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12 Days of Christmas

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Rumours were flying in the air in Hogwards the day before most of the students left the school for the Christmas Holidays. It was 10th of December, aka 14 days until Christmas day, I mention that because one certain Prince of Slytherin was rumoured to have a list. Rumour has it that Draco Malfoy had written out a list of 12 extremely hot and steamy acts for him to finish leading up to Christmas with a certain someone. He hadn't chosen who to spend those 12 days with (at least that what (y/n) had heard Cho Chang say when she walked By her at the corridor). He would choose one girl to go around the school shamelessly fucking around. Literally. And everyone, except maybe a certain Hermione Granger, wanted to be that girl, even (y/n) though she didn't necessarily admit it.




12th of December

The Castle was emtied of most students. The golden trio, Malfoy, the Weasleys and a handful of others had stayed. Malfoy had probably chosen a girl, but her identity was still a secret.

(Y/N) was sitting at the Gryffindor table, next to the Golden trio. She didn't normally sit with them, she liked sitting on the other side of the (y/h) table. Even they couldn't confine their thoughts over the Malfoy rumour.

"Who do you think it is? The Malfoy girl?" Ron had blurteed out after (y/n) and Hermione had been staring at the platinum blonde at the Slytherin table. They know looked at Ron, not impressed. "What? Everyone's talking about it"

"It might not be even be true, you know. It could be just a rumour" Hermione said back, going back to her breakfast.

"I bet it's the Parkinson girl" Harry said, with a smirk on his face.

"Nah, she's not even aroud for the holidays. Luna said that she had been begging for her parents to stay at Howards for the holidays. Obviously it's not her" (y/n) said matter-of-factly and took a bite from her toast. "My money's on Cho Chang" she continued, mouth full.

"You think?" Harry said, worrying expression decorating his face.

"Just because you made out with her last year doesn't mean she would say 'no' to 12 days of freaky sex with Malfoy" (y/n) answered.

"What about Lavender Brown?" Hermione joined in the conversation.

"Obsessed with Ron. She would be the one girl to say no to that offer" (y/n) continued, "it would be Ginny before her" Ron let out an uncomfortable growl from the visual.

"We're starting to run out people here" Harry said.

"Looks like I was right all along" Hermione said, pleased with herself, "and since you are finished, we should go to the library"

"I'll pass. I have to write to my parents. I left my stuff in the (y/h) common room" (y/n) said. The trio nodded in unison and left quickly, Ron and Harry dragging behind Hermione, not having enough energy to debate over not doing all their homework early.

(Y/N) guped the rest of her Morning tea and stood up, ready to leave the Great Hall. She took a quick look at Malfoy, whose consentration was in the new Daily Profet infront of her. He had rolled up the sleeves of his white button up, veins being at a full show. God, he was sexy. (Y/N) shook out of it and walked out of the Hall now at an increased speed.

She was now alone in a corridor, hoping not to get lost whilst her thoughts of Malfoy's list ran wild. She shook her head again, and looked forward. A dead end. 


"Lost, (y/l/n)?" 

(Y/N) quickly turned around towards the voice. And there he was, all in his beauty, Draco Malfoy was walking towards her.

"Just took a wrong turn, Malfoy" she said and flashed a confident smile. 

"The (y/h) common room is no where here"

"What makes you think I want to go to my common room?"

"You can always follow me to my room" (y/n)'s heart skipped a beat. Fuck it, multiple beats.

"Shouldn't you be saying that to your special list girl?" Malfoy's eyebrows rose in intrigue.

"I see, you've heard"

"Everyone has heard" Malfoy nodded.

"Then shuldn't you know that I don't have a special girl--"

"Oh, so you change everyday?"


"Oh." Instant regret. 

Malfoy had walked right at her, now only a couple of meters away from her, taking steps every now and then coming closer to her. (Y/N) was thanking the gods that the corridor was empty.

"So... who was in your mind, then?"

He took another step towards her, she didn't back up keeping her composure. His hand came up, and he laid it down right under  her jawline. His touch was soft and gentle, not something you would expect from someone like him. He let out a small laugh.

"I thought I wanted you..." He lowered his hand and took a step back. (Y/N) was dissapointed By the lack of touch, but tried not to show it.


"I need someone who's... capable... no, able to handle it. Someone confident"

"And I'm not that?"

