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Chosen Fang

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Notes: Hey ya'll! It's Ninniku-chan here. So, this is one of my books I began writing a long time ago. Well, it feels like ages even though it's just been a few years. Lol Anyways, I lost motivation to write this due to reasons. Ya'll don't need to know what those reasons are. I thought it would be a good idea to post my original work. At least it's out there in case I'm not able to ever publish anything for real. So, yeah, hopefully this goes well. No negativity or flames are allowed. By no negativity I mean no bullying, harrassment, etc. towards me or my stories because if there is any I will report you. What is allowed will be positive and constructive feedback. This is within a world of my own creation since this is one of my original/professional works. Please enjoy and R&R!

Chosen Fang

Chapter 1: Dasheng

I woke up one morning. A ray of sunshine managed to wriggle through the curtains. I groaned. Did I have to get up? I guess I didn't have a choice. Father would scold me if I didn't get my chores done. I dragged myself up. I might as well get washed and dressed. My long crimson streaked gold hair was in a mess. It was to be expected. My eyes were silver with flecks of sapphire, emerald, and amber. They changed depending on my mood, what I was wearing, or by my surroundings. I decided to throw on a simple top and jeans. I put on my choker. I loved it. I tied my hair into a loose ponytail. I also put on some stockings and my favorite heeled boots. When I deemed myself presentable I left my room. I went down the stairs. I smelled the scent of breakfast being cooked.

"Oh good," said the voice of my older brother, Raulle. "I'm glad you decided to wake up today."

"Morning to you too," I muttered as I took a seat.

"Father isn't here," he assured me.

I sighed in relief, "Thank the gods. It's better not having him criticize everything we do."

Raulle agreed, "Yeah, well here you go. He left for work a while ago. I'd advise to stay away from town."

"Understood," I said, accepting the meal he prepared. "Thanks, big brother."

"I'm always here to look out for my baby sister," he said softly which rarely happened.

I thought he was adorable. Especially when we had moments like this. It didn't happen often. I knew Father rubbed off on him. I didn't like it. I didn't want Raulle to become like him. It would be like when we lsot our mother. She had perished during childbirth. I vaguely remembered her. Raulle recalled her better than I did. He knew how I felt. At least he still cared about me. I hoped he wouldn't change too much. I left the house when I finished eating. He smiled at me. I was warmed by it. I walked out. There were things to do. I wanted to get them done before Father returned. He became cross if they weren't completed. He had left a list. I had glanced at it. The major things were collecting wood and hunting. I didn't like the latter of the two. I've told him before I despise having to hunt down animals. I know we needed to eat, but it was better knowing an animal lived a long and happy life before it dies. It doesn't bother me when others don't agree with me. Not everyone shares the same views. I began walking out into the woods. I didn't know what would be out here. I always kept my knives on hand. They stayed in their sheaths which were tied securely to my belt around my waist. The leaves crunched underfoot. It broke the silence. There was no birdsong. The kingdom I lived in didn't have much wildlife. Sure, there was a forest nearby. There were some animals, but it was silent. I wasn't sure what I should bring back this time. The absence of sound was kind of spooky. I glanced up to notice dark clouds rolling in. I should be quick. I didn't want to get caught in the rain. We usually receive terrible lightning storms. It was recommended to stay inside when they occurred. I felt drops hit me. I cursed under my breath. I had no idea it would start so soon. I hadn't even begun collecting the wood or looking for game to hunt.

"Great. This was just what I needed," I said sarcastically to myself.

I couldn't run back home. I had already went into the forest a little bit. I couldn't return. This was just my luck. Maybe there was a cave nearby. I could take shelter in one. I looked around. I spotted one. I dashed inside. I sighed in relief. I could hear it pouring outside. I stepped further into the cave. I stiffened at hearing a low growl. My blood ran cold. I hesitantly looked to see what type of creature it was. A shiver rushed down my spine. I didn't think this creature would survive in our climate. I guess there are stranger things I've encountered. Managing to run into a dragon-wolf wasn't that surprising.

"I don't mean any harm," I said, holding my hands up.

"Why did you enter my den?" he growled.

"I needed to escape from the weather," I explained. 'I couldn't run home and your cave was the closest shelter I could find."

"I see," he said, his crimson orbs boring into my grey ones. "What is your name, human?"

"Auxe Saegius," I replied. "What about you?"

"I am known by many names, but you may call me Dasheng," he said, examining me with his penetrating gaze.

I respectively bowed to him, "It's nice to meet you. I hope you don't mind me staying here until the storm passes."

Dasheng raised a brow, blasting a plume of flame into the hearth to light up the area as he politely responds, "Yes, you may stay in my den. When it passes you leave. Do you understand?"

I sneered, "Yes, sir. I didn't need you to be rude."

