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Several Blows To The Head

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Kai has a really cute ass. I don't know if I've mentioned that before, but he does.

I'm sitting under a willow tree and am watching him practice. I have to say that I have the best view in the world. It shows his perfectly sculpted ass in those beautifully designed blue pants of his. The gods are smiling on me.

It's not unusual for me to like a guy. I'm bi anyways. Yes, bisexual, not heterosexual or homosexual. I like both boys and girls. That is possible in real life; bisexuals aren't just hookers you see on street corners in New York City. I don't seem like the hooker type to you, do I? Well… if it was Kai picking me up I'd be his hooker. But I think I'm getting ahead of myself…

"Rei, get off your lazy ass and train." He didn't even turn to look at me, just spat the words as he focused on his blade.

EEP! He must have eyes on the back of his head! Maybe if I just sit still and look like I'm sleeping I'll fool him… I can think about Kai in the meantime. Kai and his fine, fine ass… and beautiful hair and skin…

The two of us together

In the den of the house


In a bedroom

His bedroom with that gorgeous King size bed… why does he have such a large bed anyways?

But us together…

It's enough to make me drool…


Tap, tap.

I shoot up like a cat with its tail on fire. My head connects with something hard and I come crashing back down to earth. Something else lands on the ground beside me with a loud thud and a moan.

Squinting one eye open, I saw Kai lying on the ground beside me. OH MY GOD I JUST KILLED KENNY! I mean Kai... No more moronic, insulting American television for you Rei…

But still! I just killed Kai! Oh my sweet precious Kai!

Wait… what will I do with the body? Maybe I can dump it in the river? But then people will be wondering what happened to him. I don't think I could keep it a secret for too long. Maybe if I tell the others they'll help me dispose of the body.

Kai moaned "I guess you really were sleeping… or really spaced out."

Phew! Kai's not dead. I just gave my captain brain damage though… if that doesn't put me in the black book, I don't know what will.

"I guess…" I muttered and rubbed at my throbbing head.

"I made a lot of noise when I came over, I figured you would have heard me." He muttered.

I could hear him shifting around and then something warm brushed against my arm. I opened my eyes to see Kai sitting beside me. His arm was touching mine and he didn't seem to notice.

I decided I should just bask in the moment. Don't want to ruin a good thing ne? Closing my eyes again, I relaxed (as much as I could with a throbbing head) and decided to enjoy myself.

Suddenly I felt a weight on my shoulder. I opened my eyes again and looked down to see Kai resting his head on my shoulder.

"Kai… are you alright?"

"Mphk." He hissed "My head just hurts."

"I'm really sorry Kai." I replied and rested a hand gently on his knee.

He just sighed onto my shoulder. "It's alright. Next time I'll know not to get so close."

"Speaking of close… you do realise you're leaning on me."

"You have a problem with it?" He shot back. A hint of annoyance was evident in his voice.

"Wasn't saying anything…" I muttered and closed my eyes. It seemed that Kai wasn't planning on moving, so I wasn't going to either. I was quite content having him in such close proximity.

"KAI! REI! Are you guys out here?!?!" Came the annoying and loud voice of none other than Tyson.

I heard Kai hiss something along the lines of "His stupid voice is ringing in my ears. Stupid twit, I'll wring his neck."

The now familiar warmth of Kai's head left my shoulder. Kai got up from the ground slowly, but he still looked a bit wobbly. I followed suit and also discovered that any fast movement caused everything around me to spin in circles. It reminded me of that time I went on the tilt-a-whirl after eating those chicken salad sandwiches that were past their prime. Except right now the desire to vomit wasn't as strong and there wasn't some guy in a panda suit asking me if I was alright. I had later vomited on the poor guy…

"THERE you are!" Tyson bounded over to us. "Kenny's been looking for you. Something about screwing with your Beyblades. I think he had some brilliant idea while watching reality TV. His obsession with Survivor is starting to scare me guys."

Just like Tyson, he was completely oblivious to the fact that Kai and I are both about ready to pass out. Some days I wonder why I don't bash his pudgy head in.

