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Sae vs Wonderland

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{Prologue: No Sense of Adventure}

[9/15 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Beneath the Mask -instrumental version- ~]

Sae Niijima sat at the desk in her home office thinking about the career change she had recently made. She once served as a public prosecutor who played a major role in resolving one of Japan's greatest scandals. With the help of the Phantom Thieves and their leader known as Joker, she ended the reign of the most nefarious politician of the modern age, Shido Masayoshi. After Shido had been dealt with, Sae resigned from her position as a prosecutor and became a defense attorney. She had been terribly disillusioned by the amount of corruption in the judicial system and felt her sense of justice wavering. Switching sides to play defense rather than offense restored her faith in the judicial system after three successful cases in only a few short months. However, Sae was already getting bored of her new job. It lacked a certain challenge she was all too familiar with from her time spent as a prosecutor. Saving innocent lives as a criminal defense lawyer wasn't without merit or it's own challenges, but it was missing something she couldn't quite put her finger on. It's not that she didn't enjoy her new job, it's just that there was a fundamental difference between it and her old one that left Sae feeling unsatisfied. Despite the bad experiences she faced in the Phantom Thieves of Hearts case where her former boss subjected her to immense pressure and frustration, Sae, for whatever reason, wanted more. She wasn't a masochist, maybe she just wanted to fight evil from within again. She saw more of it at the prosecutor's office where she used to work than where she worked now, in the privacy of her home office. "If only I could have both.." Sae thought, then sighed and went to bed.

{Part 1: Down the Rabbit Hole}

[9/16 Morning: Niijima Residence]
[~ Beneath the Mask -instrumental version- ~]

Sae got out of bed and went about her morning routine. Washed her face, brushed her teeth, showered, combed her hair and then went into the kitchen for coffee. Her sister, Makoto, usually made some before leaving for class. She was taking the preliminary college courses necessary to give her an edge in a career as a police officer. "Morning Sis, I just made a fresh pot. Also, a package came in for you yesterday. Sorry, I forgot to tell you since I was so busy studying." Makoto said and smiled nervously. "It's okay, I don't remember ordering anything so it's probably nothing important." Sae said, sipping her coffee and glancing at the mysterious small box on the glass table in front of their sofa. "Alright, I'm heading out." Makoto said as went for the door. "Okay, have a nice day." Sae said as she watched her sister leave. Once Makoto was gone Sae looked back at the small box and raised an eyebrow. "Now what in the world could you be?" She walked over and picked it up, sat down on the sofa and examined the box. "No from address, how suspicious. Seems too light be be anything dangerous." She went ahead and opened it, inside was a letter and a flash drive. The letter read "Dear Sae Niijima, your feats have not gone unnoticed. As a prosecutor you put an end to two of the most elusive threats to our society in the modern age, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts and Shido Masayoshi's conspiracy." Sae paused her reading and thought "That's right, even though the Phantom Thieves were the good guys and did most of the work, I got all the credit with the government and the police." She shook her head and sighed, then continued reading. "As a result, you've gained the attention of Interpol and they want you as an expert consultant on a top secret, high profile case. Should you chose to accept, more details are on the flash drive." Sae was taken aback. "Interpol?! This must be something serious if they're involved. I bet the higher ups probably painted a nice picture of my exploits for them but why send a package instead of contacting me directly?" The letter ended there, which left Sae overwhelmingly curious as she held the flash drive in her hands. "Whatever this top secret, high profile case is it's got to be something unorthodox. Like the 'elusive' threats they spoke of. The government couldn't stop the Phantom Thieves because of how they operated. But that didn't stop ME from stopping them in their eyes. So it's no wonder they want my help. But if it's another case like the Phantom Thieves, do I really want to get pulled into that kind of thing again?" Sae thought about it for a moment and then smirked, "Of course I do."

[9/16 Daytime: Niijima Residence]
[~ Interrogation Room ~]

Sae entered her bedroom, laptop in one hand, flash drive in the other. "Alright, I ran all my errands today and I've got nothing else to do so let's see what this is about. Better not be some kind of prank." Sae popped in the flash drive and realized it definitely wasn't a prank when the new SIU Director appeared on screen before she could even click anything. "Hello Niijima, if you're watching this then it must mean you've accepted our request for your assistance. Or you just let curiosity get the best of you. Either way, these files are for your eyes only. The higher ups were adamant about that because of its volatile nature. They're password protected and we've planted a trojan horse on your computer so we'll know if you've opened them or not. We apologize in advance but it's just a precaution in case someone else got their hands on this. You may be wondering why we didn't just contact you directly instead of risking that by sending it in a package. The honest answer is we were worried you wouldn't listen to us. The only way for you to know the gravity of this case is to see the evidence with your own eyes. Also, once you've seen it you're officially involved and there's no turning back. So now is your last chance. If you take the flash drive out after this video ends without opening the archives, everything will be automatically erased the next time you put it back in. Including the trojan horse, and you won't hear from us again. Now then, with all that said let me tell you what this case is about." Sae paused the video and held her head in her hands. "God, what am I about to get myself into?" She was nervously shaking, wondering if she should reconsider. Is this what she really wanted? The pressure she felt was reminiscent of her time spent as a prosecutor. "This must be it. This must be what I've been missing." It was the apprehensive thrill one felt when gazing into an abyss. In her previous line of work, that abyss came in the form of criminal minds during interrogations and evidence gathering. Her current line of work tasked her with protecting the innocent, while the former had her pursuing the guilty. She resumed the video with a newfound conviction. "We have evidence that an elusive, notorious, international ring of pedophiles are operating in Japan.. And I bet you're probably thinking, 'there's that word elusive again.' Well it's true, there's no better word to describe them. They're a menace to society with an M.O. that's a complete mystery. Similar to how the Phantom Thieves' and Shido's were. I'm sure you know by now where this is going. Your experience with those radical cases is why you were chosen for this one. All we know about them is they call themselves Wonderland and they've been around for a while. The only thing anyone's been able to do about them is arrest their subjects. And by subjects I mean the people they manipulate into doing unspeakable acts to children. How they get them to do it or why, nobody knows. It's been believed that they use bribery or extortion. However, due to recent events with the mental shutdowns and the changing of hearts or whatnot, they've expanded that theory to possibly supernatural methods. That's why you're authorized to assemble your own task force for this should you need it. You'll be on as an expert consultant but you'll have the authority to share the evidence with whoever you see fit. Also you'll have the same jurisdiction you did as a prosecutor while working from home. We're putting our trust in you for this one, Niijima. The password for the files is your former colleague's favorite food. That's all, stay vigilant." The video ended, leaving Sae with a confused and perturbed expression. "Pedophiles..? A whole ring of them?!" She sat for a moment thinking to herself. "Well, that's definitely not what I was expecting. So these files must be the evidence. And if they're videos that means they can only be one thing.." Child porn. Something Sae never thought she'd be looking at, not even in her previous line of work. She was no stranger to regular porn, of course. She'd occasionally look at some online whenever the mood struck and she had the time. But the extent of her fetish repertoire was tame by most standards. Sae got up and went over to lock the door to her room, just in case Makoto forgot to knock and walked in. She then sat back on her bed with the laptop on her lap and said "Here goes nothing.." Sae clicked on the first file, typed in the password, "pancakes" and witnessed a new frontier.

[9/16 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Disintegration ~]

"Fuck..! Fuck..! Fuck..!" Sae silently exclaimed to herself. She didn't want Makoto to hear her and come knocking to see what was wrong. What she saw left her in a flurry of emotions. Shock, anger, disgust and what she hated most to admit, arousal. The latter is what she feared because it set a dangerous precedent. This was the kind of abyss that gazed back into you. Shaking her head and giving it a few light smacks, she sat on the edge of her bed with the laptop closed behind her. "Calm down Sae, this isn't like you. You're a professional and that was only evidence. It's your job to analyze it no matter how it makes you feel. But I can't be getting turned on by that kind of thing. That's not who I am." As she tried to rationalize her body's physical reaction with her mind's mental reaction, Sae's loins continued to ache. She couldn't help but vividly recall certain details of the evidence on the flash drive. It consisted of four videos, all high definition and thirty minutes in length. She watched them back to back and over their total duration of two hours, her pussy became wetter and wetter. Every now and then she'd subconsciously reach a hand down her pants to gently rub herself before realizing it and stop. "I refuse to masturbate to this!" she kept saying to herself mentally. Sae had a moral compass she and her sister inherited from their late father, whom was the reason they both pursued careers in law enforcement. Sae's compass, however, had been stressed and damaged over time during her adult life. The Phantom Thieves' leader helped her repair that compass but right now she felt it was in jeopardy of cracking again. To test her own integrity, Sae decided to open up her laptop and watch the videos again. This time she sat at her old study desk in the corner of her room. It was one of the few things she kept around from her younger days. When she was in school, she'd study hard at that desk. Then once she started working in the judicial system, she'd analyze evidence there. She hadn't used it lately though since becoming a defense attorney. For that job she had to work from an actual home office. The one she set up in their father's old room was mainly used for meeting with clients in. Because she couldn't very well invite them to her bedroom, how would that look? She didn't fully convert her fathers room though, she kept little reminders of him around to motivate her, like pictures. The kind of evidence she was dealing with now gave Sae a new challenge, one she only felt comfortable facing in her own room. Not one that reminded her of her father. "Alright you sick fucks, come at me. You aren't going to tempt me onto the dark side." Sae said half to herself and half to the culprits in the videos. Just to prove to herself she could resist the urge to masturbate, she stripped down to her underwear this time while watching.

[9/16 Late Night: Niijima Residence]
[~ Erosion ~]

The first video was of a sleeping boy who's mother, supposedly his mother, molested. Both of their faces were censored but everything else was clear as day in the dimly lit room. It started almost completely dark with only the moonlight shining through the window. The camera aimed directly at the child from on side the bed as he soundly slept under a white blanket. There was nothing identifiable in the shot, only the bed, his form and the bare white wall behind it. A few seconds in, the sound of a door slowly creaking open could be heard as artificial light from what must have been their hallway shined in. It casted a discernible shadow over him, the figure of the woman as she approached him, leaving the door open for the light. She wore nothing but a transparent nightgown. For a moment she only stood there between the camera and the boy, blocking the view with her ass. Probably staring at him and thinking about what she was going to do. She then got closer and moved the blanket covering him up out the way, revealing his body. He slept in a t-shirt and briefs and appeared to be elementary school aged. She wasted no time removing his briefs but left on the shirt. The hastiness in which she stripped him suggested the boy had been drugged, because she didn't seem worried about waking him up. Her first assault was performing oral sex on him, which she did quite aggressively to get him erect. While holding his dick in place with one hand, she reached up with the other to prod his nipples under his shirt. This caused Sae to subconsciously pinch her own nipples through her bra. After a few seconds she realized what she was doing but didn't stop. "Whatever, this is nothing." As horny she was, she felt playing with her breast a bit was allowed. "The best part hasn't even started yet." She stopped and looked up at nothing in particular with a confused expression. "Did I just say the 'best' part? No way." She dismissed the thought and kept watching. Once the boy was hard enough the woman squatted over and mounted him. She started grinding slowly and gradually picked up the pace. At first her hands were on his chest, but then disturbingly moved toward his throat. She wrapped her hands around it but didn't squeeze. Sae could tell it was primarily a gesture the woman needed for reaching her own climax, which she drew closer to. "Thank God this kid doesn't wake up, it would've been quite a traumatic experience for him." None of the children in the four videos were conscious. They all stayed asleep throughout the ordeals. That meant none of them would remember anything either, so they couldn't testify against their assailants. With everyone's faces being censored and the victims having no recollection of the events, this made building a case harder. It was the one thing all the evidence had in common besides Wonderland's calling card. Their M.O. involved enabling pedos to abuse kids while sparing them the trauma, and their calling cards were subliminal messages at the end of each video that served as clues to their subjects' identities. The first video was almost over now. It ended with the woman furiously riding the boy's dick, shaking the bed as she slammed her hips up and down on him. She had a fierce orgasm and once she came she laid on top of him panting for a moment. After she caught her breath and settled, she reached off screen and grabbed two objects. A gun, which on closer inspection proved to be fake, and a red hat. She pointed the gun at him and placed the red hat on his head, turning it to the side so the words etched on it faced the camera. In yellow, all caps it read 'Get Smoked.' The video then faded to black as the Wonderland logo faded in and ended. "That's so messed up. No matter how elusive these bastards are with getting other people to do their dirty work, I'm taking them down." Sae looked at the time and realized it was getting late, too late for her to stay up watching the other videos again. "Shit.. I'm already soaking wet as it is and if I watch anymore I'll be up all night doing more than just pinching my tits." She closed her laptop and went to bed, despite how aroused she was, she managed to fall asleep without giving in to temptation. That night, Sae had a fevered dream.

[9/17 Midnight: Niijima Residence]
[~ The Poem of Everyone's Souls ~]

"Welcome, Sae Niijima." A soft, mysterious voice spoke from behind Sae. She quickly turned around to see who it was. An unfamiliar young girl dressed in blue and black stood facing her. She had long, sandy blond hair and big yellow eyes. "Who are you? And where are we?" Sae asked while looking around. The place resembled her father's room as it once was before she made it a home office. Although it wasn't quite the same, everything was significantly larger, distorted in shape and covered in blue. It made Sae feel small, as if she were a child again. "I am Lavenza and this is my master, Igor." She pointed to an old man with an eerily long nose sitting in what would have been her father's closet if this were actually his room. Something about a little girl calling an old man master disturbed Sae a bit. She was never very susceptible to innuendo before but her first thought when the girl said that was a sexual one thanks to her recent exposure to such things. "This is the Velvet Room, a place between dream and reality. We've summoned you here to.." Sae closed her eyes and massaged her temples, tuning the girl out. "Right, of course this is a dream. My father's room doesn't have a bed in it anymore. Much less one the size of a bus." She referred to the enormous bed and mattress in the room big enough to require a ladder to get on. "Don't disregard the situation!" Lavenza snapped in frustration of not being taken seriously. "Make no mistake, Sae, this is real. What you see is a manifestation of your subconscious thoughts and feelings on your life right now. It represents the greatness you see in your father while trying to live up to his example in this overwhelming room." Igor nodded in agreement then spoke for the first time, "But there may yet be more to it than that." Sae glared at them both. She still didn't like being compared to her father or the implication that she was a daddy's girl. She was a strong, independent woman forging her own path. Still believing this was just a dream, she decided not to argue and asked, "Okay, so what am I here for?" Lavenza approached Sae and handed her a tablet that appeared out of thin air. "As a new guest of the Velvet Room, we'd like you to sign a contract." Sae raised an eyebrow and interrupted Lavenza before she could finish talking. "A contract for what? You don't expect me to sign it before telling me what it's for do you?" Lavenza's eyebrows furrowed and she stomped her feet. "I'm about to tell you! Geez, adults are so stubborn." Igor laughed and waved a hand dismissively. "It's alright Lavenza, I'll tell her." Lavenza pouted and walked back towards Igor, giving Sae the stink eye over her shoulder. "You've been tasked with handling an entity known as Wonderland, yes?" Sae's eyes went wide, "How do you know about that?! Are you with the government?" Igor shook his head, "We are not. Think of us as merely denizens of the dream world offering guidance to the chosen ones of your world. We, too, have a vested interest in Wonderland. Ever since they started treading over our domain." Igor paused to let that last part sink in. "Your domain? Does it have something to do with how they all slept through it?" Sae deduced. "Precisely." Igor confirmed, also denoting he knew who Sae meant by 'they.' She sighed and acquiesced, "Great, so I am dealing with something supernatural.." Igor shook his head and reassured her, "Not quite. You see, whatever means they use to sedate them might be conventional, but it sends the little ones here. The Velvet Room is no place for such young visitors." Sae pointed at the girl now standing beside him without looking at her, "What about that one?" Lavenza blinked and retorted "I'll have you know I'm older than you, lady!" Sae scoffed and replied, "Oh, so you're legal? Well that's good." Lavenza exuded an expression that seemed to say "What the hell are you talking about?" Igor intervened before the two females got into an open cat fight. "Ohoo~ Goodness me, we're almost out of time. To get straight to the point, the contract is for us to work together in dealing with Wonderland. It allows our guests to come and go as they please." Sae took one last look around the strange, giant version of her father's room. She then closed her eyes, sighed and gave a shoo gesture before turning around to walk away. "Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I'd rather not come back here or work with a creepy old man who has a dick for a nose and a little girl calling him master." Igor and Lavenza looked at each other in shock and disbelief. Lavenza muttered, "Fine, she doesn't even have a Persona anyway.." Igor placed a hand on her shoulder, "Give her time. She's not like the teenagers we've been having. That woman has yet to meet her other self."

[9/17 Afternoon: Niijima Residence]
[~ Break it Down -elp version- ~]

Sae awoke to the sound of Makoto knocking on her bedroom door. She left it locked last night so when her sister couldn't open it to check on her it left Makoto worried. It wasn't like Sae to sleep in this late. "Sis, are you okay?" Sae responded with a groggy, "Yeah, give me a minute." She got up and could feel her panties were still wet from last night and didn't want it to show. The two sisters had seen each other naked numerous times so no state of undress was out of the ordinary. However, the current situation would have made things awkward, so she opted to put on some clothes. Knowing Makoto would be wondering if something happened, Sae preemptively changed the subject when she opened the door. "No class today, right? Did you still happen to make any coffee?" Makoto shook her head no as Sae walked passed her to the kitchen. Makoto took at quick gander inside Sae's room and noticed the laptop on her desk with the clothes she wore the night before strewn about the floor. "Ah, I see. So it must have been one of those nights." She mentally noted with a smile. Sae mostly only used her laptop for work and left it in her home office or on one of the tables. Every now and then though she'd habitually bring it to her room for more 'leisure' activities. Leaving it at that conclusion, Makoto went into the living room and turned on the news. Sae was lost in thought about the weird dream she had and the things she saw last night while making coffee. For the videos she tried to remember all the details that might serve as evidence without getting too caught up on the sexual aspects. The last thing she wanted to do was get herself turned on in the middle of the day and not be able to do anything about it. Especially after how she didn't get off last night, that would make it doubly frustrating. With Makoto around Sae figured the best thing to do was be mundane and strike up a conversation. "So how have your friends been? Talk to any of them lately?" Makoto was now sitting on the sofa, watching the news when her sister took her aback with the sudden question. "Huh? Oh, well, not really lately. But we do try to keep in touch ever since Akira left. Ann's modeling for a lingerie magazine while finishing her senior year. Haru took over her father's company and rebranded it to Banging Big Burgers. Ryuji dropped out and took a management position Haru offered him there since they started dating. Yusuke's working for a manga company drawing something called yaoi. Futaba's building a website for what she won't say and Akira.. Last I heard from him he was eloping with Ms. Kawakami to get married." Sae's eyes widened, "Kawakami? Sadayo Kawakami?! His teacher?!" Makoto nodded, "Yeah. Didn't see that one coming, huh?" Sae shook her head, "Can't say I did. I knew they must have had a good relationship but not THAT good." Sae recalled the confessions Akira made in that interrogation room several months ago. Amongst them were details about how Kawakami helped him at school in exchange for keeping her side job as maid a secret. "Pfft, maids. I bet most of them are just undercover prostitutes." Sae mentally chided, but then wondered if their service had butlers too. "So Sis, what came in that package the other day?" Makoto asked, surprising Sae with the question. "What package? Oh, that? It was uh.. coupons for free pizza. Yeah, I think it was a prank gift from a former client. Someone trying to tempt me with a little self-indulgent gluttony." Makoto laughed, "That's hilarious. As if anyone could tempt you into doing anything unhealthy." Sae gave a nervous laugh in response, "Haha.. well you never know, nobody's perfect, right?" Sae's mind provocatively went back to the contents of the flash drive thanks to the change in subject. To clear her head and focus on the details that mattered while avoiding the very object that tormented her, Sae decided to go out for a walk. "I'm going to go out and get some breakfest, do you want anything?" Makoto shook her head, "No thanks, I already ate."

[9/17 Daytime: Shibuya, Untouchable]
[~ Layer Cake ~]

Sae's train of thought honed in on the evidence in the first video. She didn't recognize the red 'Get Smoked' hat but the fake gun was a lead. It looked real but something about it was off. She remembered the model guns Akira had in his possession and the info he gave her on their supplier during interrogation. Sae's hunch led her to the airsoft shop in Shibuya. "Hello, Iwai Munehisa, I presume?" Sae asked after walking in and making sure there were no other customers. Iwai looked up from the magazine he was reading, "That's right. Who's asking?" Sae gave a friendly smile, "Sae Niijima, a friend of Akira's." He eyed her up and down, "You don't look like the kind of 'friend' he would have." Sae arched her eyebrows, "I don't? What makes you say that?" Iwai shrugged, "I dunno, no offense but you kinda look like a fed." Sae folder her arms and leaned back, "Oh really? And I take it you don't talk to feds about your special wares, am I right?" He sat silently for a moment just staring at her until finally saying, "I don't know what you're talking about" and going back to his magazine. "Come on handsome, if I were after a guy like you, you'd know it." Sae said, drawing Iwai's attention once again. He looked up to see her leaning over his counter. One hand on her hip, which was exaggeratingly jutted out, and the other holding up her face that now dawned a flirtatious smile. Iwai figured if what she wanted was enough to make her try to seduce him over it, it must be worth taking the bait. "Alright, sure, I'll bite." He said, returning the smile as he got up to invite her to the back room. Sae followed suit with a slight sense of pride in her womanly charms. She never needed to use them before but wanted to now for some reason. Either because it was easier than getting a warrant or maybe because she was letting her libido get the best of her. "It's not every day I get a woman in my shop. Let alone one interested in my special menu." Iwai stated, once they were in private. "This one's more interested in another woman who might have been." Sae replied, getting to the point. "Ah, so this isn't about Akira." Iwai said, looking down and rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, sorry but I don't volunteer information on my other customers. What they do with the wares they buy from me is on them, I take no responsibility for it." Sae placed a hand on her hip and reached out a palm with the other. "What if we made a deal? You don't have to tell me 'who' she was but if you know 'why' she bought one then that could help me." Iwai scowled, "Why? Protection, why else? My guns aren't real but they look it and can be used for deterrent." Sae folded her arms and gave a confident smile, "I never said it was a gun. Is that what you're selling on your special menu?" Iwai was getting visibly angry now. "Well played lady, but that's enough mind games. I want you out of my store." Sae made an innocent frown, "Aw, is that what you really want though? I'm making you an offer I don't give most men." She said, getting on her knees and looking up at him to maintain eye contact. Iwai's eyes went wide in disbelief, "Holy shit, you serious?" Sae nodded to reassure him. Iwai hated cops but here was a female fed succinctly offering him a blowjob. It seemed too good to be true, so he started to slowly unbuckle his pants to see if she would flinch. Sae raised a finger and said, "Hold on, while I'm doing this I want you to tell me everything. That's the deal." Iwai gave a big smile and said, "Fine by me. Consider this deal made as fuck." He whipped it out, she started sucking and he started talking.

