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Spencer needs help, a lot of help. He could look for someone to satisfy this almost uncontrollable desire that he have to be punished, but it would not be the same. He did not trust many people to do this, only a few team members did that to him. Spencer knew that if he went after someone to do it, the person would take it to the sexual side and he did not want it – at least not most of the time.

He understood that his need for punishment was tied to the sexual side, but he controlled himself to the fullest in that regard. So he tried to think only of the punishment itself, while the sexual side was always neglected. It was not like Hotch or Rossi were having sex with him, by God they were like parents to him and Spencer liked girls.

The great truth was that Spencer was submissive and needed someone dominant to work with him and could put him in his place. Sometimes her thoughts were so fast that Hotch could see the need in Spencer's eyes, but he only did something when the genius was out of control or begging for it.

Since Gideon had left, Spencer needed tougher care, and it only calmed him down, since Gideon was the one who suggested it. Spencer would never forget the first time he had been punished, God felt good, but at the same time he had wept through the whole process.

The first punishment came shortly after his abduction. After everything Tobias did with him, Spencer needed help. Needed a targeting, so Gideon made him feel "normal" again. But now Gideon was no longer on the team and Spencer was out of his league. It had been three years since Gideon had left, and yet Spencer still freaked out from time to time.

Derek, Penelope, and JJ knew he needed it, but none of them had the courage to do it. Spencer was so thin and delicate, they could not beat him even if he needed it. There had been days when there were too many cases for him to the point where the genius was almost hysterical, but he held his ground and left everything to Hotch or Rossi.


That morning Spencer felt miserable, he would meet the new team member. Many new people had applied for the new vacancy that was available on the team. Everyone wanted to come in, but Hotch was too harsh and had not found anyone he'd liked until last week.

All the members of the team were curious about the new person who would enter, but Hotch did not give much detail but her name. Hannah. Of course Penelope had researched everything about her life and knew enough to adore her.

Spencer particularly did not feel well with the new entry of someone in the team, would be another person from whom he should hide his secret. All the new people who entered the team – for a little or a long time – did not even know of his need. Neither Emily who had been so close to him knew he needed it, maybe she even helped, but he was too embarrassed to ask for help.

When Spencer arrived on the floor where he worked, he felt himself drawn into his body. He would give anything to not think of anything for a few minutes, he just wanted to feel. It had been three weeks since the last time.

He sat down in his chair and buried his face in his arms, he must have deep dark circles under his eyes. But the sunglasses hid it. He would say he had a mild migraine and so he was wearing glasses, the light was bothering him. He hoped they would believe that lie, he did not want to have to ask to be punished.

Spencer knew there would always be someone there to help him, but even after all this time he hated to have to ask. It was as if he were dragging his friends into the abyss with him. Spencer wanted to be strong, so he held himself to the max, but the genius was almost on edge and he knew that sooner or later Rossi or Hotch would alleviate his suffering. Then he would try to wait for that day, but every minute was pure torture.

— Pretty boy, Hotch asked you to go to his room. Do not forget to close the blinds. – Derek was worried about Spencer's appearance.

— Okay.

— He said it will have to be quick, because the new girl is coming and today he has a lot of paperwork. Maybe we'll have some case then, do not wait too long today. – Morgan hated to see how much Spencer looked tired and overworked.

— It's all right.

— Hey, do not make that face Spencer. You know I'd help if I could, but I can not do this to you, I just can not. – It was so frustrating not to be able to help his best friend the way he needed it.

— I know Morgan and I thank you for trying. I just hate to have to ask that, you know? – Spencer was about to cry.

— You need to ask. You know they would do it for you. As long as you refuse to ask you will have to wait for weeks to happen again. Please Spencer, you're a mess. Bet you did not sleep well last night. – Morgan took a deep breath. – If they ask, they'll do it more often.

Reid said nothing. He got up from his chair and headed out into Aaron's living room. He craved it, he felt his body tingle with desire. He needed it so much he was almost running.

While this was happening, Hannah stepped out of the elevator and faced Garcia. The brunette was so eager to work on that team that the butterflies in her stomach were euphoric.