"Tyson, shut up." Kai snapped and took his team-mate by the collar of his shirt. "My head hurts and your annoying voice is only aggravating me."

Tyson blinked a couple of times. "Why does your head hurt?" For the first time he seemed to notice that both Kai and I didn't look to good. "Did you guys eat something that made you sick? Don't tell me it was the guacamole!"

It was my turn to abuse Tyson. I hit him upside the head "No, Kai and I bashed heads. Now just shut up and let us wallow in Peace."

Getting the hint, Tyson shut his yap.

In frustration Kai flung Tyson to the ground and then stormed off in a stagger to go find Kenny.

Yet again, I followed suit, but I think my first destination won't be Kenny; it'll be the bathroom to search for a painkiller.

---Kai's pov---

I'm not sure what came over me back there under the tree. I mean Rei's nice and everything and he seems to be the only sane one out of the bunch. I think it was the blow to the head that affected my thinking. I mean, I like girls… right? Or at least I thought I did. Not that I ever flirt with them or anything… they're just pretty to look at. Like flowers you know? Oy… that really doesn't sound good for my sexuality.

Oh my… I wonder if Rei thought I was hitting on him. I should really have a talk with Rei later. But, maybe I should wait until after I figure out my sexual orientation. Now that I think of it, I have been noticing myself staring at guys that would be considered 'kawaii'. And there was that dream about Rei the other night…


A pretty girl with long black hair sat on a rock by a lake. The moonlight shimmered off the water and loons could be heard calling in the distance. Which was strange… since I don't even know what a loon looks like, let alone what they sound like. Anyways, the girl seemed to be just staring at the water. I walked over and brushed some silky tresses out of her eyes. She looked up at me with beautiful golden orbs and smiled. She was so incredibly beautiful, and cat-like. She took my hand into hers and pulled me down so that I was kneeling before her.

"Don't look away my love." She whispered. Her soft voice was ethereal.

There was an eerie yell that emitted from the bushes behind me; I turned despite the words she had uttered only seconds before. All was still and when I turned back I found myself facing Rei.

"I told you not to look; now you will atone for your deed." His silky voice echoed through the peaceful night air.

Rei had then pushed me backwards onto the packed ground and straddled my waist. A soft hand had run down my face and I was frozen. Just as luscious lips were mere centimetres from mine, the obnoxious voice of that gimp Tyson had woken me.


I had my hand on the doorknob and was just about to open the door when someone grabbed me by the shoulder and hissed "Don't go in there! You'll get suckered into doing something! Kenny's in one of those work-everyone-to-death moods. I'm already stuck, don't get yourself stuck too. Give me Dranzer and run like hell Kai." Max looked absolutely exhausted.

Yeesh, can this day get any stranger? First I hit on Rei, then Tyson is silent for more than 3 seconds and now Max looks like he's going to collapse from exhaustion.

"Err…" I pulled my blade out of my pocket and gave it to the weary teen.

With a final sigh he trudged into the room. "And tell Rei to just leave his blade on the table by the door here." And with that said, he closed the door and went down the stairs to the basement to do Kenny's bidding.

Sighing, I went off to find Rei, and a bag of frozen peas. I never would have guessed that Rei had such a hard head.

---Rei's pov---

I found myself sitting in the kitchen staring at the empty freezer. I went grocery shopping just yesterday and nearly everything was gone. Sure, there were five of us, but how can all that food go missing?

"Hey, Rei." Tyson said as he wandered in. He went to the cupboard, grabbed a box of crackers and then went out the other door to the living room. A moment later the TV was turned on to something moronic and Tyson's laughter echoed throughout the otherwise silent house.

I should never wonder what happens to food again. It seems the only things that Tyson doesn't eat are broccoli, kumquats and cottage cheese. I once saw him eat three cans of Spam in less than twenty minutes… I don't know what disturbs me more, the fact that he ate that much Spam or the manner in which he consumed it. You have to admit, his manners are less than civilised when it comes to food.

"Out of frozen vegetables again?" Kai asked as he sunk into a wooden chair.

I nodded my head. "There is a tub of frozen yogurt though. I wonder why Tyson hasn't consumed that yet."