[9/17 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Wicked Plan ~]

Sae rushed home to brush, rinse, gurgle and think. She wondered if the information Iwai gave her in their exchange was worth trading in her gag reflex over. What she did was certainly out of character for her but Sae rationalized it to being an act of pent up sexual frustration manifesting itself on a whim. The past forty-eight hours had taken their toll on her and Sae acted rashly at the first opportunity for some kind of physical contact. Giving in to a moment of desperation only multiplied her frustration because it was merely a taste. Sae took care of Iwai but he didn't do anything for her. At least not in the pleasure department. They exchanged numbers afterwards in case Iwai had any new information for Sae or she needed him again. He ran a shady business but he was a decent enough guy who could be an informant for her should the need arise. Plus he was hung, so she figured he might come in handy later in more ways than one. With no regrets, Sae decided it was time to finally masturbate and get rid of her accumulated stress before it made her really do something stupid.

[9/17 Late Night: Niijima Residence]
[~ Interrogation Room ~]

Sae waited until Makoto went to bed before getting started. She didn't want to be interrupted, especially not tonight. She had a feeling it wasn't going to be one of her usual sessions. Sae went to her routine porno sites she always did when in the right mood. Looking at fetishes that usually worked for her. Casually playing with her breasts, stroking her clit and dipping fingers in her pussy. Already wet and fully nude, Sae just wasn't feeling it. Which wasn't out of the ordinary, sometimes she needed more, like her reliable sex toy. "Looks like it's going to be one of those nights, Ted." Sae said, as she looked at the apparatus on the top shelf of her open closet. It resembled a stuffed animal, a big anthropomorphic bear with blue fur in a red and white jumpsuit-ish outfit. She won it as a prize several years ago at a department store known as Junes. It was in a small town called Inaba, a place their father took them once for vacation at the Amagi Inn. Sae kept the prize she won around as a souvenir but she also used it as a way to hide her secret stash of sex toys. The bear had a zipper that went around its 'neck' to open the hollow core. Inside is where she hid a small, corded hitachi wand and a huge, red vibrator. She grabbed the bear, unzipped the head, pulled out the dildo and rubbed it against her cheek. "Oh Ted, how I've missed you.." Sae said, dropping the bear on the floor and walking back over to her desk where the laptop was waiting. She sat back down with her legs spread wide on each side of the chair, slowly easing Ted into herself with one hand while she controlled the mouse with the other. "Alright, let's find something hot." Sae said, clicking through one video after another, opening several tabs on various websites. She looked up all kinds of kinks, from vanilla lovemaking to gangbangs and hardcore rape play. Getting more agitated by the minute, Sae mumbled to herself, "Dammit, none of this is doing it for me..!" Despite how fast she was moving Ted in and out of her pussy now, she wasn't getting off. Suddenly a thought occurred to her, "Well, I've never really looked up bestiality before. I bet that's pretty hot and nasty. Let's see if I can find any." When she couldn't and got tired of looking because all the search results yielded sites with more pop-ups than porn, Sae verbally resigned herself to the inevitable. "Fuck it. That 'evidence' is the only thing I've been able to think about for the last two days. I'll do this once to get it out of my system. After that I'll be back to normal. It's my job to look at it anyway, so why can't I analyze it while taking care of some personal business too? It's the only way I'll be able to focus so I might as well get it over with." She warmed up with the first video that had the woman and the boy then moved on to the second one. The second video had a man and a girl of unknown relation to each other in a brightly lit, unidentifiable location. She was also elementary school aged like the boy in the first video, but younger. The man had an average build and indeterminable age with no identifiable birthmarks or tattoos. As with all the other videos, their faces were censored. The man tossed the girl around like a rag doll while he used her unconscious body. Sae thought it was amazing how they never managed to wake up no matter what their assailants did to them. Whatever drug or substance the victims were under the influence of, it was highly potent stuff. The sex was almost necrophiliac by nature if not for the obvious breathing. Which the man dared to threaten when he fucked her mouth. They laid on their sides with him timing his thrusts so as not to choke her too much. When she did gag, it gave Sae an extra tingle as she remembered her experience with Iwai. With a wicked smile, Sae figuratively spoke to the man in the video, "Go on, do it harder. Don't stop just because she's choking a little." She put a finger in her mouth and sucked while she twisted Ted around inside her. When the man finally stopped to fuck the girl properly, Sae noticed for the first time that there was no blood when he ruthlessly penetrated her. "Oh, so the little slut's got some experience. Too bad she probably wasn't awake during it. I bet she would have cried." Sae thought and got a thrill from the mental image. At that moment she would have liked to see a video of real rape with a conscious person, especially if they were underage. As the man fucked the girl in the video, Sae fucked herself, sticking a finger in her own ass at one point when he anally penetrated her. The video was almost over as Sae got closer to orgasm. It ended in Wonderland's signature style by giving a hint on their subjects' identities before their logo appeared. Sae came when the man did in the girl's ass. After he was done, he put her clothes back on, a dress with red and pink stripes. He then held up a sign that said "Every day is great" before looking straight up at the bright white sky and exhaling. The video ended with the camera floating up to Wonderland's logo in the sky. Sae exited out the video before it started playing again and closed her laptop. She felt excruciatingly guilty but enormously satisfied once she'd finally dissipated a desire approaching critical mass. Suddenly Sae broke out in a fit of laughter. "Ahahaha! I did it! I actually did it! I came to kiddy porn! Oh God, the irony. I'm just as bad as the criminals I'm supposed to catch. Who am I to judge them now? Some professional you turned out to be, Sae. If the higher ups knew about this they'd probably take the case away from you if you were lucky. Have you locked up if you weren't." She said, criticizing herself. Grabbing a towel she kept by her desk, Sae wiped the sweat from her forehead and the rest of her body. She then plopped out the dildo that was lodged inside her and wiped it off too, along with the small, creamy puddle her pussy made on the chair. Afterwards she tossed the toy and the towel across the room where one smacked the bear still laying on the floor and the other landed on top of it. "Well, that's enough 'work' for me tonight. Time for bed." Sae said to herself and promptly fell sound asleep. That night, she had another dream.

[9/18 Midnight: Niijima Residence]
[~ The Poem of Everyone's Souls ~]

"Welcome back, Sae Niijima." A familiar voice spoke. Sae raised her head, which was looking down as if she were asleep while sitting. Blinking and squinting her eyes once she came to, Sae saw that the voice was coming from the old man this time, Igor. "Oh great. Not this place again. Let me out of here." She would have walked away like before but this time her body felt too heavy to move. Igor spoke again, "We brought you here to commend you on your progress. You forged and new bond and took your first step towards meeting your other self." Sae made a curious expression and asked, "What bond?" Lavenza responded, "It is of the Hanged Man arcana. With it you will be able to-" Sae interrupted her once again, "Hold on. Who's being hanged?! That's not how it works anymore. I'll have you charged with conspiracy to commit murder if you don't answer me right now!" Lavenza snarled, "Will you shut up and let me finish for once?! We're talking about the man you know as Iwai Munehisa." She then paused, waiting for Sae to catch on. "Oh, him? I just saw that guy earlier today. Don't tell me he's getting hanged for being hung." Sae joked with a slight smirk. Lavenza facepalmed and said, "That's not funny. How you establish your bonds doesn't matter, as long as you have them on your journey they will help you awaken to new, or perhaps I should say at least 'one' Persona since you don't have any yet. Each new bond you make becomes a new strength that can be harnessed for even greater power. Our role as the Velvet Room attendants is to provide you, the wild card, with fusion services and other methods of cultivating your bonds." Sae looked at Lavenza like she just announced her secret identity as a Phoenix Ranger. "Okay, I have no idea what you're going on about but all I did was suck his dick. We didn't get married. What makes you call that a bond? If anything it was more like a bribe. Should I happen to form any more 'bonds' with other people, do me a favor and stay out of my personal life by not bringing it up. I was a slut for about two minutes and that's none of your business." Lavenza's face turned red with embarrassment, frustration and anger at Sae's lack of manners, shame, decency and spiritual acuity. Sae continued, "Also, he mentioned something earlier about meeting my other self? Is that supposed to be related to this Persona thing?" She turned her attention to Igor now, who sat idly staring at Sae in bewilderment. Before responding he uncharacteristically blinked his big eyes. "Yes, well, you've accepted another side of yourself today and that brought you closer to acknowledging your.. what we in the super natural industry call a shadow. Once you've done that is when you'll awaken to a Persona. It's something the kids do it all the time these days." Sae's eyebrow twitched at how they could say all these things with such straight faces. For a brief moment there was total silence until Sae finally spoke up again. "So you mean like the Phantom Thieves? How quaint. But do I look like a kid to you? Actually, don't answer that, I probably do to someone your age. As hard as I'm sure it is for you to keep that nose of yours out of other people's business, please do try to keep it out of mine as much as possible. I don't like it here in case you couldn't tell. Not only does it look weird and make me feel weird, but that wailing opera singer is driving me nuts. Where is she hiding anyway?" Sae inquired, looking around the room for a phantom fat lady. Lavenza chided her, "Maybe you are nuts. We don't hear anything and there's no one else here but us and your ego." Sae felt her body starting to get lighter and she could finally move freely. "We release you now. The next time we meet will be after you've gained some clarity from your other self. You have not the slightest insight on how this works." Lavenza said casually as she withdrew her palm from the spell. Sae stood up and repudiated, "Whatever. Like I said before I don't need your help. Tell your 'master' you've got a better place he can stick his nose for me." Sae turned and walked away as she did before, vanishing with the dream.

[9/18 Afternoon: Niijima Residence]
[~ New Beginning ~]

Sae woke up well rested, clear headed and ready to start the day. She was able to sleep in without being rudely awakened this time since Makoto had classes to attend. She sat up, stretched and hopped out of bed in a good mood. The first thing Sae noticed were her 'toys' she left on the floor last night. "Well shit, that would have been pretty embarrassing. How careless of me." She said, imagining a scenario where her sister came in and saw her toys and their hiding place on prominent display. After cleaning up the mess Sae went about her morning routine. She had a cup of the coffee Makoto graciously left for her and turned the TV on to the news. She felt like the weatherman said it was going to be a cool and bright sunny day just for her. "What's that Mr. Weatherman? It's Saeday and I can do whatever I want? Thanks but I've still got a job to do." She jested before putting on her usual demeanor and getting down to business. "Alright, from what Iwai told me yesterday.."

[9/18 Daytime: Akihabara]
[~ Suspicion ~]

Iwai told Sae about a woman who recently bought a gun she inquired about. She matched it with the one that was in the video from his selection. The woman claimed to have a son who loved playing video games with guns and she wanted to use one to play a game with him. It was something about wanting one that looked real so she could teach him a lesson with it. The details on the woman were too vague for a lead, but a boy who liked video games and guns sounded familiar. Sae recalled Akira telling her about a boy who taught him how to use guns at an arcade when she interrogated him. He said the boy hung out at the arcade she now stood outside of around this time of day. Sae's stake out started a few minutes before after school hours so she could catch the boy before he went in. When the one she suspected was him arrived she called out his name, "Shinya? Shinya Oda? Hiii! Can I talk to you for a minute? I'm a friend of Akira's." Sae needed him to lower his guard so she spoke in a friendly manner and mentioned a mutual acquaintance. Shinya turned towards Sae who was walking towards him and met her halfway. When they were in close proximity to each other and he got a better look at her, Shinya said, "Aren't you kind of old to be a friend of his?" Sae gasped, "What?! Of course not! I've got a younger sister his age! That wasn't a very nice thing to say you know." Shinya bowed his head and apologized. "I'm sorry. It just came out." Sae regained her composure and noticed the words on the boy's hat, 'Get Smoked.' That made her certain he was the one. "It's okay. Hey, do you want something to drink?" Sae offered in an effort to clear the air. "S-Sure!" he said hesitantly. She bought him a drink from the vending machine and while watching him gulp it down Sae couldn't help but stare at Shinya's neck. She remembered how his mother wrapped her hands around it the video. That memory made Sae think about wrapping her own hands around his neck as she subconsciously licked her lips. Realizing what she was thinking Sae brought herself back to reality. "Get a hold of yourself Sae! This is a 'child' you're thinking about! An innocent! A victim! Not some plaything for you to have your way with!" She screamed at herself mentally. Guilt was setting in for an action she hadn't taken. Once she was out of her daydream, Sae uttered the word, "Sorry." Shinya looked up at her and asked, "Sorry for what?" Sae was taken aback by his response. "Did I say that out loud?" She asked half to herself, half to Shinya. The boy nodded, then asked, "Is something wrong? You wanted to talk to me, right? About what?" Sae had lost focus and didn't know how to approach the subject of his mother. Despite the guilt, she was getting aroused because now she couldn't look at the boy without picturing him naked. It was easy for her to imagine him that way since she'd seen him without clothes in the video. Reluctantly, Sae figured it would be in her best interest to get out of there. She couldn't let her urges take control of her this time, not in this situation. To her dismay, she was already thinking about offering him another drink with something extra in it that would make him fall asleep. All she would have to do is get him somewhere private beforehand. "Listen, sorry but I've got to go. Maybe we can talk later?" She said with a smile and a wink. Shinya didn't know why she winked but he said, "Okay." Sae hurriedly walked to the train station that would get her home. On her way there she noticed all the maids along the street and remembered a thought she had earlier.

[9/18 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Restlessness ~]

When Sae got home and made sure Makoto wasn't around, she took out her phone and looked up the maid service Kawakami used to work at. When she found it she called them with her inquiry. "Hi. I was wondering, do you guys have butlers?" ... "So you don't, only 'male' maids?" ... "Yes, I understand, crossdressers are pretty popular these days." ... "You know, that doesn't sound too bad at all, I'll take it." ... "Hmm, who do I want to request?" ... "No, that won't be necessary. How about you just send me the youngest one you have?" ... "Great! Thanks, bye." The operator over the phone offered Sae an 'improvised' butler who would come wearing regular male clothes rather than a maid outfit. She asked Sae if she wanted to speak with them individually first before making her request, but Sae declined. It was part of her gamble to see if their service was really a guise for prostitution. She knew she could have called Iwai and just have sex with him but Sae wasn't in the mood for a man's man or the potential strings that might come attached with that endeavor. If her hunch paid off she'd have the closest thing she could to a boy tonight. One she could make do whatever she wanted since she was paying for it. Sae expected she'd be ordering an ordinary butler who might even be older than her, but the fact that they only had 'male' maids turned out to be more beneficial than she thought. It meant not only would their male employees be young and cute enough to pull that off, but they regularly did. Their clientèle was undoubtedly male by majority, meaning their 'male' maids knew what came with the territory of crossdressing and were okay with it. "So if this one's bisexual, he's probably open to more things than the average guy. Which means I'll be in for a real treat if these guys are pimping out whores." Sae concluded, getting herself fired up with wet anticipation. She had to make sure first once he got there. If it was established that sex was on the menu they would skip the formalities and go straight to a love hotel. Sae didn't want to risk Makoto coming home in the middle of their session. When he arrived she directed him to her home office, where she claimed it to be the room that needed cleaning. Following behind him she looked at his ass and thought, "Hmm, there's no way that's a virgin." Once they were both inside the room she closed the door behind her, but didn't lock it in case things went south. Sae took in his appearance before talking. Observing his 'improvised' butler outfit and imagining what he might look like dressed as a girl. He could certainly pass for one. He wore black slack pants and a long sleeved, frilly white button up shirt with a red rose on it. Physically he had blond hair that was combed to the side, bright blue eyes, a slim figure and fair skin. "So what's your name?" Sae asked. He gave a perky, enthusiastic reply, "Teddie!"

[9/18 Late Night: Shinjuku, Red-light District]
[~ Price ~]

Sae's gamble was right on the money. Not only was the maid service a front for their prostitution ring, but Teddie was more than willing to meet her demands. Choosing a place that would raise the least amount of eyebrows, they opted for a random love hotel in Shinjuku's Red-light District. Their room had all the amenities one would need for a night of debaucherous fun. Prepackaged toys, lubes, porn and a big comfortable bed. While preparing themselves and taking their clothes off, Sae asked, "So how old are you anyway?" With a smile he never let up on, Teddie replied charmingly, "As old as you want me to be milady." Sae returned the smile and asked another question, "Fair enough. And what exactly do you do, if you know what I mean?" Fully nude now, he got on all fours on the bed and said, "Anything you want milady." Sae paused for a moment and gave him a look that said, "Don't say that if you don't mean it." His willingness was making her too anxious. Sae feared she might actually hurt him if he let her. With no sign of retreat from his statement, Sae walked over to the shelf where the toys were and grabbed the biggest strap-on it had. Ignoring the price she ripped open the box and fastened it to herself. Making sure he noted she was also ignoring the lubes, Sae put her hands on her hips and faced him. Teddie nodded, still smiling as he got off the bed and faced his ass towards her. With a wicked tone of voice, Sae spoke in a manner she rarely did towards anyone, dirty. "That's right. Bend over you faggot." Teddie did so over the edge of the bed as he spread his cheeks and replied, "As you wish, milady." Sae felt herself getting angry for some reason. Perhaps he was turning her on too much and bringing out a side of her she never knew she had. "Don't call me milady anymore! It's mistress or Madam Sae!" She yelled, drawing the tip of the strap-on towards his asshole. "Yes mila- Madam Sae." He whimpered, knowing she would like that. With the tip now planted firmly on his asshole, Sae said "Alright. I hope you're ready to get fucked." Then pushed it all the way in in one go. Not expecting it to be that easy, Sae fussed, "What the hell is this? Not lube and it went all the way in without a hitch? You sissy bitch! How many dicks have you had in here?!" She asked, recklessly thrusting into him with abandon. Showing no sign of pain, Teddie answered, "I've lost count mila- Madam Sae." This egged Sae on even more and she fucked him harder. With one hand she reached out, grabbed his hair and shoved his face into the bed, while the other hand squeezed and clawed at his ass cheeks. Sae desperately wanted to get some kind of reaction out of him. His malleable, submissive stance was a major turn on but it also frustrated her. "If only you showed a little defiance or resistance, that'd be great." She thought, but didn't come out and say it because she knew it wouldn't be real if he reciprocated. After several minutes of overexerting herself against Teddie's subtly stoic 'that's all you got?' demeanor, Sae gave up trying to 'break' him. She was more impressed than disappointed, and the disappointment lied in herself. She wrote it off as being just another way she couldn't compete with men. When she finally stopped and took the strap-on off, Sae laid down on the bed and next to him and exhaustively said, "Haa.. You know, no matter how much you get it up the ass or not, I don't understand how you can take a dick that big so easily without lube. It's inhuman." Teddie giggled, turning on his side to face her and said "Maybe I'm not exactly human. Maybe I was born and bred with the perfect body to please you, Madam Sae." She looked at him and sighed, knowing that sentiment was just an act, whore speak for 'I'll say whatever you want to hear' in a silver tongue. Not wanting to sour the mood, she replied, "Yeah, your body is great. Perhaps too great. But I need there to be a little something up here for maximum enjoyment." Sae said, tapping a finger on the side of her cranium. Teddie arched his eyebrows and said, "Oh, if you want my head you can have as much of it as you want." Sae scoffed, "Hah, cute. I know it's your job and all, but that mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble if you keep making this so easy for me." She was trying in vain to send him a message that said, "Stop provoking my libido so much!" When he didn't seem to get it and just kept looking at her with those big blue eyes and that childlike smile, Sae forfeited her attempts to get into his head and opted to use it instead. "Alright, fine. Let's see how good your head is at sucking this." She said, spreading her legs and pointing at her pussy. "It's not a dick but I want you to eat it like one. Got it?" Teddie nodded enthusiastically and kneeled on side the bed where he'd have the best access to her. As soon as he started Sae knew his technique was flawless. He licked alphabet on her clit, dived his tongue in and out, sucked on her pleats, made plenty of noise and even ate out her asshole without her telling him to. She suspected he was accustomed to doing that for their male clients who wanted a crossdressing maid for a reason. That made her wonder how good he must be at using his dick, but first she wanted him to make her cum with his mouth. Grabbing his head and grinding hips furiously across his face from her clit to her asshole, Sae yelled, "Stick your fingers in me! Both holes!" He did so and finished her off by sucking on her clit. "FUUUUCK!!" She screamed as she came. Done now, Teddie stopped and let Sae catch her breath. With the back of her hand covering her flushed face, she peaked down to see him obediently sitting on his knees, waiting for her next command. "Kid you are something else. If I could I would buy your ass and keep you in my closet." Just then she realized the correlation between his name and her dildo's name. "Ted and Teddie, what a coincidence. It must be fate." Sae mentally noted. She sat up and saw his raging hard on. "Look at you. Waiting patiently for your treat like a good dog." Teddie laughed and rub the back of his neck, "Haha.. I'm more of a bear than a dog, actually." She took one look at him and thought, "Yeah, right. Not with that body." Deciding it was time to get this over with before it got too late, Sae got off the bed and leaned over it, legs spread. "Let's finish this. It's your turn to fuck me now. Give me all you got." Sae said, enticing him with her pussy mere inches above his face since he was still sitting on his knees. "Yes ma'am, Madam Sae!!" Teddie exclaimed, more excited now than ever as he pounced on her. He went for her pussy, even though she would have let him take her ass. "Maybe I should have told him he could have either hole since he gave such a great performance? Oh well, better to save something for next time I guess." Sae thought, as Teddie rammed into her. She was feeling it for sure, but since she just had a powerful orgasm mere minutes ago, this pleasure was more for him than herself. She had already been satisfied. When Teddie came her courteously pulled out and did it over her ass. She didn't make him put on a condom first because it would have been okay if he came inside. It was a safe day and she had the pill. To her pleasant surprise, Teddie licked his cum off of her ass when he was done. That almost made her want to go for another round but she refrained. They both got dressed and exchanged contact information. Sae made sure Teddie knew he would definitely be hearing from her again. Upon parting ways he said, "The pleasure was all mine, Madam Sae." Sending her home in a flutter. Once home, Sae went straight to her room and stripped. Before falling on her bed and going to sleep, she silently prayed, "God, please don't let me have any weird dreams tonight about bonds."