He laughed. It annoyed me. What was so amusing? I didn't hear what the joke was. I felt heat rush to my face. Especially when I saw him. Apparently he wasn't the beast most people said his kind were. Then again beasts in our world had two forms. There was their full form and a humanoid form. Although there were a few species it didn't apply to such as nagas, demons, and merfolk. He had glossy obsidian hair. It fell down to his shoulders. His eyes were scarlet. His form was kept in good shape. His muscles were chiseled as if he were a god. I doubted it. Maybe he was a ruler of his species? I didn't know. I noticed he had his chest bare, but he wore a sarong around his waist. It was silver. He also had a similar colored cloak draped across his shoulders. He had silver grey bands running down his arms. His midnight black wings were folded neatly on his back. They had crimson down feathers. They probably looked like flames when they were unfurled. He also had a long tail, but it was a wolf's along with his ears atop his head. His scales were a mix of scarlet and obsidian hues. His scales were down his back, arms, and ran down the rest of his body below his waist. He relaxed. He thought I meant no harm. I didn't. I was here until the storm passed. I would be on my way when it was peaceful enough for me to travel back home. I sat down on the floor. The fire in the hearth felt reassuring. If he thought to cause me any harm he would've done it already. He settled down across from me.

"What were you doing so far away from the kingdom?" he asked.

"I had been out to complete a few chores," I explained. "I hadn't even begun when it started to rain."

"I see," he mused. "You seem familiar. Do I know you from somewhere else?"

"No, I don't think so," I replied after a moment of tougt, wondering if maybe he had mistaken me for my mother.

"Do you know someone named Eilusia Saegius?" he asked.

"That's my grandmother," I told him in surprise.

"I remember meeting her when she was about your age," Dasheng shared with me, his expression softening which was rather adorable. "She was such a kind woman."

"I miss her," I muttered, knowing he had heard me.

"I do too," he admitted. "Perhaps you are similar to her."

"Did you know my mother?" I asked.

"Unfortunately no," he replied, feeling my hopes sink. "I am pleased to have met Eilusa's grandchild."

I nodded. He reached out. He placed a hand over mine. I was comforted by his warmth. I could see the concern in his eyes. There was also a flicker of pity. I didn't like that. I glanced outside. It was starting to simmer down. I was glad. I didn't want to be late returning home. I'm sure Raulle is probably worried sick. I rose to my feet. I watched me. I shifted uncomfortably. I hoped he would stop staring at me. I was unnerving. His orbs flicked to the cavern entrance. He frowned at noticing the storm beginning to die down. I would need to depart soon.

"Before you leave I want to offer you something," Dasheng said.

I stayed where I was, "What is it?"

"I want to form a pact with you," he said simply. "There are riders in this world. There isn't one for your kingdom. You might enjoy the freedom."

"Do I need to decide now?" I asked, feeling a weight being deposited on my shoulders as the pressure crashed down on me without warning.

"Yes," he answered solemly. "You would probably enjoy being away from home. Your father is an oppressive person. He doesn't care about you."

"What about Raulle?" I asked.

"He is like his father," Dasheng said bluntly.

"How do you know this?" I asked suspiciously. "You haven't met me until today. It's unlikely you'd know about my family."

"Let's just say your grandmother left me with something to keep tabs on you," he said carefully. "She made me promise something before she passed away onto her next life."

"Oh?" I asked, curious as to what he had vowed to her.

"It was to keep you safe," he said gently. "It was also to ensure you stayed on the right path. She didn't want you straying from your destiny or fate."

"My destiny?" I question in shock.

He nodded, "Eilusia wanted me to keep an eye on you. Although if we were to cross paths I was supposed to ask you to become a rider. I would be your beast."

"What would we do if I agreed? What is the purpose of the riders?" I inquired as I wanted to know more.

"The riders help keep peace between the kingdoms," Dasheng explained. "There is oen for each kingdom. There is a person who is the leader of them. I don't know who he or she is. Are you interested in agreeing to forming a pact with me? If you do there's no turning back."

I thought it over for a few moments before I gave him my answer, "Ok, I'll agree to it. I might be losing my family. If it's to assist maintaining peace in our world I think grandma would've wanted me to do it."

"Excellent," the dragon-wolf said with a bright smile that blew my breath away. "You need to know how this is done. You'll need to form a small cut in the part of your body you want my mark on. It's your choice. Anywhere will be fine."

I understood. It would be difficult. I didn't know where I would want this creature's mark. It was an important decision. Every choice I made would effect my life as well as others around me. Although I was honored such a beautiful creature wanted to become my beast. I wondered what he looked like in his normal form. It was probably what he truly looked like. I would find out soon enough. I picked a spot. I sliced a cut in my left shoulder. He placed a hand on the spot. His hand glowed. It pulsated for a few seconds. It vanished almost as soon as it began. I felt his essence. It calmed me. He dropped his hand when the process finished. The wound was closed. Yet it felt different. It was a mark of a fang. The color of it was gold with a dark grey outline. It appeared to be in the form of a lightning bolt. He draped his arms around me. He drew me close.

"Welcome, Auxe," he said, pride and joy glimmering in his amber depths. "We are now bonded. We will travel to Horaito when the storm passes."

"What's there we need to go see?" I stared into those depths which seemed to flicker with various emotions flashing across like a bolt in the heavens.

"One of the others," Dasheng answered, a smirk splaying across his lips. "She'll be able to help you through the initation to become the rider for Elictrica. When we're done with that we can return to your home where you'll be stationed. Until we leave you should rest. You'll need it."

Notes: Yays! Done with chappie one! I have about fourteen more chappies of this already written. i wil lsee about putting the rest of this up shortly. Hopefully I'll receive some great comments with this instead of being beaten down by negativity. So, we'll see what happens. Until next time, please remember to review lovelies!