"That's because I wrote my name on it and wrote 'touch and receive death'."

"Ahh, that would explain why it has survived." I smiled and looked over to Kai.

Deciding that there was nothing decent to snack on I closed the freezer and took a seat beside Kai. He was just sort of staring off into space. He's so cute when he thinks. Wait, he's always cute. Except for when he's in a bad mood in the morning. Let's just say that Kai's not a morning person some days and leave it at that.

"How's your head?" Kai asked.

"I think it's broken, but I was stupid already, so it doesn't matter."

Kai gave a little laugh. "You're not as stupid as you'd think. You're just… ditzy."

"DITZY?" I yelled. After getting a foul look from Kai I decided that yelling wasn't the best thing to do. "I mean… ditzy? In what way am I ditzy?"

He shrugged. "You're just ditzy, and sometimes you act a bit feminine. You seem to care more for your hair than any other guy I know, and it is rather long…"

"You have a problem with that?" I batted my eyes in a way that Mariah would be proud of.

"Stop that, you're too cute when you do that."

 I blinked.

Kai looked ready to bash his own head in. "I mean…"


Kai made a fist and punched the table. "I told you! Don't touch any remote but the small grey one! You stupid git, do I have to do EVERYTHING for you?" He stormed off into the other room.

Our precious little moment has been broken. I'm starting to see a pattern here. Every time I have a moment with Kai, Tyson screws it up. I wonder if he knows, or he just has impeccably bad timing. Note to self: find some way to slowly drive Tyson insane.

While Kai was in the living room giving Tyson hell, there was a loud boom that resounded from the basement. After that everything went blissfully silent.

Kai poked his head into the kitchen. "Did you hear that?"

"It was sort of deafening you know…" I muttered. "Do you think they're dead?"

A door slammed open and coughing could be heard.

"I didn't mean to do that Kenny!" came Max's voice.

"It's alright, Max… I didn't think it'd do that either."

Tyson, Kai and I all filtered into the hallway to see Kenny and Max, who both looked rather shaken and charred.

"What did you two destroy?" Kai crossed his arms over his chest and scowled at them.

"Nothing really, it was just the reaction between h-"

"Actually, save it. As long as there's no fire and nobody's dead we're alright. Where's Dranzer?"

Max produced Kai's blade from his pocket and handed it back over. "It's fine."

"Uh… since the house is starting to smell kind of bad from whatever you guys blew up, can we go out for supper? I'm starved!" Tyson said rubbing his stomach.

Everyone else sweatdropped.

"Alright," Kai said. "But you're buying your own meal. And if you're going to eat like a Neanderthal you can sit by yourself. I'm tired of people giving us funny looks in restaurants.


We somehow found ourselves at a sushi place due to my request. Tyson had bellyached for a couple minutes; or he had until he remembered his never quenched hunger. Inside the restaurant, his manners had been as bad as ever. So, in a fury, Kai had told him to leave and eat his dinner on the opposite side of the restaurant. After nearly having his eye jabbed out with a chopstick, courtesy of Kai, Tyson had complied and moved to eat elsewhere.

"You didn't have to be so hard on him Kai," Kenny said.

Kai just scowled at him. "He's making us look bad."

"But you also looked like a jerk, yelling at him and waving your chopsticks like a madman," Max added. But after receiving a scowl in his direction he went back to staring at his sushi.

Just to be safe, I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed the silence due to Tyson's absence.

I was sitting next to Kai, and across from Max. Kai was sitting by the window and kept staring out it onto the street. He seemed sort of preoccupied. But maybe he was just thinking of the many ways to kill Tyson. Suddenly, I felt a foot kick mine… and again… and again. It seems to be Kai's foot. Is he playing footsy with me? This is one weird day. Just out of curiosity I gave Kai's foot a nudge. He blinked and looked over to me.

"Sorry, was I kicking you? My foot fell asleep."

I felt the urge to fall over. His foot had been asleep. And here I had been so hopeful… so lusty. Stupid Kai… wait… beautiful, stupid Kai. That's better.

"Would you like some more tea?" the server seemed to come out of nowhere and I jumped several centimetres in the air.

