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The case of crimson roses flies across the room smashing into a thousand deadly shards on the immaculate marble floor. Grabbing another case Kim Taehyung goes to send it flying across the room. Pulling his arm back to throw the vase Taehyung stops when he sees Jeon Jungkook standing before him. "Enough hyung." Is all Jungkook says before grabbing the vase and setting it back on the table heavy glass meeting hard wood.

Taehyung's beautiful face is red with fury as he begins to pace the room. His tall slim build makes him look like a model as he paces in his signature Gucci attire. "How dare she? How fucking dare she dump me?" Taehyung screams tugging at his long brown hair. Jungkook watches his friend with slight worry before finally standing up. "Hyung forget her she isn't worth your time. If she would rather fuck that small Park Jimin let her."

Taehyung screams again pushing the younger boy back a few steps. "Forget her? I will never forget her. I will ruin her and that slut Park Jimin!" A soft applause can be heard from the corner of the room and both boys turn to see Min Yoongi in the doorway. A few inches shorter than the two Yoongi makes up for his height with his bad boy looks and devil may care attitude.

Reaching down Yoongi picks up one of the crimson roses from the floor running his fingers softly over the petals. "You know what is funny about flowers? They seem so strong and beautiful but with one flick they can break so easily." Yoongi flicks his fingers against the rose stem and the head of the rose floats to the ground silently. With a wicked smirk on his face and a gleam in his eye Yoongi brings his heel down on the rose as thunder crashes behind him.

Walking to his friend Yoongi puts an arm around Taehyung leading him to the window overlooking the city. "Tae you and Kookie take care of the bitch. As for Park Jimin...I will handle that one personally. It is about time he learns roses come with thorns."


A/N: okay here is chapter one. Buckle up this is going to be a slow bumpy ride. This story has been brewing in me for months. I have no idea how long it will be and the tags will be updated as I go.