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Vanilla Mango

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Alex Mcgarden liked to believe he was normal.

Sure, the bright blue hair and the huge mansion weren't exactly normal but he liked to believe he acted normal. 

That was an obvious lie and he tried to pretend that he didn't know it was true. The Knights had been in close knits with the Mcgardens for a long time. It had originally started when Alex had begun dating one of the sisters, Echo Knight. 

Echo was beautiful, black hair and striking blue eyes, fair skin and a great sense of sarcastic humor. Alex had been in love, he won't deny that much. He wasn't a fool. 

But then Andrew had come along. Andrew was also beautiful and Alex was quick to fall for the young man. They shared many late night talks and bets on when Echo, Alex's now ex girlfriend, would get together with Alex's own sister, Kayla. 

Alex had known Kayla had liked Echo for a while, long before Alex and Echo had started their relationship. In fact, the first words Alex said to Kayla after their breakup was "she's all yours."

 Kayla of course, had denied having any idea of what Alex was talking about before muttering something about wanting to go read and heading off into the many rooms of the McGarden estate. 

Andrew simply wasn't the one. Alex felt like goldilocks, trying different people until he could finally find the best one, the perfect fit. 

Echo was too nice, too sweet and just overall didn't share his interests. While Andrew shared his interests, he wasn't that easy to talk to. Alex was waiting for the right fit. 

Then he met Gene Knight. 

Sarcastic, tall, strong, bubbly Gene Knight. They had been friends when Echo and Alex had first begun dating, after the breakup people guessed their friendship would come to a tragic end. 

Boy were they wrong.

Now as Alex's head rested on Genes bare chest and the light from outside slowly turning dark all he could think about was how he ended up in bed with his ex's brother. 

Alex had been snooping around Genes room. He hadn't meant to..I mean maybe he did but he didnt plan on getting caught. But he couldn't understand why a picture of Alex himself was sat in Genes bedside drawer next to a bottle of what looked to be lubricant. 

Gene had caught him and hadn't hesitated to pin Alex to one of the nearby walls.

One thing lead to another and there they were. 

Alex moved up and nuzzled his face into Genes neck, smiling into the soft skin. 

Vanilla and Mango, Alex's favorite.

This one was just right.