"Uh, sure," I replied and pushed my cup towards her. As she was pouring, someone bumped her from behind and she sloshed tea all over the table, my food, and my lap.


I grabbed at a napkin to wipe up some of the scalding beverage but it was really to no avail. Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the arm and dragged me off somewhere. Before I really knew what was happening I found myself in the men's room with Kai.

"Are you alright?"

I groaned, "After the searing pain subsides, I'll be fine. It didn't actually land on my crotch just my leg." I really have no idea why I told him that. But I did.

"That's… good." He said.

I went over to the sink and tried to wipe up the tea with a wet paper towel. White pants and brown tea are never a good combination. After a while my paper towel started to disintegrate (like paper towels usually do after they're wet). I was going to grab for another one when Kai placed a slightly damp one in my hand. I found myself gazing into his beautiful red eyes. The colour reminded me of roses… Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo. For I am Juliet, the sun and the East.

Ok, really corny Rei. That was really fucking corny.

He was leaning in though. Our lips were just about to touch and I stepped back slightly with my left foot to get better balance…


I cringed. What did I just step in/on? Wait, don't answer that. I'd rather not look.

Seeing me cringe and hearing the squish Kai looked down. "You're really not having any luck are you?"

"No. I swear I didn't piss off any fortune tellers or anything!"

I lifted up my foot to reveal what had once been a rice ball. What it was doing in the men's toilet I had no clue, but I had stepped on it none the less and the remains were now ground into my shoe. And being my luck, there had been a plum on it. And now that plum was splattered on the bottom of my pant leg.

"Kai, Rei, are you in here?" Max asked as he poked his head in the bathroom. "Oh, there you are! Are you alright Rei? The server is really freaking out. She thinks she's killed you or something. Kenny and Tyson are trying to calm her down but she's starting to hyperventilate. I don't think she'll calm down until she sees you alive and well." He said it all in a rush; neither Kai nor I really understood a word he said.

"I really am not sure what you said, but I better go see if that server is alright." I pushed past Max and into the restaurant. I found the server in hysterics on the floor. By now all the customers had made a crowd around her and the restraint manager was kneeling by his employee trying to calm her.

I knelt by the server and put my hand on her shoulder. "It's ok, I'm alright. You mostly just scared me. It wasn't really that hot. And I've been injured worse. Just yesterday I burnt my hand on the toaster and that hurt far worse."

She looked up at me oddly, and wiped away a tear. "So you're not angry?"


She wrapped her arms around my neck "I'm so SORRY!" And then she began sobbing into my shirt.

"It's alright, Ariel." The manager said and gently tried to pry the sobbing girl off of me. "The young man's alright. Let's get you in back and clean you up." He then turned his words to me. "I'm dreadfully sorry about this. Your meal will be free."

Tyson poked his head out of the crowd. "Mine too?"

"No." the manager replied. "You're on a separate bill, aren't you?"

Tyson scowled down on the manager but let it be. For once, Tyson did something smart.


---Kai's pov---

I don't really know what happened back in the washroom. I just found myself magnetically drawn to him. Over the years I've learned that some things are just unnaturally drawn to others. Like mustard and white shirts; oil based products and kitchen tables and mud and white pants. Except this is a different kind of magnetism. It's between two living, breathing things with conscious thoughts. (and not like a dog to a person's crotch either)

I've always longed for love; someone to curl up with on those lonely nights. But I always pictured myself with a girl. I never even humoured the thought that it might be with a guy until a few days ago. I have to admit though; it doesn't disturb me or upset me in any way. I'm rather content with the prospect of having Rei all to myself. And maybe subconsciously I've always known that I liked him. I mean, I've always been nicer to him than any of the other group members. I've been more lenient to his screw ups and more willing to help him. Maybe my body's been trying to tell me this for a while now and I'm just too stupid to realise what it's been trying to tell me.

I flopped back onto my bed. We've been home for a while now and as soon as we got in the door, Rei disappeared like a cat and nobody's been able to find him since. Tyson is off being a doof somewhere and Kenny's in a workaholic mood. To my knowledge Max is off looking for Rei. And Rei, I want to find him… see if he's alright. Maybe even kiss him…

But I am kind of tired. Maybe I'll do that in the morning. Yes morning…

---Rei's pov.---

I sat at the kitchen table drinking my orange juice. I haven't been able to bring myself to drink any hot beverages since last night's incident.

