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The Diary of a Pure Paragon...?

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Day 1 of SR2 Normandy, Day of Arrival


I'm Commander Shepard, who died two years ago over an icy planet called Alchera, courtesy of a Collector attack on the original SR1 Normandy.

I'm Commander Betty Shepard, a former colonist of a tiny little spot called Mindoir before batarian slave traders raided it.

I'm an Adept biotic who was the sole survivor of my whole unit out of a thresher maw attack on Akuze.

Two years ago, I died over Alchera courtesy of a Collector attack on the original SR1 Normandy.

And I was resurrected by the group who fucking masterminded AKUZE.


At least the Normandy is...somewhat back. Only thing missing is the lack of a damned Cerberus insignia and it'll be good as new.

At least Joker and Chakwas are here. Damn, the look on his face when he saw me walk into the cockpit...It was like seeing a ghost. Chakwas was...less surprised to see me when I stepped into the medbay, but she was quick to pull me into a hug and offer me a toast...if she still had any of the good Serrice lying about~. I'll get to finding that Brandy later.


I wonder where the others are. Is Tali okay? Pressley? Garrus? ...Kaidan? 

...Did they move on?

Are they alive?


Did they...forget about me? 

But, of course, Cerberus won't tell me shit, and they'll keep tabs on every single move that I make if I try. Hell, they already do. I feel...watched. Spy bugs, tracking devices, and hidden cameras all throughout the new Normandy plus my cabin without a doubt.

One of these days, I'll give them something to watch.


But, for now, I have a new ship to explore and two old friends to catch up with.