[9/19 ~ 9/25 Daytime: Niijima Residence]
[~ Beneath the Mask -rain- ~]

An uneventful week had passed. After three days of psychological warfare with herself and one good lay to ceasefire it, Sae was able to get back to her normal, daily life. The only difference now was she had two new men in her life. Iwai, who she'd agreed to go on a date with recently, and Teddie, who she'd just fucked a few days before that. Juggling between the two kept her occupied enough to not fall into a state of rapture with the contents of the flash drive. Sae worried that without the solace she found in her new bonds, she might have let depravity usurp her intellect on the Wonderland case. "Stop calling them bonds! Ugh!" Sae yelled at the soap opera she was watching on TV. It was a rainy day so she stayed in and relaxed for once. When the characters on screen said the phrase 'bonds we share' it triggered Sae by reminding her of the recurring dreams she was trying to forget. "Dammit, now I'm annoyed." She said, turning off the TV with gritted teeth. "What do I do now? I'm not in the mood for watching TV anymore and it's raining cats and dogs out there." She thought out loud and considered calling Teddie over but knew they couldn't do it at her home. Her date with Iwai was coming up soon and she didn't want spoil that by seeing him prematurely either. Sae quietly sat on the sofa weighing her options. "Makoto won't be home from class until evening so I've got the place all to myself for a while.. Maybe I should relax another way.. Doing that again wouldn't hurt, especially since I've got nothing else to do.. Maybe I should do something real naughty this time just to spice things up.. Yeah, that would make it more fun and satisfying.." She said devilishly. Sae got up to go get her laptop out of her room and walked back out with it. Looking side to side at one then the other, she deliberated, "My home office that used to be dad's room.. Or Makoto's room.. Which one do I chose..? Well that's a pretty fucking easy decision." Sae felt moderately disgusted at the thought of doing it in her 'father's' room. Makoto's room, however, felt more appropriate or deserved and less gross. She had to raise her younger sister when their father died and that made Sae feel like her life was being strangled. She loved Makoto but still felt some resentment toward her dependent sister. Feeling like this would be a way to get back at her or demonstrate a lewd act of ownership, Sae said, "Sorry Makoto, but you owe me this much at least for being a burden." With her laptop open and the evidence videos already playing, Sae was going to masturbate on Makoto's bed with no remorse. As soon as she undid her pants and slipped a hand down them over her panties, Sae's phone chimed, *Pi Pi Pi*. "Son of a bitch!" She cursed, grabbing it to see who had the clairvoyance to call her at a time like this. Her eyes went wide when she saw the name. "Oh shit.."

[9/25 Daytime: SIU / Prosecutor's Office]
[~ Suspicion ~]

"You must be wondering why I called you here so suddenly. Before I answer that, let me ask you this. Have you made any progress in the case? We haven't heard a word from you at all." The SIU Director asked Sae. He had a serious expression that made her feel uneasy. She replied, "Yes, I have a suspect but it's nothing solid. I want to make sure first before I authorize an arrest." Sae was fairly certain Shinya Oda's mother raped him but she couldn't prove it. Part of her wasn't even sure she wanted to for multiple reasons. Iwai most likely wouldn't testify in court and they would wonder how she got the information out of him. There was no way she could tell them she literally sucked it out. Another reason was she felt sympathetic towards his mother, despite how wrong she knew it was. If Sae reported his mother and had her arrested it would ruin Shinya's life over an experience he had no knowledge of. Not to mention she too was guilty of many thought crimes she feared the director might be suspecting her of with the way he was looking at her. After a brief moment of silence, he spoke again. "Well, there's been a new development. You weren't the only expert consultant we 'trusted' with this case." Sae felt a pang when he emphasized the word trusted. Not only did they make her believe she was the only one when she wasn't, but throwing the word trust at her made Sae feel exposed. "He knows.. He knows I'm a pervert and a hypocrite.. A traitor to justice.." She condemned herself in her mind, feeling her heart sink with the weight of shame and regret. The Director continued, "All we care about is getting the job done. That's why we're going to have you two working with each other. Meet your new partner." He raised a palm up towards the door, presenting an androgynous young woman who walked in. She appeared to be in her early twenties, had medium length blue hair, dark gray eyes and wore a formal all blue outfit with a blue hat to match. She bowed and formally introduced herself. "It's nice to finally meet you, Niijima-senpai. I'm Naoto, Naoto Shirogane." Dumbfounded, Sae returned the greeting. "Likewise.." She'd heard of the young, renowned detective who put Akechi to shame and realized at least she didn't need to feel incompetent. If Naoto was their other correspondent then they weren't bringing in nobodies for Sae to be compared with. "Like you, Shirogane also has experience in dealing with radical cases. She discovered the new development I mentioned earlier and will brief you on it in there." The Director said, pointing to the door of an adjacent dark room where they had a projector. "I'll leave you two alone to discuss the matter and get acquainted." He said and left the office. Naoto and Sae went into the dark room where the projector was already on, showing a computer screen with the four familiar files. Naoto clicked on the first one and said, "It is my assumption that a percentage of Wonderland's videos are fake. Of the four we have I know for a fact that one of them is fabricated, and it's not this one." Sae wondered what Naoto meant by that last part. Whether it meant she knew it was real or simply put it wasn't the one she was referring to. Sae also noted how Naoto let the video keep playing rather than moving on to the next one. Thinking to herself, "Is she testing me?" Sae gave a sidelong glance at Naoto, who remained expressionless. "How can she be so 'professional' about this when there's hardcore porn on the screen? Is she really not into it at all? Is it just me? I'm the freak?" Sae wondered agitatedly with a sense of isolation. "Maybe I'm just over thinking it. Maybe she just wants to see if I'll point out what I know. But then that would mean she knows I know because she came the same conclusions. Heh, came to the same. Yeah, I bet you got off to this too you bitch! Don't judge me! Fuck you and the high horse you rode in on! Two can play at that game! You won't make me say anything!" While Sae was losing her mind, Naoto eventually started the next video and continued, "But this one. I know who these people are. Or rather who they're supposed to be imitating, when and where." Snapping out of her delusions, Sae looked back at the projection. The second video that had the man and the girl in it now played. "That's Taro Namatame and Nanako Dojima several years ago. It's in a place that no longer exists and when it did it wasn't part of our world." Sae arched her eyebrows and asked, "Part of our world? So it's like the metaverse?" Naoto nodded in confirmation. "We called it the TV World. This video would have been nearly impossible to make due to a highly dense fog in the area. No camera would have worked there. Even if one did, we didn't have the technology to produce videos of this quality back then. While the man did kidnap her, there were no signs of rape or foul play in her physical examination. He was mentally deranged, but had good intentions." Sae's jaw dropped in astonishment. Both at Naoto's prowess, experience with the supernatural, like a Phantom Thief, and how someone could fake such a thing as this video. Which she had mixed feelings about now. She was glad it meant that horrendous act never happened to an innocent child, but disillusioned at the same time. Finding out it was fake diminished the impact of the 'porn' Sae let seduce her. "It's so wrong, the main reason it turned me on was because I thought it was real.." She thought to herself, mildly disappointed. Putting that emotion aside for curiosity, she asked, "So how could someone have faked this? And why?" Naoto shook her head, "I don't know how, but there was a similar phenomenon back then where very real looking imitations of people appeared on TV, in the TV World before the real individuals were present there. When that happened we called it the Midnight Channel, because it always came on at midnight." Sae felt even more confused now. "Okay, you're going to have to explain all that to me later. So basically you're saying the fakes in this video are similar to the fakes on that Midnight Channel thing?" Naoto nodded, "Correct. Only this time it's actual data we can collect rather than ephemeral transmissions. As for why they're making fake videos, I believe it's part of Wonderland's ploy to thwart the police. With fabricated evidence, they can send them on wild goose chases pursuing false leads." Sae thought about that for a moment. "So then they may have caused the arrests of innocent people. Great, that's just what the justice system needs more of." Naoto sighed in agreement. "Unfortunately yes. We may have to go back and analyze the evidence of prior convictions. We may also be looking at the possibility of hit pieces as well. If anyone wanted to get someone else in a lot of trouble, this would be an effective way to do it, even if the faces are censored. I can say one thing for sure though. Whoever made this video has to be someone who knows about what happened back then, in that world. Which I hate to say is a very small group of people, myself included. We were all there together, I can't imagine any of my friends being responsible for this.." Sae looked at Naoto, who finally started to show signs of concern. In an attempt to reassure her new colleague, Sae said, "Well, there's still a lot we don't know yet. The truth is always out there, you just need to look for it hard enough." Naoto looked at her and gave a faint smile for the first time. "You're right. The devil is in the details for this case."

[9/25 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Tension ~]

Sae got home to see a frantic Makoto rushing out from the direction of her bedroom with a flushed face and disheveled clothes. Sae eyed her suspiciously and asked, "Makoto.. What were you doing..?" Shaking her head, Makoto nervously answered, "N-Nothing! I was just um- using the bathroom!" Sae narrowed her eyes and looked her up and down, making sure her sister knew she was observing her clothes. Before saying anything else, Sae went to look inside her room, where her laptop sat open. "Makoto!!!" She screamed and ran back out. "What were you doing in my room on my computer?!" Makoto braced herself like a cornered mouse and whimpered, "I.. I was just putting your laptop back in your room. You left it in mine earlier." The realization hit Sae like a ton of bricks. In her haste to the Prosecutor's Office, she'd left her laptop in Makoto's room. Open, on her bed, with all the 'evidence' available on display. Makoto sat darting her eyes left to right with a red face and poking her index fingers together. "Listen, Sis.. I promise I won't tell anyone.. I mean, if that's your thing it's okay, I still love you.. We're family after all.. But um, we have our own rooms so.." Sae's composure shattered and melted at the same time. "What? Wait, no! I mean, I love you too but.. Hold on! That's not what this is about! It's not what it looks like! I'm.." Sae wasn't sure if she wanted to let her sister know about what kind of case she was working on. But she couldn't let her think this was the kind of porn she hoarded on her computer either. And judging by the state of Makoto's face and clothes, it wasn't hard to guess what she was probably doing before Sae got home. There was an elephant in the room and neither Niijima sister knew how to address it, although Makoto seemed to have the upper hand. It wasn't lost on Sae how Makoto said she'd still love her if she was into that sort of thing. Which Sae still hadn't fully come to terms with, but the sentiment was appreciated none the less. Knowing she had someone who 'would' accept that side of her if there 'was' one made Sae forget about how she felt like an outcast today at the Prosecutor's Office. Makoto spoke again, more composed now. "It's okay. You don't have to say anything. Just know that I'm here for you if you need me." It was rare for her to see her sister look so vulnerable and she was trying to comfort her, but Sae wasn't about to let herself be the one on the ropes. Doing her best to regain her composure, Sae looked Makoto straight in the eyes. "So tell me.. Why are your clothes in such a mess? And why was your face so red? Don't act like I'm the only one who's got some pedo in her. You were, weren't you..?" Makoto's eyes widened and her face went redder this time. Taking that as a sign of confirmation, Sae dawned a devilish grin and continued with her lewd interrogation. "Which one did you like most? The woman and the boy? The man and the girl? The man and the boy. Or perhaps.. the woman and the girl?" She slowly inched herself closer after the last question. Makoto was fidgeting like a nervous wreck now. "Is that what you want my dear little sis? To get fucked by a woman? To have someone older make you lick their pussy? Or do you want someone nice and young for you to do that to? I must admit, it was pretty hot. We can do that if you want.. If not with each other, then maybe some random little girl we can pick up off the street.. We'll take turns having our way with her however you want.." Sae had her body pressed against Makoto's now, breathing heavily on her face. Her eyes were full of lust, as if there was an impending kiss coming on. Makoto wasn't just nervous now, she was scared. She'd never seen her sister act like this before. It was as if she was possessed or became a different person. Even if they did just share a very intimate secret, which Makoto hadn't really confessed to, this was too spontaneous. Suddenly, Sae grabbed Makoto by the crotch. "Come on, let's make something out of this. You'll be my companion, won't you?" Makoto screamed and pushed Sae off of her. "No! What's gotten into you, sis?! This isn't like you! You're scaring me!" Sae fell back onto the sofa from her sister's maneuver. Her eyes blinked and blankly stared at the wall for a moment. Once she came to her senses she said, "Makoto, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.." Tears started welling as she got up and rushed for her room, locking the door behind her. Makoto followed suit and stood outside her room, knocking on the door then talking through it. "Sis! It's okay! Please, come back out! Talk to me! I don't like seeing you like this." She started crying too and softly said, "I love you.." Before walking away. Inside Sae's room, she held a picture of her and Makoto when they were little. Rubbing the tears away, she silently cried, "What's happening to me..?" That night, Sae went to bed early and had a lucid dream unlike any she'd ever had before.

[9/26 Midnight: Niijima Residence]
[~ The Whims of Fate ~]

Sae stood face to face with herself, but it wasn't through a mirror. It was an outer body experience, one she felt all the sensations of as if they were her own. When it moved a limb, she felt her own doing the same action. Her actual body was spectral, she could move but there was no feeling. Any stimulus she experienced came from her other self. Sae 'floated' around her outer body scrutinizing her appearance. She wore an elegant, glossy black evening dress with long gloves to match. It had an open back and split torso area laced in fishnet. On her legs she wore fishnet stockings connected to a garter belt underneath the dress and purple high heels. "Sexy.." She admitted, noting the other features. What piqued her the most wasn't all the tattoos leading to a vicious looking dog on her back just above her ass. Or the spiked choker around her neck that matched the dog's collar. It was what her other self held in her hand. A leash, one Sae's eyes trailed along in slow motion. When she saw what, or more specifically who, was at the end of the leash, Sae was shocked and horrified. There stood Makoto on all fours, completely naked except for the matching spiked collar attached to the leash. Darting her attention back up to her other self, Sae looked her square in the eyes, which now glowed a bright yellow. "Who are you?! What are you doing to my sister?! Unleash her right now!" Sae screamed in rage. Looking straight through her, the imitation spoke. "Alright boys, let's roll the dice and see who gets to fuck this bitch." Sae immediately turned her back to see who she was talking to. A crowd of shadowy figures in masks circled around them. Following the pattern they formed, Sae finally realized the environment she was in. They stood on a giant roulette wheel of what appeared to be a casino, but something was off about it. It had dice rolling and playing cards raining down but in place of slot machines or currency chips there were computer monitors and something that mortified her. "Children.." Sae muttered with her mouth agape. All of them were naked and walking on all fours next to the shadowy figured patrons who held them by a leash. The children were people she'd known or seen before but the shadows had no discernible features except for appearing to be male or female adults. "They're bidding and gambling over children.. What is this?!" She screamed, turning her attention back to her other self. She looked down at Makoto again, who to her dismay, had become much younger during her diversion. She was a little girl now, the same age as she was in their picture. "Makoto! No!" Sae went down and tried to embrace her but her presence had no corporeal form. "Come on, let's just enjoy the show." Her imitation spoke, drawing Sae's attention back up to her. She was looking down at Sae but still looking through her as before. She couldn't tell if it spoke to her, or young Makoto, who's perspective Sae shared since she was 'kneeling' down to her level. Her other self then turned her attention towards the crowd of shadows again. One of them had won the dice roll and was approaching. Sae tried to protect Makoto to no avail as the hand reached through her and picked up her tiny body. Sae's imitation let go of the leash and said, "Make it so we'll have another vice." Sae had no idea what she meant by that or if by saying 'we' she also meant herself. The uncertainty of whether or not her other self knew she was there and deliberately tormenting her or not put Sae in a momentary existential crisis. "Stop this! What am I supposed to do?! What do you WANT me to do?! I don't understand! Please, if you can hear me, just let her go!" Sae screamed, but there was no reaction from her other self. Instead, she smiled as the shadow started to abuse Makoto. Sae tried to 'run' toward her but she couldn't move. She was trapped in orbit around her other self as it was now reaching a hand down to her crotch. As she rubbed, Sae felt it as if she were doing it to her own body. "No! No! No! No!!" She yelled, not wanting to feel such sensations. It violated her in every way. When the young Makoto started to cry louder, Sae's other self snapped a finger and one of the shadowy patrons brought over one of the leashed children to her. Adding to Sae's dismay, she saw that it was Shinya Oda. Her other self took the leash and yanked it, bringing the child's face between her legs. "Lick it." She said in a cold, intimidating voice. The child did so and Sae felt the soft, warm wetness of his tongue on her phantom loins. "N-No.. Stop doing that..!" Sae muttered with bated breath. She was losing her battle with the pleasure. Facing the boy and her other self, she vainly tried to separate them when it placed a hand on the back of his head and pushed his face in deeper. "Give into temptation.." Her other self seductively said, raising her other hand in the air and snapping a finger. The giant roulette wheel started to spin, gradually getting faster and faster. The faster it went the more Sae felt her will, which was the only thing she had, slipping away. What should have been causing overwhelming dizziness evoked euphoria instead. In spite of Makoto's suffering behind her, Sae's thoughts were becoming her other self's actions. "Harder!" She felt herself willingly say to the shadow fucking Makoto and the boy between 'her' legs. As the shadows obeyed, Sae felt herself then willingly grab Shinya's throat and squeeze when she felt her inevitable orgasm approaching. "Keep your mouth open and your tongue out!" They both said, jerking his head back and forth by the neck so his tongue went in and out, despite his choking. Sae watched the shadow raping Makoto now, who was crying harder and flailing about in resistance. The sight before her in combination with the pleasure she was feeling made Sae lustfully say, "Yes.." When she was on the verge of climax, she looked back at the boy and her other self, who to her surprise, was looking directly at her now for the first time. The imitation then narrowed it's eyes and spoke once again in a vicious tone of it's own accord. "Accept your fate."

[9/26 Early Morning: Niijima Residence]
[~ Alleycat ~]

Sae woke up having an anxiety attack in a cold sweat. On top of that, her body was in a state of arousal. The dream had ended without giving her the ultimate satisfaction it lured her to. She was infuriated, terrified and heartbroken all at once. Infuriated because she was violated and toyed with. Terrified because she was so powerless and still enjoyed it. And heartbroken for Shinya, the other children there and most of all, her poor little sister, Makoto. Sae hated herself for what she felt, did and couldn't do in that dream. A deluge of emotions inundated her in remorse and all she could do to let it out was silently cry into her pillow. "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry, I didn't want that.. That's not who I am.." She said to herself and the figurative victims of her mind. Even though she knew it was just a dream, Sae needed time to convince herself it was a nightmare and not a fantasy. Once she finally resolved most of her cognitive dissonance, Sae went about her morning routine. She was up earlier than Makoto so she made the coffee and checked her schedule. "Oh yeah.. I have a date with Iwai today.. Perfect.." She muttered to herself, thinking she was in no condition to be going out with anyone right now. She didn't want to cancel though since he was the one who asked her out. Just then, Makoto walked in fresh out of bed. "Morning Sis.. You're up early.. Feeling better..?" She asked with a yawn. Sae didn't say anything back, she only stared at her sister longingly for a moment before embracing her in a hug. "Whoa! Okay, I guess that's a yes?" She said, returning the hug and patting Sae on the back. "Do you want me to fix you some breakfast? I've got time before class." Makoto asked, showing a motherly affection. Sae let go and shook her head. "No thanks. I've got a.. meeting with someone today. We'll be having breakfast there."