Earlier Tyson had hastily scarfed something down then disappeared. I suspect he is trying to avoid the wrath of Kai, which could be especially brutal in the morning. Sitting beside me was Kenny; he was tapping away at the keys like a madman. Every once in a while Dizzy would make some comment and Kenny would just scowl at his laptop. I have to admit, it is sort of unnerving watching someone converse with their computer. You'd think they're insane, but when you hear the computer answer back you'd be convinced that you yourself are insane.

Max still hadn't been heard from this morning. I think he was trying to avoid being forced into doing more work by Kenny.

I heard the loud thuds of Kai trudging downstairs. Kenny glanced up then at his watch.

"I'll be going to my room now." And with that he had Dizzy tucked under his arm and was out the door in .25 seconds. Chicken.

Though Kai's stomping was unusually loud. I'm guessing he didn't sleep well last night. Whoopee, I guess I'll have to make sure he doesn't kill anything in his sleep deprived state.

Kai sauntered in, still a mess. His hair was unruly and his clothing was askew. I think his shirt was even on inside out.

"Morning Kai…"

"Mpkfk. Gmmo awfwmay" He muttered and sunk onto a chair.

I think I'd be treading on dangerous territory if I said anything much, so I just poured him a glass of juice and made him a piece of toast.

In a stupor he ate his breakfast and then sat there on the kitchen chair. This was definitely not a good morning for him. Usually after eating something he'd be able to say coherent words.

"Kai, are you alright? Did you sleep ok?"

"No and no." He muttered and glanced up at me.

Ok, maybe he was a bit more awake than I thought he was.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked and sat down at the table across from him.


Ok, maybe that question was too early in the morning for him.

Dull thuds came down the stairs and Max sauntered into the kitchen. "Mpkfk" He said and sat that the table.

I sweatdropped. Seriously, was anyone else even conscious today? Am I going to be stuck with a bunch of unsociable slugs today? Maybe I'll find myself conversing with trees again. It is best not to ask about that one… it's a long story.

"Uh… since you two are so bright and awake today I'll leave you to your own devices." And with that I snuck off and headed outside. Maybe I'll get off my lazy ass and train today.

---Kai's pov---

I hate mornings. I especially hate mornings after I've had dreams about Rei, I can never sleep after them. My head sort of feels like it was run over by an 18-wheeler and I think I slept on something because my back really hurts.

No, I'm not snarky today. Note the sarcasm.

Max doesn't look to be in much better shape though. I wonder if he slept like me. Not that I care to ask though. I just want a pot of coffee and a sledgehammer… a sledgehammer to pound my own head in so that the pain stops.

"I'm making coffee," I grunted. Max just nodded his head and continued staring at the wall.

You know, it's unusually quiet here. I wonder what happened to that gimp, Tyson. I haven't seen or heard him yet. Maybe he's still asleep.

I think I spoke too soon. The said idiot wandered into the kitchen. Upon seeing me he blanched and glanced around like he was looking for an escape.

"Uh… have either of you seen Rei?" He asked.

I gestured towards the door that he had just come through. The idiot blinked. I sighed. "He went outside you dolt."

"Tyson scowled at me and then turned on his heels to go.

I'm starting to hate today.

The coffee maker started to dribble coffee into the pot. Maybe after a cup or seven I'll be awake.


After my morning coffee I had headed outside and trained with Rei. Tyson had made a run for it after I appeared. I think I might have scared some sense into him yesterday.

Anyways, training was nothing special, I was a bit sluggish and Rei nearly beat me a couple of times. Note: nearly beat me, he didn't actually succeed.

After that we had a semi peaceful lunch, at which Tyson's manners were close to civilised.

Shortly after lunch ended it began to rain, so I had spent much of the afternoon reading. It was a dreadfully dull book… I hadn't understood any of it. I have to admit, my English wasn't stellar, but this book was boggling. It didn't help that the book switched between flashbacks and 'the present'. It was well past 7:00 when I decided I should go see why nobody had called for supper yet.