Garcia introduced himself and hugged Hannah as soon as the first contact. It was friendship at first sight, if that existed. They talked for three minutes. That was the time it took Spencer to quietly close the blinds and lower his pants so he could be in a comfortable position.

— Hotch is waiting for you in his room, it's the one there. – Penelope said, pointing.

Garcia had no idea Spencer was there. She did not notice the shutters closed, she did not even see Spencer walking into her superior room. Penelope should have had more attention, but in a few seconds she would discover the enormous mistake she had made. At least that's what she'd think at the moment.

Hannah walked quickly to her new boss's room. She had enjoyed the interview she had had with him and was very happy when he called to let her know she would be on the team. Maybe he was going to say something important before she started working, she should have realized something was wrong when she noticed the closed blinds.

She thought about knocking on the door, but her hand was already touching the door handle and opening the door in a matter of seconds. It had all been very fast, she usually used to knock on closed doors. She respected the privacy of others and that little mistake ended up completely changing her life from that moment on.

Spencer was so eager to have a little relief that he forgot to lock the door, he did not even remember to check how he always does. He was still in his underwear, which was less bad since neither of them hit him directly against his skin. But that did not add up to the fact that one person had opened the door and witnessed the whole scene.

The moment she opened the door, Hannah saw a young man with messy hair and a sad look on his desk. His pants were on the floor and she could not help but smile when she realized he was wearing a spiderman's boxer. Hannah did not know that was the first spanking, but she glimpsed the whole act before letting out a long sigh.

Spencer had taken off his sunglasses and placed them on the table before preparing to be punished. Maybe if he had not looked directly into her eyes, he would not feel the shame taking over his being. At least that's what he wanted to believe.

He'd felt the first slap looking directly into the eyes of a complete stranger.

Aaron was standing next to Spencer while doing this, when he realized what was happening it was too late. His hand met Spencer's butt furiously. PLA. It was when he noticed the new member of the team sighing and looking at Spencer with hungry eyes. That was certainly desire, pure and simple desire.

Hannah noticed someone approaching where she was, it was Garcia. Since she did not know if anyone else knew what was happening in that room, the brunette came in, locked the door behind her and closed her eyes tightly as she turned toward Aaron and the other man.

— Sorry for messing with your ... session, sir. Garcia told me that you were waiting for me and I ... I'm sorry. I should have knocked on the door.

— Spencer dress up. Shit. Doctor, I'm sorry for witnessing this, I do not even know what to say. I think we'll need to talk about what you just saw here. This was not the welcome I wanted to give you on your first day with us. – Aaron's career was on the line. He did not blame Spencer for having forgotten to lock the door, but that would be the end for him. Then he would have to get around it as quickly as possible.

— No need to worry sir, I did not want to disturb. I can put on the headphones while you're done. I'll face the wall and with my eyes closed, do not worry. – Then she turned her back to the two men. He placed one of the bags on the floor and reached for the cell phone in the other. It would put a song loud enough to drown out the sounds.

She would have to admit she wanted to hear everything, maybe even see, but that would be disrespectful. She was already ruining someone else's punishment session, so the least she could do was this.

But what the fuck was going on there? Hotch was very confused by the situation. She was talking about sitting, being sympathetic and calling him all the time sir. Unless she was a BDSM practitioner or something, she would have no plausible reason for her being so tolerant of the whole situation. No one else would be understandable, damn they were in an FBI building, that kind of behavior would not be acceptable.

— That will not be necessary, Doctor. Come here.

— Can I open my eyes?

— Yes you can.

Hannah opened her eyes and turned back to them. Spencer was buttoning his pants before sitting in one of the chairs. Hotch sat up and held out his hand indicating she should sit in the chair that was vacant. The chair next to Spencer.

After a few seconds her vision stopped blurring, she had squeezed her eyes tight. She took the bag from the floor, walked over to the chair, and sat down. She looked at Spencer who cringed in his seat.

He had sat with his feet in the chair and was now covering his face with his arms, he was so ashamed. God, what a humiliating thing.