[9/26 Morning: Yongen-Jaya, Cafe Lablanc]
[~ What's Going On? ~]

"Nice place you picked." Iwai said as he and Sae walked through the door. He offered to let her chose where they would go on their date. They agreed to have breakfast before his store opened in the morning and she had to go about whatever errands she might have that day. Lablanc was one place she knew and liked for the coffee, and other reasons. Sojiro greeted them, "Ah, Niijima-san and..?" He trailed off, looking at the unfamiliar man with her. Iwai waved a hand and introduced himself. "Hey, name's Iwai, nice to meet ya." Sojiro nodded and said, "Likewise. So is this your boyfriend, Niijima-san?" They both sat down at the counter, looking at each other before simultaneously answering. "N-Not really, he's/I'm just a friend." Sojiro laughed, causing Futaba, who heard him from upstairs to come down. "Hey, what's so funny?" She asked, before noticing their guests. "Oh, hey Sae-chan and.. Iwai-kun?!" She eyed them suspiciously and said, "Ooooo~ Does Makoto know?!" Sae shook her head and replied, "No. At least not yet. Don't tell her, okay?" Futaba shrugged her shoulders in a gesture that said, "Sure." Sojiro looked at Futaba, then at Iwai and back at Futaba. "You two know each other?" He asked, wondering how his hermit daughter knew such a gruffly looking older man. Futaba pertly replied, "Yeah! He was a huge help to the Phantom Thieves! Without him we would have just been a bunch of gimped scrubs who never saw anything coming." Sojiro sighed and shook his head. "Futaba, what have I told you about using video game language in everyday conversations?" Iwai then gave his two cents. "Yup. Akira made sure you guys stayed well equipped. My store practically owes its lively hood to that guy. So what have you been up to lately?" Futaba kicked a foot and swung her arms back and forth innocently. "Oh, nothing much. The usual. School, helping my dad here run the shop once in a while and working on my website." Sae then joined the conversation. "Oh yeah, I heard you were working on one from Makoto. What kind of site is it? She said you wouldn't say.." Futaba pushed up her glasses, causing them to glare over and concealing her eyes. "Well, I guess I can let the Morgana out of the bag now. It's a little known site called.. Personabook! You might have heard of it." When Sae and Iwai only kept looking at her and showed no sign of familiarity, Futaba stomped her foot in frustration. "OH COME ON! Seriously? You've never heard of it? It's only the most popular, fastest growing social networking fan fiction site on the internet! It's still in beta but has over a million members already! People use it to let the world see the other sides of themselves. Their thoughts, fantasies and alter egos rather than something boring like, you know, their face. It's a real archive of our own literatures when you think about it. Some people think the name is a bad pun though, so they call it AOL for short. Which isn't meant to be a joke but other people laugh at that one even more for some reason." Sae and Iwai sat blank faced for a moment then curtly replied in unison, "Neat/Nice." When they were done eating and conversing with each other, the pair got ready to leave. Before Sae and Iwai parted ways out the door, he said, "I guess I'll see you later then." Sae gestured for him to wait by not responding. Instead she just looked him in the eyes and seemed to say, "Is that all you really wanted?" Getting the message, Iwai turned his head to the side and rubbed the back of his neck. "Or we could go catch a movie.." He said innocuously. When she didn't respond to that either he pushed the envelop a little more. "Okay then.. Your place or mine?" Sae finally spoke, "You don't have to open your store at a certain time, do you?"

[9/26 Daytime: Shibuya, Untouchable]
[~ Layer Cake ~]

"You know, we could have just went to a hotel or something." Iwai said. Sae walked ahead of him to the back room of his shop. "No, this place is perfect." She said, waiting for him to open the door. When he did she walked in and looked around at his wares. "These ARE all fake, right?" She asked assuredly, referring to the the model guns. Iwai's face contorted behind her, feeling somewhat insulted. "What? Of course they are. Why are you asking me that now? Don't tell me you wanted to come here for part of your investigation." Sae grabbed the most realistic handgun she saw and handed it to him by the barrel. Arching his eyebrows in confusion, Iwai asked, "What's this for?" Sae turned around and said, "I want you to point it at the back of my head." Flabbergasted, Iwai yelled, "Huh?! What the hell would I do that for?" Sae responded while still facing away from him. "Because I'm asking you to.." She trailed off while undoing her pants and letting them drop down to her ankles. "Fuck my brains out while you hold a gun to my head." One eyebrow arched now and his eyes boring into on her ass, Iwai said, "O..kay? I don't really get down like that but if that's what you're into, I'll play along." It would be their first time having actual sex and her request caught him off guard. Iwai never thought she would be this kinky. "You're the only one I can trust to do this, so be rough about it. Please." Sae pleaded him. He unbuckled his pants and let out his dick that was hard as soon as he realized what she was doing and began being of service. "Not only are you soaking wet but you look like you've been this way all day." He said, pushing her panties aside and feeling how wet they were. Her pussy was dripping and he could smell her potent feminine aroma. "Something tells me you didn't get this way just because of me." Iwai said, trying to psychoanalyze her. His prying was causing Sae to get frustrated. "Just shut up and fuck." She said in a raspy voice. Iwai complied with a smug grin. The gun was pointing at the back of her head but not touching it and his thrusting was mediocre at best. "Can't you do better than that?" Sae said through gritted teeth, trying to goad him on. "Alright." He said in his usual, calm voice. He picked up the pace and placed the barrel of the gun against her head now. When that wasn't enough for her, Sae tried goading him on some more. "Come on! Don't be a wuss!" Iwai kept his cool but pulled her hair this time and pressed the barrel firmly against her skull with more pressure. "Yess! That's it!" She said lustfully and returned the favor by pushing back against him. "Harder! Pull the trigger!" Sae yelled in ecstasy. She was close to cumming and wanted the most Iwai could give her. He obliged and started pulling the trigger in rapid succession with his hardest thrusting yet. Sae's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed, "OH GOD!!" When she came she felt chills run down her spine from her the back of her head to the depths of her pussy. It convulsed and squeezed his cock before he pulled out and came on the top of her ass and bottom half of her blazer. Iwai had to clean his cum off her suit for her but he didn't mind, he felt it was worth it. "Thanks." Sae said once they caught their breath and had their pants back on. Iwai responded, "Uh, sure. You wanna tell me what that was all about? If that's how you get off then damn, woman. You're a piece of work." Sae shook her head, looked down and said, "That's not how I usually want it.. I just felt like it was something part of me deserved.." Feeling some concern but choosing not to pry any further, Iwai only tried to offer her a few words of comfort. "Well, alright then. If you ever need 'that' again or anything else feel free to let me know. I got your back in more ways that one y'know." Sae turned to Iwai and hugged him. "Thank you. I really appreciate it. I do have one favor to ask. Can I.. keep that?" She pointed to the model gun he was still holding in his hand. "What? This?" He held it up and looked at it, wondering if there was something particularly special about that model. "Yeah, I just want something to remember you by.." Sae said, uncharacteristically twirling her hair with a finger and blushing. Realizing how foolish he was to think she wanted it for practical reasons, Iwai said, "Oh! Okay, sure.." He then gave it to her as a gift before they parted ways on their date.

[9/26 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ My Homie ~]

Sae walked through the front door positively glowing so bright she almost made Makoto fall over. "H-Hey. Welcome home. Did something good happen today? You're looking um.. How should I put it?" Makoto tried looking for a word elegant enough to compliment her sister without letting on that Sae looked like she just had sex. It wasn't something either of the two single women living together got to have much of. Especially Makoto, the closest she'd ever come to losing her virginity was masturbating to the dick pics Akira sent her. Sae, realizing how obvious it must be, figured dancing around the bush would only delay the inevitable. Plus she didn't want to risk Makoto finding out from Futaba in case the girl let it slip accidentally on purpose. "Why yes, something good 'did' happen today actually. If you're up for some girl talk, I'll tell you all about it." Makoto showed her intrigue and Sae gave her a very vanilla summary of her relationship with Iwai. Leaving out minor details like how it started with a blowjob and their last sexual encounter involved a gun. "Wow~ So he asked you out with candy and a dozen roses? That's so romantic. He never seemed like that kind of guy to me. Now I'm a little jealous, but I knew you would find someone one day. Or better yet, someone would find you." Makoto said dreamily. She sat with her elbows on the table holding up her face, entranced by Sae's little white lies. "He's quite a catch. It blew my mind the way he knew how to handle a gun and could still be so sweet." Sae said, looking up at the ceiling and reminiscing over how exhilarating it was for her each time he clicked that trigger. She then turned the conversation to Makoto. "What about you? Any college studs catch your eye over there? ... Or any college girls?" Sae asked, pausing before gently questioning her sister's sexuality. She'd always been curious about it but even more so since last night. Remembering that dampened Sae's spirits a bit but she didn't want to let it ruin the mood. This was a rare moment of bonding between her and her sister. "N-No, not really. I'm too focused on studying as always. You know me.. haha" Makoto said and laughed nervously. Sae was mildly perturbed at how she dodged the question. It meant she was either being coy or just didn't want to broach that subject with her. Sae had basically put all her cards on the table but Makoto was still holding back. "You're not being fair, damn it! Tell me something! You already know who I'm dating, what kind of 'porn' you think I look at and how I'm okay with girls. Yet I don't even know if you're into guys, girls OR kids!" Sae mentally disputed Makoto's excuse for privacy. She was subconsciously tapping her finger now with impatience. "Yeah.. I know because I was just like you when I was your age.. Studying all the time.. Not getting laid.. It can be pretty frustrating, but hey, that's what porn is for, right? Seen anything 'good' lately?" Sae asked, looking at her sister daringly. Makoto's eyes went wide and she turned red with embarrassment. "S-Sis..! Come on, let's not go there. Sure, we've got our quirks and similarities as siblings but that's a little too personal." Sae was letting her annoyance show by getting argumentative now. "Really? Too personal? You've seen what's on my computer but letting me know what floats your boat is too personal? Do you even like sex at all or are you asexual? Because right now I feel like I'm still the only adult in this house. I thought you would have grown up a little after graduating high school." Makoto took the bait that undermined her maturity. "Agh! I am not a child anymore! Just because I'm not comfortable talking about sex with my sister, who's been like a mother to me and may or may not be a pedophile, doesn't make me less of a woman. If you really want to know, then yes, I like dicks, okay? Too bad Akira never told you THAT in his interrogation!" Makoto got up and stormed off to her room, leaving Sae dumbfounded. "Pedophile?! Wait, Akira?! What the hell does he have to do with this?! Don't tell me they.. Aww, shit.. If he's out there getting married to Kawakami then.." Sae came to the conclusion in her mind that Makoto must have gotten fucked and then dumped for an older, more experienced woman. "That would have bruised her ego and most likely be part of the reason she's so averse to sexual topics." Sae thought. She then made a mental note to beat Akira's ass if she ever saw him again and went to bed.

[9/26 Midnight: Niijima Residence]
[~ The Poem of Everyone's Souls ~]

"You're getting closer." Lavenza said. Sae idly stared at her for a moment without responding before the girl spoke again. "You've encountered your other self, have you not?" Sae folded her arms and said, "Bullshit. That wasn't me in the slightest stretch of the imagination." Lavenza's eyes narrowed with a pouty expression and she turned around to face Igor. "See? I told you she still wasn't ready yet. She's just as much of a fool as she's always been. Maybe she needs to have a few more nightmares before she finally wakes up." Lavenza turned her head and glared back at Sae over her shoulder. "Patience, Lavenza. her arcana is the fool after all and she embodies it well." Igor said, provoking a response from Sae. "What was that?! So I'm a 'fool' now, am I?! Let me tell you wha-" She lost her breath mid sentence when she noticed who, or rather what was standing beside her. It was her other self as Sae remembered it from her dream the night before. The only difference being it wasn't moving or showing any signs of life. She stumbled back and fell down on her ass, exclaiming, "W-What's SHE doing here?!" Lavenza calmly walked toward them and said, "SHE is your shadow, Sae. Or at least, she's a conjuration of it that we've made for the purpose of offering you guidance. It can't hurt you." At that, Sae jumped back on her feet and swung a punch at her shadow's face. When her fist went straight through she tried a poetic kick to the crotch, which also hit nothing. "This bitch has nothing to do with me! She's a fake! An outrageous imitation! I would NEVER do the things she did!" Sae screamed as the tears started to fall. Putting aside their differences, Lavenza gave the distraught Sae an apology and made the shadow disappear. "I'm very sorry, Sae. But we needed you to realize what's within you. Denial will only make it worse, as you can see from the state you're in now. You must accept your shadow to awaken your Persona. Not doing so will result in a struggle of will power. You experienced that struggle in your dream when it overwhelmed you. It's a battle you cannot easily win on your own, you'll need help." Sae became livid and yelled at Lavenza. "I don't care about this Persona shit you keep going on about! What good would come out of me accepting that part of myself?! I can't go around out there raping kids for fun you know! The real world has consequences! And who's going to help me with something like that?! How?! There's nothing I can do about this but deny it.." Lavenza shook her head and gently countered. "But you don't have to do those things, Sae. If you resist acting on your urges while finding solace in your bon-.. activities with those closest to you, you'll find your strength. You also already have people helping you, you just don't realize it yet." Lavenza tried to not aggravate Sae any further by using the word bonds. Sae asked, "My strength for what though? What's the point of all this?" Igor replied this time after he'd been silently observing their conversation. "Your ultimate goal is to solve the case. But in order to see the truth you'll need to be looking with both eyes. Without your shadow, you're only seeing through one. That is not your full potential. I believe there's a saying in your world, in order to catch a thief, you must think like a thief?" Sae calmed down and mulled over Igor's words. "I see what you mean.. Although I wish it were that simple. I'm not after mere thieves, or Phantom Thieves for that matter.. I'm after pedos this time. Their psychology is a dangerous one. Who knows what thinking like one of them might get me into." She said with a sigh and placed a palm on her forehead. Lavenza responded, "Act not on impulse in the moment, but rationale over time. As long as you practice self control, you'll be fine. The more you allow the thoughts of your shadow to acclimate in your mind the more harmonious your spirit will be. By combining your ego and alter ego together you'll have a greater fortitude." Sae gave Lavenza a curious eye and asked, "What are you, a psychiatrist?" Lavenza shook her head and lightly smiled. "No, I'm but a humble servant of the Velvet Room. Basically, what I'm trying to say is you can indulge your fantasies without having to make them reality. You can make your shadow an ally without turning it into a Persona." Sae gave Lavenza a quizzical look and said, "You're really going to have to explain this Persona business to me because all I've seen so far is my shadow." Lavenza nodded and gave Sae a full explanation, including details about how the Phantom Thieves used Personas. "Come to think of it, that does ring a bell. I remember them telling us about that and the metaverse but none of it made sense back then. It's a bit clearer now though. So Makoto went through this sort of thing to get her Persona..?" Lavenza chuckled and said, "Well, not exactly. Maybe you should ask her about it." Sae was about to ask another question when she suddenly woke up.

[9/27 Morning: Niijima Residence]
[~ To Another World ~]

Sae got up in the morning to find Makoto already gone for class. That wasn't out of the ordinary except for the fact she didn't leave Sae any coffee like she normally did. "I guess she's still mad at me for last night. Oh well, she'll cool off, then I can ask her." Sae said to herself. She made her own coffee and checked her schedule. "Nothing to do today, guess I'll try to make some progress on the case.." Sae adapted a strictly business mindset for this occasion. Normally she wouldn't have been able to go over the evidence analytically without letting her libido distract her. Now, however, Sae was more clear headed than ever. She'd been sexually sated, had a good night's rest, fresh caffeine in her system and a new perspective to look from. For the first time, Sae opted to look at the evidence in her home office. "Don't worry, Dad, it's for work." She said to the mental image of her ghost father staring over her shoulder. Sae was not about to get turned on and she knew it, so she had no qualms about using her father's old room this time. It actually gave her a sense of empowerment in doing so. "Alright, I've got this." She said, cracking her knuckles and opening up her laptop. She launched the videos and watched them with a keen eye one after another. "Let's see, the second one's a fake so no point in overthinking that one. The third and fourth are a complete mystery but I know the first one is legit.." Sae played the first video again, skimming back and forth through it and analyzing the woman's behavior. Her idiosyncrasies strongly suggested she was his mother but that wasn't a detail Sae needed to get closer to the source. She then focused her attention on the video's other subject. "That boy, though.. He's really gone under. I wonder what she gave him.. It has to be an illegal substance." Sae took a moment to think about her dream last night. Every time she dreamt of the Velvet Room she remembered it with vivid clarity. Taking Igor and Lavenza's advice about looking with both eyes and listening to the thoughts of her shadow, Sae thought as a predator would. "If I wanted to render someone unconscious so I could have my way with them, how would I do it? By using drugs, of course.. And if the drugs I needed were illegal, where would I go to get them?" Sae thought it over as if it were something she seriously wanted to do. "No ordinary drug dealer is going to have anesthesia that potent, if any at all. It would have to come from someone with medical expertise. Someone most likely operating off the grid." Sae closed her laptop and looked up with a determined expression. "I can think of only one person."

[9/27 Daytime: Yongen-Jaya, Takemi Medical Clinic]
[~ Butterfly Kiss ~]

Sae entered the empty waiting room and saw no on behind the counter, but she heard talking in the doctor's office. She held her ear to the door and could faintly make out the conversation on the other side. "....'s right. ...'ll ...ep ..ght thr.... it." "NICE!" Sae could distinctly tell the one who raised their voice an octave was a man obviously excited about something. The rest of the conversation was inaudible after that, so Sae sat down in the waiting room until they were done. When they came out, Sae saw that it was a man and a very young girl, followed by the doctor. The man profusely bowed and thanked her, to which she responded with a simple wink. "Have fun~" She said in a playful manner as they left. Turning her attention to Sae, who she'd just noticed, Takemi said, "Oh! Hello. Sorry, I didn't see you there. Are you here for a check-up?" Sae was trying to connect the dots over what she'd just heard and saw before realizing she was being spoken to. "Huh?! Oh! Um, no, not really. I'm kind of here for someone else. Can we talk in private?" They went into Takemi's office and Sae used the opportunity to think of a way to approach the subject. "So what's the problem? If this is about someone else, shouldn't they be the one coming in?" Takemi said matter of factly. Sae sat on the patient's bed while Takemi stood by the door. "Well, you see, I'm a friend of a former patient of yours. Akira Kurusu?" Sae said, using everybody's number one acquaintance to improvise. Takemi eyed her up and down and said, "You look too healthy to be a friend of his." Sae was taken aback and raised her eyebrows in response. "What does that mean? How could I be too healthy to be his friend?" Takemi fanned herself with her clipboard and said, "That boy was always buying medicine from me. Enough to treat a small army. It's like he had a fetish for helping people. So anyone who didn't look like they needed help probably wouldn't be in his circle of friends. He's the type that would give you CPR if you so much as coughed or sneezed." Sae blinked for a moment before responding. "Well, that's one way to describe a gigolo, I guess.." She looked up and scratched her cheek with a finger then continued. "But yeah, the medicine.. I heard from him that you have some very 'effective' products and I was wondering if I could purchase any?" Takemi reached behind her and locked the door. "So that's what you're here for, huh? Tell me, what's a woman like you 'really' want with my clinic?" She said, eying Sae suspiciously. "No, no! Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm just very.. interested in something I think you might have." Sae said in a slight panic. "And what might that be?" Takemi asked, fanning herself with her clipboard again. Sae continued with a more serious expression. "An anesthetic sleep aid with aphrodisiac properties.." Takemi dropped her clipboard in surprise. Fidgeting as she picked it up, she tried to maintain her professional composure. "S-So what do you need that for?" Sae gave a devious smirk and said, "The same reason I'm sure your last 'patient' did. That girl didn't seem very sick but the man she was with seemed awfully grateful to you for some reason. I would be too if you helped me do what I bet he's going home to do to her." Takemi narrowed her eyes at Sae as one would when recognizing fellowship in another. "You didn't go through the proper channels for that privilege. Where did you hear about this? I know it wasn't Akira." Sae shook her head to confirm. "No, it wasn't him. But I know he was your 'guinea pig' and you that gave him 'special' examinations. I often WONDERED if you might have been using 'that' on him. It would certainly LAND you in a lot of trouble if you did." Takemi walked over to her desk now and sat down in front of Sae. "What if I did? I needed someone to test my new products on and he volunteered. No harm, no foul, right?" Takemi asked, checking Sae's morals and letting her know that any attempt at blackmail wouldn't work. "Right." Sae said in agreement. They both sat staring each other in the eyes, wordlessly communicating before Takemi spoke again. "Alright, but I'm not sure if I can trust you yet, so I'll only give you a mystery sample. It's up to you if you want to trust me by using it." Sae's eyebrows furrowed with worry. "Oh come on, that's harsh. You're asking me to take a really big risk just to have a little fun." Takemi fanned herself with her clipboard and said, "Big risks come with the territory for the kind of 'fun' you're looking to have. This stuff isn't candy, you can't just hand it out to anyone. That's why we have a screening process." Sae arched a curious eyebrow and asked, "We? So it's not just you?" Takemi responded with a light laugh. "Hahaha.. Of course not. Where do you think I got the funding for all my research and development? Not this clinic, I can tell you that much. I practically signed a deal with the devil for Cheshire Cat." When she noticed the puzzled way Sae was looking at her, Takemi elaborated. "Oh, that's what I call the product you came here looking for. I figured you would have at least heard of it by name. I came up with the formula myself but they were the ones who made it popular." Sae stared idly at the floor in thought. "So by they.. you mean Wonderland?" She asked, confirming her suspicions. "Of course, who else? I've been a fan of theirs for years. So when I found out they were affiliated with The Kirijo Group too, I seized the opportunity to work with them."