"I thought you were. But you pulse is off the charts By me just being near to you. Sorry, (y/l/n)". He was about to turn away, but she was not having it. She grabbed his arm and on her turn stepped in to glue their bodies together. Malfoy's eyes were on her lips, which she noticed. She brought both of her hands up to his neck, whilst his arms were now on her around her waist, his left hand resting on her lower back. 

Malfoy started to lean in for a kiss, but (y/n) teasingly leaned back, refusing the attempt. Malfoy let out an annoyed laugh. (Y/N) brought her face a bit closer, bringing her lips just couple centimeters away from his. She teasingly moved even closer, but not allowing Malfoy to get contact. He was growign agitated By the lack of affection.


His eyes were closed. "Hmm?"

"You're pulse is off the charts." His eyes shot open. (Y/N) smirked and pushed him off and stepped back. "Sorry" She turned around, her back facing him and started walking away, making sure her hips were on a full swing.

It took less that 20 seconds. Maybe 10. In that time, Malfoy ran up to her, grabbed her and pushed her against the corridor wall. 

"Oh, Mister Malfoy, did you change your mind?" (y/n) said as if she was in a 50's film.

"You want to be the girl?"

"Shut up and kiss me already"

Malfoy obliged, their lips crushed into each other. The kiss was sweet and getle at first but quickly turned a lot steamier. Malfoy teasingly bit (y/n) lower lip making her gasp in surprise. Their tongues started to dance together, wanting to explore each others' mouths thoroughly. Malfoy then moved to attack (y/n)'s jawline, sucking tenderly and biting every now and then making sure to leave a mark. (Y/N) was trying to keep her moans in but a couple managed to escape her lips. She could feel Malfoy grinning,

"Oh... you git" she managed to say between breaths.

She was pushing her hips forward trying to get some stimulation that Malfoy wasn't giving her.

"Malfoy... stop... teasing"

Malfoy stood back straight looking into her eyes with a loving smile on his face. He leaned in and this time the kiss was tender, slow. Almost too slow.

His hands made their way from her backside first to her chest, massaging and kneading over the t-shirt and bra she had on. He moved down, slipped his hand underneath her skirt and thong, covering her womanhood. 

"Someone's wet for me" He didn't move his hand, just kept it there. (Y/N) tried moving her hips against the hand, but Malfoy quickly used his free hand to keep her in Place. 

"C'mon, Malfoy"

"Draco. You can call me Draco" (y/n) nodded, still out of breath from their make out session. Draco's middle finger moved and found (y/n)'s clit, slightly tapping at it.  She let out a very loud moan from the surprise and the feeling.

"In... in that case, I guess you can call me (y/n)"

"Fantastic" another tap, this time a bit stronger. "AH!" was the only response she could come up with. He started slowly moving his hand, massaging her womanhood too slowly for her liking. but damn did she like it

"The rules are simple, (y/n)..." he started looking deep into your eyes as he started inserting the first finger into her. She was ready, as she had been wet since the Great Hall. Her head fell back against the wall behind her.

"12 days..." he had to take breathing breaks as he was pumping his finger in and out of her, slowly building up in pace.

"Ah, Draco, yes--"

"We meet right here... Right here, At 8pm" He inserted another finger, starting to move them up and down whilst his thump was massaging her clit.

"Oh my god, Draco. Ok.. I'll... Oh yes right there AH! I'll meet up with youuu--"

"Everyday... We'll go somewhere, we'll do something, whatever it is you do it, understood? If you at any point say no to one of the things we're going to do, you're out and I'll find someone else to finish the days with" His fingers stopped moving, leaving (y/n) frustrated. She was coming close.

"Yes, Draco, I'll do whatever you want, please just make me cum" His fingers started moving again, he added a third digit, pace getting faster and faster. A knot had started forming in the pit of her stomach ready to untangle itself.

"And as a payment I promise--" his lips were now next to her ear, whispering, voice low and god so hot, "--to make you cum everytime"

"OH! Dra.... DRACO! Ah, right there. I'm gonna cum, babe yes, yes!" Her vagina pulsed around his fingers, as he lowered the pace so that she could comfortably ride out her orgasm.


He slowly took his fingers out and raised his hand up to his mouth and licked. (Y/N)'s knees were already weak, but this sight was the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

"First Day of Christmas, finger her in a corridor. Where anyone can walk in on you" he said a cunning smirk on his face.

"Tomorrow at 8?"

"Tomorrow at 8."