I could hear them… the little droplets of water hitting the windows in a soft pitter patter. It was enough to drive anyone insane, certainly more than enough to drive me insane anyway. Every once in a while you'd hear a crack of thunder then see a flash of lightning if you were near a window. I hate rain, and I especially hate thunder storms.

I entered the kitchen to see Rei holding a piece of paper like it was diseased. No, that wasn't strange. Note the sarcasm.

"Rei, what are you doing?" I inquired and rummaged through the fridge for something to drink. I came up with a can of pop. Miraculously it was Root Beer, which I favoured. I wonder why Tyson hadn't consumed it yet.

In a daze he just handed me the slip of paper. "It's from a fan… just read it Kai."

I shrugged and began reading the letter.

'Dear Rei. First I want to say that you and Kai rock my socks off! In the world of blading, you two are the top (even though Tyson may be the world champion…but that gimp doesn't deserve it). I want to say that even if you screw up sometimes and aren't the best blader, you're still number one in my book and have a place in my heart. Love Lizzy'

I had to laugh at this, this girl was so pathetic. She even put a little heart sticker at the end… I took a swig of pop and went to read the post script.

'Ps: My girlfriend and I think you and Kai would make a sexy couple.'

I spat out my pop and started choking on it.

Suddenly I felt I couldn't get enough oxygen in my lungs and my brain felt numb.

"Kai?" Rei asked worriedly

All I did in response was hack and stare blankly at the letter. Pervy high school girls! What are they thinking?

"KAI?!" Rei shouted but I ignored him.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my arm and someone was muttering soothing words in my ears. I looked down to see Rei kneeling beside me with a look of worry in his eyes.

My coughing was slowly subsiding. I could talk now between hacks. "I'm fine Rei."

Maybe those girls were right… maybe I do like Rei, and maybe he likes me. I really don't know anything anymore. I don't like not knowing either. I'm one of those people that if I don't know the answer I have to figure it out. And I was going to do just that.

I took Rei's chin in my hand and tilted it up so that I could better see his face. I leaned down slowly, giving him space and time to back away if he wanted to. To my somewhat surprise and mild joy he didn't pull away. Our lips were just about to touch when the lights flickered out.

I felt him pull away. "Uh, Kai, the lights just died."

"AAAAAA!!! THEY'RE COMING TO GET US!" Tyson screamed from somewhere else in the house.

I sweatdropped. "Tyson, quit being an idiot!" I shot back.

Tyson then continued to yell incoherent comments, it sounded like Max was in the room with Tyson and was trying to calm him down as well.

I heard a snick and then a small ball of light appeared in the corner. Rei had lit a match, and was now lighting a candle.

"It might be nice to see our surroundings, huh?" He smiled a bit.

I nodded and watched him grab other candles and light them as well.

I don't know if it was the candlelight or the fact that I probably had carbonated sugar stuck in my brain, but Rei looked absolutely gorgeous.

I think I really am falling for him.

---Rei's pov---

I can feel him watching me; it's sort of sweet yet unnerving all at the same time. I think he was really trying to kiss me back there, why did the lights have to go out? I swear, fate is trying to keep us apart. I bet next time we try to kiss there will be some natural disaster that will swallow the two of us into the pits of hell. Or just to the hospital which is just as bad as hell, but with an antibacterial stench that makes you nauseous opposed to the scent of burning flesh and KFC chicken. Yes, I believe KFC is an agent of the devil. If you think that's crazy, you should hear Max's views on canned noodles.

I walked over to the table and placed a candle on it. I then sat down beside Kai to wait for the power to come back on.

He was still watching me you know…

"Uh, Kai…"


"About just a minute ago, were you going to…?" I left the sentence hanging.

"Are you opposed to that?" He inquired and raised an eyebrow.

"No." I smiled back and leaned forward across the table.

He leaned forward as well, and for the first time - in reality - our lips touched. It was beautiful, and everything that I had imagined.

And then, after kissing him for the first time I realised something… the table was on fire.