[9/27 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Interrogation Room ~]

Sae rushed back home to postulate on her startling new discovery. "This case goes way deeper than I thought." She said as she walked through the front door. To her surprise, she found Naoto there, talking with Makoto. They greeted her and Naoto gave Sae an apologetic expression for the intrusion. Sae knew there had to be a reason for her unannounced visit but wondered what she might have told Makoto. Their association as colleagues was clear, but if she told Makoto about the case her sister would inevitably get involved. "Makoto, would you excuse us for a moment, please?" Sae said, gesturing Naoto to her home office where they could talk in private. Once there, Sae asked, "What have you told her?" Naoto shook her head to reassure Sae. "Nothing, only that we're working on a case together. I didn't give her any of the specifics." Sae sighed and placed a palm on her forehead. "Shit.. I hope she doesn't figure it out." Naoto arched an eyebrow and asked, "How would she? As long as she hasn't seen anything then.. Oh.." She trailed off as she came to the realization. Naoto could tell by the worry in Sae's demeanor that her sister indeed saw something. Her eyes wandered and locked onto Sae's laptop that had been recently put back on her work desk. "That could be a problem.." Naoto said in an eerily quiet voice before walking over to Sae's laptop and taking out the proprietary flash drive their division used. Watching Naoto with a twinge of anger, Sae asked, "What are you doing? Sure, she might have saw something and that's bad, but why are you taking my flash drive?" Naoto gave Sae a serious look. "Listen to yourself Sae, you just said 'my' flash drive. You're showing possessive tendencies toward this, which is what we were afraid of." Sae responded in chagrin. "What?! That's ridiculous! It was a slip of the tongue. What are you trying to say? And what did you mean by 'we were afraid of'?" Naoto put the flash drive in her pocket, noting Sae's reaction when she sternly watched her hand. "The reason I came here unannounced was to personally deliver you new evidence we've acquired and information about a potential break in the case. One that we've been hypothesizing since you and I started working on it together. I can't give you the new evidence now but I can tell you what the break was. It should help you understand why I have to confiscate this flash drive. Please, why don't you have a seat over there?" Naoto gestured Sae toward her work desk as she pulled out one of the client's chairs in the room.

{Part 2: A Shadow's Deal with the Devil}

[9/27 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Interrogation Room ~]

Sae did as Naoto requested and sat at her desk. Attentively listening to what the young woman had to say. "What I'm about to tell you probably won't make any sense to you, but bear with me until I finish." Naoto said, waiting for Sae to give her the nod. Sae folded her arms and leaned back in her chair. Taking that as her sign to go ahead, Naoto continued. "Do you remember what the director said in the briefing video the first time you used the flash drive? About how no one knows how or why Wonderland makes their subjects do such things? Well, we still don't know the 'why' behind it but speculation on the 'how' has us considering supernatural methods more so than bribery or extortion now. We believe the contents of the evidence may be embedded with.. psychological exploits. They can somehow manipulate individuals with vulnerabilities in their psyche by metaphorically hacking their minds." Sae held up a hand to signal Naoto to stop talking for a moment. "Hold on. Are you trying to say they're brainwashing people? Seriously?" She asked, disdainfully. Naoto sighed at the interruption and ridicule when she asked for patience, then continued. "No, not exactly. It's a bit more complicated than that. Honestly, I'm not sure how to explain this at all to someone who doesn't have a Persona.." Naoto trailed off, speaking mostly to herself at the end. Sae's eyes widened and she interjected. "A Persona?! What do those things have to do with this?!" Naoto was taken aback in surprise. Staring at Sae with curiosity now, she garnered her own questions. "Yes.. You know about them? How? When? Where? Was it the Phantom Thieves?" Sae shook her head and replied, "It's a long story. Finish telling me yours first." Naoto nodded and continued, slightly more enthused. "Okay. Well if you know about Personas then you must know about shadows, right? Those are the psyche vulnerabilities I mentioned. People with shadows are more prone to being manipulated by subliminal suggestions. Especially if they have an innate affinity towards them. In this case.. that's anyone who's ever had sexual thoughts or fantasies about children." Sae, realizing now how this pertained to her, responded defensively against her wit. "That would be a pretty damn large number of people. What makes you think I might be one of them?" Naoto shook her head and held up both hands to show she didn't mean to offend. "No no no! ... We're not trying to accuse you of anything. You see, the only kinds of people who we know for sure don't have shadows are Persona users, which is what I happen to be. That makes us immune to their exploits, whether we've had such thoughts of that nature or not.." She said, glancing off to the side with a subtle blush she was trying to hide. Sae noticed her expression and wondered, "So is she into it after all?" Naoto continued after regaining her composure. "Persona users have conquered their shadows and thus 'plugged the loophole,' so to speak. We have have no idea how Wonderland can exploit people's shadows through videos, but my theory is their using some kind of significantly advanced technology, magic or a combination of both." Naoto waited for Sae's input, to see if she had anything to say or ask on the matter. Faintly irritated, Sae took her chance to finally speak again. "Alright. I hate to say this but that all sounds like a load of bull to me. Where do you get off on thinking Persona users are that special? How do you know Wonderland is controlling people by exploiting their shadows? Do you really think they have that kind of power? That their subjects are under their influence so much that they do the things they do because they're being made to and not because they just want to? People can be messed up enough on their own without needing to be 'mind controlled' like your theory suggests. I'm certainly not under the influence of anyone or anything if that's what you guys are worried about. But I get it. You think that just because I don't have a Persona that I'm somehow vulnerable to their attacks. Well, if that's the excuse you want to use to take me off the case then fine. Answer me one question though, why do you think this case involves anything supernatural?" Naoto's disposition was tested by Sae's rant but she remained calm and gave her a minimalist reply rather than trying to argue her points. "Because the first time I watched one of their videos I felt a sensation similar to the first time I summoned my Persona. As did the other Persona user we have working on the case. And you aren't being taken off of it. Like the director said, once you've seen the files you're officially involved and there's no turning back. You do understand what that means, right? So you're only being sidelined for the time being. You'll hear from us once we know more." At that, both women agreed their business with each other was over and Naoto left with the flash drive. Once she was gone, Sae paced back and forth in her home office fuming. Her anger arose from several roots. A feeling of humiliation, like she was the inferior for not having a Persona. Amplified feelings of isolation and shame from what she felt the first time she met Naoto at the Prosecutor's Office. Their antagonizing act of 'repossession' made Sae truly feel like 'the pervert' who couldn't be trusted this time. Worst of all, she felt like the child who'd just had their favorite toy taken away. "You can't just put something like that in my face and then take it away! What the fuck am I supposed to get off to now? Bastards.." She muttered to herself, blaming the powers that be for her new kinks.

[9/28 ~ 10/6 Morning: Niijima Residence]
[~ Disintegration ~]

A week of boredom, frustration and anxiety passed for Sae. She didn't technically have any work to do, no interests in going out or peace of mind since she'd been left out in the cold. Their timing coincided with her own transgressions so perfectly that it made her worry if her actions were being monitored. Doing her best to not let paranoia set in, Sae tried to occupy herself with various forms of entertainment. Television, movies, games, she even watched 'regular' porn when Makoto wasn't around, but nothing could take her mind off the case. Or help her cum. The stress was building up and she couldn't rely on Iwai to help her get rid of it. He had to go out of town for business and thus wasn't available. She thought of using Teddie but felt like he was too much of a 'luxury item' for her since she'd have to pay for it. Or at least she'd have to pay him to keep it from being too personal, and she hadn't fallen so low to make paying for sex a habit. Plus she didn't want to risk being seen with him if she actually was being monitored. Sae thought about what she could do to break the tedium when she remembered the 'mystery sample' Takemi gave her. She was daftly curious about its effects and wanted to try it out on someone. The only person she really had access to was Makoto. There was no way she'd risk using an unknown drug on her sister. For all she knew, Takemi could have given her poison that could kill someone. It was unlikely, but not outside of the realm of possibility if the shady doctor wanted to cause trouble for Sae by putting blood on her hands. She knew she could also just take the sample in to the evidence lab and have it examined. Then charge the doctor with suspicion of malpractice and criminal activity but that would take all the 'fun' out of it for her. "I'm thinking like such a villain right now." Sae said to herself, realizing her thoughts were getting more wicked by the day thanks to how wrong the world made her feel already. Her mind wandered to one inevitable conclusion. "I should probably do 'something' to warrant the way I've been treated. At least then they'll have a real reason to doubt me. Treat me like a pervert. Take me off the case. Or sideline me as that snobby bitch put it." While Sae plotted a course of action, Makoto came in after recently waking up. "Morning.. Sis?" She said, curiously arching her eyebrows at Sae's posture. She was sitting on the sofa apparently lost in deep thought with the TV off. Makoto wasn't accustomed to seeing her sister in such a state. Whichever one of them woke up first would usually be the one who made the coffee and turned on the TV, but it was rare for Sae to wake up before Makoto. The way she was sitting around and doing nothing emitted an aura of unease. Especially since she'd yet to notice Makoto's presence. "Um.. Sis? Are you okay?" Makoto asked, slowly approaching Sae and placing a hand on her shoulder. Sae's reaction was a chilling one, all she did was blink and then glared up at Makoto from the side of her eyes. Still in sitting in her thinking man's pose, she answered with a cold response. "What is it?" Makoto removed her hand and nervously stepped back. "N-Nothing, you just don't quite seem like yourself today. I was wondering if everything was alright." She said, trying to clear the air. "I'm fine. There's something I have to do today and I was just thinking about how I should go about doing it." Sae replied before getting up and grabbing her coat. "I'm going to head out for the day, not sure when I'll be back. Could be late tonight or tomorrow morning, so if you don't see me later, don't worry." Sae left before the puzzled Makoto could think of saying anything else.

[10/6 Evening: ???]
[~ Trick ~]

Sae spent most of the day wandering around the city from one place to another and making sure she wasn't being followed. As a diversion she went back and forth through multiple train stations before finally settling outside an abandoned building in a remote location. It had few passersby, which meant less potential witnesses, or anyone working for the SIU. Sae checked her phone and saw the text message from her rendezvous contact. "Almost there! ^^" She texted back, "Great! Did you get the drinks and snacks?" When they replied "Yup!" she smiled and thought, "Like candy from a baby.." Reaching into her pocket, Sae pulled out a lockpick she got from Akira a while back and used it to open a door on side the building. "Better to not let him seeing me do this, wouldn't want to look 'too' suspicious." After making sure the coast was clear inside and a few minutes of waiting, she saw her target approaching in the distance. Stepping out, she signaled him over by waving. "Hey, thanks for coming all the way out here and picking up a few things for us on the way. You made sure you weren't followed, right?" Sae asked, once they were in close proximity to each other. "Of course~ Being discreet is part of my profession, y'know. But why are we doing it here instead of going to a hotel like before, Madam Sae?" Teddie asked, tilting his head to the side and looking up at the ominous building with arched eyebrows. "I used to do naughty things here when I was a little girl, so it's a nostalgia play for me. You don't mind, do you? You said you'd do anything for me last time." Sae responded, stepping behind him and putting her hands on his shoulders to gently push him in through the door. Once they were inside, she locked the door back behind her while Teddie was looking around, distracted. "Let's eat before we start. I'll take those." She said, pointing at the bag of groceries he was holding. After he handed it to her she nodded her head to the side at a mattress on the floor behind him. "Why don't you wait over there while I fix this up? The least I can do to thank you for agreeing to this is making you a nice sandwich." Teddie pertly replied with his usual, innocent smile. "Okay, sure~!" Not noticing the sinister glare in her eyes the slightest bit. "If he were any more naive I could just give it to him directly and say it was a performance enhancer. But I can't have the kid 'knowing' I gave him a drug if it turned out bad. Especially if it wasn't enough to kill him.." Sae thought to herself as she went into another room where there was a counter. She took out Takemi's mystery sample that she crushed into a powder beforehand for this occasion and poured it into Teddie's drink. She removed the label from her own and drank some of it to make sure she didn't confuse the two. Once their food was ready she went back in the room with Teddie and they ate on the mattress. When he finished his drink Sae got up and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. He looked up at her and asked, "What is it, Madam Sae? Are you ready to start?" She only narrowed her eyes and gave him a cold stare in response. She was both observing his reaction to the drug and bracing herself for any resistance he might try to put up if he realized what was happening to him. After a tense moment of silence she noticed the effects kicking in as he was obviously becoming drowsy. "Wha.. Wud did you..?" Teddie passed out before he could finish his sentence. Sae adjusted his body on the mattress so he laid flat on his back. She checked his breathing and his pulse then sighed in relief when everything seemed okay. "Sorry, but you were the only person I could risk testing this out on. Nobody knows of our affiliation and frankly, you're a prostitute. So if something were to happen to you.. Well, it wouldn't be that much of a surprise to anyone, now would it? It's not that I don't care about you, because I do. This is just what you get for letting me do whatever I want. It's dangerous to tempt a girl so much, you know? But you've also got the most resilient body I've ever seen so I was sure if anyone could survive this, it would be you." Sae said to the sleeping Teddie. Speaking of his body, she felt him up and noticed the raging boner in his pants with a pleasant surprise. "Oh my God! It really does work! Takemi, you genius!" Sae exclaimed and promptly pulled off Teddie's pants. She admired it with her hands and mouth before the thought of stress testing the drug's other effects came to mind. "Let's see how strong the little 'sample' she gave me is.." Sae whispered to herself. Placing a hand on his face, she lightly rubbed it first before giving him a weak slap. Then a harder slap, then another one harder than that. After a few hits escalating in power it got to the point where her arm was extended all the way back and she came down on his face in full force. When he showed no signs of waking up she dawned a wicked smile and let out devilish laugh. "Ahaha..! Holy shit! This stuff is no joke! He'll stay down no matter what I do." She said, then stood up and started taking off her pants. Once they were off, along with her shoes, socks and panties, Sae stood over Teddie's face. With her feet planted on each side of his head, she looked down at him and spoke with an aggressive tone. "I could fuck you up right now if I wanted to and there's nobody around to stop me. Nor would there be anyone who knew about this since I called you out directly rather than going through your employer. Thanks for trusting me so much. You couldn't have made it any easier to rape you."

[10/6 Late Night: ???]
[~ King, Queen and Slave -another version- ~]

Sae spent hours using and abusing Teddie's unconscious body. She'd fucked him a total of six times so far. Or rather, he ejaculated six times. His dick never got soft thanks to how potent the aphrodisiac substance in the drug was. The more she raped him, the more her arousal escalated. She was turning herself on by thinking out loud. "Yeah.. That's right.. I'm raping a bitch in the very same room I once was.." Her actions were causing repressed memories to resurface in her mind. Sae knew the building they were in from her childhood. She'd once known a girl a few years older than herself back then who would bring Sae here to 'play' with her and the girl's father. They had a 'game' they played called King, Queen and Slave. The father was the King, the girl was the Queen and Sae was the Slave. She always hated being the Slave but they never let her be anything else. The 'King' would fuck the 'Slave' while she was made to serve the 'Queen' by eating her out. It was all they ever did and Sae never understood why the order never changed. She wanted be the Queen at least once. Eventually the girl and her father moved away and she never saw them again. As she got older, Sae realized the fallacy of their 'game' and refused to acknowledge it was abuse. She made herself forget the whole experience, along with their names and their faces so she could move on with her life. She focused her energies on becoming a strong woman who dominated so that would never happen to her again. Unless she wanted it to, because there were some times when she actually did. Sae's determination led her through a prosperous school life and a successful career in adulthood. Now, however, she was reliving those memories from her past through another point of view. The power was in her hands this time and it felt good. The memories that once tormented her with anger and frustration became the fuel for a newfound lust of hers. It turned her on more than anything to imagine Teddie was the 'King' and she was getting her revenge on him. "Helpless now, aren't you?" She said to the mental image of her former rapist. She slapped him, choked him, even punched him a little while she continued to rock her hips and fondle her tits. Sae almost forgot the fact that it was a friend she was on top of. She immersed herself in the illusion so much that she reached into her purse and pulled out the model gun Iwai gave her. Pressing it against Teddie's forehead, she pulled the trigger multiple times until she came. The fantasy of raping, beating and ultimately snuffing the ghosts that haunted this place for her was a cathartic pleasure she'd never expected it to be. It was like the inverse of how she'd punished herself and her shadow at the same time with Iwai's help almost two weeks ago. Content for the moment, Sae got off of Teddie and looked over his body, studying him. She tried projecting the 'Queen's' face over his for the next round where she could get off by sitting on it, but that wouldn't work. Not only would he be unable to lick her due to being unconscious, but she needed to do that to a girl for it to really be a turn on. Just then, Teddie suddenly started waking up. "Damn it.." Sae mumbled. She was nowhere near satisfied yet. There were more things she wanted to try doing to him while he slept. Like fisting his ass, since of course she didn't bring the strap-on she bought at the love hotel they used on their first night together. If she did she would have fucked him with it the same way that man did the girl in the second evidence video. Then she remembered, "Oh yeah, that was fake. So lame. I should probably look into making my own videos. That way I'll know it's real." Teddie fully came to and responded to Sae's words she didn't know she was saying out loud. "Huh..? What was fake..? What are you talking about, Madam Sae? ... Ohh man, I passed out like a log and don't remember anything. Except this really weird dream I had." He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead as one would when waking up with a hangover, although he felt no real discomfort. Sae braced herself in surprise at Teddie. Not just because he heard her talking to herself but also from anticipation of his potential accusations or questions about what she did to him. Her quick thinking made her change the subject before any of that could happen by preemptively reassuring him on his performance. "You were great. I came so hard I passed out too. I only just woke up a few minutes ago myself. I was just comparing the 'real' sex I've had with you to all the 'fake' sex I've had with.. no one in particular. So what was your dream about?" Teddie shook his head and looked forward in a blank stare, trying to remember. "I'm not sure. But there was this little girl and an old man with a ridiculously long nose." Sae's eyes went wide in disbelief. "No way! The Velvet Room?!" She thought to herself, deciding not to pursue that kind of conversation at a time like this. Instead she decided to postpone it for later by saying, "Sounds interesting.. Maybe you can tell me about it later.." Looking at her watch, Sae signaled it was time to go by getting up and putting her pants back on, without her panties. She gave those to Teddie as a 'tip' when she paid him for his services. "I want you to wear those the next time we meet. I know you're into crossdressing since you work as a maid and all. Wear something nice to go with them, but not a maid outfit. I'm sure you have other girly clothes in your wardrobe, right?" Teddie's eyes lit up and he responded with an equally perky bright smile. "Yup~! Sure do! I won't disappoint you, Madam Sae." He graciously bowed to show his thanks for her patronage as well as the lewd tip and they parted ways. On her way home, Sae thought about how fruitful their encounter had been. She was able to knock out two birds with one stone thanks to Takemi's Cheshire Cat drug. It gave her an excuse to see Teddie and get laid without feeling like she was being overindulgent by paying for sex again in less than a month. And she serendipitously found a way to confront her past in a way that felt incredibly good. "I've got to go see the good doctor first thing in the morning tomorrow." Sae said to herself with a faint smile. With her plans made for the next day, she went straight to bed as soon as she got home.

[10/7 Midight: Velvet Room]
[~ The Poem of Everyone's Souls ~]

"What did you do?" Lavenza asked in a serious manner. Sae looked at her, puzzled by the question. "What do you mean, what did I do?" Lavenza approached her and once she was in close proximity she folded her arms and looked straight up at Sae. "Something has changed. Until now, all of our uninvited guests have been children, courtesy of Wonderland's antics. However, for the first time in ages, we received an adult visitor. One who mentioned you by name. Not only that, he was a Persona user. Surely you know who we're referring to?" Sae nodded and massaged her temples. "..Teddie. So he really was here. I was shocked when he said it at first, but then I remembered what you guys said before about young visitors. So somehow, people under the influence of Cheshire Cat are sent here.." Sae covered her mouth and stared blankly at the floor. She spoke mostly to herself as she discerned the situation in her mind. "Wait, you said he was a Persona user? No way! Him too?! God! Does everybody around me have one of those while I'm stuck with a Shadow? This is getting ridiculous. So what did he say?" Sae gave Lavenza her full attention now, as well as a glance over at Igor in case he wanted to chime in. Lavenza continued, "It's not ridiculous, it's fate. One day you may find that you'll need their protection. As much as you hate calling them bonds, that's what they're there for. Especially in your case. And he didn't really say anything. He was quite lost and confused. Said he was with you a moment ago and the next thing he knew he was here. We didn't discuss his Persona abilities but we knew he had one." At that point, Igor finally spoke, giving his two cents on Teddie. "He was an acquaintance of a former guest of ours. A young man akin to the one you know as Akira Kurusu. We've had dealings with them in the past but that's a story for another time. We've summoned you because we would like to know what information you've gathered on Wonderland and what means they're using to send people to the Velvet Room. You must have some insight on that now that you've done it yourself. We've obeyed your request to stay out of your personal life, but perhaps you'd be willing to voluntarily share with us the details of your transgressions? As you know, we're merely spectators of your world and have no ulterior motives that would be detrimental for you in it. Our motives are aligned and there's nothing more private than what happens in your own dreams, yes?" He gracefully tried to beseech her and Sae carefully considered telling them everything, but there were some things she was still to ashamed to admit. Even in a dream, she couldn't allow herself to be persuaded to bare it all. For a moment she only stared at them as they stared back at her, waiting for answers. "Listen, I'm not going to be your agent, okay? I'll tell you what I 'think' I know but it's not much. Wonderland uses a drug called Cheshire Cat. How it sends people here or why, I don't know. I experimented with it on Teddie and I had no idea it was going to do that. As for how I got my hands on the drug, it was mostly thanks to your advice you gave me. I 'looked for the truth with both eyes' and my Shadow half led me to a source. Then I 'listened to the thoughts of my shadow' and came up with an idea of how to use that source. You know, to make progress on the case. So you guys -might- be getting a few more unexpected visitors if my Shadow has anything to say about it, sorry. You made your bed, so you might as well lie in it." She turned toward and pointed at the giant bed in the room. Letting them know that if they didn't appreciate the company she'd be sending them in the future, they could take refuge away from it up there. They both looked up at the bed and Lavenza responded. "But the Velvet Room is different for each person, remember? This version is unique to you. Besides, it's not really a problem that you send them here, just be careful. You wouldn't want your dirty little secrets to get out, now would you?" Sae looked back down at Lavenza with an eye of suspicion. Before she could ask what the girl meant by that and if it was supposed to be a veiled threat, she suddenly woke up.

