I am not making a profit from writing or posting this fanfic. All cannon events belong to J.K Rowling.


"Nú, hlýðir. Margkunnigr menntr, ach néiat waíse líkr onr fǫðurbróðir un faðir." (Now, be good. Learn well, do not be like your Father and Uncles.)

Around them, people calling out 'hey' and laughter could be heard at what the old woman had said to her Granddaughter while standing in the middle of the train station. Today was the day that the little one had to leave her family to learn how to control the powers she had.

"Laisatana tao ncahaqata nrarakanadamaotahakara saaida," one of the Aunties said. (Listen to what Grandmother said.)

"Taraue, tahaeya taraoubalaemaakaera," another of the aunties said to her little niece. (True, they are troublemakers.) Again, protests of 'hey' and 'not true' could be heard.

The little girl giggled at witnessing her Uncles and Aunties bickering with one another. She knew that she wouldn't be able to see them for a while after today, but she had to be strong. After all, she's a survivor and she'd promised her family that she'd be strong for them.

"Daona'ta laisatana tao tahaata ewaila ncaitacahaesa." One of her Uncles sneered at her Aunties, but she knew they were just having fun. (Don't listen to those evil witches.)

"Taraue, tahaeqa qarae ewaila sapakancana." (True, they are evil spawn.)

"Daona'ta laisatana tao tahaem;, tahaeqa sataucaka ina tahae mauda." (Don't listen to them; they're just sticks in the mud.)

"Tahaeqa daona'ta kanaonca ncahaata isa ngkauna." (They don't know what is fun.)

"Taraue, I agaraee ncaitaha yaou baraotahaerasa" (True, I agree with you brothers.)

"Taraue, I agaraee taoo." (True, I agree too)

"Maotahaera, ngkaatahaera!" (Mother, Father!)

"Enaougaha tahae laota ongka yaou!" (Enough, the lot of you!)

The girl looked on with interest, a smile creeping onto her face as she watched her family interacting with one another. She was going to miss hearing their bickering; others always said they were loud and annoying, but to her it was home.

"Laitatalae ngkalaowaera?" (Little flower?)

The girl looked over at the old man that was calling out to her. He was giving her a smile that let her know how proud he was, and she knew she could never say that she didn't want to go and just return home instead.

'Yaesa, garaanadangkaatahaera?' (Yes, Grandfather?)

"I haawae saomaetahainaga ngkaora yaou, mae qanada yaoura garaqanadamaotahaera haawae saomaetahainaga ngkaora yaou qacatauqalalaya," her Grandfather said with a smile on his face. (I have something for you, well, your Grandmother and I have something for you.)

The old man called his wife, making the old woman stop nagging at her children. Both hugged their Granddaughter with everything they had, before giving her the gifts that would make sure she would always remember her family. That would remind her that they would always love her and be in her heart no matter what.

Once again, all her Aunties and Uncles came to her side, each one of them giving her a bear hug and a pep talk, saying that they would always be by her side no matter what. Right after her Uncles, Aunties and both her Grandparents had finished talking with her, the last person that haD been a hero and everything in her life, give her a bear hug as well.

"Sweetheart, remember, do not let anyone put you down. You are survivor, we are survivors and no matter what happens, we will always love you and be there for you. You hear me, my little Sigrid?"

'Yes, Father?'

"We might not able to see you again as we have to move. Once we've found a secure location I will send an eagle or wolf to you, okay, Honey? It is for your own safety. I hate to do this, but you need to be there and learn how to control it by yourself. I'm sorry I can't help you right now, but with the war that we have, it almost cost us your life. We almost lost you, Sweetheart, and we can't lose you. You, my little Sigrid, are my own flesh and blood, do not let anyone step on you. You hear me, little Sigrid? We love you with all our hearts. Please tell James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus that I'm sorry that I can't be there."

'I will, Father, please be careful. I love you, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncle Ake, Uncle Egil, Uncle Einar, Aunt Dagny, Aunt Helga, Uncle Randolph and Uncle Uffe. I'm sorry that because of me we must move away. All of you must hide, while I have to go to school. I'm sorry that this is because of me, because of almost losing me. If I had never been born….' Before she could finish her sentence, her father stopped her with a hug and a kiss to her forehead.

"Don't. Never speak like that, you are a survivor, Sweetheart. You are my little Sigrid. Never speak of that. You are the best gift in our lives, my flesh and blood. We will do everything in our power to protect you, even from that dreadful Mother of yours. She is not your Mother, she simply gave birth to you." Her father said, giving her another kiss on the forehead.