— You seem calm enough in front of everything you've witnessed. Calling me a sir all the time. Sorry to have to ask this, I know it's invasion of privacy, but given the circumstances. Are you submissive?

— No sir. But, I do not want to disrespect you during a session. One more that I just messed up. – Hannah clutched her fingers nervously. Spencer was paying attention to the conversation, but he could not look directly at her.

— If you are not submissive I can only understand that you are dominant. Of course people like us have enough knowledge about BDSM and other things, but this case is a bit different. By your body language .... you closed the door as soon as you noticed a movement outside, which suggests that you understand the real importance of what was happening here and how not knowing who may have knowledge of it tried to protect the situation.

Hannah agreed with every word he said.

— I appreciate your description. I just wanted your first day at work not to come with a secret, but at least I know I can trust you. Hannah, this is Dr. Reid. I can only say that he has some special needs. And it needs some care, so I was doing it before you arrived. – Hotch assessed her reaction to every single thing he was saying. – I'm not dominant or anything, I'm just helping a friend. You understand this?

Hannah understood what her superior was going through. She had even gone through something like that, so she certainly would not judge him.

— It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Reid. – Spencer muttered a hello that made her smile. Hannah could not resist and stroked his hair. Spencer shivered a little at the touch, which made her sigh. This did not go unnoticed by Aaron.

— Unfortunately my time is up. I need to get out to talk to Rossi before we go into a meeting. If I'm not mistaken we have a case to work with.

Spencer stepped out of the way and looked at Hotch. He was so in need, he needed it. Maybe if he asked Aaron he could stay and finish.

— But, you said I'd have ten minutes today.

— You'll have to wait a little longer.

— But but I ... – Spencer was interrupted by the knock on the door. Penelope was there. She tried to make sure everything was fine after all.

— Sorry Spencer, this is going to have to wait. – Hotch got up and headed for the door. He was risking it, but if it all worked out, Hannah would make the next move at any moment.

— I can do it if you want, it's the time he talks to .. what's his name again? Rossi. I can do that while he's talking to Rossi.  – Her voice was low and full of desire, Spencer looked at her in astonishment. He was not believing she wanted to hit him. God they hardly knew each other.

— No thank you. I do not even know you.

— It will be fast, I promise. So you can relax, you're shaking Spencer. I just want to help you. – Spencer had not even noticed that she was shaking before she told him that.

— I said no, thanks.

Hotch watched the whole scene waiting for the path he had imagined. He knew that a submissive could not talk like that to a dominant. Spencer was in a lot of trouble.

— I'm here being nice to you and that's how you repay me? – The brunette's voice changed. Even the way she behaved beside him changed. – Do not use that tone of voice with me, do you understand me? The next words that will come out of your mouth are yes miss and I do not accept less than that. And do not look me in the eye while I give you a command for you Spencer.

There was what Hotch had foreseen. He could not have been more successful in choosing the new team member. He knew there was something special about her, just did not know what it was until the moment she entered his room that morning. Now it all made sense.

Spencer swallowed hard and looked away. Her voice had changed and he knew very well what it was about. Something inside him was burning and he could not think straight and did the only thing he needed to do at that moment.

— Yes miss.

Hannah smiled triumphantly at that moment. Meanwhile Hotch finally opened the door and saw the desperation on Garcia's face.

— Mr I'm sorry, I did not realize what was happening and ... – She could not apologize. Hotch was smiling when he interrupted her.

— No need to worry Garcia. Actually, I should thank you for that. – Hotch turned to Hannah – I'll wait for you outside, please help him. I'll knock on the door when the ten minutes are over.

Hannah nodded, lifted the chair to lock the door while Hotch left her and Spencer alone.

— Now you're going to be a good boy and you're going to lie on top of my legs while I sit down on that couch. If you're good and be quiet, we can do it again any time you want.

Spencer let out a small moan from her lips before saying: — Yes, Miss.

— Before you do something, I want you to know that it was not fair to use the command voice with you, I'm sorry for that. But, you were shaking a little. I know you need this and I just want to help. So if you do not want to do this I'll understand perfectly.

— No, I want to do that miss.

— So come here.

— Yes Miss.