[10/7 Morning: Niijima Residence]
[~ Beneath the Mask ~]

"Dammit.." Sae muttered the instant she opened her eyes. She rubbed them with her thumb and index finger as she slowly got out of bed. Groggy from a long night and a short sleep, she continued to mumble in protest as she went about her morning routine. "That crafty little.. whatever. Forget her and her nosy master. I've got a cat to chase today.. For the sake of the case and my own curiosity.." She let out a yawn and her thought pattern shifted to another topic. "Not to mention, I should really get around to asking Makoto about Personas. First she had one, then Naoto and now Teddie. Who's next? Iwai? Yeah right, he's probably too old for that, like I am. I wonder if Takemi knows about the metaphysical side effects of her drug? How would I even ask her about that? 'Hey, did you know your Cheshire Cat takes people to the Velvet Room? What's that? Oh, it's just a little place between dream and reality.' Being a doctor, she would probably laugh and say such a thing could only be a hallucination. It might be better to not bring it up at all if I don't want her to think I'm crazy." Once Sae finished preparing herself for the day, she headed out for Takemi's clinic like she planned.

[10/7 Morning: Yongen-Jaya, Takemi Medical Clinic]
[~ Butterfly Kiss ~]

She walked in to find Takemi sitting behind her counter. She was attentively looking over some sort of paper work but fortunately didn't seem to have any visitors or patients yet. When Takemi finished reading she looked up at Sae and greeted her. "Ah, Niijima-san, welcome back." Being addressed by name took Sae aback a bit. She deliberately refrained from formally introducing herself last time to avoid arousing suspicion in case Takemi knew who she was. Knowing it wouldn't have been hard for her to find that out anyway, Sae didn't really worry about it. "Hi. So I take it you looked me up?" She asked. Takemi replied assertively. "Of course, Ms. Star Prosecutor turned Ace Attorney. Who ever would have thought someone like you would be -into- something like ... this?" To Sae's shock and dismay, Takemi reached into a drawer behind the counter and pulled out a very familiar looking flash drive. "What are you doing with that?! Listen, I'm not here to-!" Takemi interrupted her by holding up a finger with her other hand and said, "Ah-ah-ah~! Just relax. You aren't the only one in your line of work who's wanted to partake in our activities. I have plenty of sources. If you want to be one of them, come into my office and let's talk." Sae simply nodded and followed suit. Inside, Takemi instructed her from behind the curtain to lock the door and have a seat on the bed. After a brief moment of waiting, the doctor came in from the room behind the curtain that connected her office to the front counter. In her hands she held two distinct pharmaceutical bottles. One was red and the other was blue, with each having pills in them. She sat in the chair at her desk in front of Sae as she did before and spoke. "Alright, since you're back here without a warrant or accompanying police officers, I take it you tried the sample I gave you and it was a success. You had your fun and you want more, right?" Sae nodded and Takemi continued. "Well, I hate to sound cliche but as they say, the first time is free. Normally I would charge you a premium for this but you being who you are, that's not going to cut it. You're still a big risk and I need to know I can trust you first." Sae arched her eyebrows with a bit of concern. "So what do I have to do for that? I didn't just come here for your drugs, I also came as a fellow woman seeking a friend. We have similar interests and I would hate for my background in law enforcement to get in the way of that. Don't we both want something taboo?" There was a brief moment of silence as both women looked into each other's eyes. Takemi broke the silence first by speaking again. "We'll see about that ... So you came here to get more of this." She held up the blue bottle in one hand. "Cheshire Cat ... But to prove your desire isn't tentative at best, I want you to help me perfect this." She then held up the red bottle in her other hand. "It's a new drug I'm working on. One that keeps them awake but they don't remember anything afterwards. With afterwards being two to four hours after consumption, depending on the dosage. When this wears off, the person blacks out for a few seconds and comes to with whatever memories they had beforehand." Sae's eyes widened in astonishment. "How in the world..? That's crazy! I know you're a brilliant doctor but you can't control a person's mind with drugs. Put them asleep? Sure. Get them horny? Definitely. Make them forget things? No way. You can manipulate physiological reactions but you can't reverse a cognitive process. As much as I'd like to have a conscious partner, you can't expect me to go out there and try using such a thing on someone." Takemi responded with a faint smile and said, "Of course not. You don't have the balls for that. Plus, how would I know you actually did and it worked? I would need to be there to see it for myself. That's why we're going to use it together on someone else. That's how you'll prove to me just how serious you are and whether or not I can trust you." Sae sighed and accepted her terms. "Okay, fine. If that's what it takes, I'll do it. Whatever, just know that I am serious. So who, how and where are we going to..?" She trailed off when Takemi handed her a slip of paper with an address she'd written on it. "Meet me there tonight. It's where I have an appointment with someone after closing shop." Sae studied the address and nodded. Right at that moment they heard Takemi's first customers for the day enter the clinic from the lobby on the other side of the door. "Guess that's my queue to get going then. I'll see you tonight." Takemi looked up at her as she stood off the bed to leave and nodded back.

[10/7 Daytime: Banging Big Burgers]
[~ What's Going On? ~]

Sae figured she'd get something to eat before her big night with Takemi and decided on the newly rebranded Big Bang Burger, Banging Big Burgers. Under Haru's new management they redesigned everything and launched a new menu. "I'll have the Twerk Special, please." She ordered at the counter. When she got her food and went to sit down in the lobby, she saw Ryuji talking to an employee. He seemed to be giving them instructions, a few octaves higher than were probably necessary. She couldn't make out what he was saying but clearly heard every other word was 'shit' and it made her grimace. She was curious about why he was doing it though. That's when she remembered what Makoto told her about him dropping out of school to work here. His girlfriend Haru gave him a manager position and he seemed to be enjoying it. "Who needs an education when you've got a rich girlfriend, right?" Sae thought and scoffed. Just then, the young heiress in question entered the building. Ryuji greeted her as she walked over to them. The employee Ryuji had been talking to bowed to her and went back behind the counter. Then Haru and Ryuji went into the manager's office together. "Hope they're not going in there to fuck." Sae thought and finished her meal.

[10/7 Evening: Takemi? Residence]
[~ Disintegration ~]

Sae arrived at the address on the paper and observed the house. While it looked like an ordinary two story home, it still seemed ominous to her. Maybe it was because she didn't really know what she was getting herself into. Or perhaps it was because the house was surrounded by a tall, solid, brick and mortar wall. Such a barrier would make it difficult for any would be trespassers trying to get in, or captives trying to get out for that matter. "This place is definitely secure.." She said and rang the doorbell. Takemi's voice answered 'Yes?' and Sae replied, "It's me." She heard a clicking sound from the gate that signaled it had unlocked for her. She opened the gate and went through to the front door, which was also unlocked upon checking. She entered the house feeling apprehensive and with her heart already racing. She didn't know who's residence this was and hoped it didn't belong to some kind of crime lord. Takemi came in from the kitchen and greeted her. The first thing Sae noticed was her outfit. It wasn't the black dress, red belt and lab coat she'd seen her in before at the clinic. She wore something gothic now. A blue dress with a spiderweb pattern on it and black leggings that were ripped all over. "Nice outfit.. Is this your house?" Sae asked, both curious and concerned. Takemi smiled and said, "Thanks, and no, but it might as well be. I have the keys to it and come and go as I please. I'm really close friends with the owners. They're not here now, it's just us and.." She trailed off, turning her head to look down over her shoulder at the house's only other occupant. It was a very young girl who came in from the kitchen around the wall behind them. She stood next to Takemi, sipping her drink and looking at Sae innocently. Sae figured she couldn't have been much older than four or five years old. "Our cute wittle subject." Takemi said as she placed a hand on the girl's head and gently rubbed it through her hair. "Aunty Tiki, who's this?" She asked. Sae would have introduced herself but she was stuck in a daze with her mouth hanging open. "This is Aunty's friend." Takemi answered, making eye contact with Sae and shaking her head. She moved her lips without speaking and Sae read them as saying 'don't tell her your name.' She nodded back at Takemi to let her know the message was received. It was a wise precaution in case the girl tried to tattletale later. If she knew Sae's name that would have made it easier to expose her. Takemi stopped rubbing the girl's head and spoke to her. "Aunty has to talk to her friend now, so you go play in your room, okay?" The girl eagerly yelped 'okay~!' and ran upstairs. Sae watched her go then slowly and dramatically drew her attention back towards Takemi. "Her..?! She's your..! Our..! Really..?!" She silently contested while sporadically moving her arms around to show her confusion and disbelief. Sae pointed fingers at the ceiling where the girl went upstairs, at Takemi and then herself repeatedly. Realizing Sae was feeling conflicted, Takemi questioned her limits. "Yes. Is she too young for you?" Sae stomped a foot and balled up her fists at her sides. "Of course!" She exclaimed. Takemi sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "I should have known you were all talk. And here I thought you wanted to join us ... to join me." She said, showing her disappointment and a bit of exaggerated hurt at the rejection. Sae saw the underlying sentiment and thought for a moment, weighing her options. She did want to have Takemi as a friend and a supplier. She was someone Sae could confide in and rely on and that wasn't something one should throw away over a minor dissension. And it was minor since both women were pedophiles with only 'minor' differences in age preferences. Alternatively, she knew she could also use Takemi as a source of information on the Wonderland case. Being their doctor she was no doubt a well of knowledge on that front. Sae decided to go with the flow, figuring in the worse case scenario, 'she' wouldn't have to do anything. She could just watch Takemi do all the dirty work and maybe even enjoy the show. To a lesser extent, her sense of duty reminded her that crimes needed witnesses to face justice after all, that would have been her excuse in court. "Alright ... I'm in. I've come this far, I'm not going to back out now. Let's go." She said, looking up the stairs and feigning a determined expression. Takemi arched her eyebrows in worry. She could tell Sae's change in attitude was forced but took it at face value. "Are you sure? Because fair warning, this is going to get ugly. I'm not just saying that to be intimidating either. It's a valid part of the process. The best way to make sure the drug works is by giving them traumatic experiences. After the two to four our window closes, that's when we check the results via their responses to certain questions and specific stimuli. While it may sound sadistic, there's a reason behind it." Sae looked back to Takemi. "There is?" She asked, looking for any sort of justification for what they were about to do. What she needed most was to hear it from someone else. Takemi tilted her head to the side and raised a forearm in the air with an upturned palm. A gesture she normally made when giving explanations. "Yes. Let me give you an analogy. Imagine leaving a cookie jar on the table for a kid to plunder, which of course they will because that's what kids do. If you ask them if they stuck their hands in it, they're going to lie and say no, right? But if you found a way to make them afraid of the cookie jar, like say for example, by putting bugs in it, there's no way they can hide their fear. Reactions tell us more than words. That's why the tests for this drug have to be done in such a way. Otherwise we won't really know if they're lying to us by pretending they don't remember." Takemi paused for a moment to let that sink in. Sae only stared at her wide eyed, blinking a few times from not knowing what to say. Takemi shook her head and continued. "So yeah, now that I've told you all that, this really is your last chance to leave. I can understand if you're not ready to go that deep down the rabbit hole yet. I'll give you another chance later with a fairer opportunity to prove yourself then. However, if you stay now and try to bail on me after it starts.." She paused, balling up a fist and narrowing her eyes to demonstrate how much that would piss her off. "I don't ever want to see your face at my clinic again." It was a mild threat from a capable woman Sae didn't want to cross. Shady doctors knew of ways to kill people stealthier than assassins with knives and guns, so she got the message loud and clear. Once this woman was in the zone, it wouldn't be a good idea to ruin the mood. In the back of Sae's mind, there was a tiny voice screaming at her to get the hell out of there. This was the point of no return and she knew that if she went through with it, it meant she wasn't being herself anymore. Any pretense of doing it for the case was mostly bullshit and her Shadow would be the conscious id on the job. If there was an angel on her shoulder, it would have been saying this was wrong. While a devil would have had the advantage of a threefold assault on her better judgment using deadly sin logic. 'Doubt (Apathy): How bad can it be?' Sae thought there was no way Takemi could be that wicked and this was all a bluff to test her resolve. 'Curiosity (Gluttony): This is going to be good.' She really wanted to see what this woman was going to do if she turned out to be the real deal. 'Desire (Lust): Too hard to resist.' Despite her inner turmoil, Sae was very excited at the prospect of finally being able to do something so taboo. On top of that, it would be with the help of a new friend. A very resourceful one who could help her get away with it now and in the future. Her rational side was facing a losing battle. Almost fully resigned at this point, Sae acknowledged Takemi's ultimatum. "Understood. So what's her name anyway?" Takemi shook her head. "It's better if you don't know. Makes it easier on your conscience. Think of her as the test subject and nothing more." Sae shrugged and they went upstairs with Takemi leading the way.

[10/7 Evening: Takemi? Residence]
[~ High Pressure ~]

They entered the girl's room and both women sat down their bags. In Sae's bag she kept her model gun from Iwai for protection. She doubted anyone would be able to tell it wasn't real if she needed to use it to get out of there. In Takemi's bag she pulled out a large, black double-ended dildo. Sae watched wide eyed as she licked an end of it and reached down between her legs to rip a hole in her leggings. 'Didn't even bother wearing panties under those, huh?' She thought when Takemi shoved the wet end of it inside herself with ease. "Wow.. You're that wet already?" Sae asked, perplexed. Takemi responded in a manner she wasn't expecting. "Hell yeah~! I love little girls, and not just because they're cute. Their cunnies so small and tight that the feedback you get from one of these feels way better than the resistance of another woman's pussy. When you're pushing it in there's just no comparison, so it's especially good if you do them rough~!" Sae couldn't believe Takemi was actually drooling when she said that. Her gentle, calm and collected demeanor from earlier had vanished and in its place was a sex hungry nymphomaniac. The dramatic shift in her personality seemed to occur instantly. Sae could only watch her dumbfounded. 'How can she get so turned on that fast?! Did she take something?' She thought and wondered if Takemi was under the influence of an aphrodisiac. It wouldn't have been out of the question, given the circumstances. "Maybe she's not so hardcore after all and needed something to amp herself up. Not it would be a fair excuse. She still knows exactly what she's doing." Sae said in her mind. She tried to guesstimate on what was making Takemi so horny. The woman gave the impression that such a thing was routine for her and this would be done in a more methodical or professional manner at least. "..Hold her down for me.." Takemi said in a low, lustful tone. She stood legs parted, cupping a breast in one hand and stroking the dildo with the other. Sae did as she asked in a way as to not alarm the girl by gently placing her hands on her shoulders from behind. Facing Takemi, they stood beside the girl's bed where she was initially playing before they came in. Takemi approached, looking down at her with a sinister glare the girl knew not the meaning of. "Do you know what this is?" She asked her, drawing the girl's attention to the dildo. She eyed it curiously and said, "A big worm?" Takemi scoffed a bit and looked at Sae. "She says it's a big worm." She said with a nod and a smug grin. "And where do you think it's touching me?" She asked the girl while maintaining eye contact with Sae. "Your butt!" The girl said with a giggle. "She thinks it's a big worm that's touching my butt." Takemi affirmed with Sae, who was trying to steady her shaking hands on the girl's shoulders. Takemi noticed this and tried to help her with the unease. "I already gave her the drug, it was in her drink she had earlier. We've got four hours to do whatever want, so relax. It'll be okay, I promise." Sae wasn't sure if she was more afraid for the girl or of Takemi right now. "You've done this before, right?" She asked. "This will be the first time I've done it with another woman in the room, which is why I'm glad you're here. But yeah, I've fucked girls her age before." Takemi answered and started pushing the tip of the dildo against the girl's mouth. When she tried to avoid it, Takemi reached down with the hand that was cupping her breast to grab her head by the hair and keep it in place. The girl cried 'Stop!' but she ignored her. "I meant have you done it to -this- girl in particular before?" Sae asked, darting her eyes back and forth from Takemi's face to what her hand was doing. "No, not exactly. I've made her eat me out before but haven't used this thing on her yet." She replied in an eerily disconcerting lack of emotion. "So you're about to take her virginity..?" Sae asked piteously. Takemi contorted her face to the side and said, "You really think she would still be one in a family like hers? Of course someone got to that cherry before me. Probably her father, and he's no needle dick." She let go of the girl's hair and stepped back to pick her up, making Sae move out of the way. "Enough questions, if you're that worried about her then let's just get it over with." Takemi said and sat the girl on her bed, pushing her down so she laid on her back. She stood off the edge of the bed and propped her left leg on it over the girl's body, assuming a tribadism position. Aiming the tip of the dildo at her entrance, she steadily pushed it in her vagina. As the girl started to cry, Takemi arched her head back and closed her eyes. "Mmmm ... Almost there, just a little more ... Ahh~" She said silently with a moan before giving one quick, hard thrust at the end to lodge it in. "Alright, watch this!" Takemi said to Sae and started rocking her hips around in circles, up and down then in and out. Sae watched the dildo go in and out of Takemi's pussy while it mostly stayed still in the girls. It started to really shimmer from her fluids the more her pussy engulfed it. After doing this for a while, she changed things up by grabbing the girl's ankles and lifting her up by the legs. That's when Sae noticed the dildo was going in and out of the girl now while mostly staying still inside Takemi. It made the girl scream and cry louder because now she was actually being fucked. "How do you like Mama's cock, sweety? Does it feel good? Or does it hurt?" Takemi asked the girl but she was too hysterical to answer. She licked her lips and changed her pattern again by clenching and relaxing her kegel muscles while she moved. The dildo either pushed into the girl when she squeezed or pulled out of herself when she didn't. The small vagina had a naturally tight grip but Takemi's pussy could make a firmer one when she wanted it to. "A-Aunty! ... Stop! ... The worm ... hurts!" The girl panted between thrusts. "It's not a worm and I'm not your Aunty! Call me Mama!! Do it!! Say you like Mama's cock!!" Takemi yelled at her and grinded harder. "I like! ... Mama's ... cock!" The girl cried. "YES!! That's it!! ANGH!!" Takemi exclimated and pursed her lips. She arched her head back and closed her eyes again when she started to cum. Once her orgasm washed over her, Takemi came to a slow and gradual halt, then finally pulled out by stepping back onto her feet. Drawing her attention to Sae, she asked, "Well? Aren't you going to do anything? Either to her or yourself." She put two fingers together and made a 'diddle' gesture over her own crotch. When Sae didn't answer, she prodded. "You might as well do something, right? ... Take off your pants, I want to see if you're wet at least." Sae did as she asked by unbuckling her belt and sliding them off, leaving her panties on. Takemi kneeled down so that she was eye level with her crotch and felt it with her fingers, moving her panties aside and massaging her labia. It sent chills up Sae's spine and her eyes rolled into the back of her head for a moment. Takemi's touch could have made her faint if she kept going. "Ah, okay, good. You better not be trying to act shy after what I just let you see, though. I don't show that side of myself to non-aficionados." Sae shook her head. "No, I'm just really nervous. I've never done this before." Takemi stood back up and licked her fingers that were moist from Sae's secretions. "Understandable. I was the same way. It was hard enough for me at first when I had to watch our volunteers rape the test subjects, but I eventually got used to it and even participated myself. Now I can only say it's the best way to get off, you should try it. Works wonders when you're stressed out and in the mood for some sexual violence. I'll give you more time to adjust, though. Just keep watching me and see if those pesky inhibitions don't go away." Takemi said, then drew her attention back toward the girl. "I'm going to fuck her a few more times and then it'll be your turn, okay?"