He felt like he'd been kicked in the gut when she said such things. No child should be thinking like that. He swore to himself that he would find that woman and end her life once and for all. His own daughter should not feel like that, she should be loved, safe and cared for. She should not be tortured by that dreadful woman.

Sometimes he wondered how he had ever been in love with that kind of woman. A sister to his good friend nonetheless. Not only that, his own best friend had already said not to get involved with her, yet he didn't listen. Now, here he was, about to send his one and only daughter off to school and far, far away from him.

He was grateful to be able to send her there, but he felt like he hadn't had enough time with her, especially when he'd been fighting in war and his own daughter had to grow up much too quickly. He could see that she was blaming herself for her own existence in this world, but for him, how could he blame her? After all, she was his little Sigrid. At first, his family might not have liked it but upon seeing her beautiful hazel eyes, he can now say that they would do anything just to make sure that she would be safe and sound.

"Okaqaya, okaqaya, enaougaha ncaitaha tahaqata. Haonca daqarae, yaou maqakae mae emaotaionaqala baraotahaera!" (Okay, Okay, enough with that. How dare you make me emotional brother!)

"Paisasa ongkangka, Dagny!" (Piss off, Dagny.)

"Okaqaya, baotaha ongka yaou tancao sataopa ita!" (Okay, both of you, stop it!)

The father of the girl took a deep breath and looked around at his family and his little girl. "How about we take a picture, for our little Sigrid?" He suggested and everyone chorused their agreement.

Without wasting time, the family gathered around the little girl, while the father asked a passerby to take a picture of them. Right after the picture been produced, the father made a copy for everyone before giving one to his little girl.

"Be careful, Sweetheart. Now you better hop on that blasted train, we don't want you to be late for your first day school. We love you, Honey, good luck with your studies and no misbehaving."

'Yes, Father, I love you too. I love all of you, and everyone take care.'

"Bae gaooda qanada sataudaya haqarada," (Be good and study hard.)

The girl smiled and hugged her Grandmother with everything she had. 'I ncailala garaqanadamaotahaera.' (I will Grandmother).

The girl was released from her hug and she went and got on board the train. She looked over to her family and waves to them. She signed something that made the whole family smile sadly, knowing she was going to be away at school for a long time.

'I laowae ncaou, qalala ongka ncaou'. (I love you, all of you).

"Blimey, your tall!" A red-haired boy said, looking at the girl with wide eyes,. She tilted her head to the side.

The raven-haired boy at his side nudged him in the ribs and said, "I'm sorry about him. Is it alright if we sit with you? The rest of the compartments are full."

The girl smiled and gestured for the two boys to sit with her and upon seeing her invitation, the boys walked in and sat across from her.

"Hi, I'm Ron. Ron Weasley," the red-haired boy smiled at her, to which she replied with a smile of her own.

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

This made the girl's eyes widen. So, this is Potter, the son of her father's friend? She took off her index ring, that she'd made with her father before the war in her hometown. She handed the ring to the boys, and they looked at her in confusion. She showed them where her name resided in the ring.

"Sigrid Z'ev," the boys read at the same time, before they handed her ring back.

Before the boys could say anything, a girl with bushy hair opened the door to the compartment and walked inside. "Has anyone seen toad?" she asked. The girl shakes her head in answer and noticed the that the boys did not answer.

"Oh, thank you. Hello, my name's Hermione Granger, and you must be Harry Potter. You?" she asked, looking Ron.

"Ron Weasley," he replied.

Hermione looked at the boy with grimace when she saw him eating his food.

"Pleasure, and how about you?" she asked her. The girl does the same as she did to Harry and Ron, taking off her ring and giving it to Hermione.

"Sigrid Z'ev, why you didn't you speak?" Hermione asked, as she handed Sigrid her ring back.

Sigrid only smiled as she slid her ring back onto her finger, once it was in place, she showed the trio her neck. Gasps were heard.

"Blimey, I'm so sorry!"

Sigrid shakes her head and shows them in sign language, saying 'It's okay,' but both Ron and Harry didn't quite understand what she was trying to convey.

"Does that mean 'It's okay'?" Hermione asked. Sigrid nods, seeing that Hermione's eyes glimmer with hunger for knowledge.

Before Hermione could say anything else, Harry spoke.

"Can you teach us sign language? I assume that you can hear clearly, but that scar means that you can't speak." Harry's eyes widened and he blushed bright red. He apologised for how his words had sounded, but Sigrid laughed at him and waved him off, indicating that she hadn't taken offence.

After that moment, they stayed in the compartment together until they finally reached Hogwarts, with Sigrid teaching the trio some sign language so they could better communicate and understand her.