[10/7 Late Night: Takemi? Residence]
[~ Erosion ~]

At some point, Sae couldn't bear to watch up close anymore and moved a few feet away from them. She stood behind Takemi in the center of the room, trying to divert her attention elsewhere by observing all the childish amenities scattered about. Despite her best efforts, her eyes kept locking on to Takemi's back and her gyrating ass. The girl's little legs protruding out from the other side of her looked like they could have belonged to a lifeless doll she was using for masturbation, if not for the wailing. From her outfit that clashed with the surroundings, to the size difference between their bodies, Takemi's feminine form resembled a spider devouring its prey. 'Maybe that's why she wears a dress with a web on it..' Sae thought and shook her head in shame. She'd seen all kinds of porn before but never anything like this. A woman raping a girl was a truly rare sight to behold. Even the evidence video on the flash drive she'd seen before looked like two consenting adults by comparison, despite one of them being half the other's size and unconscious. Takemi sat on the bed and rested on her elbows next to the girl. "Hahh ... Alright, that's enough for me tonight. You ready to do her now or what? You can use this if you want." She said, flopping the dildo that was still inside her. Sae stood frozen and couldn't take her eyes off the girl's now gaping hole. She noticed a few trickles of blood and asked, "What about the wounds? I think you might have stretched her out too much.." Takemi gave a quick, unconcerned glance at the girl's orifice. "Don't worry, I'm a doctor." She said with a wink. "How can you be a doctor and act so cruel? You're supposed to show empathy, especially toward a child. You were being gentle with her earlier and then ... You did a complete one-eighty on her as soon as we got in this room." Sae said, looking at the girl sympathetically. Takemi sighed and rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Look, it's not as if I don't 'care' about her, because I do. I just don't always have to if you know what I mean. Once I'm turned all the way on, I don't hold back if there's no need to. Which there isn't in this case because she's not going to remember it. Effectively switching personalities that way is a talent I acquired over time during my R&D on the drug." Sae arched her eyebrows in concern and said, "So in other words, you've been desensitized and learned how to detach yourself. I don't really think I can do that on your level." Takemi held up a hand in a gesture that said 'let me stop you right there' and continued. "You're right. I'm way passed the point of where you're at right now. I might have snorted a tiny bit of coke to get here, but it was only for the adrenaline rush. Something you don't get much of anymore when you've been -desensitized- as you said. I can tell you're still having second thoughts about this, but it's too late now. You're an accomplice. By not trying to stop me, you showed tacit approval." Sae acquiesced defeat by tilting her head down and looking to the side in shame. Seeing the rest of her resistance crumble, Takemi went for the final push. "Come over here and take off your panties." Sae looked back up at her in surprise. "What?" She asked. Takemi gestured a 'come hither' motion with her finger. "I said come here. Take off those soaking wet panties and sit on the bed. We're going to get you off." Sae obeyed without protest, thinking her new partner in crime was about to pleasure her, which she wouldn't have minded. She took Takemi's place on the bed and instinctively spread her legs in anticipation. To her shock, Takemi grabbed the girl and pulled her off the bed. Shoving her face between Sae's legs by the hair, she said in a deep, authoritative tone, "Lick it." The girl tried pushing herself away and cried, "No! I don't want to!" Takemi yanked her head back and pressed the dildo against her cheek. "You want Mama to fuck you with her cock again?" She replied by shaking her head 'no' and Takemi let her go. "Didn't think so. Now do it." The girl obeyed and started inexpertly lapping at her mound. Sae was indeed aroused but the girl's 'technique' was nowhere near enough to get her off. The thought of stopping her came to mind but she knew that would upset Takemi. "Not very good, huh? Yeah, because it's not like she actually learned anything from when I made her do it to me. Since you know, she doesn't -remember- any of it. Now then, while she's doing that, let's talk. We'll get you in the mood at up to speed at the same time." Takemi said and sat down on the bed next to Sae. She finally pulled the dildo out of her pussy and set it aside. Giving one proud look at the girl between her legs, she continued. "R&D on the the drug is mostly complete but it still needs a little more stress testing before I can put it on the black market. I have to really make sure it works if I plan to sell it for twice the price of Cheshire Cat, right? That's where you come in. You're going to help me make this really bad for her. I've done my part so now I need you to do something, anything. Role play a little. Make her call you mommy of whatever. That's what turns me on." Sae complied with Takemi's suggestion and placed a hand on the back of the girls head to pull her in. "Serve your Queen by moving your tongue around inside. Do it ... Slave!" Takemi's reaction to her words showed pleasant surprise. "So that's your kink huh? Not bad, I'm more of an incest slut myself. Which is probably why its a good thing I don't have kids. Because if I did, hooo boy would I be a bad mother. I was already into it, but I developed a fetish over time through my profession. Dealing with so many parents and their kids on a daily basis meant constant exposure. It was mostly doing the physical exams in front of them that really got to me. You wouldn't believe how obviously turned on some parents were by watching. Made me think about what they might be doing at home. I'd go home myself and look up so much incest porn, thinking about them ... Then I found out about Wonderland." She said, gazing up at the ceiling longingly with a sense of nostalgia. "That's how I met her parents. They were clients of mine who happened to be members. We really hit it off and they showed me a lot. Introduced me to other members and taught me about the group's history." She paused for a moment to check if Sae was still paying attention or lost in her own little world with the girl. Her body language said she was 'feeling it' but her eyes said 'I'm listening,' so Takemi continued. "Before they started using Cheshire Cat to avoid petty inconveniences like testimonies or scarring the child for life, this was how old school Wonderland use to roll. Her parents were part of that era. The community was much smaller and close-knit back then but it nearly doubled overnight when it fell under new leadership. Most of our veterans enjoy what you might call hurtcore because of how force played a factor in the old ways. But a lot of our new members were softies who couldn't handle that. It was a mess. The vets wanted the hard stuff but the new members refused to allow it. The group had gotten too big for us to sustain the old ways and people were getting caught. One side was ratting out the other and arrests were being made left and right. As a result, no new videos were being made. One day I found out who the new leader was and it turned out to be someone from the Kirijo Group, my former employer. I got in touch and we discussed a way to resolve the cock blocking civil war. That's when I came up with Cheshire Cat, a modified version of another drug I formulated for the Kirijo Group before leaving there. They used the original in a project called 'Strega' but I never really found out what that was about. I was only signed on as a contractor for my pharmaceutical aptitude. When I left I took the research materials that were meant for the next phase of the project with me before they canned it. That's how I got all the funding for R&D on Cheshire Cat. The Kirijo Group basically gave me a scholarship and recommendation for a lead position in Wonderland without ever knowing it. Anyway, with Cheshire Cat, Wonderland was finally able to establish a common ground within itself and it became the standard practice for all future videos. But the vets weren't entirely satisfied with that and the new members were eventually getting bored too. You can only get off on somnophilia for so long until you get tired of it. It got to the point where both sides were wanting the same thing, conscious kids. But that couldn't be done without history repeating itself. So I figured it was time to meet supply and demand again by creating a new drug that could satiate both parties. I had to before they tried escalating their sexual highs on their own. You know how people want and -will- find ways to get 'high' in the euphoric sense. All I do is make cleaner and safer ways for them to do it while sparing their victims memory of the experience. If you've ever seen a show called Breaking Bad, it's kind of like that, minus the acid and with more cum. My drugs are always the lesser of two evils ... Maybe" Sae did her best to listen to Takemi's lecture while she approached a state of ecstasy. She tried to counter her claim just to show she was alert. "But you're.. making it worse by encouraging them.. When they know they can get away with it.. they're more likely to do it.." She said between labored breaths. The girl was getting better at licking her and she even seemed to not mind doing it anymore. Takemi replied with a devilish grin. "That's why I said maybe. It's also part of my plan to just get them making more hot stuff and putting it out there. But I'd rather not watch them start raping rampantly again without a scapegoat. The softies won't have a reason to whine if the kids don't remember anything and thus, can't be traumatized. That's all they're really worried about." Sae shook her head in shame, despite her own face being flushed red with pleasure. "You're ruthless.. I bet financial gain was.. also part of your plan. Use Cheshire Cat as a gateway drug.. then get them to buy.. Whatever you're going to call this thing.." She managed to string together a coherent accusation ironically. Takemi laughed and said, "Mad Hatter, that's what I'm going to call it. I bet you saw that coming though, right?" At that, she reached a hand over and cupped one of Sae's breasts to massage it. Giving a knowing nod to her, she signaled she was done talking now and Sae could focus on the pleasure. She felt her arousal boiling over thanks to added stimulation. "Compared to what Takemi did to her, this is nothing. I guess she's broken now and I can take it up a notch." Sae thought to herself. She wrapped her legs around the girl's head and squeezed it with her thighs. "Do it faster." She said to her and the girl complied. Moving her hips to grind against her face, Sae held her head in place. "Call me your Queen while my pussy is in your mouth ... Slave!" She commanded her and the girl obeyed. Sae delighted in the feeling of her voice vibrating through her nether regions while she licked them on the inside at the same time. Her first orgasm of the night was approaching and Sae laid all the way back on the bed with her eyes closed. Realizing the fact that she'd been serendipitously lead by a new friend to a scenario she innately desired for so long, Sae relished the experience. "Thank you, Takemi.." She said blissfully, without opening her eyes to look at her. Takemi wasn't entirely sure on the depths of her passionate gratitude but she understood it must have come from somewhere more than physicality. "You're very welcome." She replied sincerely.

[10/7 Midnight: Takemi? Residence]
[~ Freedom and Security ~]

Their night went on with Sae managing to reach a few orgasms before the effects of the drug were about to wear off. She thought about having Takemi do her with the dildo again while the girl ate her out but didn't bring it up. She'd had enough stimulation for one night and was more than satisfied by what she'd experienced already. Her climaxes had to plateau more on mental stimulation than the girl's oral skills which were developing over time, but would soon be lost. Takemi looked at the time and said, "It's Midnight. Four hours ago I gave it to her so she should be blacking out with a memory lapse right.. about.." The girl fainted on queue for a few seconds as Takemi foretold in Sae's arms. She was holding her in her lap in preparation for this as instructed so she wouldn't hit her head on anything. When she came back to, Takemi put her gentle natured persona back on and spoke to her. "Hey sweetie. How are you feeling?" The girl blinked and looked around. "You fell asleep so we carried you here to your room." She said with a smile. The girl looked over her shoulder at Sae who was holding her. "This is Aunty's friend, she helped me with you." Sae nodded approvingly and let her go. The girl got off her lap and stood between them. She innocently eyed the stranger in her room and Sae gave a gentle smile. "Sweetie, can you tell me what this is?" Takemi asked, drawing the girl's attention back to her. She held an end of the dildo she'd been previously using on her over her own crotch. "A big worm?" The girl replied in the same way she did before. Takemi gave a knowing smile and said, "That's right. And where do you think it's touching me?" There was no trace of fear in her eyes when she pointed and giggled out, "Your butt!" She turned her face to Sae as if she too would have found it funny. Sae was relieved at her reaction but one small detail worried her. Despite the girl's laughter and innocent smile, a few small tears welled up and flowed from her eyes. "Look!" She said a gasped at Takemi and tepidly pointed a finger behind the girl's head when she turned back around. Takemi took a step closer and observed her face. "Hmm, that's never happened before. At least not at this stage of development. Maybe those are just tears of laughter? Either way, I'll take it as a sign this needs a little more work. If it's not completely refined yet, she might recall parts of the experience when she's older. Especially if she ever goes through hypnotherapy. No need to worry though, that's years down the line. By then she'll no doubt have her own sins to bear if her parents raise her the way I think they will." She concluded, then placed a hand on her chin and thought for a moment. Afterwards, she looked at the time again and said, "It's time for you to go. Her parents will be back soon. I'll see you out." Sae nodded in agreement and followed her back downstairs. Leaving the girl in her room so she could go the bed, they continued talking outside before parting ways. "By the way, we need to exchange numbers." Takemi said and pulled out her phone. Sae did the same and they entered each other's information. After putting their phones away, Takemi nodded to the side and darted her eyes around them. "I'm sure you're wondering about the brick wall surrounding this house. That's there because the owners like to host orgy parties every month. You're welcome to join them if you want, I'll get you an invite. It's mostly adults in masks having sex with each other or just watching porn, but there's always a few trained little ones there you can play with. They're the offspring of veteran members so you don't have to give them any drugs. They'll do whatever you say. You have to gamble on them though since they're so few and we're so many. The next party is going to be on the thirty-first and Halloween themed. If you come, you might even see someone you know there." Sae arched and eyebrow and thought about taking up her offer. "Interesting.. Maybe I will, but I'll have to check my schedule then." Takemi reached into her cleavage and pulled out a familiar blue bottle. "Here." She said and handed it to Sae. She looked at the bottle and thought, "What the hell? Oh sure, give me the weak shit now after showing me what the hard stuff can do. Thanks a lot." When she looked back up from the object in her hand, she was surprised by a sudden deep and passionate kiss Takemi embraced her with. "That makes it official. We're partners now. I've been wanting another woman I could do this with, but all the ones I know are married or.. too straight in general." Sae stared at her wide eyed, feeling her lips after the kiss. "Sooo.. You're a lesbian?" She asked inquisitively. "Bisexual. With a preference for young girls, as you might have guessed. But it's not like I can have a relationship with one, much less let my interest in them show. The next best thing is being with another woman who's into them too. Catch my drift?" Sae nodded in acknowledgment. For some reason, Takemi's confession reminded her of Naoto. They seemed to be polar opposites of each other in her experience with them. The thought of what might happen if they were ever in the same room together made her shiver. Hoping to prevent that from happening in case Naoto found a lead that put her Takemi's trail, Sae figured it would be prudent to probe her new friend for information. The more she knew about Wonderland, the more she could use that knowledge as a diversion on her 'other' partner, the adversarial one. "So tell me. I'm really curious about something you mentioned earlier. This new leader of Wonderland who brought in all the new members, worked at the Kirijo Group with you and ultimately resulted in you making these drugs, who are they?" Sae asked. Takemi glared at her seriously now. "Is this the cop part of you asking or the pedo?" Sae made a 'you got me' gesture by holding her hands up in the air and faintly smiled. "Both. But at least I'm being honest about it. I want to protect you from someone who might come asking questions later. The more I know the better I'll be able to lure them away." Takemi folded her arms and pouted. "Alright. I'll tell you what I know. But if you want to know everything you'll have to talk to the head honcho of the Kirijo Group yourself. We didn't actually work together, we were in different branches. The new leader was a woman named Alice. She was in their advanced technological research division while I was in their advanced medical research division. Each division had tiers and the 'advanced' ones were for the top secret projects. So top secret the divisions were kept isolated from each other. I already told you what I was there for but she never told me what her job was. We've never actually met in person. The only reason I was able to find out she worked for Kirijo too was because of the videos she started posting when she took over. The ones that somehow got us a whole bunch of new members. I recognized the server addresses they were hosted on, they were Kirijo servers. How the hell she managed to do that, I don't know, but you -know- it's got to be an inside job when somebody can pull that off. All our videos are still hosted on there today. And that's the gist of it. Like I said, you'll have to talk to the Kirijo Group to find out more about her. I can arrange a meeting with them for you but they don't know I'm working with Wonderland now, so keep that part a secret." Sae nodded to reassure her and said, "Yes, please do. I won't say anything about you, I'll only ask them about Alice and say it's for the Wonderland case. All they need to know is that I know you used to work for them and asked you to hook us up, right?" Takemi unfolded her arms and relaxed her face. "That should work. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see if I can get you an appointment. I'll let you know when and where it'll be." Sae thanked her and left the premises feeling a sense of accomplishment while Takemi went back inside the house to continue babysitting the girl until her parents got home.

[10/8 Morning: Niijima Residence]
[~ Beneath the Mask -rain, instrumental version- ~]

Sae woke up as she normally did and turned on the TV in the living room. She checked the weather on the news and it said the possibility of rain was high. "Guess I'll just stay in then." Sae said to herself. Makoto came in the room after waking up later than usual due to not having class. Sae saw an opportunity to finally ask her about Personas since neither of them had anywhere to go today. "Makoto, I have something I want to talk to you about." She asked, piquing her sister's curiosity. "What is it?" She responded with a bit of worry. "It's about Personas.. And what you saw on my computer before.." Makoto's reaction showed a combination of surprise, disbelief and dismay. Having her sister randomly bringing up Personas was very unexpected and the topic of what she saw on her computer and the experience thereafter was one she'd rather have forgotten about. "Do you remember that woman who came by here the other day? Naoto. She's a Persona user.." Makoto's expression showed only shock now at that revelation. "What?! How?! And how do you know that?! I thought the Phantom Thieves and Akechi were the only Persona users! You're telling me she was going into the Metaverse too?" Sae shook her head. "No, she's from another group of Persona users who went into something called the TV World. It's too complicated for me to even try to explain, having never been in either one myself. But the reason I know she has a Persona is because.." She trailed off and sighed. Realizing she would have to tell Makoto everything about the case and why those videos were on her computer. Sae wanted to keep her from getting involved but now it was inevitable, since she needed information from her. She explained to her how the videos on her computer were evidence for a case and not a 'deliberate' part of her porn collection. How Naoto was also on that case and they were meant to work together but things got complicated. After Sae gave her all the 'necessary' details, Makoto put all the pieces together. "So she said you were taken off the case because you don't have a Persona.. And the reason that matters is because those videos can somehow manipulate people's Shadows. But you don't have a Shadow, we defeated yours in the Metaverse." Sae refrained from telling her that fact was quite the contrary and her Shadow was flourishing inside of her right now. Whether or not Wonderland's videos were to blame for that didn't matter to her anymore, what's done is done. "Not taken off, I was 'sidelined' as she put it. Basically saying it was too dangerous to let a non-Persona user work on the case because they 'might' have a Shadow and thus be exploitable. Did you experience what she described?" Sae reiterated a key element in the explanation she gave Makoto by asking her about it. "You mean did it feel like the first time I summoned my Persona when I saw it? ... Y-Yes, actually." She said embarrassingly. "Why are you blushing? I don't care if you masturbated to what you saw. That's irrelevant right now. I just want to know if you ... Wait, it's something more complex than that, isn't it? So what really happened back then? Tell me!" Sae demanded out of frustration at Makoto for being coy again. Her sister's sudden outburst took Makoto aback and she complied. "A-Alright! I wasn't really, you know, masturbating. At least not in the normal sense. You caught me with my clothes in a heap back then because the feeling of my Persona awakening again reminded me of the outfit I wore whenever we went in the Metaverse. It was.. a bondage type outfit. I'm really into that kind of stuff so.." Sae scoffed at her in mild disappointment. "So what? That's it? Your face was red and your clothes were in a mess because you were in here trying to tie yourself up or something? How cute, so you're a masochist, huh? You could have just told me that." Makoto was the frustrated one now at the feeling she was being kink shamed. "And you could have just told me you weren't downloading child porn on your computer! All you had to say was it was evidence for a case instead of letting me think you were an undercover freak." She retorted. Sae wanted to slap her but knew she was right. And very right on the last regard. If Makoto knew about the things she'd done there would be no denying the hypocrisy. Instead, she calmly acknowledged her point. "You're right, I'm sorry. I didn't want to get you involved in this. That's why I never said it was for a case. Because I knew you'd want to help, since you're training to be a police officer. Anyway, since you have a Persona you're not vulnerable to their exploits while I am. That means I could have you watch the videos for me and-" Makoto interrupted her by saying, "Yeeeah, NO! I don't want to look at that kind of stuff again. So you don't have to worry about me getting involved in the case. If you need my help with anything else, I'm there. But don't ask me to watch 'porn' for you, okay? Please? It's creepy!" Sae laughed at her reaction. "Hahaha, it was just a joke. I wouldn't go showing my little sister dicks and vaggies unless I had to." She then asked Makoto about the first time she summoned her Persona and how it happened. Wondering if there was any possibility of replicating the experience for herself so she too could join the Persona user club. Unfortunately for Sae it seemed she was out of luck. Not only did the Metaverse not exist anymore, she didn't meet the apparent criteria of being under twenty. Her window of opportunity might have passed her by but it meant she had a Shadow to keep her life from being too boring.

[10/8 Evening: Niijima Residence]
[~ Have a Short Rest ~]

Later in the day Sae received a text message from Takemi. Her 'friend' let her know she called in a favor and got her an appointment with the Kirijo Group. She'd have to go to Tatsumi Port Island the day after tomorrow and meet them at a school there. Otherwise she'd have to wait for who knows how long. "Oh great, that's not sudden at all. Give me two days to prepare, I was expecting it would at least take a week." Sae said to herself and sat her phone down. She was relaxing in the bathtub and looking forward to maybe seeing Teddie again soon so she could use her newly acquired Cheshire Cat on him just for fun. Then as she was thinking about him, her phone chimed with another text. She picked it back up and saw the message coincidentally came from her favorite sex pet. "Hey~! You said you wanted me to wear something nice with the panties you gave me next time so~" He sent her a picture of what he would be wearing on their next encounter. It was him in an old fashioned light blue dress with a white apron and white stockings. He posed himself by holding a finger to his lips and winking one eye while his other hand lifted up the dress to show he was wearing her panties. His hair was significantly longer as well but she could tell it was a wig. After scrutinizing the picture she simply said to herself, "Interesting.." Right after sending her the picture he texted again. "Look at me! I'm Alice in Wonderland! ~.^" The caption made Sae choke on her own saliva and burst out in a fit of laughter. She almost dropped her phone in the water but caught it and saw he sent another message. "As you requested, it's not a maid outfit. This one's a classic I haven't worn in a while. I'm looking forward to what you'll do to me in it. ~.^" Once she regained her composure and was able to text him back, she said, "It's lovely. I hope you won't mind if it gets ruined by accident. <3" He replied back, "If it does I'm sure it'll be worth it~!" She sat her phone back down again and slid her body into the tub, letting the water embrace her head to toe. "That's going to be awesome! He's such a sub I probably won't even have to give him any drugs." Sae thought to herself. Then her phone chimed with yet another text. "Geez, is everybody going to text me today?!" She said, feeling a little annoyed. She grabbed her phone again and the first thing she noticed when she checked the message was a dick pic. "What the fuck?" was her first thought before she realized it was sent from Iwai. He sent another message after the picture that said, "I'm going to be back in town again soon. REALLY looking forward to seeing you." Sae scoffed at his crass and said aloud, "How juvenile. What are you, a teenager?" She would have sent a text back reprimanded him but took a moment to admire his manhood. Then a sudden thought came to her mind. She went back to Teddie's messages and looked at his picture. Then back to Iwai's picture, and then Teddie's picture again. "Hmmm.." Sae said to herself, then texed Iwai back. "I'm looking forward to it. But since you don't seem to mind showing that off, I've got someone I'd like you to 'meat' with that." She deliberately misspelled the word 'meet' with emphasis so he'd know what she meant. "Uh, sure? If you're planning a threesome I'm down." He texted her back with a chin scratching emoticon at the end. Then he sent another message. "Don't go showing that to people though, I ain't no hoe." Sae smiled with a slight laugh at the irony and texted him back. "Stop lying. Any guy who sends a dick pic without being asked for one is a hoe. Not to mention I literally bribed you with sex when we met." After a brief moment of silence between their exchanges, signaling he was either laughing or thinking of a reply, he finally sent a response. "With all due respect, that makes you more of a hoe than me, babe." Sae's mouth fell open and a short breath escaped her lungs. Knowing she couldn't really argue with that she simply replied, "...touché"

[10/08 ~ 10/10 Daytime: Gekkoukan High School]
[~ Changing Seasons (Persona 3 OST) ~]

Two days later, Sae made her way by train to Tatsumi Port Island where her meeting with the Kirijo Group's CEO would be. Their company was giving a speech to the student body at Gekkoukan High School and this was the only schedule opening their CEO had before having to go overseas for business. As Sae walked through the halls of the school she felt incredibly nostalgic. It wasn't the school she went to but it reminded her of her own so much she wanted to cry. She missed her days as a student, when life was simpler and their father was still alive. All the students and teachers were in the gymnasium for the speech so no one was around for her to talk to. She used the momentary solitude to shed a few tears and wipe them away just to get it out of her system. After admiring the school's memorabilia, peeking in the classrooms and generally frolicking around to kill time, she found her way to the Principle's Office. She stood in front of it and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. "Come in." A man's voice said from inside. She entered and saw him standing behind the big desk in the room. He wore a red, black and white suit with patterns that matched the school's emblem colors. "You must be Sae Niijima." He said and she nodded affirmatively. "I'm Akihiko Sanada, the principle of this school. It's a pleasure to meet you." He said and reached out a hand to shake hers after introducing himself. She walked over the the desk and reciprocated. "So you know why I'm here?" Sae asked. He nodded and answered with spoke again disdainfully. "Yes, though I wish it could have been under different circumstances. I hate those Wonderland bastards." His face showed utter contempt and Sae almost stepped back defensively. She knew he wasn't being hostile towards her personally but she definitely needed to keep her new affiliation with them from this guy. "The speech should be over soon, so please, have a seat." She did so and waited for her rendezvous. They passed the time by making small talk about the school she learned how he and the CEO used to be students here. Akihiko got a text message and let Sae know she was on her way. A few minutes later she entered the office without knocking and Sae turned around to see her. She was a buxom woman with very long red hair that curled at the ends and she wore an all white pants suit. Sae stood up to greet her and they shook hands. "Are you the Kirijo Group's CEO?" Sae asked. The woman nodded with a smile and introduced herself. "Yes, I'm Mitsuru Kirijo, nice to meet you. So you know Takemi, huh? How's she doing these days? Not making any strange medicines I hope." Sae arched her eyebrows and gave a nervous laugh. "N-No, none that I know of at least. She's a great doctor and good woman." Mitsuru took a seat in the other chair in front of the Principles desk and they began to discuss the matter at hand. "You're here to learn more about Alice than Wonderland, correct?" Mitsuru asked. "Yes, I was told she used to work for you. Knowing what she did at your company could prove to be valuable information for our case. We know you weren't involved in Wonderland's creation but you might have some vital evidence." Sae said. Her attention was directed at Mitsuru but Akihiko drew it to himself when he questioned her nuances of her words. "Sorry to interrupt, but why did you say it like that?" Sae was taken aback by the sudden diversion. "Huh? Like what? I'm not sure what you mean." She responded to him confused. "You said you know they weren't involved in their creation. That sounds like you know 'when' and 'how' Wonderland started. Or rather.. created. As if it was done artificially. Hypothetically, the Kirijo Group -could- have been involved. No offense, Mitsuru. But how do you know for sure they weren't?" He said with a stern expression. Akihiko's wit was put Sae on guard and she realized she would have to be very careful about what she said around him. She could incidentally let too much information slip just by asking a simple question. Mitsuru spoke up in her defense. "That's enough, Akihiko. You're antagonizing her. Don't let your personal feelings cloud your judgment. There are plenty of reasons why she could know that. This woman is part of the prosecution. They have access to resources most people don't. So show her a little more respect. She may be the one who takes down the people you despise so much." She looked at Sae and gave her a slight nod, which she returned in appreciation. "Now then, about Alice. It might be best to tell you about her at our headquarters, where her lab used to be. If you'll come with us, I have a car waiting outside in the parking lot." Noticing she said the word 'us', Akihiko butted in again. "By 'us' do you mean me too?" Mitsuru only looked at him without saying a word and he knew it meant yes. He sighed and grabbed his coat. Sae agreed to go with them and they went outside to where an extravagant long black limo awaited them. "Wow.." She said in pure amazement. She'd almost forgotten she was rolling with one of if not the richest woman in the world.

[10/10 Evening: Kirijo Headquarters, Abandoned Airport]
[~ Their Own Past (Persona 3 FES OST) ~]

When they arrived at their destination on Kirijo's enormous campus, everyone got out of the car, including the driver. Sae couldn't get a good look at their chauffeur before or during the ride. Now that she could, upon closer inspection she noticed something about her was off. "She doesn't seem quite.. human?" Sae thought to herself. When she noticed the peculiar way Sae was looking at her, the girl simply smiled and waved an obviously synthetic hand. "That's Aigis, she's an android." Mitsuru said casually. Sae looked at her, then back at Aigis. "Sure, why not?" She said quaintly, accepting the fact that anything was possible with these guys. Sae then looked around the surrounding area of where they were and noticed one thing. There were no vehicles, planes or signs of other people. Nothing but wide open space and hanger buildings along the runways. The ominous building they pulled up in front of was the control tower. "So this is where she worked?" Sae asked and shivered with a chill. It was cold and windy out unlike where they came from earlier. The sky was dim and covered in heavy clouds that looked like they could pour down raining at any minute. She wanted to either hurry up inside or get back in the car before something like The Langoliers showed up. "It's the ruse for where she used to work. Her lab's underground, directly below us in fact. Aigis!" Mitsuru answered Sae, then order the android to shoot off the chained lock on the door, which greatly startled Sae. It wasn't just from the sudden outburst or sound of gunfire, she didn't expect their robot friend to have built-in weaponry. Aigis held up her hand to her face and blow off the smoke fuming from her finger tips. "Let's go." Mitsuru said and walked in first. They followed suit and she led them to the back of the building where there was an elevator with a keypad. She entered the passcode and the door opened. "You might want to turn your phone off." She turned around and said to Sae in particular. "W-What? Why are you only telling that to me?" Sae asked with a worried expression. She was scared enough already of going into the basement of an abandoned building with two people she barely knew and a killer robot. The last thing she wanted to do was turn off her phone in case she needed to call for help. Aigis would laugh at the model gun in her purse if she tried to use it on them. "He already knows better and she doesn't have a phone. This place is dangerous for internet connected devices." Mitsuru told her. "O-Okay.." Sae took her advice and reluctantly turned off her phone. They stepped into the elevator and went down. The ride was long and the tension was palpable. Aigis remained expressionless but Mitsuru and Akihiko made faces that looked like they were going into a battle. When the elevator finally stopped and the doors opened, Sae couldn't believe her eyes.

[10/10 Evening: Kirijo Headquarters, Alice's Lab]
[~ Interstice of Time (Persona 3 FES OST) ~]

The underground facility was an auditorium covered in monitors wall to wall with one giant theater sized screen at the center in the far end. Every seat in the hall was a desktop station housing a computer and a full tower server wrack. There were hundreds of them and all were turned on. "All these computers running and no one here to use them.. What a colossal waste of energy.." Sae said, feeling astonished and somewhat remorseful. Mitsuru spoke up to appease her concerns. "A drop in the bucket. Plus they're not on for no reason. You're looking at an integral part of the internet's infrastructure. We couldn't turn them off even if we wanted to. Millions of websites and services would go offline. Including most of Japan's major ISPs ... And Wonderland's database." Sae marveled at all the sophisticated technology before her, imagining how much information it must have contained. "What exactly did she do here? Are you going to finally tell me now?" She asked impatiently. "Yes, but before I start, let me ask you one thing. Do you know about Personas?" Mitsuru asked. Sae sighed and covered her face with a palm. "Yes..." She said very calmly but showing exasperation. Mitsuru then nodded and continued. "Good, then that makes this a lot easier to explain. Let's walk and talk, shall we?" She said, making the gesture for them to follow her down the center isle towards the most prominent display in the room. "The reason I told you to turn off your phone is because all of these computers have a trojan virus on them. If it gets on your phone it'll give Wonderland remote access and they'll lock it with an encryption no one can break. Or at least no one on our staff, nor the government's. These computers all have the same encryption on them. Alice designed it herself. She was our lead engineer, most talented programmer and head of the department." They reached the big screen in the room, where a lone computer resided in front of it. Attached to the computer were several visor headset devices Sae had never seen before. "This was her workstation. She used it to interface with all of the equipment you see in here ... And that display was what she used when she needed to make an announcement or show something to the other employees who were in here." Mitsuru said, looking up at the big screen to draw Sae's attention to it. "Since you know about Personas, I assume you either have one yourself or know someone who does. Perhaps you also know about the awakening process and how certain individuals have the potential to awaken their Personas and use them effectively?" Sae nodded to confirm she did, even though she didn't know much about the 'potential' Mitsuru spoke of. She merely assumed having the 'potential' meant being under twenty and in the right place at the right time. "Well, some years ago after we lost perhaps the greatest Persona user of our time. It was a major sacrifice made to ensure the safety of mankind from an entity known as Nyx. To ensure we'd be prepared for such an adversary if it ever emerged again, we launched a new project that would enable us to build an army of Persona users. It was called Operation Shadownet and it took years to finesse. Alice's job was to develop a global surveillance algorithm that would find other Persona users in the world and those with the potential. It started out as just a webcrawler at first. Collecting personal data on people all over the world and amassing a digital library of biographies, timelines, locations, relationships.. Basically anything you'd find on a social networking site but without the person's knowledge or consent." Sae interjected, speaking mostly to herself. "So the Kirijo Group was doing something illegal. Why am I not surprised?" Mitsuru only sighed at her remark and continued. "It was for the greater good. Humanity's defense is more important than people's privacy. However, Alice lost sight of the cause. Or perhaps she never really cared about it in the first place. No background check could have told us what kind of person she truly was. A nefarious pedophile, and we hired her to control all of this.." Mitsuru gestured a hand motion across the room, exhibiting the vast supply of data centers. "That was -our- fatal mistake. We should have never trusted so much information and technology in the hands of one person. Even though there were hundreds of people in here with her, she had the most authority, the most access and the most power. She abused that power and influenced her subordinates to turn a blind eye to what she was doing. Which some say was a habit of diving too far down into the deep web. We think she found something there that ultimately resulted in her going rogue and making Wonderland what it is today right under our noses. Before she left the facility to safely remote-control it from an off-site location, she recruited several people on her team. That's why there's multiple headsets here." She used a hand to point at all the visors strewn about the workstation. "We call them Personal Shadownet Visor Relays, or PSVR for short. When you put them on, you can navigate this network of computers, which has unfortunately become Wonderland's mainframe, and the rest of the internet through a virtual reality. We can't use them now though, since the system is encrypted. We did manage to break the encryption once and get in, but it didn't go well. Especially for Akihiko." They all looked at the man in question. His eyebrows furrowed and he gritted his teeth with clenched fists. He spoke no words but his expression seemed to imply, 'Don't you dare tell her about that!' which made Sae daftly curious. "We were only able to get in for a few minutes before something weird happened that forced us to bail out. We lost control of our Personas and they summoned on their own inside the PSVR. That's how we found out Wonderland's mainframe has the ability to manipulate Personas against their users and.. hack androids because it's an AI." She drew Sae's attention to Aigis. "That will never happen again, though. You installed firewalls in me to make sure of it. And you were confident in them enough to bring me back here, right?" She said to Mitsuru, seeking confirmation. Sae was already uncomfortable around a walking, talking, sentient weapon and the idea of it being 'hacked' gave her cause for even more fear. "W-Wait! Sorry, you said she was hacked?! Is she going to try to kill us if that happens again?!" She asked in a panic, bracing herself away from Aigis. Mitsuru placed a hand on Sae's shoulder to calm her down. "No. Her weapon functions are highly secured and no invading AI could gain access to them. It only gained access to her.. leisure functions." Mitsuru said and directed her eyes to Aigis's crotch. "It only activated her futanari module and she assaulted Akihiko a bit. That's all." She said with a smirk and looked at the only guy in the room, who'd been silent and perturbed the whole time. "Dammit! -That's all- my ass! I knew you were going to do that! You just had to go and tell her, didn't you?! That shit wasn't funny, y'know! Aigis went into Orgia Mode and I couldn't do a damn thing to stop her! And while we're on the topic, why does she even have a 'futanari module' in the first place, Mitsuru?! I bet you had something to do with that! You didn't even try to help me! All you did was stand there and watch, like my suffering was your entertainment! I still remember how red your face was. That's probably why you wanted to drag me along back out here, isn't it?" Akihiko shouted, breaking his silence by going on a tirade. Mitsuru covered a hand over her mouth to try to suppress her laughter when she replied. "Maybe~! You've got to face your fears, you know? Think of it as a way of training, something you've always loved doing. If it were to ever happen again you'd have to do more than just scream 'cease all motor functions' over and over while she pegs you." Akihiko's face contorted in even more anger and he let out an aggressive 'Grrr!' through clenched teeth. He then stormed off back towards the elevator yelling, "There's no point for us to be here anymore. I'm ready to go home!" Mitsuru shrugged. "He's right, let's go. Since we can't break the new encryption on the computers, there's not much we can do." She said and followed Akihiko. "Wait." Sae said from behind her. Mitsuru stopped and turned her attention back to Sae. "What if I knew a really good hacker who could probably break the encryption?" She asked her hypothetically. Mitsuru arched an eyebrow and looked up in thought. "Well, if you did and they're in Japan, we can get them here in less than thirty minutes. But it's still too dangerous, since we can't control our Personas in there." Sae smiled confidently and said, "But I don't have a Persona, so I should be fine. Plus, that won't happen if you don't use the headsets, right? Just use the computer the old fashion way if we can break the encryption. So yeah, I'll get us someone that can deal with that. Just let me make a phone call when we get back up top."

[10/10 Late Night: Kirijo Headquarters, Abandoned Airport]
[~ 3/31 (Persona 3 FES OST) ~]

On her word, Sae made the phone call and let Mitsuru know she had someone capable of hacking the encryption. All they had to do was pick them up from the address she gave. "Aigis, go." Mitsuru said to her capable friend. To Sae's shock and surprise, Aigis blasted off into the air and flew away somewhere. "Is there anything she can't do?" She asked Mitsuru, flabbergasted. "Not really." Mitsuru responded. "So where's she going? Surely she's not going to carry them all the way back here.." Mitsuru let out a small laugh. "No. At least not 'all the way' back. She's going to another airfield where we keep our private jets. She'll fly one of them to their nearest airport. From there, she'll then pick them up at the address you mentioned, carry them back to said airport and fly our jet back here." Sae's mouth fell open and she merely blinked at her. She could only imagine how that would work out. The three of them waited in an awkward silence for Aigis's return. Then just as Mitsuru said, in less than thirty minutes a very fast, sleek black passenger jet landed on the runway and pulled up to the control tower. The plug door slid open and out popped Aigis carrying a very giddy Futaba Sakura. "O.M.G! THAT WAS SO COOL!!" She yelled elatedly, jumping up and down. "Never in my life would I have thought I'd get to see a real live android, fly through the air and ride on the world most awesomest jet! Sae-chan you really pulled a number on me~!" Sae gave her a gentle smile and said, "Thank you for coming. I hope convincing your dad wasn't too much trouble." Futaba pushed up her glasses and dismissively muttered she didn't tell him while taking notice of Mitsuru and Akihiko. Before the worried Sae could scream 'WHAT?!' at her Futaba spoke first to Mitsuru. "So you're the richest woman in the world, huh? Nice suit. Love the hair too." She complimented her and then looked at Akihiko. "And this is..?" Rather than introducing himself, he curtly said, "Someone who doesn't want to be here." Then turned away and folded his arms. "Well alright then. Let's get this show on the road~!" Futaba said and walked ahead of them into the building. Mitsuru looked at Sae as if to say, 'what's up with her?' and Sae shrugged in response. They followed suit behind her, including the reluctant Akihiko. Mitsuru paced ahead of her to the elevator so she could enter the passcode again.

[10/10 Late Night: Kirijo Headquarters, Alice's Lab]
[~ Opening Act (Persona 3 FES OST) ~]

Once they got back down to the underground lab and Futaba was done nerdgasming out of control from sensory overload, she got to work on the main computer in front the big screen. "This Alice person you guys were talking about is a great programmer, but I'm a better hacker. Her encryption level is on par with what Medjed used. Which means it's nothing compared to my skills. Not only will I crack this like an egg, I'll disable their remote access so they can't try to patch it." Futaba confidently proclaimed her superiority and encroaching victory. They all watched in amazement at her lightning fast finger tips on the keyboard. The monitors throughout the hall around them flickered and flared sporadically with pop-up windows and scrolling lines of code. "Almost done." She said to them after several minutes passed by. "Annnd there! We're in~!" She said victoriously and raised a fist in the air. "Piece of cake. Now let's see what they were hiding in here.." Futaba said and started rummaging through the system files. At that moment Sae dreadfully recalled the fact that they never told Futaba why she was doing this or what Wonderland actually is. "Shit.. Sorry kid, but you're about to see some porn you were never meant to. I hope your dad will forgive me.." Sae thought to herself. She felt remorseful at exposing such an innocent youth to this debauchery without warning. To her surprise and wonderment, Futaba nonchalantly skimmed through the videos with little to no reaction. It was like she was looking at something mundane or innocuous. "Futaba.. You're not bothered by this?" Sae asked her, feeling both concerned and curious. "What, -this-? Pfft, please! I was a NEET for years, you think I've never seen porn before? This stuff is weaksauce. I know how to find way better smut." Futaba scoffed. Sae was taken aback by her abrasiveness. "Wow, okay.." She said and looked toward the other three. Sae threw her hands up as if to say 'we got a badass over here' and they all shrugged in response. After a few more minutes of surfing through their files, Futaba spoke again. "Wait a minute ... this data is starting to look hella familiar ... what the hell?!" They all asked her in unison, "What is it?!" Futaba pounded a fist on the desk. "They're taking scenarios from stories people posted on my website and making videos out of them! Like this one right here!" Futaba directed their attention to the big screen in front of them where she threw up a video Sae recognized. It was an evidence video from the flash drive, the one of the man and girl. The one Naoto pointed out to be fake. "That video came from a fan-fiction story Taro Namatame wrote himself!" She said accusingly and pointed a finger at his imitation in the video on the big screen. The revelation hit Sae like a freight train. "What?! He did?! How do you know?!" Sae was currently the only one present who knew that not all of Wonderland's videos were real. If it weren't for Naoto's knowledge of the persons in question and the experience of being there when said occurrence could have happened, she would have been none the wiser either. Futaba answered, "I know because I read that story myself and did some hacking to find out who wrote it. Sure enough, it was him. I never thought he'd actually do it, though." Sae figured there was no reason to not let them know the video was a fake. Her information came from a credible source on the side of justice after all. Unlike whatever she learned from Takemi or another Wonderland member. Being careful not to implicate herself was paramount but this detail seemed like a safe enough bet. "Actually, he didn't do it.." Sae explained the situation to them, which coincidentally informed Mitsuru, Akihiko and Aigis of Sae's relationship with Naoto. Whom Sae didn't know had an affiliation with the Kirijo Group as well. "So you're working with Naoto? What a small world." Mitsuru said, which caused Sae a bit of worry. She didn't want Naoto know what she was doing, especially since they practically took her off the case. It would look suspicious to them. "Well, uh, don't tell her I came by to see you guys, please. We kind of have a rivalry thing going on and I don't really want her to know about my progress on the case until we meet again. Haha.." Sae said, nervously trying to improvise. "Fair enough." Mitsuru said with a shrug. Aigis remained expressionless but Akihiko seemed to stare at her judgmentally. "Okay, I've disabled their remote access and gained full control for the moment. Alice's little Wonderland is all mine now. I wish I could put on one of these VR units myself and game it up in there but I need to stay out here and monitor the situation. (sigh) The life of an operator." Futaba said, keeping her eyes on the screen and showing a bit of mild dejection. "Don't look at me. I'm not going in there." Akihiko said sternly and planted his feet. Mitsuru shook her head and rolled her eyes at him, then drew her attention to Sae. "Would you like to do the honors? You were the one who brought this all together after all. Even volunteered to do it since you don't have a Persona." She said, wondering if Sae was still up to the task. Sae nodded in confirmation and picked up the headset closest to her. "Let's see what we've got, Futaba. I'm counting on you to watch over me."

[10/10 Late Night: Kirijo Headquarters, PSVR]
[~ The Days When My Mother Was There ~]

Sae put on the PSVR and entered an uncanny new world she never could have imagined. If she were to describe the way it looked, she would say it resembled the Planetarium in Ikebukuro. Only it was possible to go to all the visible stars by touching them. When she made the gesture of reaching out and doing so, her body was instantly warped to whatever pinpoint destination her mind's eye aimed for. Each star represented a webpage or a file, a window to someone's personal computer, basically anything connected to the internet. All accessible through a dreamlike interface. For all intents and purposes, she was literally surfing the web through space. She didn't know if the others could see or hear what she did but the experience reminded her of what it felt like to be in the Velvet Room. "Futaba, can you hear me? If so, give me a sign." Sae said, thinking she was speaking out loud normally. She waited for a sign but one never came. "Please don't let this all be in my head. The last thing I need is to be stuck in another dream world.." Sae feared her body may be semi-comatose in the real world and they would have to wake her up by taking the the visor off for her. She continued flying through deep space wondering what exactly she should be looking for. There were countless stars, too many places to go and things to see. No lone human being could handle such overwhelming options. "Is this what you were so obsessed with, Alice? Trying to see it all? What did you find in here that made you throw it all away for Wonderland?" Sae pondered as she floated through space. She was sure no one could hear her so all she would do was wait until someone pulled her out. Suddenly, a mysterious voice answered her question. "I found myself, Sae-chan. Just as you did." It startled Sae, making her look all around to see if someone was in there with her. A distant star drew her attention to it when it appeared to be getting brighter and brighter as if it were going supernova. It got so bright it completely blinded her sight with white. When it dimmed, an unfamiliar woman appeared before her. She had long black hair, red eyes and was completely naked. "Who are you?" Sae asked anxiously. The woman dawned a mournful expression. "Aww~! You don't remember? I guess it has been a pretty long time since we played together. It's me, Alice. Your Queen.."

[To Be Continued, maybe]